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Behold The Mighty Language

How The Ends Can Justify The Means

Ends and means are easy to confuse.

I never really quite understood the problem with “the ends justify the means.”

It’s something you talk about in high school.

It’s generally frowned up to accept that any ends is justified by any means.

But I was never one to go along with how we were “supposed” to think about things.

Our teacher would say, “suppose you have an end to get money. Does robbing a bank justify getting money? No, it does not, therefore, the end doesn’t always justify the means.”

I would always argue.

I would say that the “end” was poorly defined.

That having a well defined end is justified by any means.

In the above example, you just re-define your “end” as “legally getting money.”

Of course, I was never one for blindly obeying authority.

When you tell somebody that the ends doesn’t always justify the means, it also presupposes that there is some entity that is capable of which “means” are acceptable, and which are unacceptable.

Even in my high school days, I was arguing against authority any way I could.

My idea then, and my idea now is that if you create a well enough defined end, which precludes any immoral, unethical or otherwise negative behavior, then any means you use is perfectly fine.

And perfectly justified.

In fact, you might say our entire lives are based around satisfying our never ending “ends” with as simple and effective “means” as possible.

But people who like having any authority will sneak that authority in any way they can.

And unless you know how to linguistically stand your ground, it’s very easy to get taken advantage of.

Humans are goal setting machines.

We cannot NOT set goals.

Most of the time, these are unconscious and automatic.

Getting up to use the toilet.

Getting something to eat.

Talking to friends.

But that inner structure is always there. And it happens hundreds of times a day.

You feel a desire, and you satisfy that desire.

This is why people LOVE taking advantage of others.

They can very carefully and covertly take over your natural goal setting ability.

So you’re not getting outcomes for YOU, you’re getting them for them.

Usually this is fine.

This is the conscious and unconscious “tit for tat” that makes relationships work.

They become a problem when one person is benefiting at the expense of somebody else.

You don’t need to get defensive.

You don’t even need to be assertive.

Just learn how to ask some very simple questions.

Questions that will force them to rethink their strategy.

Very powerful.

Very subtle.

Very effective.

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Conquer The Earth

Do You Use Genghis Khan Sales Strategy?

I read an interesting history book a while ago.

The author had a different take than most authors.

Most history writers focus on events and people, and people’s intentions.

But this guy was different.

He had a couple theories that the actual people involved in history had much less of an impact than most people give them credit for.

For example, many people consider Genghis Khan one of the greatest conquerors of all time.

However, what’s not usually known is that while he and his use horseback army were sweeping across the Earth, conquering villages and cities, that area of the world had unseasonably wet summers.

Once in a thousand years unseasonably wet.

Which meant a lot MORE stuff grew after the rains stopped.

Which for Genghis and his boys, meant there was a lot MORE fuel for their horses.

Allowing them to ride a lot further, and support a lot more of them.

Another idea this guy had was the bulk of human inventions were created for two very important reasons.

To make things easier and safer.

Since humans are scared and lazy, the safer something is the better.

And the easier something is the better.

Using these two “paradigms” (that humans are scared and lazy, and geographic and weather conditions played a huge role) history is pretty easy to understand.

Which is a pretty good model to work from.

At least the “lazy part.”

The greatest inventions of humankind were done to make things easier. So we could be lazier.

Air travel, microwaves, Internet shopping, all fantastic for lazy people.

Communication is the same way.

You can do it the easy, lazy way, or you can do it the hard, dangerous way.

The hard, dangerous way is the “hard sell.” Even if you aren’t selling, that’s what most people use.

It’s a contest of “ideas” and whoever can present their “idea” the strongest usually wins.

Kind of like Genghis and his boys showing up with thundering hooves and thirst for blood.

On the other hand, you can use the lazy way. The safe way.

Just sit back and pull out the other person’s desires.

If you make them big and bright enough, using the other person’s words and ideas, they’ll “stick” to anything.

Which means YOU won’t have to do any work at all.

THEIR desires will do all of the heavy lifting.

And they’ll LOVE it.

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How Many Limitations Have You Accepted?

Don't Accept Limitations

Don’t Let Them Tell What You Can’t Do!

One thing that can really motivate us is when somebody tells us we can’t do it.

When I was in high school, I’d decided to run a marathon. A friend of mine (who happened to be a semi-pro soccer player, and therefore in MUCH better shape than me) had seen me out jogging.

He suggested we run the upcoming marathon (about a week away). And like a dumb high school kid, I said “Sure!”

I told a close friend of mine and he told me with absolute sincerity that I shouldn’t run, because I’d never finish, and I might injure myself. While he was only trying to help, he gave me a surprising dose of motivation.

After about ten miles, I started to REALLY feel like I’d had enough. But I kept focusing on his voice, telling me I couldn’t do it.

I imagined finishing, and telling him so. That was pretty much the ONLY thing keeping me going. And believe me, it was very hard. I never been (before or since) as tired as I’d been from about mile 15 onward.

And for a couple of weeks afterwards, my legs were on fire every time I even stood up.

But I finished.

Now, as a high school kid, this was purely a matter of pride. I didn’t get any medals or money or any extra affection from my girlfriend.

But is sure felt good.

The truth is that ALL of us have heads that have been filled in with all kinds of ideas, statements and beliefs by well-meaning adults. They were trying to protect us, like my friend was.

But since they’ve told us about our supposed “limitations” over and over, and during a time when we were VERY dependent on their approval, we were much more likely to accept their “limitations” on what we can do as fact.

But they are not. Not even close.

What’s more, maybe they WERE right. But that was when you were a kid. Ten years old, or younger.

You’re not a kid any more. And those things aren’t true any more.

Isn’t it time you rejected them, once and for all?

When you do, you’ll be flabbergasted by what you can REALLY do.

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How To Expand Your Comfort Zone

Break Out Of Your Rut

Become The Explorer

I love to go exploring. 

When I was a kid in boy scouts, we used to go hiking. Getting to the campsite was pretty hard. Walking up steep hills in the hot sun for hours and hours.  But for some reason, when we’d make camp, me and my buddies would get a sudden burst of energy.

Throw off our packs and go running around, checking the place out.

As an adult, I have done a bit of traveling. Once I get to a new city, get settled into a hotel, I like to go out and explore.

Once, after about a 16 hour flight, I arrived at my destination about 7 PM local time. I had the intention of heading out for something to eat, and then hit the sack early.

But once I lost myself in the wonder if a big and strange foreign city, once again I felt that surge of energy. I didn’t make it back to my hotel until dawn.

Humans are natural explorers. We aren’t content to live boring lives filled with easy and safe routines.

To be sure, sometimes having a safe routine for a spell can be JUST what the doctor ordered. Retreat and regroup, mentally, physically, spiritually.

And it can certainly be easy to fall into a rut. Same day different stuff. Work, home, TV, eat, sleep work, etc.

The good news is you don’t have to hike some huge mountain or travel to a foreign country to break up your routine (although it would certainly help!)

All you’ve really got to do is change things up a bit. Even going out to eat once in a while, when you’re used to be eating at home can be enough.

Once you start to shake things up a bit, you’ll start to reawaken your natural, creative, explorer self.

The one that sees life as an adventure, instead of a chore.

Of course, this requires that you’re willing to take some small risks. Go places you’ve never gone before. Meet people you’ve never met before. Talk to strangers, if only to experience the pleasure of meeting new people.

This can absolutely be scary and uncomfortable. But it can also be exhilarating, and lead to some pretty amazing discoveries.

Not only about the world, but about yourself.

No matter WHO you are, or WHAT you’ve already accomplished, making a decision to slowly but consistently expand your comfort zone can pay MASSIVE dividends.

But you’ll never know unless you try.

This will make it easier: