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Create Subconscious Magic

Delayed Gratification

Save For A Rainy Day

​Many disciplines have things called “best practices.” 

Meaning they are things you do that aren’t always important in and of themselves, at least in the moment.

But they are VERY important in the long run.

For example, coders see writing plenty of comments within their code as a “best practice.”

Not that it makes the program run any better, it just makes it MUCH easier later on, if they need to go back and tweak anything.

If you are a gun enthusiast, a “best practice” would be to always clear your weapon (make sure there’re no bullets) before handling it or showing it to others. Even if you consciously remember that there’re no bullets, it’s still a VERY good idea, because otherwise you might forget and kill somebody.

Most “best practices” are closely related to certain disciplines.

But there are also “best practices” when building a successful life.

Delayed gratification is one of these. A very important one.

Think of the NOW you and the FUTURE you.

If you enjoy all your pleasure NOW, you won’t have anything in the future. That’s fine if you’re pretty confident that you’ll ALWAYS find something good.

But that’s a pretty risky assumption.

The idea of “saving something for the future” is built into our DNA. Otherwise our bodies wouldn’t be so adept at taking consumed energy and storing it for future use.

A more “modern” version of this would be to save money. Plenty of books speak about creating several different savings accounts. One for bills. One for fun. One for education. One for any future unknowns.

Many people are put off by this. “I can barely pay the rent! How the heck am I supposed to create a savings account for vacation! I can’t even afford a bus ticket!”

Here’s the thing. Even if you ONLY save a nickel a month, in each of the above categories, it will send a very POWERFUL message to your subconscious.

That you are taking your future SERIOUSLY. That you are taking your dreams SERIOUSLY. That you’re not just rattling off a bunch of wishes, and waiting for the magic fairy to come and give you free stuff.

Once your subconscious realizes you’re SERIOUS, your mind will shift. You’ll see opportunities you never even noticed before. You’ll think in ways you never thought of before. New ideas for making money, getting in shape, finding a relationship, etc., will start popping into your brain.

Like magic!

Only it won’t be magic, it will only seem like it.

Take action, and trust your subconscious.

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