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Use Their Model Of The World

Learn From Einstein’s Mistake

I was reading a pretty good financial article the other night.

It was by this guy who’d written a few bestselling books. He’s got connections inside the Federal Reserve, and he’s been in the business for many years.

So he knows what he’s talking about.

Anyhow, he said anything is easy to understand when you have the right model.

But with the wrong model, you’ll never “get it.”

Of course, politicians and the economists who work for them choose models to help their careers, rather than accurately describe what’s going.

Which is why government run economies usually don’t do so well.

One my favorite stories from physics is the discovery of Quantum Mechanics.

A bunch of ultra-smart dudes (Einstein, Bohr, Plank, etc) were trying to out exactly how this “event” was happening.

They kept trying different mathematical models, and kept getting it wrong. Even Einstein.

But unlike government goofs who are in love with their own ideas, as soon as they found out their model was wrong, they had no problems trashing it and coming up with a new one.

We ALL share the same type of misconception.

We become so in love with our own models, even when they aren’t working, we’ll do anything to FORCE them to be right.

That’s the heart of “cognitive dissonance.” We literally can’t see things that prove us wrong. Our monkey brains won’t let us. It thinks our egos can’t take it.

But if you’re trying to do ANYTHING that involves the participation of other people, you’ll ONLY be able to find people that are congruent with your own model.

This is where “confirmation bias” comes from. We only hang out with those who agree with us. Only watch TV shows that we agree with. Only read news sources that share our opinions of the world.

But if you can ditch that thinking, you’ll be able to build relationships with A LOT MORE people.

If you’re trying to sell something, you’ll make a lot more money.

If you’re trying to find a romantic partner, you’ll have a lot more options.

Now this is much deeper than simply trying to “see another person’s point of view.” Or changing your politics just to make a sale.

This is about listening to other people describe THEIR OWN model of the world.

And when you do that, you’ll be able to present YOUR IDEAS in terms of THEIR MODEL.

That way, it will sound much, much more congruent to them.

You’ll get more agreement, more dates, more sales more of whatever else you want that other people have.

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Interpersonal Resonance

My Next Door Neighbor Has The Loudest Guitar In The World

Develop Linguistic Flexibility

When I was in high school, I loved geometry.

My friends either loved it, or hated it.

I liked the idea of solving problems via “proofs.”

You had this angle or shape or something.

And you had to “prove” that a certain angle was the same as another certain angle.

You had to go through a step by step process where you used some ideas that were simply assumed to be true.

Like if you take a line, and bisect it with another line, the two angles on either side of the bisecting line HAVE TO BE equal to 180 degrees. Or the sum of all angles within a triangle HAVE TO BE 180 degrees.

In NLP, they have a list of “presuppositions.” Things that are simply assumed to be true.

You can’t prove them, but you can’t disprove them.

Like having more resources is better than having less resources.

Or every single person is always doing the best they can, given their skills and their understanding of the situation, to get their needs met, as they see them.

Or the more flexible you are with how you achieve your outcome, the more likely you’ll achieve it.

One of my favorite presupposition is that nobody is “broken.”

It’s just a matter of increasing your understanding of what you want, increase your awareness of your situation, and increasing your skills.

If you accept those three things, which are ALL under your control, you can get anything.

Within the Covert Hypnosis training program, there’re these things called “Linguistic Presuppositions.”

These are grammatical structures that kind of force you to accept something as true in order to make sense of the sentence.

Like if I said, “My next door neighbor’s guitar is the loudest in the world,” you’d have to ASSUME certain things in order to formulate a response.

Like I have a next door neighbor. He or she has a guitar. It’s loud. Etc.

Or consider this sentence:

One reason the Covert Hypnosis training program is so popular is it allows you to become incredibly persuasive without seeming like a salesperson.

What are the assumptions?

It’s popular. It’s popular for many reasons.

It does a lot of things OTHER than training you how to become persuasive.

One of those other things is it is a FANTASTIC tool for self development.


One of the ways to practice the patterns is to write them out.

When you write out the presuppositions, you can use any “assumptions” you want to be assumed true, as you drill them into your brain.

Things like, “you are persuasive.”

Or “making money is easy.”

Or “expressing myself in public is fun.”

Or “getting a good paying job is easy.”

And on and on.

What TRUTHS would you like to program into your brain?

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Acres of Cornfields

The Essential Skill That Nobody Knows

Why do people talk?

I mean why do us humans use words?

Sure, communication is nice, but why is it necessary?

How did it happen, and why were those who used it able to succeed better than those who weren’t?

I know, silly question.

Giving instructions, listening to stories, all this helped primitive humans a lot more than grunts and sounds.

But here’s an interesting experiment.

Next time you’re in a conversation with your buddies, and you’re just sitting around, go into “observer” mode.

Not for very long. And certainly NOT as an excuse to not participate.

But just to get out of the conversation a bit. Study the structure of the words and sentences that people are using.

See how well people describe their ideas.

It won’t take long to realize that most casual conversations are not really much more than grunts.

Not a lot of well thought out ideas.

This is even more eye opening if you position yourself next to a cute girl in a social setting.

And listen to how the guys hit on her.

Listen to how well (or how poorly) their language is structured.

Again, you’ll be surprised (or maybe not so surprised) how “thrown together” people’s approach at a clear attempt at persuasion.

If you wanted to take this experiment even further, take a walk into some high end retail shops. Car lots. Even a real estate office if you’re brave.

Reverse engineer the structure of their sales presentation.

See how well thought out it is (or isn’t). Most of the time, you’ll find that even the HIGHEST PAID sales people don’t do much more than tell you how AWESOME their product is. Over and over and over. Until you give up and buy.

Most people start a conversation, they have a very VAGUE idea of what they want.

Salespeople want a sale. Pickup artists want to get laid.

But other than that, most people have a half baked idea, they spit out a randomly chosen jumble of words, and hope for the best.

If it doesn’t work, they usually repeat themselves. Maybe swap out a word or two. And hope it works.

The truth about language is that BECAUSE it is hard wired into our brains, that we do it without thinking, we assume we can’t improve on it.

We can’t make it better. We can’t practice like we’d practice the piano or martial arts.

But we can.

You can.

And when you do, when you start to do the daily drills (just like you would for the piano or martial arts) there are few people you will meet throughout your lifetime that will be able to match your skills.

Isn’t that worth a few minutes a day of language practice?

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Who Controls Your Life’s Meaning?

Are You Relying On Pre-Defined Meanings?

How To Define Your Own

If somebody gives you an egg, what does it mean?

Naturally, it depends on the context. If you’re making a cake, it means you’re one step closer to eating something sweet.

If you’re in the middle of an egg fight, it’s time to throw it at the enemy.

If you’re a high school hooligan, and you’re in the middle of vandalizing a “friend’s” house, it means something completely different.

What if somebody hands you a iron bar? Does it mean you can finally escape from prison, or they’re helping you change a tire?

What if somebody hands you a stack of money? Does it mean you’re on easy street, or now you’re in debt to the devil?

Very little of what happens to us has any meaning that is absolutely set in stone.

There is a LOT more flexibility than most of us realize.

Of course, if trying to “buck the trend” makes your brain hurt, and you’d rather be told what things mean, so you can get back to your bag of Cheetos and TV shows, then this won’t make much sense.

But I suspect you’re not the Cheetos eating, TV watching couch blob like most people these days.

You suspect there’s much more to life than simply taking what “they” give you.

You want more. Maybe a little, maybe a lot.

And you know there IS more.

There’s plenty of sappy statements that describe the ability to look out into the world and make it mean what you want it to.

But there are scarce few who actually make it a habit of doing that.

Most people are desperate for somebody to “tell them what it means.”

Other people dare to wonder, “Hmm, I wonder what meanings I’ll discover today.”

What about you?

Are you ready to realize that the meaning of every single situation really IS up for grabs?

Unless you’re taking a math of physics test, you can “play around” with meanings all you want.

In fact, society is ruled by those who control not events, but the meaning of events.

And you can do the same.

Maybe not rule the world, but you can certainly rule YOUR world.

Just figure out what you want in life, and see how easily you can mold situations to fall in line.

And instead of seeing the world with scary situations that may end badly (as most people do), you’ll see situations as stepping stones to your inevitable success.

True Alpha Behavior

Alphas Aren't Really Mean and Scary

Not What Most Guys Think

Many guys get stuck when girls try and “test” them.

If you read any forum related to getting girls, guys will post something she did or said, and ask:

“Was this a test?”

It can be confusing. You can be jamming along, everything’s groovy, and then suddenly she says or does something that doesn’t make any sense, and kind of puts you on the defensive.

When this happens, and it does, will and continue to happen, it generally IS a test.

Why do girls do this?

Girls don’t like guys for the same reasons guys like girls. Guys are much more into looks and physical beauty. This doesn’t mean that it’s the ONLY thing, but it’s a pretty important one.

Girls, on the other hand, are much less concerned with looks, and more concerned with personality. This, of course doesn’t mean that looks are COMPLETELY irrelevant to girls, but they’re not nearly as important as guys think they are.

So when a guy is checking out a girl, he knows right away if he’s attracted. She’s pretty, she’s got nice features, she’s dressed to kill. In about two seconds, the male attraction is fired up.

But when girls feel attraction, it doesn’t happen right away. She needs to be a lot more sure of his personality.

Since this has been true since the dawn of time, girls are hard wired to “test” a guy to make sure he can handle unexpected things.

No girl wants to hook her wagon to a guy who’s going to collapse into a butt-hurt little boy at the first sign of trouble.

So, how do you respond?

Think of it from her perspective. A evolutionary, biological perspective.

The whole purpose of her tests is to make sure he can handle adversity without being affected.

Which means you don’t get angry, you don’t try and “flip the script” and show her who’s boss.

The less her tests bother you, the better.

This is the REAL dominant alpha that girls respond to.

Not the kind who can yell and scream and act all tough and stoic and all of that other BS.

The guy who’s happy and content with himself and sure of himself and his abilities no matter WHAT happens.

Imagine you’re a caveman, and you’ve got a cave wife and a couple of cave kids following you down some dirt path.

If you come up to an obstacle, how do you respond?

If you’re her ideal caveman, you’ll simply say, “Hmm. An obstacle. Let’s go around it.”

If you’re a butt-hurt little cave boy, you’ll say, “This is so unfair! I didn’t sign up for this!”

Which guy do you think most girls would like to follow?

Build up your belief in yourself. Accept whatever she says as an opportunity to demonstrate your value by shrugging them off.

No big deal.

This will get her attracted to you faster than anything else.

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Copy The Smartest Guys On Earth

If it rains, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

If you’re intending to play baseball, maybe not so good.

If you’re growing crops, then it’s probably a good thing.

If you apply for a job and don’t get it, is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

Bad thing if the company takes off and everybody gets rich off the stock options.

Good thing if the company sucks and they end up laying everybody off.

The bottom line about pretty much anything is that the meaning is not only open to interpretation, but many people will have different interpretations.

And they’ll all be right.

Even though the world exists with or without us, how we perceive it, and how we perceive ourselves is always open to interpretation.

This is pretty good because all you’ve got to do is try on different interpretations, and see which one works best.

One of the most mind boggling advances if physics happened just like this.

In the early 1900’s a bunch of the smartest guys on Earth (Einstein and friends) were sitting around trying to figure out this phenomenon called “Black Body Radiation.”

They kept watching what was happening, and then describe it mathematically and they kept getting it wrong.

Even Einstein.

Then this guy Max Plank (in his twenties) had an “out of the box” idea, and quantum physics was born.

Luckily, we can apply that very same model. Just keep trying different “stories” of what’s going on, until you find one that fits.

The good news is that you can do this on stuff that’s happening right now, around you, and you can also do this with stuff that’s already happened.

All you’ve got to do is choose something you’d like to be true (like “making money is easy,” or “talking to super sexy people is easy,” or “giving persuasive speeches in front of hundreds of people is easy”) and find evidence of this in your history to support it.

And it will be true.

Truth is there’s billions of stuff going on around you AND there’s billions of stuff that happened to you already.

All you’ve got to do is choose something you’d like to be true, and then find evidence to support it.

No physics required.

Learn more:


Get Historical Heroes On Your Side

Surround Yourself With Heroes

Your Own Hero Support Crew

There’s many different resources you need in many different situations.

In golf, for example, even the highest paid athletes rely on their caddies to help them select the right “resource” (club) for the job.

If you were having a big dinner party, most folks wouldn’t likely cook everything up from scratch off the top of your head. You’d at least consult the Internet to find out how to make certain things.

Even though you’re intelligent, know how to find your way, sometimes it’s just a lot quicker, and a lot easier to stop and ask for directions.

Often times, though, we’ve simply got to “wing it.”

If you had to stand up and give a speech, most people could tell you how to structure your speech, and the mechanics of holding eye contact, but that’s about it.

Sure, they may say things like, “Be Confident!” But seriously, if we could just “be confident” then we wouldn’t have a problem, right?

Some things are easy to learn based on step by step instructions. If you follow a cake recipe for example, you wouldn’t likely need to bake it sixteen times until you got it right.

But giving a speech, being persuasive with people you’ve just met, effectively getting somebody’s phone number in a social setting, these aren’t things that we can learn from a book.

But what if there was a way to copy not only the strategies, but the inner beliefs and feelings as well?

What if you could fully absorb all the confidence, intelligence and inner game skills of your favorite heroes from history?

Well, that’s precisely what you’ll be getting in the Frame Control course.

Not only will you learn the step by step mental exercises that will build a strong, attractive and magnetic frame from the inside out, but you’ll also be able to construct a circle of supporters that will subconsciously be there for you.

Everywhere you go.

Who are these supporters? Anybody you want. Historical figures. Mythological figures. Great leaders from past Empires.


To learn more, check this out:

Frame Control

Live In Congruence With Your Nature For Max Prosperity

You Can't Fight Who You Are

Don’t Fight The Tape

You know the story of the frog and the scorpion, right?

There’s this frog and a scorpion on one side of a river, which is rising rapidly.

They both have to get to the other side to safety, or else they’ll drown.

The frog jumps in the water and starts to swim, but the scorpion asks him to stop.

The scorpion asks for a ride, but the frog protests that he’ll sting him.

The scorpion promises that he won’t. The frog believes him, so the scorpion climbs on.

They get halfway across the river, the scorpion starts to sting him. The frog asks why. It’s my nature, says the scorpion, right before they both drown.

Now, the money question. What’s the moral of this story? There are many to choose from.

One is that evil people will do evil things even if they promise they won’t. People that hold to this say you can’t trust anybody.

Another is that you can’t act contrary to your nature. Even if you try.

If you’re a scorpion, you sting people. That’s what you do. Even if it will end up killing you.

If You're Happy, Let It Out!

How About Humans?

What about humans, what is our nature?

When talking about human nature, there’s two ways to look at it.

One is to listen to religious leaders, politicians, marketers, gurus, etc. They’ll all tell us what we SHOULD do. (Which, most of the time, we DON’T).

Another is to simply look back across human history to see what we HAVE been doing.

It seems that human nature is wide. There’s a lot of stuff that we do, do well, and have been doing since we started living in large societies.

War is certainly one of them. War, however, tends to destroy stuff. If war truly WAS our strongest nature, there wouldn’t be anything left.

But since there’s TONS of stuff, it seems there’s something we’re BETTER at than killing each other and blowing stuff up.

Building. Creating. Inventing.

Despite all the wars that have been raging since the dawn of time, there’s been an even BIGGER drive to create more stuff. Wealth. Ideas. Products. Services.

Look at how much stuff we’ve got now compared to only ten years ago.

Sure, there are good times and bad. But regardless of what horrible things we do to each other, the net wealth of society is ALWAYS going up.

So, what is the nature of humans? Many. But the strongest one is creation.
Humans are creators.

What would you like to create?

Why The World Needs Your Success

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Everybody Wants You To Win

No matter what you do, you’ll find a common response from people.

A few will be excited and supportive, and want you to succeed.

A few will hate you and want you to fail.

Most people won’t really care one way or the other.

This is true, but only on the surface. And as I’m sure you know there’s much more BELOW the surface than what we see on top.

The people that want us to succeed are usually those close to us, our friends, family, supportive coworkers.

Those that want you to fail (usually secretly) usually have some kind of irrational grudge.

But what about the unseen?

Hidden Secrets Of Life

Hidden Secrets

There was a famous economist a couple hundred years ago who said, (I’m paraphrasing) “It’s not what we see that’s important, it’s what we don’t see.”

Every time you get out and participate in the world, you are subconsciously depending on the success of pretty much everybody else on Earth.

You want all those people working in factories and on farms and in hospitals to keep succeeding.

You want the guys who drive those big cargo ships across the ocean to NOT sink.

You hope that every single person on an airplane DOESN’T crash.

Otherwise, the whole thing would collapse, and we’d be pretty screwed.

The whole progress of humanity is based on an unconscious desire for mutual success. We all depend on it.

Which means when YOU go out there, and try something new, there’s literally millions of people that you don’t know about, and don’t know about you, who are HOPING that you are successful.

This is what they mean when they say, “The Universe Wants You To Succeed.”

They don’t mean those planets and asteroids a thousand light years away are hoping you make money, or find true love or get that six pack. 

They mean “all the other people on Earth” when they say “The Universe.”

In truth, the ENTIRE PLANET is highly dependent on YOU not only trying new things, but trying new things and doing well.

Just think what the world would be like if NOBODY ever did this? Everybody just sat at home waiting for somebody ELSE to do all the hard work?

We’d still be throwing rocks at zebras, that’s what!

So think of what you want. I mean really want. The biggest dream you can think of.

The rest of the world (the “universe”) ALSO wants you to get it!

So, what are you waiting for?

Are You Climbing The Banana Tree All Alone?

Banana Hunting Monkey

Leverage The Two Worlds

Any time you talk about getting any “result” there are two aspects to consider.

How you interact with your “inner” world, and how you interact with your “outer” world.

To start off, notice that interacting with BOTH worlds is necessary for success.

Luckily, so long as your heart’s pumping blood and your lungs are breathing, it’s impossible to NOT act, both upon your inner world, and your outer world.

Of course, if you NEVER consider anything other than your preprogrammed instincts (meaning you are somehow born as an only-child orphan on some island with enough water and food) most everything will be unconscious. 

Sure, you might consciously think of a better way to climb up that banana tree, but it will ONLY be an extension of your raw instincts.

The great thing about living in a world filled with other people is that we can cooperate with them. We can watch them doing things and imagine how we’d do the same thing. We can try new things, get feedback, and then imagine how we could do better.

Pretty soon, our conscious thoughts and creations take on a life of their own.

As more and more thoughts become things, the world we live in is FAR removed from a world based ONLY on our base instincts.

Eggs Are Good To Eat And Juggle and Stuff

Still Gotta Eat

But we shouldn’t forget about our base instincts. The need for survival, companionship, sex, and self actualization are POWERFUL motivators. Just be careful they don’t become ends in and of themselves.

When you learn to use your mind-body system efficiently, there’s no telling what you can create.

Spurred on by your instincts, and riding that ever present feedback loop, every time you get in the game you can improve upon not only your results, but the results of others.

But sometimes it can be pretty scary to “get in the game.” We often times feel the need for “proof” or some kind of “step by step” procedure. In truth, we’re ALL deeply terrified of public failure, as if it’s some “proof” or our inner “unworthiness.”

Luckily, that’s all nonsense.

One of the great paradoxes of life is many things turn out the OPPOSITE of what we think.

If you “think” you’re playing it safe, by not taking action, you’re actually doing the worst possible thing.

And when you take action without really knowing what’s going to happen, it’s not scary at all. It’s enlightening, exciting, and often times profitable.


Remember that lone guy climbing the banana tree? If he lived in a larger society, and they were watching him (even for the first time) they would ALL be hoping and praying that he succeeds.

So they can copy him, and succeed themselves.

Which is why when YOU take action, most everybody will WANT you to be successful. Because in large societies, especially GLOBAL societies, success NEVER happens in a vacuum.

Ready to take some action?

Check it out:

Mental Alchemy