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The Nature of Reality

Awaken The Energy Within

Light Matter Energy

​When I was a kid, I loved physics.

I still do, but in a different way. It seemed so much more “magical” before I actually “learned” physics.

When I was in Junior High School, I read all these books on science. Quantum physics, other kinds of physics. All written by physicists for the layperson, so they had all the math taken out.

When I went through college, and got my degree in physics, I had to suffer through all the math, which kind of took out of the fun.

But it also added to the mystery.

I once foolishly thought that once I “learned” physics I would be able to “understand” how the world works.


The more I learned, the more I discovered that physics, and all science, is a DESCRIPTION for what is going on.

And it’s only a description of what we can measure.

Before they discovered light waves, for example, they had all kinds of crazy ideas about how light went from one place to another. Even though they could measure the strength, brightness, etc, they still had no CLUE how it actually traveled through space.

Then they figured out it was waves. Or sometimes waves. Sometimes it’s particles. (It really does seem to have a mind of it’s own.)

One of the  most famous equations is Einstein’s, “E=mc^2” which pretty much says that all matter and energy are really the same thing. You multiply matter by the speed of light, by the speed of light, and you get pure energy.

Matter and energy are connected, by the speed of light.

Now, you’ve heard this over and over again, so it SEEMS to make sense.

But why in the world is this true?

Every Single Thing in the world, the universe, is made up of the same “stuff.” This matter-energy-light stuff.

You. Your thoughts. Your breath. Your intention. Your history. Your past.

There is NOTHING ELSE except this light-energy-matter stuff.

Unfortunately, this wonderful glimpse into the very nature of reality was used by us idiotic humans to make nuclear weapons. That small equation is at the heart of all nuclear energy.

Just like a hammer, it can be used to build a house or bash somebody’s brains in.

You are made up of that same stuff.

What will you use YOUR life for? Your own contribution to the infinite light-matter-energy continuum?

What will YOU create?

Will you BUILD something, or smash something?

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Two Views of Reality

Which Do You See?

Broken Or Beautiful

​When I was a kid I loved science. I read all kinds of books on physics.

Only because there were for regular people, all the complicated math had been taken out.

Then when I was in University, and I took the regular classes, the math kind of blew me away.

Often I’d be intimidated at the beginning of a class, as I had math anxiety.

But then after slogging through all the work, and when I finally understood it, it was pretty cool.

I had this vague notion that once I “understood” the physics of stuff, life would be simpler, since I’d “know” everything.

Only problem is that the more you know, the more you don’t know. Only later did I realize that the vast majority of science is really a very detailed description of the “what.” Nobody really knows the “why.”

It’s been said there’s two basic schools of thought, when it comes to how we interpret “reality.”

There’s those who look out into the world, and decide it’s not the way it should be. This means somebody is doing something wrong, and somebody needs to “fix” the way the world works.

This usually leads to frustration. It’s like trying to teach a pig to sing. It doesn’t work, and it makes the pig angry.

On the other hand, there are those who look out into the world and take it for what it is. Then they figure out what they want, and they operate within the world to make it happen.

It’s kind of like wanting to cook something for dinner. If you have your heart set of pizza, but you don’t have any crust, cheese or sauce, it’s going to be difficult. But if you step back and just figure you’d like something good to eat, you take a look in the fridge and see what you’ve got to work with.

Of course, going out into the world is MUCH more complicated than opening up your fridge to see what you’ve got.

The world is filled with all kinds of people with all kinds of different skills, beliefs, talents, backgrounds, ideas etc.

Even if you have ZERO idea of what you want, other than more money, a better job, a better or new relationship, just getting out and getting involved will give you an idea.

Humans have been riffing on each other since the first caveman saw another caveman throw a rock at a zebra.

Now look how far we’ve come!

However, it won’t happen if you sit around waiting for them to come to you.

But once you get out there, amazing things will happen.

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Can You Mold Reality With Your Mind?

Mold Reality With Your Mind

It’s Never Like You Think It Is

One of my biggest “aha” moments in my life came back when I studied physics.

It wasn’t really an “aha” moment, more like a “WTF?” moment.

When I started to understand how the nature of reality was NOT like most people understand.

Now, I’m not for a second going to tell you how it DOES work, I only know enough (which ain’t much lol!) about how it’s WAY more complicated that humans can understand.

Anyhow, when you pop a balloon, or squeeze the top of a can of whipped cream, why does all the stuff come out so fast?

Most people would say because of the pressure.

And why would pressure make stuff come out?

Most people would say because all the air molecules (or whipped cream molecules) are so crammed in there, bouncing around off each other, they CAN’T WAIT to get out.

So when you open a little hole, they push and shove all over each other to run for the exit.

At least that’s the way the “person on the street” would describe it.

Only that’s NOT what’s going on.

See, there are two types of statistics that describe the motion of a whole slew of particles.

And these two types are based on two assumptions.

One of these assumptions is that the particles interact with each other.

The other branch of particle statistics is that they DON’T interact with each other. Meaning each particle “thinks” it’s the only one around.

And guess which branch of statistics PERFECTLY describes how gas rushes out of a tight container, especially when under pressure?

That’s right. The one branch that is based on the assumption that EVERY SINGLE PARTICLE in that balloon or can of whipped cream THINKS IT’S THE ONLY ONE.

Let that sink in for a while.

So if all those particles thinks they are the only one, why do they ALL rush for the exit?

Because, as my physics professor explained, it’s simply not statistically probable that all those particles would be in there at the same time.

(Wait… What?)

Meaning that nature has some kind of secret tendency to REVERT back to what is statistically probable.

Now, who determines what is statistically probable? Was all of this stuff statistically probable before humans came along and started measuring it?

Another MASSIVE discovery in physics was that humans CHANGE the system simply be being involved. Simply by observing it. Now, this is a WHOLE different topic, that I’ll maybe write about later. (For those of you who know, it’s Heisenberg’s Principle of Uncertainty).

So is it possible simply by OBSERVING reality in a certain way, that we can actually ALTER reality?

Perhaps we can.

Are You Waiting For Proof?

Get In The Game

Get In The Game

The difference between subconscious and conscious perception is astounding.

Some studies indicate there’s about a 25,000:1 ratio.

Meaning for every one “thing” our conscious minds are aware of, there’s 25,000 “things” our subconscious is aware of.

The basic theory is like this. We are always being bombarded by massive amounts of information hitting our eyes, ears, skin, nose, and tongue.

But from all of that “noise” our subconscious has to figure out what’s important, and what’s not.

Think of the last time you saw something out of the corner of your eye, spun your head around and saw something good. Maybe an attractive person, maybe some money lying on the ground, maybe an interesting advertisement about something you’ve been thinking about.

Think about it this way. While your conscious mind is busy trying to keep those few things in mind, your subconscious is ALWAYS on the lookout. And when you “see” something out of the corner of your eye, it’s like your subconscious is saying, “DUDE! Over here!”

How does your subconscious know what’s important and what’s not? If you don’t do anything, it will rely on it’s factory programming. Money. Sexy people. Snakes. 

Or if you’ve been keen on anything lately, like you’ve been shopping for a new phone or something, you’ll start noticing phones every where.

But there’s a cool way to go “meta.”

This can take some practice, but it’s pretty powerful.

Normally, you see what you’ve been thinking about. Phones, red cars, cruise advertisements if you’ve been thinking about a vacation.

But when you go “meta” you’ll start noticing things that can LEAD TO what you’re after. 

Now, this is when it gets weird. You won’t see any clear conscious proof, but you’ll get a “feeling.” And if you follow that “feeling,” you’ll end up with what you want.

Some people naturally listen to those “feelings” when they get them. Most of us don’t. Most of us need to see proof, or see some step by step, easy to understand path from where we are to what we want.

But if you learn to trust your intuition, you’ll see many, many more opportunities to get what you want.

You can kick start this process by assuming that those “things that lead to other things” are out there.

Meaning you’ll follow your intuition with an ASSUMPTION that you’ll eventually find something good.

This will fire up your senses to be hypersensitive to many, many more potential opportunities than most people realize even exist.

To an outside observer, you’ll seem incredibly “lucky.” 

But you’ll know the difference.

Fire Or Water – Your Choice

Fire or Water?

Success Is An Inside Job

There’s a very old Sufi poem (by Rumi, I believe) I like.

The gist of it is that if we step through fire, we’ll end up nice cool water.

But if we go straight to the cool water, we’ll end up in the fire.

This, of course, is a metaphor for life.

The things we think are easy are only easy in the short term. They generally build up into HUGE long term problems.

That ice cream may taste good, but if you eat it every single day, you won’t feel so great.

On the other hand, it may seem like the worst idea possible to go for a walk when you’re favorite TV show is on, but once you make it a habit, you’ll feel pretty good.

And that “good feeling” that comes from doing things that aren’t so great in the now, but build up, is a much, much different “good feeling” from doing those things in the present.

Those “present only” good feelings (like sleeping in, eating cheeseburgers for breakfast etc) are pure pleasure. There’s no feeling of accomplishment built in. These pure-pleasure feelings come from the outside.

On the other hand, that feeling you get when waking up early every morning has become a habit, or going for a walk at night instead of eating ice cream is a good feeling that comes from within, and is based on your own accomplishments and actions.

One of the ways this paradox manifests itself is when we want somebody to “tell us what to do.”

Sure we’d like to meet that special someone. Sure we’d like a much more fulfilling career. Sure we’d like to achieve self-actualization. If only somebody would tell us what to do.

The only problem is that all the REALLY good things in life, things that last, like wealth, relationships, REAL happiness, HAVE TO come from within.

Nobody can tell you any step by step procedures or paint by numbers steps.

You HAVE to work it out on your own.

Sure, you can learn the basic structure, just like you can learn how exercise and healthy foods will help you get in shape. But the SPECIFIC exercises, and the SPECIFIC food, are up to you to figure out. Some things work for some people, others work for others.

Creating relationships is the same. Talk to enough people until you find somebody that spins your propellers. HOW and WHEN you do that, and what you specifically say is up to you to figure out.

The good news is that there are NO shortcuts.

Why is this good news?

Because if there were, then EVERYBODY would be on them.

Since there’re not, every single path you find to any kind of success will be YOURS.

Your creation, your dreams, your results.

Nobody else’s.

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Prosperity Generator

The Instant Killer Of Attraction

Blast Through Obstacles To Dating Success

Get In The Game

There’s a lot that can get in the way of getting what you want when it comes to girls. For most guys, that means a decent relationship with a decent girl that shares your values, goals and beliefs.

In order to get that, you’ve got to meet a lot of people. If you’re a normal guy, meeting a lot of people with this end in mind is pretty fun.

That’s if you can get past this common roadblock.

This one insidious obstacle that’s been going around A LOT these days. This is not something you can see, and it exists only inside your brain. 

But once you get stuck in this trap, it’s VERY hard to get out. The best way to avoid this brick wall is to run in the other direction when you start to suspect it’s presence.

What mysterious entity to I refer to?


How’s that?

It usually goes like this. A guy sees a girl. He wants to go over, talk to her, get to know her, maybe exchange numbers so they can get together later. But it doesn’t happen that way.

He either doesn’t go over, but he goes over which such a lame attempt he falls on his face.

And instead of chalking it up to his lack of skills, he does one thing that humans have been doing since the dawn of time.

He avoids responsibility. 

This usually ends up with a bunch of dudes talking about the deep philosophical meaning behind the current state of the dating game.


Otherwise they’d have to admit they suck. Because it really sucks to openly admit that you suck. Not in a kidding, self-deprecating way, but in an honest, “Wow, I’m not nearly as great as I thought I was” way.

This is a HARD pill to swallow for ANY human.

It’s MUCH EASIER on the ego to blame the world. Now, if you’re throwing a rock at a moving target, like a zebra, for example, it actually does make sense to blame the zebra. This makes you angry, which gives you more energy to keep throwing rocks until you’ve got something to eat.

But since we live in a modern world, things are MUCH more complicated.

Which means any excuse we come up with (especially if all we’re doing is sitting there complaining) is going to be pretty vague.

And when you’ve got a bunch of whiny guys coming up with vague excuses for why they can’t get laid, what does it sound like?

Yep, philosophy. 

Philosophy makes people sound smart. Philosophy makes it sound like people have some deep insight into the world. Philosophy gives people the illusion they are superior to other knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers.

But two things philosophy WON’T get you is laid or paid.

Unless, of course, you’re selling circularly logical tomes on the deep philosophies of the world.

So whenever you hear yourself start talking about the “sexual market,” or “social pressure,” or any other ego protecting nonsense. Stop. Get up, and go talk to some girl. See what happens. If it doesn’t work out, go talk to somebody else.

And keep doing that until you’ve got somebody you like, that also likes you.

Choose Your Life’s Mission

Where Are You Headed?

The Road To Uncertainty

I remember when I was a kid, I would love going on vacations.

Most of the time, it was just us driving somewhere for a few hours, staying in a motel, and then driving back later in a couple days.

There was usually some kind of activity near the motel, but nothing that I can remember now.

I just remember the excitement of being in the car, and going somewhere new.

I also remember the HUGE difference between taking classes at a local community college, as an adult, compared to when I was studying University.

When it was at Uni, it sucked. Boring, if I failed I’d be in big trouble, etc.

But as an adult, I LOVED taking classes. I was studying what I wanted to, not to get some piece of paper. 

I was learning just because I wanted to LEARN something.

I took a few language classes, tons of self improvement stuff, public speaking, even Tai Chi.

Whenever we humans do ANYTHING, the reasons we’re doing it will have a HUGE impact on how we feel about it.

Being a kid, the vacations were always outside of my control, but it was still fun. I never chose where we went, but I always enjoyed going somewhere new.

Being an adult, and taking all those classes, I felt the same way. I chose where I was going, and enjoyed the journey.

What’s the common thread?

It seems that being excited about the unknown is a crucial factor. On it’s own, it CAN be enough.

Also, going somewhere or doing something when you KNOW what the outcome is going to be, can also get your juices flowing.

But what happens when you combine these two?

What happens if you not only EMBRACE the unknown, but also have total control in where you’re going?

Sounds paradoxical, right?

But when you choose your outcome, and leave the PATH up in the air, something to discover along the way, then you’ve discovered some REAL magic.

Not only do you KNOW you are going somewhere good (or doing something good or learning something good or creating something good), but when  you’re completely OPEN to HOW you’ll get there, that’s when life takes on a whole new meaning.

Every step you take will get you wonderful feedback that will get you closer.

Your Ultimate Journey of Life.

What path are you on?

Are you dreams BIG enough?

Are the compelling enough to pull you forward, no matter what?

When you’ve got a huge dream, AND you know, deep in your bones, that you can handle anything that life throws at you, you’ve got it made.

Only If You Want A Quality Relationship

The Myth Of The Quality Woman

Is The Market Terrible?

Where you can find a “quality woman”?

I hate to break it do you, but they don’t exist. No, I don’t mean like that. I don’t mean in the bitter, “poor me” sense that you’ll find bleeding all over the “manosphere” (whatever THAT means.)

I mean that you simply can’t put labels like “quality” on people without having a specific set of parameters.

One thing that Maltz taught in Psycho-Cybernetics is to NEVER compare yourself to others.

Take the next random dude you meet on the street, for example.  You’re going to be better at a bunch of stuff than he is. He’s going to be better at a bunch of stuff that you. At least today. Tomorrow? Maybe a different story completely.

Does this mean it’s hopeless finding what you might subjectively describe as a “quality woman?” Not at all. But first, you’ve got to ditch that label, because it’s pretty meaningless.

Reminds me of this movie called “Punching The Clown.” There was this guy who was a singer/comedian. He had this weird style of playing his guitar while spitting out ridiculous jokes, that “sort of” sounded like a song.

One day, a big Hollywood Exec came to see him in a studio.

“Show me your FUNNIEST gag!” The exec said. So the guy starts singing one of his deadpan, slow boiling type humor.

The exec interrupts him. “No, no. Show me one that’s FUNNY right off the bat!”

This went on for a while, until the exec gave up.

Of course, the meaning of the scene is that “funny” is not some objective thing like a law of mathematics. Even something that’s funny to one person may not be funny to somebody else.

So stop looking for some kind of magical “quality woman” to jump out of the shadows and magically solve all your girl problems.

Change the word “quality” for “a girl that satisfies most of my criteria, and for whom I satisfy most of hers.”

Now, this leaves most guys at a loss, because they don’t really HAVE any criteria, other than she’s got to be hot and not throw a drink in his face when he talks to her.

So the first step is to actually determine your own criteria. What do you want in a woman? Naturally, the more women you interact with, the more you’ll find tune your criteria.

And guess what? You’ll find plenty of women that satisfy YOUR criteria, but you don’t satisfy THEIRS.

Most guys don’t like to hear this.

Most guys think all they need to do is shave, shower, put on some expensive cologne and the “quality women” are supposed to beat a path to their door.

Doesn’t work like that.

Is it easy? Not in the least. 

Will you get rejected a lot? Absolutely. 

Will it take time? Yes. 

Will it happen like in the movies? Probably not.

But it is possible. Just not easy. But finding a woman that matches your criteria, and for whom you match hers, is something that you should aspire to as one of your life goals. (If building a relationship is indeed one of your plans in life).

Not something that just “happens” when you’re out with your buddies.

Now, let’s be honest. A lot of guys aren’t willing to put in the work. That’s fine. They’d rather spend their entire lives without a woman, or short term relationships, which for many guys is perfectly fine. 

Ultimately it’s up to you.

What do you want?

What will it take to get it?

Are you willing to put in the effort?

What Do You See When You Look “Out There”?

Master Your Own Brain

Master Your Brain

Your brain is an amazing tool, much more than most people realize.

It’s lighting quick, and can hold limitless amounts of information.

As much as people are hyping up science and computers and artificial intelligence, nothing comes close to the computational power between your ears.

One thing that makes it so incredible is its amazing efficiency.

It knows when to conserve resources, and when to go “all in.”

For example, scientists tell us that much of what we “see” out there is really generated “in here.”

Meaning our brain does a quick check of our environment, notices it’s pretty similar to things its seen before, and then calls up it’s “brain cache” or its pre-recorded information.

For example, once I was driving down the freeway, and saw a pickup truck a hundred meters or so ahead. There was a dog in the back.

Then, when I got right up next to it, I looked over, expecting to see a dog, but instead saw a pig. (He was looking right at me with a “what are you looking at” expression).

I almost drove off the road!

What happened was my brain saw a pickup truck with a four legged animal in the back. It decided the accuracy of the situation wasn’t crucial, so it looked in the back of my brain for all my memories of four legged animals in the back of pickup trucks, and came back with a bunch of dogs.

So I saw a dog.

Only it wasn’t a dog, it was a pig.

Now, had the situation been important, and I was actively looking for something (like I needed to find a pig to keep a bomb from destroying the Earth or something) I would have seen the pig straight away.

On the other hand, had I been nearly eaten to death by a gang of hungry pigs as a child, I DEFINITELY would have seen the pig. Not only that, but I would have gotten a HUGE negative emotion because of it that told me to stay the heck away from pigs!

So what we “see” out in the world is HUGELY dependent on what we’ve ALREADY got stored in our brains.

We can see things, events, situations, people, you name it. And depending on how we interacted with those same things before, we can get positive, neutral or negative feelings.

Most people think that once those memories are there, you can’t change them.

Like if you get nervous when talking to attractive people, you may think you’ll simply ALWAYS be nervous talking to attractive people.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

All you’ve got to do is change how you access your memories.

Notice what filters your brain is putting up between you, and the world.

And change them.

Learn how:

Belief Change

The Secret Sauce Of Life

Reality Is Under Your Control

Can You Shape Reality?

There are many ways to create your reality in a literal way.

You could operate on the physical world, changing raw materials into something more complicated. Take some seeds, grow some plants, and further transform them into a cherry pie, for example.

Combine your skills, knowledge and patience with the powers of the Earth, and you’ve effectively turned a handful of seeds into something much, much better.

Or you could interact with others in a certain way. If you’re lonely, for example, you can learn to be more outgoing, learn to talk to others about their interests instead of yours, and pretty soon you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who enjoy being with you.

You can even transform your own body. If you look at yourself in the mirror and don’t like what you see, you can take steps to change it. More muscles, less fat, whatever. 

The truth is that “reality” is much more flexible than most people realize. It’s easy to feel like we’re victims of reality when we’re really just victims of our own inaction or ineffective action. Most people avoid thinking like this.

One of the crucial things to understand about “reality” is that the meaning is VERY flexible.

What Will You Create?

Hunters vs. Farmers

Imagine two tribes of ancient humans, who both discovered seeds. The MEANING they gave to these seeds was crucial to how they used them. 

One tribe planted them, the other tribe ate them.

Every single time we interact with the world, what we’re really doing is interacting with our own MEANING and INTERPRETATION of the world.

The things people say to us. The way people respond to us. Even the results we get.

The idea that anything can pretty much MEAN anything is incredibly liberating. It frees us from feeling as if we are victims of reality, and instead makes us feel like engineers of reality.

One crucial, but often overlooked skill, is not only the meaning you choose for your particular reality, but how strongly you HOLD that meaning.

Those that can not only choose a supportive meaning, but HOLD to it regardless of what happens are the people who make things happen.

Because so few people are even aware of this skill, once you develop it, you will have an incredible advantage. 

How you use that advantage, of course, is up to you.

To learn how, check this out:

Frame Control