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Create A Seduction Mastermind Group

How To Leverage Competition

How To Leverage Competition

Napoleon Hill is famous for writing a book on how to get rich. This wasn’t some philosophical mumbo jumbo like a lot of “law of attraction” books, this was based on reverse engineering people who already WERE rich.

Hill basically took what was already working, and synthesized it into a “how to guide.” He wrote it at a time when there were a lot of metaphysical ideas and books floating around. As somebody who wasn’t just delivering a set of skills to learn and put into practice, he himself was also trying to get paid.

So he wrote it in a kind of style he hoped would make it very popular. And it did. It is still being read today. However, thinking of it in terms of any kind of metaphysical hooey is a mistake. It has real ideas, that when applied in real ways, WILL generate real results.

One technique is the “mastermind” group. Now, if you’ve got a problem, no matter how smart you are, you won’t likely think of a solution. If you asks somebody else, they won’t likely have a solution either.

But when you’ve got a group of guys and gals together, all bringing their collective experience to the table, somebody’s going to come up with an idea. And that idea will be bounced around and transformed into a solution that NOBODY would have thought up on their own.

This is why many people form “mastermind” groups for this purpose. Unfortunately, they often turn into to a “law of attraction” contest where everybody tries to impress everybody else with their own nonsense.

Which is why oftentimes these mastermind groups are great in theory, but in practice they don’t end up being more than an ego stroking waste of time.

Except when you create your own super covert mastermind group, and use it to learn how to pick up girls.

How’s that?

One of the best things to come out of NLP is modeling. Meaning you watch somebody do something, and if it works you copy it. If it doesn’t work, you do something else.

Normally this is how any skill is learned and mastered. But when everybody’s trying and learning from each other, EVERYBODY can boos their skills in a hurry.

How do you do this with social skills?

First, you’ve got to get a group of guys that will commit to getting together once every week or so, JUST TO INCREASE THEIR SKILLS.

This is pretty difficult. You get a group of guys together, they’ll end up competing, which means there’re winners or losers.

This won’t help anybody.

Which is why you’ve got to choose your mastermind very carefully.

But if you make a rule that ONLY FOR YOUR GROUP PRACTICE SESSIONS, nobody goes further than number closing, you can do pretty well.

That’s when competition will motivate everybody to up their game.

Try it, and see.

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The Most Crucial Goal Of Life

It's All Up To You

It’s All On You

Many guys make an absolutely crucial error when meeting girls. Simply stated, they blame the market, rather than themselves.

Now, that may seem harsh, but if you can’t get what you want, there’s only one thing you can do. And that is to improve yourself until you CAN get what you want.

Imagine going to the store to buy something to eat. But all you’ve got is a dollar. You could complain that the market is rigged, that food is too expensive, or that the food producers are ripping everybody off and there’s some kind of food scam conspiracy going on.

Or you could simply find a way to get more money, so you have more choice. 

One of the most common things people tend to do is NOT take responsibility. Politicians have known this for thousands of years. So long as they promise the common man their problems are NOT their fault, they keep getting elected.

Unfortunately, it is a false promise.

While it’s not technically your “fault,” it is most certainly your responsibility. Most of the time it’s not ANYBODY’S “fault.”

But something about the human brain keeps us from seeing things this way. We seem to be hard wired to ALWAYS need some kind of “bad guy” to point our fingers at.

So, how do you respond when you approach ten girls and they all shut you down?

Do something different.


You can’t call the pickup police and force them to accept your advances. You COULD get angry or hurt, take your ball and go home, and never go out again, but there’s no fun in that.

What exactly should you do differently?

This is where your own personal responsibility comes into play. This is only up to YOU to decide. You can’t learn what to do specifically on the Internet. You can’t copy something from a movie.

You can only try different things, and keep trying different things, until you find something that works. Then keep doing variations of THAT (whatever it is) until it works better and better.

Is this fair? Absolutely not. Some guys are naturals, some guys aren’t. Nothing you can do about that.

Is this easy? No way! Getting rejected by a cute girl hurts worse than pretty much anything else.

Will this be a quick process? Not likely. You’ll have to sort through a lot of girls that won’t want to have anything to do with you, until you find one that does.

But guess what?

If you really want a high quality woman to share your life with, this is the ONLY way.

However, here’s some good news. If you make it a point to spend the next year or two (yes, YEAR or two) refining this process, increasing your skills, until you DO meet her, you will be able to do ANYTHING.

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Turn Down Approach Anxiety

Slowly Turn Down Approach Anxiety

Slowly But Surely

Approach anxiety is a common barrier to successful relationship creation. And often times, guys don’t even admit they’ve got approach anxiety. Humans are pretty good at lying to ourselves in order to cover up uncomfortable truths.

We say things like, “She’s not my type,” or, “I’m not really looking to hook up,” or “I’m just here chilling, I don’t really want to talk to anybody.”

So even admitting to yourself you’d LIKE to approach, but feel to anxious is making a huge leap most guys never will.

Even then, there’s a misconception. Guys tend to think they are afraid of rejection, but that’s not really the case. What’s really nerve racking is being in the spotlight.

Approach a girl, especially from a distance away, feels very similar, on a gut level, to giving a speech. You feel that all eyes are on you, and if you make a mistake, everybody’s going to know and adjust their perception of you accordingly.

This is a holdover from our hunter-gatherer days, when the collective social opinion of us was absolutely crucial to our survival.

Even though it’s not any more, because it’s a deep instinct, you can’t really “switch it off” any more than you can “switch off” being hungry or horny.

So, how do you deal with it?

Very slowly.

Meaning you don’t walk over there slowly, but you simply recognize it’s going to take some time to get over that uncomfortable “everybody’s looking at me” feeling when approaching.

But if you start small, and slowly expand your comfort zone, it WILL happen.

How do you do that?

Luckily, there are plenty of ways.

Public speaking is one. Joining your local toastmasters and giving a speech once a week will get you right in a hurry.

Or you could simply see “flirting with girls” as some kind of weekly “exercise” to do. Not because you want any kind of tangible results.

Kind of like jogging on the treadmill. You’re not running on the treadmill because you think you’re going somewhere, you’re doing it to build up your endurance and burn away some of that flab.

If you did things like purposely go out to flirt and say “hi,” you’d slowly get over that social anxiety. If you coupled this with some weekly public speaking, it would happen even quicker.

So long as you acknowledge that while you can’t “switch it off” you certainly CAN slowly “turn it down,” you’ll be in good shape.

Pretty soon you’ll be in such good shape that walking over and talking to a cute girl feels perfectly normal.

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Positive Thinking To Kill Approach Anxiety

Positive Mental Practice To Make It Easy

Right Mental Practice

One problem many guys have at many levels of game is approach anxiety. Or closing anxiety. Or even talking about difficult emotional issues anxiety. 

On the flip side, the more easily you can do the scary stuff (and if you can’t admit to yourself that self generated, irrational fear is your BIGGEST enemy to success with women, then there’s not much you can do with technique) the more success you’ll have.

So, how do you deal with general game-anxiety?

Well, one method is to simply blast through your fears until they are gone. But this takes a lot of uncomfortable action. This takes a lot of time. 

You could drink plenty of alcohol, but then you might wake up in a dumpster somewhere without your shoes.

One way works pretty well. It doesn’t require a million dollars worth of therapy, and it doesn’t require drugs or booze.

The reason guys feel afraid is our brains are hard wired to be more sensitive to potential danger than potential pleasure.

Which means if you simply let your brain go wherever it goes, you’re going to naturally drift to worse case scenario thinking.

The solution then is to simply FORCE yourself to think of positive things. Now, “positive thinking” gets a bad rap as being new-agey or metaphysical. But if your force yourself to think positive WHILE you are taking positive action, it’s a match made in heaven.

For example, you see a girl across the room. She smiles at you, looks away, and then looks back. This is a pretty clear signal she wants you to approach. Your rational brain is telling you it’s OK to approach.

But as soon as you start getting ready to, your caveman brain starts screaming bloody murder.

In spite of all those positive signals she’s given you, your now scared witless.

However, you can cut off your caveman brain by IMMEDIATELY thinking positive thoughts.

What positive thoughts? Rainbow riding unicorns? Cute pink puppy dogs?

No silly. Think of the last time you were getting laid!

(If you’ve never been laid, think of your last kiss, or even your favorite porno.)


Before you even begin your approach, start fully imagining the last time you got some. FORCE your brain to focus on that thought while you start to get up to approach. FORCE your brain to keep that imagine in mind while you walk over. Even when you start the conversation, try and hold that image in mind.

(Just don’t tell her, OK?)

Now, this is MUCH HARDER (lol) than it seems.

The brain is so hard wired to think of danger, whenever you’re doing something unfamiliar, it’s like your caveman thinks you’ll DIE if you don’t think negative.

After all, thinking negative has kept humans alive since even before we were humans!

So you’ll have to build up your “positive thinking” muscle.

Just practice when you’re out “observing” girls. 

This will take time. Think of it as building up your “approach muscle.”

Here’s the BEST PART.

When you’re thinking positive (thinking about the last time you got some) while looking at her, you’ll generally be smiling and pretty happy.

She’ll think it’s because of HER, not your porno filled brain!

Now, you may need to fine tune your own experiences, how you express your “happiness,” but once you get it dialed in, you can kick approach anxiety to the curb, for good!

How To Build Relationships That Don’t Crash And Burn

Be Careful Who You Choose

Slow Down!

Once there was a kid who was studying the difference between theory and reality. So he asked his dad what the difference was. His dad told him they’d do an experiment.

First, they asked the Mom if she’d sleep with the mailman for ten million dollars. At first she was a bit put off, but then when she realized how close they were to being bankrupt, she said she’d probably do it.

Then they asked the kid’s older sister (a college student) the same question, only about the video game geek who lived next door. Again, she hesitated, but gave the same answer.

“You see,” said the dad. “That’s the difference between theory and reality. In theory, we’re a couple of millionaires, but in reality, we live with a couple of sluts!”

Yuck Yuck.

The difference between theory and reality when meeting girls (not sluts) for long term relationships is basically the same. In theory, it’s pretty easy. Choose the kind of girl you want, figure out a way to sort for those characteristics, and keep meeting girls until you find her.

In reality, it’s pretty tough. Especially when sex gets involved. Men are hard wired to hang on to any warm body that they are having regular sex with.

Even if you have rock solid criteria, once you start getting physical, it’s hard to stick to your criteria. Those emotional feelings that come with sex are so powerful it’s hard to resist.

It’s like your inner caveman is a master hypnotist who convinces you she’s the perfect girl you’ve been looking for all along.

Which is why I’d recommend NOT sleeping with any girl unless you are pretty certain she ALREADY passes a lot of your criteria.

Which means you’ve got to HAVE some criteria.

Now, what those are is up to you, but you should at least come up with some basics. College or no college, politics, religion, how she feels on certain issues.

Remember, any girl you get down with is going to feel good. But once those good feelings vanish, if the both of you don’t have a good reason to stick around, you won’t.

This is why relationships can crash and burn even when they started so hot and heavy.

So do yourself a favor. Take some time, before you go out again, to figure out what kind of characteristics you’d like in your “dream girl.”

Not only will this make it less likely to get burned, but it will also give you a lot more confidence.

Since you won’t be hoping to be accepted by every hottie you see. You’ll have the  mind of a sorter, instead of a beggar. Which will make you much more attractive.

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How To Build The Ideal Relationship With The Ideal Woman

The Three Essential Skills For Massive Seduction Success

Three Essential Skills

There’s two basic elements of game that pretty much every guy misses. Three if you’re intending on building a quality relationship with a quality girl.

The problem is that most guys prevent themselves from even admitting they are weak in these areas. Cognitive dissonance is something that keeps us from admitting less than positive things about ourselves to protect our ego.

So, assuming you fall into the category of most humans, you’ve got a couple choices. One is to protect your precious ego, and accept your current level of success with women.

The other is to suck it up, face your deficiencies, overcome them (which is super easy once you simply realize what they are) and then simply start getting better and better at getting better and better women.

Assuming that’s what you want, here are the deficiencies.

One is internal game. You’ve got to really, really believe that you are worthy of the girl that you are intending to catch. Meaning you have to believe based on OBJECTIVE data why YOU would be a good catch. Not the silly notion that every guy deserves a hot girl just because.

This means having rock solid, REAL self confidence. Rock solid, REAL social skills. True comfort in your own skin. The ability and natural confidence to start a conversation with anybody, anywhere.

The second is being able to notice signals. The idea you can walk up to a any girl and spit out some goofy lines and seduce her is ridiculous. It’s possible, sure, but so is winning the lotto. Anybody who’s business plan’s winning the lotto is going to be hanging out with empty bottles of Night Train.

Which means you need to only “hit on” girls that have sent you a signal that they WANT to be hit on. If you don’t see those signals, you’ll be hitting on girls who want nothing to do with you.

Solve these two problems, and you’ll get laid a lot.

However, if you want a rock solid relationship, you’ll need something else.

And that is criteria. Meaning you have to know what you want in a serious relationship. And this goes beyond silly romantic notions like “loyalty,” or “she won’t cheat on me,” or the ultra popular, “she’s gotta be hot!”

Those things are RESULTS of having a lot in common with her. If you and her have a lot in common, you’re emotionally open, and you’re committed to WORK on the relationship (which goes beyond just receiving the benefits most guys are after) then she’ll never WANT to leave you.

This means having high standards, that are SUBJECTIVE. Religion, politics, financial beliefs, financial background.

This is stuff you MUST sort for if you want a positive relationship with a “quality woman.”

If you’re ready, then check this out:

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Is Your Game Based On Irrational Thinking?

Stop The Insanity!

Stop The Insanity!

There’s a sane way to meet girls, and an insane way.

According to Einstein, insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.

Unfortunately, this is the strategy of most guys. Meaning they meet girls, date them for a couple weeks or months, and then crash and burn.

Sometimes even for a few years until it fizzles out.

Why do relationships fizzle? Why don’t they last with those good feelings you have in the beginning?

One reason is any time you get with somebody, you’re both on your best behavior. Both consciously and unconsciously. Our caveman brains are programmed to think that sexual relationships are few and far between. So when we think we’re getting close, we’re careful not to mess things up.

Then later on, we’re so thrilled to be with somebody (that we hope will be THE ONE) it has that new, fresh, feeling of discovery.

When this happens, there is an unconscious feedback loop. You push her buttons, which makes her feel good so she pushes yours, which makes you feel good so you push hers. And on and on.

In the beginning this feels fantastic, because when she pushes your buttons, it’s unexpected, so it feels like magic.

Then once you get used to each other, that “magical” feeling wears off. It is entirely possible to keep that magical feeling, but you have to push each buttons consciously. You have to push her buttons when you don’t want to, which will create pleasure in her, which will make her WANT to push your buttons.

In the beginning, the pump primes itself, but later on, you’ve got to keep it primed consciously.

This is hard to do when you’re not that compatible. When you are consciously pushing somebody’s buttons, in order to make them feel emotional pleasure, you actually have to LIKE the person beyond sexual intimacy. You have to actually RESPECT and ADMIRE the person beyond sexual and emotional intimacy.

This is not going to happen automatically.

And guess what? For every ten or twenty people you meet, there’s really only one, maybe two that you will genuinely like, admire, and respect. This goes for all people. Male and female.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to see this when meeting girls, because you’re senses are overwhelmed by potential sexual intimacy, which ALWAYS takes precedent, since it’s a survival function.

How do you get around this?

Simply come up with some characteristics of somebody you have a HIGH PROBABILITY of liking, admiring, and respecting BEFORE you go out and meet girls.

Then when you’re talking to her, before you turn on the charm, sort for these characteristics. If she has them, then seduce her till she begs for more.

But if she doesn’t? Don’t waste your time. Because you’ll know how this one ends.

Sure, it will take time to find the RIGHT GIRL for you, but you know it’s worth it.

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How To Plan Your Relationships

Do You Depend On Blind Luck?

Don’t Rely On Blind Luck

Do you have any seduction goals?

Most guys don’t. Most guys are happy with their preprogrammed desires for sex, intimacy, and companionship. They go out, keep trying, until these get fulfilled.

For a long, long time, this was all men needed. Only in recent times did people need to consciously plan what they were going after. Why?

Up until fifty years or so ago, once a guy and a girl hooked up, there were plenty of “negative incentives” to keep them together. Meaning if they broke up, especially after they were married and had kids, everybody would know.

Even on “Mad Men” there was that one single mom in the neighborhood that everybody gossiped about.

The thing about having “negative incentives” is that we don’t tend to notice them. Kind of like having a boss that will fire you if you show up late. So long the rest of the job is pretty good, and you get paid well, getting up early in order to show up on time (so you don’t get fired) will kind of slip into the back of your mind.

At first it might be pretty difficult, but pretty soon it will be just be something that you do without thinking.

This is the kind of world couples lived in a generation or so ago. Since they were many more negative incentives regarding breaking up, they were much more motivated to work on the relationship, and deal with whatever issues came up instead of ignoring them.

Nowadays, people don’t do that. There’s zero stigma with breaking up, getting divorced, or being a single parent.

Which means if you want a happy relationship, it’s going to take a lot of SELF MOTIVATION, rather than relying on those external negative incentives.

However, most guys don’t even realize this. They just hook up with whoever they can hook up with, cross their fingers and hope for the best.

Now, sometimes you’ll get lucky. Sometimes you’ll meet a girl from a similar background, who has similar beliefs as you, and shares plenty of the same interests. This will make it much more likely you’ll both WANT to work on any issues, as you genuinely like each other’s company, beyond just sex and intimacy.

But if you just get with whoever you can get with, this isn’t very likely.

Instead, consider the type of girl you’re going after. Consider the type of girl you’d like to hang out with AFTER that initial thrill wears off. Consider a girl who has the same basic life plans as you, instead of some girl who you expect will blindly follow you wherever you go.

To be sure, this is a lot of work. But the work you put into today will save you a lot of pain tomorrow.

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Your Slow Steady Path To Natural Game

What Does This Turtle Know About Seduction?

Aesop Was A Player

What is your biggest obstacle to meeting girls?

Most guys come up with all kinds of reasons. There’s no quality women. They don’t know where to meet girls. They don’t know what to say. They don’t have time, they don’t have money.

All of these are ego protecting excuses, rather than reasons.

There’s a principle in psychology called “cognitive dissonance” where we don’t see or accept parts of reality because they’ll make us feel like an idiot, or weak, or foolish.

The human brain is a master manipulator of itself in order to protect our ego.

Where does the ego live? Behind our greatest fear. But also behind our greatest fear is our greatest strength.

The good news is that when it comes to meeting girls for potential relationships, you don’t need to go full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes or go big or go home. Leave that crap for Hollywood.

It’s entirely possible, and even highly recommended, to take it slow. Very slow. If ALL you did for the next year was to slowly increase your comfort zone when it comes to talking to girls, you’d be a stone cold natural.

You wouldn’t need to spend any time on forums, or study game, or practice patterns, or change your wardrobe or even get a job. Well, you might need a job to KEEP a quality woman, but you certainly don’t need one to CREATE ATTRACTION in a quality woman. (But then again, women today are so starved for a self confident man that they would likely keep you around even if you were unemployed!)

So, how do you go about this?

Start very slow. Start very small. Take small baby steps. Every day do something that just a half inch outside your comfort zone. When it becomes easy, stretch it out just a LITTLE bit further.

Eye contact, smiles, conversations, wherever you are comfortable now, just start there.

If you do NOTHING ELSE but push your comfort zone out just a little bit at a time, you’ll become a social skill ninja that can easily seduce girls any time, any where.

Now, a year is a long time. But ask yourself this: Where were you a year ago, compared to now? If you continue to do the same thing, and get the same results, where will you be a year from now?

That may seem harsh to think about, but just wait until this time next year, when you’ve got all kinds of choice, all kinds of potential, and can talk anybody into anything.

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How To Get Better At Talking To Girls

Always Choose An End Point For Practicing

Determine The End Point BEFORE You Talk To Her

No matter what you want to get better at, practice is the only way. When we go to school, there are subjects, and there are skills. If you’re learning something like history, this is clearly a subject. You memorize all the names, dates, intentions behind all the actions, and you’re in good shape. You can use your regular thinking to understand events.

Other “subjects” are more like skills. Math for example. The only way you can get better at math is by practicing math. If you tried to memorize some equations, it wouldn’t get you very far. Language and sports are the same way. If you tried to get better at basketball by studying some books in the library, you wouldn’t be a very good basketball player. 

Sure, you could talk about it intelligently, you could sound like you knew what was going on. But if somebody put a ball in your hand, you wouldn’t know what to do.

All human relationships are skills like that. If you want to get better at sales, you’ll need to practice. If you wanted to get better at public speaking, the only way would be to practice. If you wanted to get better at negotiating, the only way would be to practice.

Talking to girls is the same way. For some reason, many guys imagine that talking to girls is something you can learn from a book or by reading various forums. Sure, this can help you in between practice sessions, but it is by no means a substitute for practice.

One problem that comes up is separating practice from the real thing. If you were practicing basketball, you’d do drills, and you’d have scrimmages, or practice games. You wouldn’t worry too much about the practice games, only the games with other teams.

But for some reason, when guys go out, they rarely see it as practice. They always see it as the real thing. Which means they don’t see it as a learning experience. It’s always in the frame of “success or failure.” And unless you’re a stone cold natural from birth, you’ll have many more failures than successes.

This makes it INCREDIBLY hard to get out there. Imagine if you were on a basketball team and the ONLY time you ever even dribbled a ball was during a regular game! You’d have to lose plenty of games through plenty of seasons before you got any good.

That’s why you should PRACTICE with girls, much more often than you talk to them for real. How do you practice? Choose an end point BEFORE you talk to her, and stick to it.

For example, if you are OK with flirting but can’t open to save your life, go out and PRACTICE opening. Don’t worry what happens next. Just see it as practice. Don’t worry about closing or even exchanging names. Once you start talking to her, YOU’RE DONE. Exit gracefully and find somebody else.

This is much harder than it sounds. Guys are genetically wired to go as far as we can with every single girl. But if you force yourself to practice, you’ll get a lot better, a lot more quickly.

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