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Three Essential Daily Activities

Pre Frame Your Future

Power of Pre Framing

​Sometimes you can have a really good day.

All the lights are green, all your jokes are funny, and you even have pretty good dreams.

Other days, everything sucks. Nothing works, and you can’t fall asleep to save your life.

Many people use language that indicates they aren’t in control of their lives.

I hope I get lucky tonight.

I hope somebody gives me a chance.

I never get the right breaks.

I’m sure you’ve heard tired old sayings like “you’ve got to make your own luck” about a million times. 

But how the heck do you do that?

It’s definitely a skill, rather than a mindset.

Meaning it’s something you need to consciously practice, and get better at.

Unlike things like learning the directions to a local restaurant, where you only need to learn once, and then you’ve got it down.

Learning how to “make your own luck” is something that takes a LONG TIME to develop. In fact, think of this as one of those general life skills that you’ll NEVER be “good enough” at.

So, how do you develop this?

The first is to know what you want. Sure, everybody wants more money, more sex, more love, more recognition.

But how SPECIFICALLY do you want those things? What do you want to get paid for? What kind of person would you like to be in a relationship with?

Take some time to figure those out.

Then you can get started. You can first pre-frame every single day, and every single event.

Sure, this takes work. Sure, you’ve got to remember to do it. And sure, it takes the “fun” out of things “just happening.”

But guess what? Most people who wait around for stuff to happen are always waiting!

Anyhow, before you go into a situation, take a couple of seconds. Tap your temple quickly to remind yourself that you’re looking for ANY opportunities to get closer to your life goals.

Then, at the end of the day, spend a few minutes thinking and writing about what you DID to get closer to your goals. Then write a few ideas about what you can DO the next day.

IF you do these three things on a daily basis, your life will keep getting better and better.

Of course, since pretty much everything you want will involve other people in some respect, working on your social skills and your interpersonal skills will go a long, long way.

And in the same regard, this is a LIFE LONG process. Not a “once and done” process.

The sooner you start, the better off you’ll be.

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