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Unlimited Desire

The Bikini Girl Strategy

Plenty of products come with “add-ons.”

Things they try to sell you after you agree to buy something.

A lot of times, these “add-ons” are the main source of profit.

They even take a loss on the first item.

Like this one time I bought a kitchen gadget from a TV commercial.

It was something like a hundred bucks.

And judging by how it worked, and how it was built, it was probably pretty close to it’s real cost.

But I ended up buying nearly $300 worth of “extras.”

Stuff that was cheap and stuff that I NEVER ended up using.

But at the time, it sounded like the logical thing to do.

In for a penny, in for a pound, right?

The lady on the phone was really slick. I placed the order, and the way she phrased the questions made buying something for $50 (that I didn’t even know existed a minute ago) seem so natural.

Why are we like this?

It’s kind of the same reason they stick gorgeous bikini girls next to cars.

It’s not that you think she comes with the car, or even that you’ll get girls if you buy the car.

It’s that the desire for the girl is subconsciously attached to the car.

So when you’ve already decided to buy something, your DESIRE to buy is easily leveraged.

Like they can reach into your brain, take that desire to buy and attach it to anything.

This is the thing about human desires.

We have an unlimited amount.

But most of the time nobody wants to hear about them.

Most people are busy telling us what we SHOULD want, and WHY we should want them.

Even if we get in a couple of words about what we DO want, they may say, “Yeah, yeah, that’s cool, but check THIS out!”

So when you sit back, and just ASK them about what they WANT, you can attach their desires to pretty much anything.

And if you don’t have anything in particular you want to attach their desires to?

They’ll attach them (subconsciously) to YOU!

They’ve got to go somewhere, right?

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Conquer The Earth

Do You Use Genghis Khan Sales Strategy?

I read an interesting history book a while ago.

The author had a different take than most authors.

Most history writers focus on events and people, and people’s intentions.

But this guy was different.

He had a couple theories that the actual people involved in history had much less of an impact than most people give them credit for.

For example, many people consider Genghis Khan one of the greatest conquerors of all time.

However, what’s not usually known is that while he and his use horseback army were sweeping across the Earth, conquering villages and cities, that area of the world had unseasonably wet summers.

Once in a thousand years unseasonably wet.

Which meant a lot MORE stuff grew after the rains stopped.

Which for Genghis and his boys, meant there was a lot MORE fuel for their horses.

Allowing them to ride a lot further, and support a lot more of them.

Another idea this guy had was the bulk of human inventions were created for two very important reasons.

To make things easier and safer.

Since humans are scared and lazy, the safer something is the better.

And the easier something is the better.

Using these two “paradigms” (that humans are scared and lazy, and geographic and weather conditions played a huge role) history is pretty easy to understand.

Which is a pretty good model to work from.

At least the “lazy part.”

The greatest inventions of humankind were done to make things easier. So we could be lazier.

Air travel, microwaves, Internet shopping, all fantastic for lazy people.

Communication is the same way.

You can do it the easy, lazy way, or you can do it the hard, dangerous way.

The hard, dangerous way is the “hard sell.” Even if you aren’t selling, that’s what most people use.

It’s a contest of “ideas” and whoever can present their “idea” the strongest usually wins.

Kind of like Genghis and his boys showing up with thundering hooves and thirst for blood.

On the other hand, you can use the lazy way. The safe way.

Just sit back and pull out the other person’s desires.

If you make them big and bright enough, using the other person’s words and ideas, they’ll “stick” to anything.

Which means YOU won’t have to do any work at all.

THEIR desires will do all of the heavy lifting.

And they’ll LOVE it.

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Get Them Swooning Over You

Attach Their Desires To You

Economics is called the “dismal science.”

And it’s called that for a lot of reasons.

One is that it forces one to ask the question, “at what cost?”

Politicians HATE this question. Their whole angle is to promise us the moon and never have to worry about paying for it.

Another reason economics is called the “dismal science” is it forces us to understand something about human nature, and human action.

And that is that ALL HUMANS have unlimited wants, needs and desires.

But we’re all stuck on this planet with limited resources.

So figuring out how to best distribute those limited resources to us greedy humans is the billion dollar question of all time.

And as I’m sure you know, if you can get MOST of what you want, you’re doing pretty good.

But this presents a fairly unique opportunity.

Especially for somebody interested in learning language patterns and communication strategies to bring out the BEST in people.

How’s that?

Because using the truth about people from the “dismal science,” you KNOW that inside EVERYBODY you’ve met, and EVERYBODY you will meet, are those UNLIMITED wants, needs and desires.

All you’ve got to do is get them talking about them.

Since they are ENDLESS, you can get them pretty excited.

Ideal futures, dream jobs, dream careers, dream boyfriends or girlfriends, dream houses.

Just get them to open up about their ideal future, tap that vast UNLIMTED resource of wants, needs and desires, and they’ll feel better than they have in a LONG TIME.

Most people pass judgement, give advice, tell people why they’d better be careful, etc.

But when YOU come along and ONLY ASK about those unlimited wants, needs and desires, they’ll feel fantastic.

And they’ll associate that fantastic feeling with YOU.

They won’t think, “Hmm, this guy’s going to help me get that dream house.”

It’s more like advertising. When they put a bikini girl next to a car.

Nobody thinks, “hmm, if I buy the car, I’ll get the girl!”

They just have an UNCONSCIOUS association between the girl and the car.

Equally strong will be the unconscious association between their BIGGEST DESIRES and YOU.

(Or whatever you happen to be selling or recommending or suggesting).

All you’ve got to do is turn off your inner “advice giver,” ask the right questions and watch them light up like crazy.

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The Rabbit Hole Of Persuasion

How To Elicit Their Inner Power

I was at this goofy seminar once a long time ago.

One of the instructors was doing a demonstration to teach a deeper point.

He had one of those Russian Dolls, the kind where each larger one has a smaller one inside.

And he kept going smaller and smaller, until he got to this very tiny one inside.

And inside was an ultra rare, ultra expensive, blue diamond.

The message being that all of us have some super secret, super powerful center.

And once we find that, we can do anything.

Unfortunately, the demonstration was followed up with typical “law of attraction” mumbo jumbo, where the seminar attendees were slathered with vague language about how awesome and unique we are.

Why do I say “unfortunately?”

Because any time you reach inside YOUR mind and use YOUR words to describe somebody else, especially a secret powerful part of somebody else, it’s very difficult to match.

Match what?

YOUR words with how THEY feel about their inner greatness.

Now, most people only have a vague idea of their inner greatness.

They have a vague feeling or desire to “do something” significant.

So at best, you’re going to match that vague feeling with your vague words.

Which really won’t do much.

It’s kind of like eating a bowl of sugar, or drinking a bottle of maple syrup.

Super sweet, gives you a quick buzz, but then you crash hard.

This is also why people tend to jump from motivational seminar to motivational seminar.

They get a fix, a vague bunch of words praising their vague sense of inner awesomeness, and then it wears off.

And on to the next seminar.

Usually all they have to show for it is a ton of credit card debt.

The good news is there IS a way to elicit (not tell) the inner awesomeness from others.

And not just in a vague way, in a VERY SPECIFIC way.

And not in YOUR words, but THEIR words.

When you get somebody to specifically describe part of their inner uniqueness, using their words, their pictures, and their ideas, they’ll feel something they’ve NEVER felt before.

A REAL sense of purpose. A REAL sense of that inner desire being turned into a specific THING.

That they are talking about, with YOU.

All you’ve got to do is sit back and carefully pull it out of them.

And watch the magic happen.

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Island Lovers

Seductive Mind Myths

I read an interesting book awhile back about memes.

Ideas that spread from person to person.

They are kind of like “genes” in that they replicate, and as they do so, they tend to morph and evolve, just like genes.

What was interesting was some of the reasons that memes spread.

Truth is NOT one of the main reasons.

We believe memes because they are easy to understand, they make us feel “in the know” and a few other reasons.

A famous example is a young female anthropologist from England a couple hundred years ago.

She wanted to make a name for herself, so she visited some islands in the South Seas by herself.

The natives figured she was pretty naive, so they “took the piss” as they say.

They told her a bunch of made up stuff, just to have fun.

She came back and had these tales of these mythical people in the South Seas where everybody had sex with everybody.

(Kind of like in high school, when dudes brag about how much action they get, compared to now much they REALLY get).

For a while, talk of this mysterious “open sex” society in the South Seas was all the rage in upper society.

Especially when talking about nubile young “island girls.”

(Thurston old chap, have you heard? That island in the South Seas where EVERYBODY has sex with EVERYBODY?)

A few older, more experienced anthropologists (who had studied plenty of societies and suspected something was wrong) decided to go and have a look for themselves.

And sure enough, when they just observed their behavior (instead of asking the guys, “how often do you get laid?”) they found it was all nonsense.

Funny thing was, that after they came back and published their official report, the myth continued.

For over a hundred years. Even today, people still think there are mythical “island sex parties” somewhere.

Not because they are true, but because we WANT to believe it.

Plenty of these myths still exist.

Not because they are true, but because we LIKE to believe them.

One myth that exists in the world of sales, persuasion and seduction is you have to have a super charismatic personality.

That you have an ultra strong frame.

That you have to know all kinds of advanced language patterns.

When in reality, the opposite is true.

The more you can FORGET about yourself, the more you can OPEN the other person.

And get them to do anything.

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Secret Persuasion

Deep Persuasion

Recently they discovered that orangutans make certain noises when there are predators around.

They ONLY make those sounds (a series of clicks) when those predators around.

It’s an insight into the development of human language.

Nobody is really sure when language was invented.

They only know when written language was invented, which came perhaps tens of thousands of years after spoken language.

Whenever evolutionary scientists look at all of our human characteristics, some things make sense, while others don’t.

Clearly being able to talk has tons of benefits over not being able to talk.

Many people believer that the purpose of human language is to exchange information.

But there’s a deeper issue. Even when those orangutans make those clicks, the are hoping (instinctively) that whoever hears those clicks will DO something.

Something specific, like not get eaten.

Sometimes it seems that when humans talk, there isn’t really a reason.

It can be an interesting mental experiment to do next time you’re hanging with your friends.

Sit back and listen, and try and guess the “intention” beneath the words.

What behavior are they trying to elicit? Often it’s a simple as trying to elicit a smile or any kind of agreement.

But the intention is always there.

Many times people will say something, NOT get the intended result, and then kind of retreat.

They’ll say, “Just saying…”

Most of the time, even when we HAVE a clear intention (get somebody to laugh, give out their phone number or agree to an idea) we don’t have much of a plan.

We just kind of spit out a bunch of words and hope for the best.

Even the most skilled speakers and persuaders don’t really have a concrete plan on how to specifically get their intended outcome.

Most of the time, they’re just naturally “good at it” which means they really don’t know HOW they do what they do.

But there IS a set of strategies that work, and work very well.

They are contrary to how most “persuaders” operate. Kind of the opposite.

And for some, getting into the right frame of mind is difficult.

But when you do, it’s VERY EASY.

So easy, that if those highly skilled “persuaders” would see you do it, they would wonder why in the heck it’s working so well.

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Manifest Woman

Get Her Begging For You

One of the best ways to increase attraction is to leave.

Most guys use the “make the ho say no” strategy.

While this is good for the ego, it’s not so good for your confidence.

The way the brain works is whenever we look into new situation, our minds try to find as many similar situations in the past as possible.

That way it can save energy figuring stuff out, and refer to as much previous experiences as possible.

And if you’re using the “make the ho say no” strategy, you’ll end up getting rejected a lot.

Since that’s what happens when the ho actually says, “no.”

The opposite strategy, which is also EXTREMELY counterintuitive, is to LEAVE just as her attraction is starting to build.

This is VERY HARD.

In many ways it’s harder than cold approaching.

But it will build up MASSIVE confidence if you keep at it for a while.


Because every time you see a new social situation filled with potential females, you’re brain will quickly scan the last couple dozen encounters.

And EACH ONE will NOT be a rejection, but a girl looking at you with eyes that say, “Hey! Come back! Don’t leave yet!”

This will give you an incredible amount of confidence.

And if you keep this up long enough, each time you LEAVE the girl will try harder and harder to get you to stay.

Because the more confident you are, the more attraction you’ll build.

Try it out, and see what happens.

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Inside Out Thinking

How To Bake Your Inner Cake

One thing that confuses us humans is cause and effect.

Or more specifically, events that happen close together in time.

Much more often than is true, we tend to assume a causal link.

They’ve even shown that babies as young as six months demonstrate this.

They put a kid in front of a monitor, and they have two blips moving around.

Both are driven by two separate programs.

When both blips stop, it doesn’t cause the kid much worry.

The only thing that freaks the poor kid out is when one stops and the other doesn’t.

The researchers think this means the kid assumes there’s some kind of relationships between the blips.

So when one stops, and the other doesn’t, it messes up his “model of the world.”

As adults, we do this all the time.

It was what superstitions are made of.

The term, “Knock on wood” is from all the way back to when they thought evil creatures lived in trees, and you had knock on the tree to scare them away so they wouldn’t mess you up.

Another way this “cause-effect” misunderstanding pops up is when we try and put the cart before the horse.

Nobody is immune from this.

Even central bankers make this mistake.

Economists call it “pushing on a string.”

A causes B.

So they figure if they create B that will somehow make A happen.

This happens a lot when we consider human behavior.

We tend to copy “outer behavior” and wonder why we don’t get the same results.

That’s kind of like looking at a delicious cake, and thinking you can replicate it with ONLY the frosting.

You figure since the outer surface LOOKS the same, it will BE the same.

This is what happens when people try and copy outer behaviors with understanding what makes up the inner state.

More often than not, the outer behaviors are a natural OUTCOME of the inner state.

But if you try and copy the outer behaviors without the inner state, it will come across as incongruent.

The paradox is that with the right inner state, ANY outer behavior will do.

Kind of like a delicious cake.

The frosting, in many cakes, isn’t even needed.

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Destroy The Evil One

How To Easily Kill Fear

Reframes can be very powerful.

Especially if after the reframe things seem a lot easier.

Because when we humans give meaning to something, even if the meaning isn’t true, we act as if it is.

This happens under hypnosis all the time.

People can be hypnotized to think a lemon is a cheeseburger.

And when they eat the lemon whole, (in front of stunned observers) it tastes just like a cheeseburger.

Even after, when they KNOW they’ve been hypnotized, they remember it as a cheeseburger.

They “meaning” of that thing they were holding was not a sour citrus fruit, but their favorite food.

We do this to ourselves all the time, but in the opposite direction.

Sometimes before we do something, we imagine it’s going to be really, really scary.

And often times, this keeps us from doing it.

But if we do it anyway (feel the fear and do it anyway) then we realize there was nothing to fear in the first place.

While this technique works (to conquer false fears) it’s not very efficient.

This is why Milton Erickson ditched this method when he invented “Ericksonian Hypnosis” or covert hypnosis.

He used to have his clients to all kinds of crazy things to prove their fears weren’t real.

But then he learned how to destroy their fears by telling stories.

This is the power of reframing.

You can reframe things FIRST without having to “prove” the reframe.

This is essentially what the “feel the fear and do it anyway” theory is.

You reframe the fear through action.

But it’s just as effective (and much more comfortable) to reframe the fear by trying on different thoughts in different combinations.

This way, you can realize things are safe and enjoyable BEFORE needing to prove it.

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Massive Social Confidence

Best State for Effortless Persuasion

Regardless of your reason for talking to somebody, rapport is essential.

With a lot of rapport there’s not much else you need to do.

For example, let’s say you’re thinking about buying a computer.

You’ve got a couple in mind, and you want to go see one up close, so you wander down to your local computer shop.

And you are standing there looking at the three computers you’re thinking off, all sitting next to each other.

And up comes a good buddy who you haven’t seen in a while. And he works at the shop.

You forget that you’re shopping for computers, and talk to your buddy and catch up on old times. Maybe you exchange pictures of your kids or something. You find out he lives nearby and turns out you know his wife from back in the day as well. You’re excited, he’s excited.

Then he asks what you’re interested in, computer wise. (He does work there after all.)

You tell him you’re thinking of model A, B or C.

Without even thinking, he says C is the best and he gives you a couple reasons why.

Now, most people would buy C.

This is because you would have MASSIVE rapport with your buddy.

He doesn’t need to use any goofy language patterns, or NLP tricks.

With ENOUGH rapport, all you really need to say is, “C is best,” and then give them a couple reasons.

Unfortunately rapport is one of those things where people hear about it and say, “Oh rapport, yeah, I already know about that stuff. Tell me the super-ninja secret stuff!”

But with enough rapport, you don’t really need the super ninja complicated stuff.

Sure it will help, it will make them feel much better about whatever they are doing, but it’s really just icing on the cake.

There are a lot of ways to develop deep rapport very quickly with strangers.

Match body language, match movements, match rate of speech. Monitor and adjust accordingly. Move and make sure they follow you.

But under all of that external behavior, you HAVE to be relaxed and laid back on the inside.

Creating rapport on the outside, when you are anxious and nervous on the inside is pretty difficult.

In fact, if you are anxious and nervous on the inside, you’ll FORGET to even create rapport. You’ll be too busy trying to memorize all those ninja language patterns.

But if you are relaxed and confident ENOUGH, they will AUTOMATICALLY not only get into rapport with you, but they’ll naturally follow you as well.

Making everything else very easy.
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