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Ancient Secrets Of Alpha Males

What’s This All About?

Girls and guys are different.

Contrary to some common, politically correct, misconceptions, these differences go much deeper than just our physical bodies.

We are different in our fundamental nature. What we want, what we seek in life.

Check Our Past

Since humans lived 99% of our collective experience as hunter-gatherers, and that’s how we were formed, it’s helpful to consider THAT environment when going to the club or anywhere else you want to meet girls.

It’s easy to get caught up in all kinds of surface-level nonsense, like clothing or bling or even wealth or physical appearance, but these are just INDICATORS of something deeper.

And that something deeper is what she’s after.

Here’s an example. A very NON politically correct example, so hold on to your hat.

Believe It Or Not

All things being equal, men prefer younger women to older women.

Not nice, not polite, not fair. But Mother Nature is a stone cold BITCH.

So EVERY SINGLE THING that turns a man on, physically, BEFORE you go over and talk to her, is a SIGN OF YOUTH.

Slim stomach, clear skin, firm breasts, long, slim legs, tight, rounded ass.

But you know this.

Wealth and Power

Women are the same way. They are “turned on” by things that are simply pieces of evidence of something much deeper.

The true “alpha” qualities. A leader, an explorer, somebody who takes action. Think of the most valuable guy back in the hunter gatherer days. BEFORE money, bling and even clothing was invented.

The guy who won the women’s hearts was the leader. The thinker. The planner. The ancient quarterback who ran his team after the zebras and brought home the big slabs of meat.

Sideline Sitting Won’t Cut It

Long range vision, mad social skills, the ability to talk a good game and fire up the boys, and most importantly, intelligence.

Not geeky intelligence, or book intelligence, but social intelligence. The ability to read people, organize people, and seduce people to his way of thinking.

The guy who can walk into ANY situation, instantly read everybody like a book, and quietly and covertly assume the dominant position, to everybody’s benefit.

YOU can be that guy.

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Do You Have A Beautiful Excuse That Keeps You Safe?

It’s Not My Fault!

When it comes to self improvement and self development, there’s three general areas.

Much like Goldilocks, two are too this or too that, but one is just right.

On the one side, you’ve got these ideas that there’s some kind of magic.

A magic set of words, a magic sound, a magic kind of idea. Once you “get it” then everything will be easy. No effort or risk required. Not even a lot of thinking. Just say the magic affirmation once or twice, and gold will show up in your pocket.

It Will Never Work!

On the other side of the spectrum, are the skeptics. Before they even move a muscle, they need verifiable proof that it’s going to work.

They don’t like to hold any uncomfortable thoughts in their mind, let alone take any action. So at the first sign of trouble, they spit out that comfortable, “Yea, but is there any evidence? Is there any proof?”

Both sides are really the same. Just two different self deceptions to stay safe.

See, the ONLY WAY to get the really good stuff in life is to take action. And all action requires risk.

No Crystal Balls

Nobody ever knows the future, not even five minutes into the future. That means that EVERY SINGLE ACTION you take will have a bit of uncertainty.

Hiding in your mind waiting for the perfect incantation, or waiting for verifiable proof to be published in all the scientific journals is just to protect the ego.

If you take action, and it doesn’t work out, it’s VERY PAINFUL to the ego.

After all, what will people say? What will people think? What about our reputation?

Go Big Or Go Home

The harsh truth about life is you’ll never get anywhere playing it safe. You’ll never get anywhere without putting it on the line from time to time.

You’ll never get anywhere unless you spend some time thinking, learning, acting, and accepting the feedback. Some feedback will be great. Other feedback will be horrible. Both are invaluable.

Most people are too terrified to understand this.

Your life is a work in progress. It’s up to YOU and YOU ONLY how it comes out. Nobody is going to give it to you.

Unlock your genius and accelerate your progress:

How To Enjoy Any Conversation

Do You Use Robot Game?

Memorized lines can work wonders, but they can also set you up for massive failure.

There was a group back in the day called Milli Vanilli.

They became famous because they were totally fake. They had a couple of number one albums, but they embarrassingly exposed themselves as frauds.

They didn’t write OR perform any of their music. All they did was lip sync. And during one concert, it went horribly wrong. The track they were lip syncing to got stuck. It kept repeating the same part over and over.

It only took a couple of days before their whole careers went down in flames.

Don’t Be Milli Vanilli

This is kind of what happens if you rely too much on memorized lines and patterns.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s always good to have a couple of memorized openers, but that’s about it.

But how you respond to her and interact with her IN THE MOMENT will determine your level of success.

Which means you need to have a couple of things.

Think On Your Feet

One is conversational flexibility. Meaning if you’re in the middle of some story, and she blurts out something completely off the wall, you’ve got to deal with it.

The BEST way, is not to ignore her, or diss her, but to PACE what she said, and then simply fold it back into your story.

This is a great way to validate her AND keep the frame at the same time.

This can be tricky if you don’t have a lot of experience with social conversations.

Build Up Your Confidence

But when you start to work on your social confidence, AND your social intelligence, you’ll see going out in public, and just talking to random strangers (girls AND guys) in a whole new light.

You won’t see ANY conversation (girl or guy) as a Pass/Fail scenario, but just a fun conversation that can serve two purposes.

One, to have fun.

Two, to increase your skills.

And this will give you the relaxed, confident attitude that women LOVE.

To increase your social intelligence, check this out:

Learn How To Learn For Easy Genius


Most people know how to get in shape, physically.

You’d have to do some kind of activity. Change your eating habits.

You could also chart your progress, either in how much you could lift, or the size of your waist or your biceps.

Or if you were working on a particular sport, you could measure how well you play, either by time or by score.

Similarly, if you wanted to learn a specific subject, you could study certain books. Take certain classes. You’d measure your progress by test scores or how well you could discuss the subject.

A Meta Skill For All Meta Skills

But what if you wanted to learn how to learn?

Most people don’t even consider this is possible, let alone try and figure out how.

Luckily, learning is a skill just like any other skill. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

So, how do you learn how to learn, and how do you measure your progress?

One way is by doing something called “cross crawling.”

Hook Up Your Brain

It’s pretty simple. You stand up and touch your left foot with your right hand, immediately followed by touching your right foot with your left hand. Then repeat with your knees and elbows.

This fires up the connections between both hemispheres, which will make soaking up new information more easily.

This IS a short term process.

It fires up existing trans-hemispherical connections, but doesn’t create new ones.

However, if you do this every ten or fifteen minutes while learning anything, or doing anything that requires some “whole brain” thinking, you’ll do much better.

What about long term results?

Long Term Brain Growth

There are also SEVERAL, proven methods to create NEW and PERMANENT connections between your hemispheres, so you’ll be more “whole brained” as your natural self.

Meaning things will seem easier, clearer, and more fun.

The results won’t be as obvious as putting on a pair of pants and feeling how loose they are.

They WILL be MUCH more subtle.

But they’ll also be much more powerful.

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Don’t Talk About Attraction

Create Irresistible Attraction

No Paint By Numbers

What’s most attractive to a woman?

Unfortunately it’s not just ONE thing. If all you needed to do was put on a green shirt and wear a certain cologne to get laid, then the world would be a huge orgy.

Probably a good thing it’s not.

But there is a certain, repeatable collection of skills, or mindsets, that WILL get you consistent action with the girls (or girl) you want.

I’ll Take Combo Plate Number 17

It’s a combination of intelligence, self acceptance, playfulness and confidence.

The confidence to be yourself in a social situation, and not worry about what people think of you.

The playfulness to NEVER take anything anybody says too seriously, (unless they’re trying to stab you in the eye with an ice pick or something).

The self acceptance that says YOU accept YOURSELF regardless of what anybody else thinks about you.

And the social intelligence to easily read situations, conversations and know what to say, and what not to say.

Do You Get It

If you become known as the guy who really “gets it,” then women will LOVE to have you around. And not in a “girlfriend” sense, where they see you as some safe beta who they can complain to.

I’m talking about in a genuine “above the cut” alpha sense.

One thing women HATE is thinking they need to “take care of” the men they are with.

If she’s talking to you, and she feels the need to spell anything out, it’s going to kill attraction.

Even women in relationships don’t like to think of their boyfriends or husbands as little kids they need to “mother.”

They want to think of them as independent men who both understand them, and lead them.

She’ll Tell Me When To Kiss Her

Sadly, most guys don’t even come close. They actually believe that a women they’re gaming will TELL THEM what to do or say.

They actually think that looking at a woman and saying, “What can I say that will make you like me?” is an effective strategy.

But as I’m sure you know, most everything that happens in male-female relationships happens on the deep structure level of communication.

If you have to ask what’s going on, or if you have to ask her what she means, or if you need to ask her what you should do, it’s already too late.

On the other hand, if you can read the situation, and act accordingly, you’ll be the guy EVERY GIRL wants.

Jack Up Your Social Intelligence:

Is Your Life Complete?

Keep Climbing

Do You Have Everything You Want?

They say it’s not the cards you are dealt, but how you play them.

If, of course, refers to poker. The game is a LOT more complicated that just checking your cards vs. your opponents.

There’s plenty of strategy, and there’s plenty of ways you can present your cards.

In many games, there’s also a chance to replace the cards you want with ones that are hopefully better.

Change Whatever You Want

Clearly, life is very similar. We all come into this world with certain “cards,” like our parents, our looks, our height, etc.

And like in poker, we can “replace” some of the stuff we’ve got with something that we want.

For most people, this usually translates into moving to a different city, going into a different career than your parents, or altering your appearance through exercise.

One thing people rarely consider is their intelligence level.

Boost Your Brain Baby!

For one, I’m sure you’re aware that there are plenty of different kinds. Social intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, mathematical intelligence, artistic intelligence, etc.

Most of us think of our “intelligence” like we think of our “personality.” If you’ve ever taken one of those personality tests, you may have felt “stuck” in one of those categories.

The truth is that WHO you REALLY are is not set in stone. Not in the least.

On the contrary, there is a LOT that you can change about yourself, for the better.

You Are More

Now, most people just accept who they are, accept what that will get them and shrug their shoulders and go back to watching TV.

But a select few realize there’s ALWAYS much more.

There’s ALWAYS room to grow, to change, to explore, to prosper.

The question is, which one are you?

Are you one of the “complacent” ones, who just accepts their lot in life, (and whatever happens to be on TV that night)?

Or do you look at yourself in the mirror and REALLY BELIEVE yourself when you say:

“I Can Do Anything.”

The truly successful people KNOW they their lives are ALWAYS a work in progress. They are ALWAYS learning, always growing, always exploring.

Are you?

Get Started:

How To See What’s Already There For Mad Attraction

How To See More IOI's

Pay Attention!

How do you tell if she’s into you?

Most guys would LOVE to know which girls are attracted to them, and which girls aren’t.

Just think if could scan a room, and see a little bubble over the top of every girl’s head, that had all kinds of statistics. How much she was attracted to you, on a scale of one to ten, what the chances were of getting a number, what the chances were of taking her home, whether or not she was a freak in bed.

Save Tons Of Time

You could just spend five or ten minutes scanning the room, hit up all the “high probability prospects” and take the “best candidate” home within an hour so.

If you had some magical glasses or contact lenses that would show this data you could easily make a kajillion dollars.

But this is the stuff of pure fantasy, right?

Not quite.

It Already Exists – Inside Your Brain

Most people assume that “naturals” are ultra seductive and can pretty much make ANY woman instantly fall in lust.

This isn’t altogether accurate. What’s MORE accurate is that naturals simply have a set of built in filters so they can do EXACTLY what is described above.

Meaning they have super advanced skills of perception and social intelligence, so they can easily read a room and tell who’s into them, and who’s not.

In The Moment Attraction Measuring

What’s more, is they can tell, during the conversation itself, if she’s increasing her attraction or decreasing. Simply by watching her facial expressions, body language, and how she responds to kino (slight touching in socially appropriate places) they know PRECISELY when to “make the move.”

Because they have SO MUCH DATA, they almost never fail.

Please Like Me!

Compare this to the average “wanna be pick up artist,” who’s usually just hoping and not much else, and you can see a world of difference.

But here’s the CRUCIAL DIFFERENCE. All those signals that are there for the natural are ALSO THERE for the guy with no experience. He just can’t see them. When he talks to girls, some are getting turned on, some are getting turned off, but since he’s blind to body language, he can’t tell the difference.

Naturals are naturals not because they are super seductive, but because they can see things (either consciously or unconsciously) that others can’t.

Which means that ALL YOU’VE GOT TO DO is learn to see what’s already there.

Jack up your social intelligence, and you’ll be amazed how many girls are already into you.

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What Do Rich People Have?

Do You Have Rich People Qualities?

How’d They Get There?

What’s the difference between the rich and the poor?

I mean besides a stack of money vs. a stack of bills?

An interesting study was done recently, in which they interviewed a bunch of rich people, and a bunch of poor people, to find any differences in their daily habits.

You Could See This Coming

The differences were clear, and what you would expect.

Rich people ate healthy food, poor people ate fast food or junk food.

Rich people watched less than an hour of TV day, while poor people watched 4 hours or more.

Rich people read at least two non-fiction books a month, poor people rarely read.

Rich people spent part of their income, AND part of their time on charitable activities, poor people didn’t.

Rich people spent a great deal of time doing and learning things that would improve themselves, while poor people didn’t.

Rich people took responsibility, poor people blamed others.

But My Situation Is Different!

Now, there’s plenty of poor people who are poor through absolutely NO fault of their own. Born into the wrong family, or the wrong part of the world, or under the wrong government or economic system would be enough to keep ANYBODY poor.

But even if you’re in a bad situation, taking responsibility is ALWAYS much more useful than blaming others, EVEN IF it’s THEIR FAULT.


You Are All You’ve Got!

Because NOBODY cares about YOU like YOU care about YOU. Meaning even IF you blame others, and it IS their fault, they won’t likely do much.

On the other hand, if you look at your own situation, and forget about trying to shun responsibility and give yourself a good, long, hard look in the mirror, and ask yourself, “Well, what am I going to do about this?”

You have a much, much better chance of succeeding than somebody who’s ALWAYS pointing fingers.

Continuous Improvement

One CRUCIAL part of that study (at least for me) was that wealthy folks KNOW they’ve ALWAYS got to improve themselves. Even after they’ve made their millions, (or billions, as the case may be) they KNOW it’s crucial to ALWAYS learn more.

Here’s another part of the study that struck me. Sixty Percent of millionaires and billionaires are SELF MADE.

Not From Daddy

They started broke, and through sheer willpower, and relentless forward momentum, they made themselves rich.

They can do it, YOU can do it.

Learn More:

How To Learn About Her And Easily Resonate With Her Attraction Triggers

Find Her Heart

Are You Trying To Be A Seduction Robot?

What’s the difference between learning and doing?

It’s really just a matter of perspective.

Most guys fall into a trap (at one point or another) of thinking there is some specific procedure or process of getting girls. All they need is to somehow “put the pieces together” and they’ll suddenly have all their lady problems solved.

The simple, and sometimes harsh, truth is human interactions are incredibly complex, and are never the same. Just like the old saying, “You can never step in the same river twice,” you can never talk to the same person twice.


Always In Flux

Every second you are moving forward through life. And every second you add to your experience, which slightly changes your perceptions, your beliefs and your ideas.

Even the physical biology and chemicals that make up “you” are always changing, with every inhale and exhale.

Scientists believe that about every seven years, EVERY SINGLE MOLECULE in your body has been changed out.

So when it comes to human interaction, how could there EVER be a step by step process, that would guarantee ANY result?

Nobody Stays The Same

Even couples who have been together often drift apart because they “change.”

If you’ve ever had a girlfriend for more than a couple of weeks, you KNOW this. That person you talked to after a month or two is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than the girl you first met.

If you can’t predict the behavior of ONE SINGLE PERSON, how in the world are you going to predict the behavior of ALL PEOPLE?

Mental Shortcuts Or Mental Myths?

Yet this is what a lot of guys expect, and think exists. Some kind of step by step process, some kind of memorized lines and patterns that will REMOVE RISK, and GUARANTEE that they get laid.

Many people can be married for YEARS and still not know how to talk to their partner.

Does that mean that it’s all random? Not at all.

The specifics will change with every person, but the basic principles and structures still apply.

Always Be Learning

The secret of becoming successful with women is ditching any kind of “process” that you think you need to “know” before taking action.

The secret is to see every single interaction as a LEARNING PROCESS that will add to your collection of experience.

If you see all interactions as a learning process, you will NEVER fail, because you will ALWAYS learn something.

And once that worry of perfection is gone, and you open yourself up to learning, you’ll be a lot more relaxed, and a lot more successful.

To make it much, much easier, learn to open up your natural learner, so you can learn how to learn even FASTER.

Learn More:

Free Mind Tools:

Free Mind Tools

Do You Own Your Brain Or Have You Given It Away?

What Happened to your Brain?

School Sucks

The great tragedy of learning is that we associate it with school.

Unfortunately, the setting and the topics we study in school aren’t necessarily the best for us.

For one reason, school was created around the beginning of the industrial revolution, when most people were destined to work in factories. So the kind of stuff they taught was for people who were going to be working on some kind of assembly line, or doing some kind of repetitive work.

Human Assembly Line

Another reason it’s not nearly as efficient is that it’s designed to teach a whole roomful of people the same thing, at the same time, at the same speed.

Needless to say, everybody learns at different rates, and different ways.

Now, some people learn great in that environment. But some people don’t. And those that don’t are sometimes much more creative and intuitive than others.

The very same kind of folks society depends on to come up with new inventions and ideas and concepts to help us move forward.

Stone Age School System

Ever wonder why medicine has progressed so much in the last hundred years, science has grown by leaps and bounds, and technology is doubling in power every few years, yet school is the same as it was a hundred years ago?

Sure, the tools may be a little improved, but the method is still the same.

Of course, this makes it all incredibly easy to “blame” the “system” for not having what we want, but in the end, WE are responsible for what WE’VE got.

Nobody else.

It’s On You To Learn

If you want to learn something that will help you succeed in life, that’s up to YOU.

Luckily, you ARE a natural learner. You have everything you need to unleash your creative genius and let loose that awesome ideas you’ve got inside you.

You CAN teach yourself to soak up all the information you need to become a super-achiever.

Own your brain. Take responsibility. Create the life you want.

Learn More:

Free Mind Tools:

Free Mind Tools