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Energy Is Countable

Develop World Class Persuasion Skills

Many people wonder if politicians are using some kind of secret NLP tactics.

There’re a lot of terms from NLP that have made their way into regular language.

And like many scientific terms that do this, they are often used incorrectly.

Take the word “quantum” for example. It’s root is the same root as the word “quantity” or “quantify” which basically means “a discrete amount.”

In English grammar, there’s the idea of “countable nouns” and “uncountable nouns.”

Something like “hair” for example, is considered “uncountable.” That’s why we say you have “a lot of” hair instead of you have “many” hairs.

A “lot of” water vs. “many” water, etc.

So what exactly IS “quantum physics?” It’s the discovery that “energy” in it’s raw form is more “countable” than “uncountable.”

It comes in specific levels, rather than a continuous stream.

Yet the word “quantum” is used in all kinds of mystical and metaphysical ways.

NLP is the same way.

Some politician is talking, and people will say, “he’s using advanced forms of NLP, that’s why he so manipulative.”

But if you actually know a bit about NLP, you can ask some “meta model” questions.

Like what “specifically” is he doing that comes from NLP?

Point out what words and phrases he’s using that come from NLP?

Chances are, most politicians don’t have much of a clue about NLP is. Sure, they’ve got their handlers that give them advice, and tell them to say “this” and not “that.”

But NLP is REVERSE ENGINEERED from people who are naturally persuasive anyway.

Which means it’s NOT some kind of “secret formula” created in some lab somewhere.

It’s a collection of things that EVERYBODY DOES. Only some people are naturally better at it than others.

Just like some people are naturally better at basketball.

Imagine if you reverse engineered the best basketball players in the world. You came up with a school for basketball players. You called your school the “purple kangaroo” school. And it became a household name.

Does that mean that anybody that can naturally dribble well and dunk is using secret “purple kangaroo” techniques?

Nope. They’re just good at basketball.

Once you start actually practicing the individual language patterns in Covert Hypnosis, you’ll see that most politicians are pretty clueless.

Sure, they might throw out a few stray “patterns” once in a while, but that doesn’t mean they are consciously “using” NLP.

Which means the more you DO practice these language patterns, it won’t take long before you’re WAY MORE persuasive than even the best politicians.

What will YOU do with your new skills?

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Why Einstein Was Wrong

Model Of The World

That’s An Interesting Model

​One of the reasons I like quantum physics so much is the process by which it was discovered.

You had a bunch of the smartest guys in the world, (Einstein, Bohr, Plank, etc.,) sitting around this “black body.” 

No, it wasn’t that! Just a hunk of stuff. They would heat it up, and then measure the energy as it cooled down.

They kept trying to describe what was happening through various “models” or ideas about what they THOUGHT was happening.

And guess what? They were WRONG way more often than they were right.

In fact, they were right only ONCE. But once was enough. Einstein was wrong. Neils Bohr was wrong. But some young dude, Max Plank, was right. (That’s right kids, the dude who “discovered” quantum mechanics was in his twenties).

The reason this was so cool was they DIDN’T try and force the world to fit into their idea.

They didn’t fall in love with their own theory and then try and FORCE the world to “behave properly.”

They were SMART ENOUGH to know it’s ridiculous to keep believing in something when there’s evidence right in front of you proving it’s NOT TRUE.

Compare that to people today. Everybody’s got their own theory. And when they find that “reality” doesn’t match with their pet “theory” (which they likely copied from somebody else) then they get mad at reality. It doesn’t even occur to them to change their “model of the world.”

Because models are just that.

Models. Guesses. Approximations. Estimates.

And if YOUR model isn’t working very well, maybe you should CHANGE your model.

How do you do that?

Just play some mental “what if.” 

What if those “other people” who are the opposite side are more right than I give them credit for?

But this requires you to ask YOURSELF a very important question:

What’s more important, being RIGHT, or finding an accurate model so you can more easily GET WHAT YOU WANT?

Because it’s pretty tough to do both.

That’s why Kundalini is so powerful.

It could be completely mystical and esoteric.

It could be based on metaphysics.

It could be a metaphorical description of biological processes that are TOO COMPLICATED for the human mind to understand.

But the concept has been around for a LONG TIME.

Even if it’s “just” a system for reducing stress, so you can live healthier, live longer, make better decisions, get better relationships, develop better communication, it’s still pretty valuable.

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