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Are You Using Magic Straw?

Magic Straw

See The Whole Story

​When I was a kid my older brother used to take me places.

He could drive, and I couldn’t.

Once he convinced me the car was magic. He would wave his hands over the AC, and it would turn on. He would wave his hands again, and it would turn off.

He had a hidden switch over on his side that I couldn’t see.

This is the heart of all magic. Misdirection. Sleight of hand. Doing something to take our attention off the real stuff that’s happening behind the scenes.

This is also why things like manifesting or overnight success seem like magic.

It’s like the straw that breaks the camel’s back, but in reverse.

Imagine if we only saw on piece of straw come down and shatter that poor camel. We’d think it was some super magical piece of straw. We might pick it up and reverse engineer it. Study books on magic straw. Figure out how to throw pieces of straw in the right way. Do the correct straw meditation.

Then when it didn’t work, we might think this whole “Magic Straw Theory” was all nonsense. A con.

Of course, we’d be ignoring all the other pieces of straw, identical to the “magic” straw, that had been piling up on that poor camel’s back for YEARS.

Success is the same way.

I read an interesting statistic the other day. People over 50 are much more likely to have successful start up companies.

It’s also interesting to note that in “Think and Grow Rich,” Hill pointed out that most people don’t “get rich” until they’re well past their forties.


Maybe they were lazy? Maybe they were busy playing video games until they were fifty until they finally got around to reading the right “LOA” books and finally started doing the “right” affirmations?

Or maybe they’ve been busting their hump (see what I did there?) their whole lives and all their years of experience (or trial and feedback) and now it’s starting to pay off.

Does that mean it HAS to take that long?


But it doesn’t HAVE TO be instantaneous either.

One way or the other, it DOES take action. Effort. Trial and feedback. Other people. Communication.

And I’ll wager NONE of those guys and gals who eventually became successful ever said, “Wow, this is EXACTLY how I planned it was going to be!”

Luckily, life is TOO UNPREDICABLE to be boring. Cookie cutter. Paint by numbers. Step by step.

It’s filled with wonderful things and people and experiences to discover on your way to riches.

If you haven’t started yet, get started.

These tools will help:

Taking, Receiving, and Achieving

Don't Be This Guy

Are You Begging For Free Stuff?

There’s a lot of things we want, and a lot of things keeping us from getting it.

You could say that’s due to the ever present laws of economics.

A bunch of people with unlimited wants, surrounded by things in limited quantities.

However, this isn’t necessarily true. Sure, there’s the win-lose model, where people think in order to get something, it has to be because somebody else DOESN’T get something.

And as you may have suspected, these types of people tend to have a funny way of ending up in charge.

Those of that are more enlightened realize that there’s plenty of ways where EVERYBODY can come out ahead.

Not necessarily at the same rate, or to the same destination. But it’s DEFINITELY possible (and has happened plenty times before in human history) where EVERYBODY ends up getting more than they did, individually, before.

Then there’s the theory that those things we want are hard to get because it’s in the process of getting them do we go through the necessarily self-growth that is required before enlightenment.

If all we had to do was to show up and “receive” then life would be pretty boring, and everybody would be pretty lazy.

It’s only when you dig deep, and overcome those internal issues (that we ALL have), can you really appreciate the beauty that life has to offer.

Think about some of the things you’ve achieved, vs. some of the things you’ve simply “received.”

Sure, those things you passively “received” felt good, but that feeling didn’t likely last. If you were to look at something, now, that you “receive” a year or so ago, that good feeling  might be gone. (Unless, of course, it has special meaning and came from a loved one that’s no longer with us.)

On the other hand, think of something you’ve achieved. Something that took work, effort, and time.

Something that you’ve achieved many years ago. Chances are, when you think of that now, it brings to mind considerably more profound feelings than free gifts that were passively received.

Now, imagine something that you may have “achieved” but it was at the expense of somebody else. 

If you DO have something like this, it creates a completely different feeling. Perhaps one of fear. Fear of being called out, fear of having it taken away, fear of somebody doing to you whatever it is you did to get whatever it was. (Real or if you’re just playing along in your imagination.)

Clearly, things you’ve achieved, on your own, based on a win-win model creates the best, the most profound, and the most lasting positive feelings.

Not just in you, but in everybody involved.

Imagine if EVERYBODY on Earth was doing the same thing!