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How To Collect Yourself

Who Are You?

Who Are You?

​One of the trance inducing parts about NLP and hypnosis is the difference between structure and content.

Almost everybody is always focused on content, the stuff that we talk about, but it’s really the structure that drives everything.

This is why Covert Hypnosis is so powerful. You speak by focusing on the structure, leaving the content purposely vague. The listener then has to fill in the blanks with their own ideas. This makes all the conclusions they come to their own.

We humans are by and large driven by structure. Social proof, authority, scarcity, these are all structural level elements that can be applied to pretty much any content, making that content seem so much more desirable.

Being able to understand the difference can help you save a lot of money, and a lot of grief.

One of the biggest “structures” is the idea of YOU.

Think of the structural you, vs. the content you.

The content you is all the atoms molecules, muscles, cells, neural connections, etc., in your body.

These are ALWAYS being replaced. Every time you eat, breathe, drink, and process waste.

One philosopher said that humans are “energy pumps.” We use energy. We are made of energy. And our long tube down the center of us is ALWAYS processing energy.

So where in all of that is YOU?

When you read these words, and contemplate that awareness you call “yourself,” who is that?

What happens to that self-aware entity five years from now after pretty much all the individual “bits” have been replaced?

This is what happens when you shift from “content awareness” to “structure awareness,” it can get pretty interesting.

But it’s also a great way to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and find your “center” to which you can always return to.

The more you practice, the easier it gets.

For example, you could be in the middle of giving a speech in front of super important people, pause, and return to center for only a moment, to collect “yourself” and return. Nobody will know except for you.

Inside that brain of yours is all kinds of beliefs, positive and negative about who “you” really are, and what “you” are capable of.

These beliefs can act like filters, between the inner “you” and the “you” you present to the world.

If you were a photographer, the more filters you had, the more pictures you could take in more environments.

One of the most effective “beliefs” to have is that you can switch you “beliefs” out whenever you want, based on the situation.

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