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How To Program Successful Habits

How To Program Successful Behaviors

They say that our lives are the sum total of our behaviors.

And our behaviors are the result of the thoughts we think, most of the time.

One of thing that you find when you study successful people is that often times it was not on purpose.

But an accident.

The book about how Facebook was “invented” and all the drama that went on behind the scenes is called “The Accidental Billionaires.”

I did some studying about the character in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Turns out this guy was a natural salesman, and he was in the right place at the right time.

When he was doing all his “cold calling,” he had a lot of help.

It was when the stock market was soaring, and every night there was something on the news about how well the stock market was doing.

So the people he was calling were ALREADY worried about “missing out” on one of the greatest bull runs in history.

In fact, the guy was so driven to make money, he enrolled in dental school. But on the first day, his professor said, “you’ll never get rich being a dentist.” So he quit.

The reason most people are successful is that they just do what’s natural. For them, that’s good.

They just show up, do what they are driven to do, and they’ll get rich.

Some are “luckier” than others. For example, Zuckerberg, the facebook guy, probably wouldn’t have made so much if he’d been born in the thirties.

On the other hand, take a guy like Bill Gates. I saw his mugshot on this website that had “celebrities that were arrested.”

Gates was REALLY young. He almost looked like a kid. But he didn’t look worried. Because WAY BACK THEN he’d already made millions.

In fact, he started hustling when he was still a teenager. Just like the Wolf of Wall street guy.

They already had the THINKING that led to the DAILY HABITS that would make them rich.

So no matter what the markets did, or the economy did, they still figured out a way to get paid.

The good news is that changing your habitual thinking patterns, that lead to your habitual behavioral patterns is EASY.

It takes time, sure. But you don’t have to discover the secrets of alchemy or nuclear fusion.

You just need to PRACTICE the right thinking patterns. Until they become AUTOMATIC.

And when they become AUTOMATIC, your behaviors will naturally change.

They’ll change into a lifetime of behaviors that add up to MASSIVE success.

All it takes is a few minutes a day, and you’re on your way.

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How A Rich Dancer Handled Risk

Dance Your Way To Riches

Don’t Wait Too Long!

Many people have all kinds of negative voices swirling around in our heads.

You think of doing something, and then that doubt pops up.

“What if it doesn’t work? What if you look stupid?”

One of the reasons that voice is so hard to ignore is we convince ourselves it’s trying to “help” us.

“Well, it’s better I didn’t. I wouldn’t have liked it anyway.”

“Wow, I guess I dodged a bullet!”

Many people retreat into the world of the “enlightened skeptic.” They find comfort in the philosophical notion of pointing out how “wrong” everybody is.

“Well, there’s no conclusive evidence that’s going to work, so I’ll sit back here on my throne and let everybody else make those foolish mistakes. I know better.”

Problem with that is since these types are ALWAYS waiting for proof, any time they find proof it’s MUCH too late.

There was an old stock market trader who made a couple million over a couple years. He was a dancer, and traveled the world. He only used telegrams to get updates. (He wrote a book called “How I Made $2 Million in the Stock Market.”)

Once a guy asked him for as stock tip, and he gave him the one he was looking at.

The guy that received the stock tip wanted to “make sure.” He did some research, studied the company, studied the economy, etc.

Finally, he contacted the dancer, and said he was ready to buy some of that stock.

The dancer said, “Well, if you would have bought it when I told you, you would have made 200% already. I don’t think it’s going to go up any more!”

As Dale Carnegie was found of saying, “The sure thing boat never gets too far from shore.”

Meaning if you ONLY take action when you feel it’s safe, you won’t ever get much more than most anybody else.

Which ain’t much!

Does this mean you need to put EVERYTHING on the line, every single time? Not at all. Take that stock market dancer guy. He would buy a stock, but ALWAYS sell IMMEDIATELY if it went down just a little bit.

Meaning he knew how risky it was, and he would GET OUT if there is any danger. 

Sure, you need to take risks. But not jump off cliffs without parachutes, or jump into the shark tank at the zoo.

Small risks. Talking to strangers. Expanding your comfort zone. Spending an hour or so a week looking into what kind of business you might start.

Hanging out with more like-minded folks who are ALSO doing things to improve themselves, rather than forget themselves.

Do this, keep moving forward, and success is certain.