Get Historical Heroes On Your Side

Surround Yourself With Heroes

Your Own Hero Support Crew

There’s many different resources you need in many different situations.

In golf, for example, even the highest paid athletes rely on their caddies to help them select the right “resource” (club) for the job.

If you were having a big dinner party, most folks wouldn’t likely cook everything up from scratch off the top of your head. You’d at least consult the Internet to find out how to make certain things.

Even though you’re intelligent, know how to find your way, sometimes it’s just a lot quicker, and a lot easier to stop and ask for directions.

Often times, though, we’ve simply got to “wing it.”

If you had to stand up and give a speech, most people could tell you how to structure your speech, and the mechanics of holding eye contact, but that’s about it.

Sure, they may say things like, “Be Confident!” But seriously, if we could just “be confident” then we wouldn’t have a problem, right?

Some things are easy to learn based on step by step instructions. If you follow a cake recipe for example, you wouldn’t likely need to bake it sixteen times until you got it right.

But giving a speech, being persuasive with people you’ve just met, effectively getting somebody’s phone number in a social setting, these aren’t things that we can learn from a book.

But what if there was a way to copy not only the strategies, but the inner beliefs and feelings as well?

What if you could fully absorb all the confidence, intelligence and inner game skills of your favorite heroes from history?

Well, that’s precisely what you’ll be getting in the Frame Control course.

Not only will you learn the step by step mental exercises that will build a strong, attractive and magnetic frame from the inside out, but you’ll also be able to construct a circle of supporters that will subconsciously be there for you.

Everywhere you go.

Who are these supporters? Anybody you want. Historical figures. Mythological figures. Great leaders from past Empires.


To learn more, check this out:

Frame Control

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