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Free Yourself From Unenlightened Persuasion

Secret Pac Man Magic

When I was a kid me and my buddies loved to play Pac Man.

There were lots of old school video games.

But Pac Man was unique.

In that there was allegedly some secret “pattern” that once you learned it, it would allow you to easily escape the dudes trying to eat Pac Man.

Lots of video games have “cheats,” but for Pac Man it was a little different.

It was like a secret system.

Of course, nobody knew what that system was.

Everybody knew somebody who saw somebody use it.

It seems we humans love to think along these lines.

Of some secret shortcut that exists, and only those “in the know” have access to it.

Once I was told by a professor in college that companies had secretly invented tires that never wear down and nylons that never run.

But if they released them to the public, they wouldn’t make nearly as much money.

Maybe it’s true, maybe not, but it seems that with some clever marketing, if you DID have a tire that never wore down, you’d make a ton of money.

On the other hand, there ARE some things that do seem like shortcuts.

But they only appear to be shortcuts to others who don’t know the “system.”

If you work any system long enough, you’ll figure out all the angles.

Kind of like that movie, “Groundhog Day.”

Poor guy lived the same day over and over and over.

But by the end, he had everything down PERFECTLY.

The good news is that we don’t need to relive every day, or take a bunch of time to learn all the angles.

Because there really IS a set of “shortcuts.”

Shortcuts in human thinking and behaving.

The people that know about these shortcuts, and more importantly, how to deliver them, make TONS of money.

And they have been for a LONG time.

And many of the folks that are naturally persuasive use these also.

They just don’t know it.

So when you learn these, and find out just how effective they are, it’s up to you whether you want to share them or not.

But it IS pretty cool to let others think you’ve discovered some kind of magic trick.

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Seven Laws

Seek and Destroy Limiting Beliefs

Erase Limiting Beliefs

Flip Your Beliefs

​I learned this cool thing about light when I was in college.

When light comes from the sun, it’s in all different directions.

Meaning a beam of light has these oscillations, positive and negative.

But they are in all different degrees. It has a pure vertical component, and a pure horizontal component, and everything in between.

To see this in action, get a couple of sunglasses that are “polarized.” The polarization of the sunglasses is to reduce the glare. It does that by ONLY letting through the vertical component of the light. 

Since glare is usually horizontal, as it’s reflected off flat surfaces, having a vertical only filter will eliminate those.

So if you take two glasses that are polarized, and rotate them, you can get it so NO light is passed through.

This is precisely how our beliefs work. As you know, the conscious mind can ONLY perceive of about 1/25,000 of what’s really going on. Everything else is filtered out. Filtered out by our beliefs.

So all you’ve got to do is identify your self-limiting beliefs, remove them, and you’ll see all kinds of stuff that didn’t seem like it was there before.

This is one way the Law of Attraction works. You start to BELIEVE, then you’ll start to see.

Stuff isn’t magically showing up, it was there all along. But you didn’t see it before.

Kind of like a magic trick. That magician isn’t REALLY pulling a rabbit out of some magical doorway into the space-time continuum, you just don’t see it, then you see it.

Poof! Magic!

So, how do you find and eliminate your limiting beliefs?

One way is to take a look at your life now. The way it REALLY is. Take a good, hard, honest look.

Then write down what beliefs MUST be true in order to support this reality you’ve created for yourself?

I must warn you, this won’t feel good. Because ANY method that uncovers limiting beliefs is NOT going to feel good. You’re going to have to find really CRAPPY things you believe about yourself, and elevate them up to the conscious level. (Kind of like vomiting up some gross moldy cheese you ate by accident!)

But once you flip it around, and let the new, POSITIVE believe sink back in, you’re life will change.

How do you do that? Take whatever NEGATIVE belief you’ve found, and just flip it around to it’s grammatical opposite. OR change it however you like.

For example, if you find one of your beliefs, based on your REALITY is that “I’m only worth $10.25 per hour,” then simply rewrite it:

“I’m worth $500 per hour!”

Then get busy programming THAT belief into your subconscious.

Like This:

Beliefs and Tools and Rocks

Easier Than You Think

It’s Easier Than You Think

​Long time ago I used to go rock climbing with a buddy of mine.

He was MUCH better at it than I was, so he would always “lead.”

This meant he went first, put in the pieces of protection that the rope would go through as he climbed up.

My job as the “follower” was to slowly lead the rope up as he climbed. If he fell, he’d fall past the last piece of “protection” he’d placed in the rock. If that happened, I’d catch him.

Then when I went up, I had to “clean.” Meaning I had to take each piece of protection out of the rock, and put it on a sling. By the time we’d get to the top, all the pieces of “protection” would have slowly moved from his sling to my sling.

The pieces of “protection,” or “pro” were works of art in and of themselves. All different kinds, designed to fit in small cracks, wedges, and ledges. Some were pretty hard to get out, so I had to carry a “cleaning tool” which was kind like a long flat piece of metal with a small hook on the end.

I’d use it to reach into cracks to pry loose the pieces of pro.

Once, we’d done a bunch of short climbs, and we had about two hours left. He wanted to try this “face” climb. Face climbs are particularly difficult, because there’s not a lot of ledges or cracks to hold onto.

Just small smooth protrusions in the rock. You have to see them, and balance on them, and move fairly quickly.

Compared to big cracks or ledges, where you can get a good hold and hang there all day if you wanted to.

Faces, on the other hand, you had to keep moving. You always had to look a few moves ahead, see the small hand holds and foot holds, and just keep on climbing. If you stopped, you’d slip, and if you slipped, it was easy to lose your nerve.

So he tells me that this particular face was pretty easy. Much easier than the climbs I’d already done that day.

So he led, and I followed. When I followed, I walked right up, no problem. It was easy like he said it was.

Only he kind of tricked me. It was much harder than he’d told me. He figured if he told me the REAL rating, I’d chicken out, or take too long climbing up. So he said it was a lot easier than it really was.

Since I believed him, it was.

Funny how that works. Once you change your beliefs, and trust yourself, you’re good to go.

Grab yourself some tools, and make a pretty good life for yourself.

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Tap The Energy of Earth

Grab This Before It Vanishes

Grab This Now

​Once I was at this goofy real estate seminar.

The guy on stage was talking about taking action.

Then he stopped talking, and held out a $100. Said nothing.

Finally a young girl went running up to grab it, and he gave it to her.

The point (at least in the beginning) was that when you see an opportunity, you should grab it before somebody else does.

However, the way he did it was a bit underhanded.

One, because there are plenty of opportunities to go around. You don’t really need to elbow past people and run somewhere before everybody else does.

Sure, sometimes there really IS only one or two things available, but that’s generally by design.

Because this guy did the same thing a few minutes later, by pulling back a big sheet over a stack of products. Boxes of DVDs and training manuals. Maybe fifty of them.

Everybody rushed the stage again, and they vanished pretty quickly.

Of course, later, when he offered them for sale, he got WAY more sales than he would have.

Which is why this was a pretty sneaky way to generate sales. He TWICE created a sense of urgency, and a sense of “hurry up before I miss out.”

One the one hand, this is true. You only can live every day once. It’s never ever going to come again. You only get one shot at life. (At least this one). The longer you wait around, the less time you’ve got left.

On the other hand, just walking down a busy street will present TONS of opportunities. Things you never would have dreamed of before.

Every single person you meet has a HUGE amount of unfulfilled wants, needs and desires.

If you figure out a way to get people what they want, in a way that they want it, you can make a TON of money.

Think of the last time you bought something, anything, that you wanted.

Before, all you had was money. Then you traded money for whatever that was. Maybe a cup of coffee. Maybe a cheeseburger, maybe a move ticket with your partner.

You likely felt pretty good making the purchase, right?

Most people do.

Think of all the BILLIONS of people on Earth, many of them making purchases like that EVERY SINGLE DAY. Buying something with money, and feeling GOOD about it.

Think of that never ending flow of money going around and around like the ENERGY of the Earth. People making stuff and selling to people who want stuff. The cool thing is that EVERYBODY is both buying AND selling stuff, all at the same time.

All you’ve got to do is figure out a way to get in the game, and you’ll be set.

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Where Money Beliefs Come From

Three Evil Beliefs about Money

Three Evil Twins

​I remember a long time ago shortly after I graduated from college.

It was before got a job, so I was still VERY wet behind the ears.

I was at some wedding of some distant relative, and I met this guy who was a preacher. I think he was dating another distant relative at the wedding. 

Anyhow, when he learned that I’d just graduated and hadn’t found a job, he asked me what I wanted to do.

Half jokingly, I said, “I want to make as much money as I can.”

This preacher was pretty shocked. He launched into some long lecture about how money is bad, chasing money is bad, it’s better to serve your fellow man, etc., etc.

He seemed to enjoy lecturing me so much I didn’t have the heart to tell him I was only kidding.

But this is not an uncommon response. If you told you’re friends and family your main goal in life was to make huge piles of cash, they would immediately think you were evil, or didn’t care about people, or were going to somehow “exploit the poor” in order to get rich.

And to be sure, lately it seems plenty of people ARE getting rich (and staying rich) that way.

But the idea that money, or making money is “evil” has been around a long time.

Why is that?

One of the reasons may be that people in power (those who have money) want to keep it that way.

After all, if everybody were rich, they wouldn’t feel so special.

Another reason is that most people simply aren’t very good at making money. So when you tell your buddies you want to learn HOW to make money, they suddenly feel as if they are going to be left behind. So they say money is bad.

Another reason is a lot of people associate the idea of making money with presenting themselves to the world.

After all, if you really DID give it your best shot, and failed, what does that say about you?

These three reasons, combined together, make it pretty fricking easy to convince ourselves that money is bad. It keeps us safe. It keeps our friends from thinking we’re going to leave them. And those that are in power don’t need to worry about us challenging them.

Luckily, all of these reasons are absolute NONSENSE. Lies we tell ourselves to protect our egos.

The bottom line is that money is FANTASTIC. Making money is FANTASTIC.

Because the ONLY WAY to honestly make money is to make (or help make) something (product or service) that other people WANT.

So in reality, when you say you want to MAKE A TON OF MONEY, what you’re really saying is that you want to figure out how to help as many people in the world get what they want.

And that is anything BUT evil.

Learn More:

Is Your DNA Holding You Back?

DNA Is Only The Beginning

Kick Darwin To The Curb

​One of the most interesting conversations is nurture vs. nature.

When we behave a certain way, is that our nature, or is it because that’s how we were raised?

Since they’ve only just begun decoding DNA, that question is still very unanswered.

It’s easy to see both sides of the argument.

It’s kind of like Einstein’s famous unsolvable mind experiment.

Imagine you’re in a room. No windows. You are either on a spaceship that is accelerating slowly, or you are on some planet that has gravity.

If you drop something, it will fall to the floor. The question is what experiment can you do, that will measure whether or not that thing drops to the floor because of gravity, or because you are accelerating?

So far, nobody’s been able to come up with an answer.

Kind of like obesity. Is it in your genes, or is it because of your childhood?

Most people don’t like the idea of things being in our genes. That means we can’t change it, unless we rewrite our DNA.

(BTW, did you know that diarrhea is hereditary? It runs in your jeans…)

One thing that is certainly NOT hereditary is your ability to make money.

There are plenty of examples of people with super poor parents becoming super rich.

Sure, it’s easy if you are brought up to believe that making money is easy, overcoming obstacles is easy, but it’s certainly not required.

A recent study has shown that rich people have more of a mindset than anything else.

A mindset that they tell themselves, “I can become rich, and I will become rich.”

A mindset that says their wealth comes from their consistent efforts, and not some magic money fairy that comes during the night.

A mindset that says no matter what obstacle they come up against, they’ll find a way around it, AND learn something in the process, so long as they don’t give up.

On the other hand, if you subscribe to some theory that if you ONLY say the right affirmations twice a day, and the money will somehow poof itself into existence, even a small obstacle will give you problems.

But here’s the thing. The feeling of “getting something” in the form of a gift is much, much different than “achieving something” due to your efforts.

The first one feels great, but it’s kind of like a sugar rush. Lasts for a little bit, but then you want more.

The second one, achievement, is in a class in and of itself. Getting something you worked for is a drug like no other. Because it’s totally under your control, it feels so much better than getting free stuff.

It actually gives you a deep knowing that your life is under your control. Not anybody else’s.

Getting to this point requires that you ditch those old beliefs about money once and for all.

This will do that:

How To Get Guardian Angel Advice

Advice From Your Friend

Get In Touch With Your Best Side

When I was in Junior High school, we had these dances.

Us kids talked all kinds of smack before, (at least the guys), but at the actual dance, it was a different story.

All the guys on one side of the gym, all the girls on the other.

Making that LONG walk across to find a girl and ask her to dance was TERRIFYING.

Funny thing was that once you got the hang of it, it was pretty easy. Since few girls said, “no,” we dudes all realized that all we had to do was ask.

Of course, that first long walk is the hardest. This is one of the main reasons so many people stay stuck.

For some reason, we all imagine we can get the goods without making the effort. Money, relationships, love, careers, anything you can think of.

But unless you’re willing to get out in the mix, it ain’t gonna happen.

Not what a lot of people like to hear, but there it is.

Look at ANY successful person, and they spent a LOT of time in the trenches.

But they know a secret most don’t.

And that is the road to success is most always MUCH BETTER than the success itself.

That ever present feeling of growth, of expanding comfort zones, of going to sleep proud of what you DID that day (compared to what you “received”).

Trouble is, most people are waiting for somebody to show them the way.

That’s kind of like junior high school boys waiting for the girls to come over and tell them that it’s ok to ask them to dance.

Sure, it happens, but not very often.

The bottom line HARSH truth of any goal is that if you want to get the goods, you’ve got to PUT YOURSELF in the game.

You won’t be ASKED to join the game. You won’t be PUSHED to join the game. You’ve got to stand up on your own, and get in the mix. Join the fun. Take a risk, and see what happens.

One way is to imagine your higher self, (or your guardian angel) who lives outside time and already KNOWS of your impending success. Imagine him or her standing behind you, giving you gentle encouragement.

Imagine them whispering in your ear, “Get out there and have some fun! It’s safe! You’ll be OK!”

You can conjure up your angel any time you like. See something you want, but are afraid to try.

Imagine them saying that, just the way you’d like.

And then get out there!

Why Do We Need Money?

Do You Really Want To Do This?

Would You Rather Dig For Food?

Many people follow a philosophy that says in an ideal world, we shouldn’t need money.

While it would be nice, not having to worry about money, we’d also be without most of the stuff we have now.

There’s a lot of popular writers and philosophers that say without money we could simply barter for what we wanted, but the cold harsh truth of economics tells a different story.

To begin with, all creatures must work to get food. The idea that some animals just kind of lounge around all day, and find food whenever they need it, isn’t entirely accurate.

Most animals both eat and are eaten. Most animals live in a significantly decreased population. And most animals know nothing other than survival instincts. Fear,  hunger, pleasure.

The reason money exists in the first place is because so many people are capable of making so many different things, that it’s impossible to simply trade what you’ve got for what you want.

Money is really a potential energy. A potential energy for ANYTHING you can do.

Whatever your contribution to the global economy, that which you put in, you get back money.

With which you can buy anything you’d like (legally, of course!)

The harsh truth is that most people have jobs they most certainly WOULDN’T go to if they weren’t getting paid.

Sure, it’s a nice thought to think that doctors would still be doctors, police would still be police, teachers would still be teachers, but in reality, if they stopped getting paid, most of them would stop working.

Is this wrong? No. Is this bad? No. Is this evil? No.

This is simply how humans interact on Earth. All doing what they can, getting paid, and buying what they want.

Without money, the whole system would collapse.

If you want more money, all you’ve got to do is figure out how to contribute more. Add to your skills. Interact with a wider diversity of people. Expose yourself to different ideas.

The vast amount of fortunes took lifetimes to build. But building your fortune is why you were put here.

Because in building your fortune, you necessarily must figure out what people want, and figure out the best way to provide it.

If EVERYBODY on earth was busily figuring out how to best build their fortune (instead of stealing it or gaming the system in their favor) we’d all be better off.

No matter who you are, or what your experience is, you are in the perfect place to start.

Because there’s no where to go but up.