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Wordless Persuasion

I saw this really corny romantic comedy a while ago.

A guy and a girl were in love, and the guy died.

But after he died, he’d left behind a trail of “bread crumbs” for the girl (his grieving widow) to find.

The deal was they’d only known each other so long, and that was his way of showing her all the things important to him.

The movie was about her following all these clues, going to his hometown, learning all about his childhood, meeting his friends, etc.

Little too “romantic” for my tastes, but the idea is pretty cool.

To leave a bunch of bread crumbs for people to follow.

Especially if something is cool at the end.

Luckily, you don’t have to die to pull this off.

It’s actually pretty easy to do conversationally.

All you do is ask the right questions in the right order, and you can lead people to some pretty amazing feelings.

Feelings they’ve likely never felt before.

Most people are always talking about themselves.

Even when we are listening to others, part of our brains is trying to figure out what to say when they’re done talking.

If you can momentarily turn that part of your brain off, and just ask the right questions, you can lead people to some fantastic ideas.

The questions are easy to ask.

And they are really easy to answer, especially if you ask them right.

Done correctly, you can not only ask easy questions, but get them feeling fantastic without ever needing to say ANYTHING.

A lot of people feel a bit shy about talking about talking about their deepest desires.

But you can set it up so they don’t have to even talk.

And you can keep leading them deeper and deeper into the middle of their most secret fantasies.

All the while anchoring those wonderful feelings to whatever you want.

Your idea, your product, your service, or you.

Imagine all the ways you could use this!

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