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The Wasteland Of Their Mind

How To Spot The Cheaters

Once a friend of mine asked me to go with her and her sister to buy a car.

They didn’t want to get taken advantage of by a stereotypical car salesman.

Most people don’t like salespeople for this reason.

Especially ones that get paid primarily by commission.

The idea of getting paid pure commission is pretty terrifying for most people.

This is why there is so much turnover in sales.

There is a low entry for of a lot those jobs, since some places hire anybody.

They don’t have to worry about training or anything.

The companies themselves are leveraging the law of numbers.

They figure they’ll hire 100 people a month.

Due to Pareto (the 80-20 rule), 20% will make most of the sales.

The rest will generally quit after a couple of weeks.

The idea of a guaranteed salary, on the other hand, is VERY compelling.

But in a sense, all people “live” by pure commission.

Meaning the quality of the lives we live are based on how we interact with others.

To get “good” results, you need to interact with others in a “good” way.

Most of the time, there’s plenty of overlap.

A win-win type of outcome.

Both people are benefiting.

A “non-zero-sum-game.”

Zero sum games, on the other hand, are interactions where one person benefits at the expense of the other person.

Many argue that it’s a dog eat dog world.

And the name of the game is get whatever you can, and don’t get caught.

If you walked onto a car lot, you would expect to be “sold.”

But most of us don’t want to be sold or taken advantage of when we don’t expect.

Which makes us very vulnerable.

Especially to those who are always on the lookout for any advantage they can get.

To them, all’s fair in love and war.

And the best strategy with that mindset is to not advertise.

To come in under the radar.

Like the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Luckily, if you do some linguistic drills, you’ll learn to spot those types a mile a way.

Even better, they’ll know that you know.

So they’ll keep their distance.

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Weaponized Hypnosis

Pull Your Future Forward

Human Condition On Steroids

Monty Hall, the famous game show host, passed away recently.

I read an interview he gave a while ago.

He described how he tried to “con” the contestants.

He actually used the word, “con.”

Without his input, the contestants would have to use brain skills to choose which choice was the most appropriate.

Which is interesting in itself.

That’s the whole premise behind the popular game shows like, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,” and “Jeopardy.”

There’s a difficult question, the contestant has to answer, and we can play along at home.

But on “Let’s Make a Deal,” (the show Monty Hall hosted), it was a lot more emotional.

While the contestant was trying to decide which was better, Monty was messing with them.

He’d start offering more money if they made a certain choice.

And since he KNEW which was the right choice, he knew which direction to push them to make it more interesting.

Remember, he used the word, “con,” to describe this behavior.

And while this was happening, everybody in the audience was screaming at the poor guy or gal up on stage desperately trying to think.

This is the human condition on steroids.

You’ve got a decision, that in itself is not so easy.

But there’s also money at stake.

And there’s your social reference group.

And while they do sort of have your interests in mind, they won’t pay the price if you make the wrong decision.

In fact, it may even make them feel better if you make a mistake.

How do us poor humans ever do anything right?

Luckily, there is a simple way.

All those people on Let’s Make a Deal never knew what was at stake until they were up on stage.

Which means they don’t have much time to come up with a strategy.

They see the choice the same time everybody else does.

And there’s a huge amount of time pressure.

But in real life, you can easily avoid that.

Choose what you want ahead of time.

Before anybody else knows.

That way, choosing what to do will be a lot easier.

Because the right choices will take you closer, or teach you skills that will get you closer.

The wrong choices won’t.

The stronger you choose, the easier it will to move toward that choice.

So choose carefully, and start moving.

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Seven Disciplines

The Infinite Loop

The Exchange Model of Communication

There’s a pretty interesting procedure in NLP called “Integration of Parts.”

Basically it’s a hallucination where you create a “dialogue” between two “parts.”

Like if “part of you” wants to get out and meet people, but another “part of you” wants to stay home and watch TV.

You bring them both out, and literally talk to them (and hear their responses) as if you were having a negotiation between two physical entities.

The idea is to keep “going up the logical level” of each of their “desires” (going out and staying in) until they both realize they want the same thing.

Then you can work on coming up with a better strategy to get that need met, rather than having inner conflict.

The reason it works is if you take any “criteria” for why we want to do something, and you’ll end up with a hard to describe “feeling” that can be equated pretty easily with any other hard to describe “feeling.”

Like you buy a car because you want to get to point A to point B. But you buy a certain car for certain reasons (safety, looking cool, feeling good, etc).

Good salespeople know to respectfully find these “higher order criteria” so that they more easily fulfill them.

If you want car that has a 350 cc engine and gets 22 MPG, that’s going to be harder to satisfy than a car that makes you “feel safe.”

When talking to people for personal reasons (e.g. not selling them anything). The same strategies apply.

You don’t exactly walk up to a stranger and ask them what they’re looking for in a new acquaintance.

But knowing those criteria are ALWAYS there will help a lot.

Whenever people are meeting each other socially, we all have pretty much the same criteria.

We want our ideas to be heard and respected. We want our wants, needs, and fears validated.

We don’t want to be told our ideas are silly or foolish.

We’d all rather talk about things we want, rather than we don’t want.

Looking at social interactions as negotiations is a bit strange.

But if you keep it on the down low, and always give them something before you expect something back, you’ll have a lot more success.

AND you’ll find that talking to people is a lot easier, when you’re using the “give first” mindset.

You’ll be remembered more, and you’ll be thought of in a much better light.

Doesn’t matter if you’re making friends, looking for lovers, finding new business contacts, or just passing the time.

See every conversation as some kind of “exchange,” and give before you get.

You can learn how, and a lot more here:

Interpersonal Resonance

Beat The Numbers Game

How To Beat The Numbers Game

I’ve had a lot of sales jobs.

Some were pretty fun, most were pretty boring.

A lot of what my friend called “junk jobs.”

Meaning they have some kind of gimmick, and they go through hundreds of applicants a week.

They convince you it’s easy to make a killing, but the downside is they’ll ONLY pay based on commissions.

I’ve seen a lot of well thought out scams. Products that aren’t really products, but the guys who came up with these are doing pretty good.

They figure if they “hire” a hundred people a week, they might get a couple to do pretty well.

So from the pure “number theory” angle, they’re getting a couple of “natural salespeople” on a weekly basis.

This means they don’t have to spend any time of training, since they’re not really “training” they are “sorting.”

This “numbers theory” works from a lot of angles. If you’re selling door to door, or picking up girls at the mall, or sending out resumes. So long as you keep your “numbers” high enough on the front end, you’ll eventually get success on the back end.

This requires no skills. No development. Just taking the person you are, right here, right now, and spending a lot of time and effort to find the PERFECT match.

Send out enough resumes, and eventually you’ll find the PERFECT job. Perfect partner. Perfect house, apartment.

Problem comes with the “enough” gets way up into the thousands. Or the tens of thousands.

It also requires taking a good hard look at what you define by “perfect.”

And what you are willing to do to get it.

For example, let’s say you were offered the PERFECT job. But it required you move 3,000 miles away.

In reality, there is no such thing as “perfect.” It’s more like gradients between “really good” and “really lousy.”

So when people are playing the numbers game, they’re looking for something (job, partner, sales, etc.) that’s not perfect, but “good enough.”

It’s hard to admit this to yourself.

But you don’t HAVE to play the numbers game. Or ONLY the numbers game.

To be sure, if you want a decent romantic partner, you ARE going to have to talk to a few people.

But instead of seeing each person as a simple “good enough” or “not good enough,” you can see them (or it or whatever) as a LEARNING OPPORTUNITY.

Every job interviewer that DOESN’T hire you can STILL be fantastic way to improve yourself for the next one.

Every girl or guy that rejects you can be a GREAT WAY to improve your approach next time.

So instead of sorting through as many statistical “numbers” as possible. You can have an unlimited amount of experiences from which you can improve yourself.


Every day, take something that DIDN’T go how you wanted it to.

Then reevaluate what you said. Look at some of the language patterns in Covert Hypnosis.

Then figure out how you COULD HAVE done better.

And then do THAT next time.

Do this, and every single “number” will be YOU increasing your skills.

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Movie Stars

Sneaky Tools Of Manipulation

When I was a kid a read a lot of comic books.

And in the back then they had all kinds of goofy ads for goofy products.

Even though that most of them were clearly fake, part of me wondered.

This is, by the way, one of the reasons copywriters write these MASSIVE claims on their sales page.

So long as they get at least part of you thinking, “Hmm, probably fake, but what if it IS true?”

And then that creates curiosity, which is a powerful buying trigger. Then you buy it just to see, and when you find out it IS fake, you say “Well, I just wanted to see, at least I know…” which means you won’t likely get a refund.

Anyhow, some of the things were “fake” but part of me (especially as a kid) wanted to see, just to see.

(Sea Monkeys come to mind…)

But one of the things I KNEW was fake was “X-Ray Glasses.” Even as a kid, I knew if those really DID exist, they’d be illegal.

As cool as they would be to have.

(Of course, nowadays if you want to see through people’s clothes just go get a job at the TSA…)

But there is kind of a way to see what people are thinking.

In Covert Hypnosis, there are these things called “Linguistic presuppositions.” These when you take an “idea” and hide it within a sentence. To kind of “sneak it” past other person’s conscious mind.

These, of course, are used naturally. By everybody. But they are usually used defensively, and without any thought.

Most people use them to HIDE THINGS they don’t want other people to question.

It allows people to say things without really needing to be responsible for them.

Kind of like when people say, “I’m just going to throw this out there.” It’s kind of a “weak” way to introduce and idea, and take credit for it if everybody likes it, but be able to distance yourself from it if people don’t.

Once you start to study these patterns, you’ll see these EVERYWHERE.

Usually by politicians or news media. Who’d like to make inflammatory comments, but make it sound like they are coming from “somewhere else” so they don’t have to defend saying them.

But these “linguistic presuppositions” are tools. You can use them to covertly slam people and come off as a creepy manipulator.

Or you can use them to covertly uplift people, highlighting their best points, but in a way that doesn’t make them feel “on the spot.”

And come off as a genuine, charismatic person that people LIKE being around, and actively seek out.

To learn how, check this out:

Covert Hypnosis

Give Them A Verbal Bong Hit

Make People Feel Wonderful Around You

I remember the first time I was “exposed” to NLP.

Me and a bunch of other guys were sitting in this hotel lounge.

One guy mentioned that he had some kind of problem.

Another guy casually started asking him questions. Slowly and covertly leading him through some kind of NLP conversational “change work” procedure.

For about twenty minutes, all of us (except for the secret NLP master) all were sitting around looking like we’d just taken a MASSIVE bong hit.

This is one of the “effects” you can have when using covert language patterns.

And like any tool, you can use it for good or evil.

The thing was, that while the one “guy” was the “target” for the “procedure,” we all participated vicariously.

Because the “problem” was one that most guys have.

And after that “intervention,” few of us could even remember what the problem was.

Now, this guy (the NLP Wizard) didn’t start by saying, “Hey I’m going to try some language patterns, OK?” He just rolled right into it. Nobody even knew what was going on, before, during or after.

We just kind of all experienced the same “brain fade.”

Only later, after I’d started studying NLP, did I understand what he did.

This was the same guy that would ALWAYS get most of the waitresses in a restaurant hanging around his table whenever they had a chance.

He also found a way to make a TON of money in his part time, so he could spend most of his time “enjoying” other people.

All because of two things.

One is that he assumed that within other people is TREASURE.

Two is he used his language to FIND IT.

Most people don’t think they have treasure inside them. So when somebody comes along, and starts to use these slightly strange sounding language patterns to elicit that treasure, they feel pretty good.

Only like that first time, they have no idea what’s going on.

They just know that when THAT PERSON is around, they feel fantastic.

And of course, whenever they think of THAT PERSON, they feel fantastic.

How do you BECOME that person?

One is to start looking at people differently. Instead of looking at them as objects or obstacles, train your brain to wonder what their treasure is.

Not just the people you think are attractive or whom you think you can make money from.


The next step is to learn these patterns, and use them to dig for their treasure.

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Gold, Bitches!

Find The Gold That’s Always Around You

I’ve had a lot of crappy jobs in my life.

And some pretty awesome ones.

One of my favorites was when I worked at a movie theater in high school.

Lots of people my age, fast paced, got to meet people when they were in a good mood.

The best part was when I’d load up a car with popcorn, drinks and candy and push it into a packed theater a few minutes before the movie started.

I would push the cart up and down the aisles and holler out like an old school pitchman.

And I almost ALWAYS sold out.

Other jobs were horrible. The worse was when I was a telemarketer. They had us memorize a script. And hooked us up to an automatic dialing computer. We would see the person’s name a split second after they answered.

And spit out the memorized pitch. If they hung up, the computer would automatically dial another line.

It was incredibly BORING.

The only fun part was when somebody got ultra pissed and went off into a well spoken tirade against telemarketers. THAT part was pretty entertaining!

Funny thing was, if I agreed with everything they said, while they were yelling at me, they actually thanked me when they were done.

It’s easy to fall into a rut, and hear the same things and say the same things day in and day out.

So when we finally unleash how we REALLY feel, even if it’s anger, it feels pretty good to get some sympathy and understanding.

Every single person you run across has all kinds of things they’d LOVE to express.

But most are too shy, and nobody ever asks.

So they never do.

Which is why there is a GOLD MINE inside pretty much every person you come across.

Even if you’re just looking to kill time while waiting for the bus, people can provide enormous value.

Everybody’s got a story. Everybody’s got a different perspective.

All you’ve got to do is practice “opening them up.”

Because inside, there is TREASURE.

And the more people you talk to, the more stories you’ll have.

The EASIEST way to use Covert Hypnosis to slip ideas into people’s minds is through stories.

“Hey, that’s pretty cool, that reminds me of this girl I was talking to the other day at the bus stop…”

And then launch into several nested loops, within which you can layer all kinds of language technology.

Most people go through life hoping to AVOID interacting with others. But once you realize that OTHER PEOPLE are your greatest resource, you’ll realize the HUGE gold mine that’s around you.

All the time!

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Is All Pasta The Same?

How To Skyrocket Your Magnetism

Once I had a deep discussion with a buddy of mine.

Why do tacos cost more than burritos?

It’s the same stuff, just put together differently.

We concluded that tacos take more labor per weight than burritos, so they cost a little bit more.

If you happen to go down to your grocery store, take a look at all the different kinds of pasta.

Not the whole dish, the dry pasta that you need to boil and mix with other stuff.

Most people can name a couple off the top of their head.

Spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna, etc.

But what’s really different about it? Same stuff, just different shapes.

Yet just a slight change in shape can make a dramatic effect on the outcome.

If all you ate was spaghetti, it would get pretty boring. But when you start to play around with the different dry pasta, you’ll probably start playing around with different sauces.

Pretty soon you can come up with some interesting and delicious combinations.

Once upon a time there was this “belief” that a human couldn’t run a mile in under four minutes.

But as soon as the first guy proved it was possible, a whole bunch of other guys started doing it.

It’s funny how our limitations keep us locked up in more ways than one.

It’s also pretty interesting that once you make very tiny changes, they can lead to dramatic results.

Once you realize it’s OK to do something different, you’ll start doing other things differently.

And when you start trying other things differently, you’ll start getting different results. Better results. Which will hopefully motivate you to try even MORE things differently.

Proving to yourself that those limitations are really just imaginary nonsense.

One of the simplest ways to change the way you do things is change the way you talk.

Just like spaghetti and burritos, by changing the STRUCTURE of your language, rather than the CONTENT, you’ll start to have some amazing impacts on others.

No need to reinvent yourself. No need to go out and get a bunch of “experiences” just to seem more interesting.

By changing HOW you talk, not WHAT you talk about, you can become more magnetic, more charismatic, and much more effective.

Think of two restaurants. One that sells only spaghetti. And one that sells all KINDS of pasta.

Which would you rather eat at?

Whether you want to build a relationship, enhance an existing one, make more money, get a better job, all you need to do is change HOW you communicate rather than worrying about the CONTENT of your communication.

This means that what’s inside your head, right here, right now, is sufficient. Just figure out to present it in the best way, and you’re set.

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Enthusiasm Is Powerfully Persuasive

Become Naturally Persuasive

I used to know this guy in college.

Despite having a loyal girlfriend back home, every weekend he had a new girl.

Of all the guys I’ve met in my life, this guy, based on his RESULTS was the true definition of a “natural.”

A guy who gets TONS of girls without even trying.

I also worked with this guy once that was the same way, only with sales. He had an otherwise normal social life. Wife, kids, etc.

But you put him in front of a customer and they couldn’t help but buy from him. They would walk in the shop “just looking,” but would walk out after having spent several THOUSAND dollars, acting like he’d done them the BEST favor ever.

And both of these guys had the same thing going for them.

The reason they were naturals were they were fearlessly enthusiastic.

Neither were particularly good looking. Both radiated a kind of “I love living” type of vibe. That was infectious.

Girls couldn’t get enough of guy number one, and people could buy enough from guy number two.

They somehow retained their natural exuberance that kids have. See, most of us are super outgoing and excited when we’re kids. We run a lot. We see something cool, we run over to get a look, and we want to scream and holler and tell everybody.

But then we grow up and are sometimes even petrified when we become the center of attention, let alone actively seek it.

But the fear we feel is a paradox. Because EVERYBODY feels the same way.

And by openly expressing YOUR appreciation, you’ll take the heat off everybody else.

Which means they’ll be GLAD you are there.

Naturally, this isn’t easy. It’s best to think of this as a SKILL that you can LEARN, rather than something inherent, that you either have or don’t have.

A great way to practice is by using Covert Hypnosis. Since there’s so many patterns (like forty or fifty), you can choose ONE, and simply practice for a week or so.

Then move on to the next one.

When you combine these patterns with your natural excitement for life (that you had once but decided to hide somewhere), you’ll be an unstoppable force of nature.

Sell anything to anybody. Get as many girlfriends or boyfriends as you want.

The sky’s the limit.

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Which Would You Like?

Surgically Precise Language

I used to eat a lot of fast food.

I would usually get a big sack of something once a week, and eat it while watching my favorite TV show.

Often times, I would have a hard time deciding.

After all, with so many fast food places to choose from, all with their own unique specialty, it was hard.

Do I want burgers, or tacos? A big foot-long, or a deep dish?

I know, heavy stuff!

This, however, IS one of the iron-clad, inescapable rules of economics.

If you want THIS, you can’t have THAT.

Everything costs something. Time, money AND opportunity. These are appropriately called “opportunity costs.”

It’s also one of the main, deeply unconscious reasons a lot of guys have trouble committing. If you choose HER, you’re also deciding that EVERY OTHER GIRL on planet Earth is off limits.

It’s also why our brains get so confused.

See, a long, long time ago, we had a decision to make. Our brains could be really, really fast, or really, really accurate.

But NOT both.

And if we DID decide to evolve both (a super FAST and super ACCURATE) brain, we would have had to pay for it somehow. As it is now, our brains take up a LOT of calories.

If it were fast AND accurate, it would take up a lot more. Which means we’d have to eat more. Which means our bodies would be shaped a lot differently. Which means we might not have survived!

So here we are, with pretty FAST brains, that are also pretty inaccurate.

Most of the time, the thoughts we think, the words we use are NECESSARILY vague. We leave out a LOT of information.

If you asked me what I did last night, I would say something like, “I made something to eat, read a few blogs, and watched a movie.”

There is a LOT of information I’m leaving out. If I told you EVERYTHING in excruciating detail, not only would you be bored to tears, but it would take FOREVER!

Normally, this is “good enough.” People have some random ideas, spit them out with some random words, that are necessarily vague.

We sort of understand what each other is saying, at least “good enough” to get what we need.

But just stop and think, for a minute, if you cooked dinner the way you spoke.

You reached in the fridge, grabbed some stuff that looked “good enough,” threw them in some kind of cooking device, for “long enough,” and then ate it.

So long as the base ingredients were what your body needed, you would be OK.

But as I’m sure you know, you can do a lot better than just “good enough.”

Just like you can take the time to become a master chef, you can take the time to become a master communicator.

Instead of randomly choosing words and ideas, you can choose them with surgical precision so people will think whatever it is you are talking about is AWESOME.

So much they’ll be begging for you to continue, and will be much more likely to do whatever you ask them to.

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