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Develop Mental Super Powers

Autopilot Magic

A common sales technique is any kind of “auto pilot” system.

Make money on autopilot

Lose weight on autopilot.

Drive traffic to your blog on autopilot.

Why do we like the word “autopilot” so much?

It implies that “we” don’t have to do anything.

We just flip a switch, sit back and let some other “system” external to ourselves do all the work.

Is anything “autopilot” possible?


We humans are on autopilot most of the time.

Every day we think the same thoughts, eat the same food, and hang out with the same people.

Because WE are on autopilot, we like that we can achieve success by using ANOTHER kind of autopilot.

So we, while running on auto pilot, don’t have to do anything different.

Just reach over, flip a switch on another autopilot system, and then get back to whatever we were doing on autopilot.

Of course, the data says something different.

Despite all these autopilot systems, most of us aren’t getting any better.

Most people are just as broke and overweight as they always were.

Even worse.

Are we doomed?

Not at all.

But if you think that some other “autopilot system” is going to save you, then you’re in for a shock.

But you CAN slowly adjust your OWN autopilot system.

Suppose for example, you decided to wake up ten minutes earlier every day.

For the first few days, it would seem a little strange, but pretty soon it would be normal.

Just suppose, that you even made sure it was easy, and woke up five minutes earlier every day for a week.

Five minutes earlier than today, same time, every day, for a week.

Then every week you adjusted the time, another five minutes.

Every twelve weeks, or three months, you’d be up an hour earlier.

If you did this for six months, you’d be getting up TWO HOURS earlier than you get up now.

Since you’d be doing it very slowly, you’d probably start going to sleep earlier.

Since mornings are generally much more productive than evenings, you would be doing a LOT MORE simply by shifting those hours from the non-productive evenings to the VERY PRODUCTIVE mornings.

What could you do with an extra two hours a day?

Write a novel?

Start a business?

Learn something cool?

All this is possible by shifting slowly, five minutes a day.

Taking yourself only SLIGHTLY off autopilot, until your NEW autopilot is a BETER autopilot.

If you think in terms of slowly shifting YOUR OWN autopilot, instead of looking for another “magic” autopilot, you will be capable of much more.

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Social Super Star

How To Pick Up Good Habits

Modeling is often thought of as an esoteric NLP technique.

If you’ve ever studied to become a teacher, then “modeling” is one teaching technique in your bag of tricks.

Consider that modeling is like communication.

Meaning you can’t “not” do it.

When you were a kid, your parents probably had an idea of “bad kids” they didn’t want you to hang around.

The reason was that they didn’t want you “picking up” any bad habits.

And if you’re a parent, you know that kids have an uncanny ability to copy the very things you DON’T want them to copy.

This is all done through modeling.

Imagine what it was like way back in the day.

When life was simple, but hard.

There was no such thing as “book learning,” since their weren’t any books.

All the learning came from younger, inexperienced kids, (or young adults) watching and copying the older experienced adults.

The idea of one person talking and another person listening to those words is a very recent idea in human history.

Just imagine how hard that would be.

You listen to a bunch of words.

Then you have come up with an idea of what those words mean.

Unless those words represented a very COMPELLING idea, you wouldn’t spend a lot of time focusing on them.

Our mind-body systems are MEANT to learn unconsciously.

But this does not mean passively.

This means a lot of watching, copying and practicing.

Up until that last couple hundred years, this is how humans learned EVERYTHING.

By watching and copying.

This is also why learning from books is VERY DIFFICULT.

Problem is today we don’t have a lot of “models” that are doing what we want to do.

But we tend to copy them anyway.

Even if don’t want to.

We talk and act like TV and movie characters, often without realizing it.

Does this mean we are doomed?

Not at all.

But it does mean you have to be a bit creative in choosing whom to model.

Luckily, in the laboratory of your mind, you can invent your own model.

Which means you can model ANYTHING you like.

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run Like Crazy

What Hidden Secrets Have You?

When I was a kid I went through a kite flying phase.

Every weekend a bunch of kids would gather at school and fly their kites.

A few of the kids who had “cool” kites would have “kite fights.”

Once I tried to build a HUGE kite.

Of course, not yet being schooled in physics or aerodynamics, my kite was too heavy for me to even lift.

But making was fun.

I took two long boards, nailed them together, got a bed sheet (my mom was PISSED) and made a huge kite.

I didn’t even bother trying to fly it.

Much later, in Junior High School wood shop, I actually learned how to measure and cut stuff.

So you could build something that actually was useful.

One time in college I found a discarded oscilloscope.

I took it home and ran my stereo through it.

Kind of like a mini laser show.

Once upon a time, we humans didn’t have much.

Now we have TONS of stuff.

And when it comes to inventing new things, we can get pretty creative.

On one hand, it’s amazing.

On the other hand, it’s very puzzling.

Some inventions seem so obvious in retrospect, but it took a LONG time for people to come up with them.

For example, guys fought each other on horseback a LONG TIME before somebody invented the stirrup.

That little loop at the bottom of the saddle, to keep you from falling off.

At the same time, this is both crazy and fantastic.

Crazy because it makes us humans seem silly.

But fantastic because it means there’s potentially TONS of new things just waiting to be invented.

Simple things that might change everything.

All it takes is thinking a little differently than most people.

Looking at things differently.

Instead of using your mind as an echo chamber, consider using it as an experimental lab.

To try out different thoughts, just to see what happens.

You may be surprised what you find in there.

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Explore The World

Awaken Your Inner Explorer

I used to do a lot of backpacking.

On one trip, a buddy of mine and I decided to cut across a huge valley.

There wasn’t any marked trail, so we had to wing it.

This was before most people had GPS enabled devices, so we had to learn how to triangulate.

Meaning take an old fashioned map, put it on the ground, and try to estimate which mountains around us were which mountains on the map.

Then we’d line up the map so it matched the mountains, and drew a line from each peak, on the map, toward the center.

Where they all crossed was our location.

The smaller of a triangle, in the center, the more accurate the location.

Usually this is a pretty good way to check where you are, if you know now.

But it does require an accurate map.

And accurate maps require things like planes and satellites.

Way back in the day, before they had those things, maps were much less accurate.

If you look at some maps from way back before humans started traveling around the globe, they were very vague.

Kind of like the maps in the beginning of fantasy adventure books.

Before agriculture and societies were invented, nobody knew where anything was.

Nomads just spread out across the earth, following the sun and the edge of the sea.

Probably the most BAMF’s of all time, when it comes to navigation, were the Polynesians who went across vast oceans.

All they had were stars, ocean currents, and paddles.

Nobody does that unless they have a very STRONG reason to.

To explore, discover, conquer.

You might say that’s the human spirit.

To keep learning, discovering and creating more.

Even if you never leave the city of your birth, you have that ancient drive.

To keep doing more of SOMETHING.

If you can put that ancient drive to good use, you can create a pretty good life.

Build a business, create works of art, find new scientific discoveries.

This does require that you get in the game and get your hands dirty.

No maps would have been made, no treasure discovered, no peaks climbed if those ancient explorers had played it safe.

Get in touch with that ancient nomad.

The explorer within you.

And get in the game and get some.

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Genius Ideas Baby

The Birdhouse Strategy

Humans feel best when we are on purpose.

When we’ve got a reason to get up.

When we are in the process of building or creating or moving towards something.

Going on roadtrips is fun for this reason.

Part of the fun of going on a trip is the time it takes to get there.

If we could transport ourselves, like on Star Trek, from our living room to a faraway beach, it wouldn’t be nearly the same.

Maybe because the time it takes to get to our vacation spot (wherever it is) helps us to slowly shift from everyday mindset into vacation mindset.

Sitting in a car or a plane for a few hours literally feels like we are “leaving behind” our normal selves, and moving toward our vacation selves.

Which puts a HUGE barrier to insulate our vacation experience.

But you don’t have to go on vacation to feel on purpose.

Just doing a project which takes a lot of work gives you the same feeling.

Slow growth toward a better future.

Even building a birdhouse (if you’re into birdhouses) is a pleasant experience.

Taking something in your mind, doing the daily tasks to slowly turn your idea into a physical thing.

And once you put it in your backyard, (and see the birds using it) you can remember the process of turning thought into thing.

For a birdhouse or a road trip, it’s easy to measure your progress.

If you’re doing something and you don’t have a way to measure your progress, it’s easy to pretend you’re improving but you’re really not.

One of the “meta” ways to measure your progress is how much money you make.

On one level, this sounds very selfish and almost evil.

But on another level, it makes perfect sense.

So long as you aren’t a bank robber, the money you GET represents the value you’ve PROVIDED to others.

To be sure, there are a LOT of ways you can provide value to others without expecting to get paid.

But if you look at the money you make as directly related to how much you provide to others, it’s a fantastic way to keep score.

It’s very easy to focus on.

Do whatever it takes to EARN more money, and use that as your gauge.

For many people, however, this is VERY frustrating.

It shouldn’t be.

It should feel just like going on vacation or building a birdhouse.

Some people are lucky, and they are born with this mindset.

For them, making money is natural, fun and easy.

And it can be for you as well.

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She Wants You

Mastering Greed, Fear and Love

I love reading about and learning about the stock market.

Not just because it’s a way to make money (and also a way to lose everything).

But because it’s based on human psychology.

Sure, there are all kinds of technical and fundamental indicators.

GDP growth or not, job growth or not.

Technical indicators, MACD, slow and fast moving averages, etc.

Some of the indicators like the VIX (which measures volatility) is EXTREMELY complicated.

You need a couple semesters of calculus just to understand how the VIX is calculated.

But hidden inside all those indicators and equations is the human brain.

All of it is so we talking monkeys can have an idea of what to do.

And despite HOW we make our choices (buy, sell or hold) they are HUMAN choices.

Subjective choices.

I suppose of Spock decided to trade stocks for a living, he’d do pretty well.

But we humans cannot escape our emotions.

Experienced stock traders say that even after the BEST trade, they STILL have regrets.

I should have held on a little longer.

I should have bought more in the beginning.

I could have made MORE money.

Greed and fear are ALWAYS present.

Traders can’t get rid of them any more than we can get rid of hunger.

Jesse Livermore, a famous trader from back in the 1920’s, wrote a book about the stock market.

One that is JUST as valid today as back then, nearly 100 years ago.


Because human emotions haven’t changed.

Even back then, Livermore remarked that the psychology behind the stock market is as “old as the hills.”

Humans want the same things today as we did 1000 years ago.

More money, less work, better relationships, better sex, more love, more affection, less frustration.

Despite the MASSIVE complexity of daily live, the human condition is the same as it ever was.

Which means if you understand the human condition, it doesn’t matter what else you know or don’t know.

Because you’ll have a huge advantage.

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Treachery Is Everywhere

The Ultimate Origin Story

Lately there have been a lot of comic book characters getting a lot of attention.

Both “Universes” (DC and Marvel) have their own big plans.

And many lesser known comic book characters have been popping up.

If they look back on Western Culture in a couple thousand years, they’ll see our comic book heroes the same way we view Greek Mythology.

They share essentially the same archetypes.

Even non-superhero movies share a similar archetype.

That of the “Hero’s Journey.”

Even movies that don’t have anything to do with heroes of any kind follow this main template.

Something “non-normal” happens to a “normal” guy or gal, they have to step up their game and take care of business.

Whether it’s a coming of age story of a junior high school girl or a farm boy going out into space to blow up the Death Star, the structure is the same.

Funny thing is that most people focus on the hero, or the his or her journey.

After all, that’s where all the action takes place.

That’s the reason for the story in the first place.

But the interesting thing is that in nearly every single hero’s journey, the hero is CALLED.

And most of the time, they don’t have a choice.

Even then, they are often called, they refuse the call, and then they are put into a position where they HAVE to take the journey.

In fact, this “call and refusal” is in most hero’s journey stories.

It’s an essential element.

Some say this is an echo of being born.

We were safely in the womb, and the birth contractions started.

As if we said, “NO F-ing way! I’m not going out there!”

But then we HAD to.


Welcome to Earth.

The cool thing about being a grown up is you can play both sides.

You can still be “called” to go on journeys.

And you can call others.

At the same time, everybody wants to BE a hero, but we all NEED a hero to help us along.

You can be both.

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True Leadership

Awaken Your Inner Leader

We humans are pretty clever.

We are always trying to sneak our way around things.

Some shortcuts are cool.

If you can find a legitimately quicker way of doing something, that requires LESS effort and gets the SAME result, that’s a good way to make a lot of money.

Some shortcuts are different.

Some are dangerous, like when you’re driving across the country and try a shortcut and end up in Children of the Corn.

Then you’re chased around by little demon kids with knives.

That can suck.

Another way that shortcuts can suck is we convince ourselves we are getting the SAME result, but we really aren’t.

A lot of the “authority” we see in society is like this.

Everybody LOVES the idea of “having authority,” but few people like the idea of “getting” authority.

Authority is one of the laws of influence.

If somebody in authority says something, we tend to believe it without question.

And people LOVE the idea of being able to tell people what to do WITHOUT them questioning them.

So we come with plenty of convoluted ways to “get” authority, but it’s really only “pretend” authority.

When something SERIOUS happens, those “authority” figures don’t turn out to be helpful.

And they only want their “authority” so long as they are getting paid.

But humans will always crave real authority.

Most of the “authority” figures in today’s society is like sugar.

If all you ate were bowls of sugar, you might believe you were eating regular food.

It tastes good, it gives you energy, but in the long run, it will kill you.

After a while your body is STARVED for real nutrients. Protein, fat, vitamins.

Just like people in today’s society are STARVED for REAL authority.

Not the kind that is authority for it’s own sake.

Or the authority that needs a gun to back it up.

But REAL authority.

When you can speak with REAL authority, people will follow you.


That’s up to you.

You can get people to follow you anywhere, so long as you are willing to lead.

In most cases, if ALL you did was LEAD your own life, people would follow.

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Falling Into Sharks

How To Decipher Human Behavior

One of the curiosities of human nature is that being able to make sense of the world around us seems to be our prime directive.

It doesn’t seem this way, because this idea happens on a very deep subconscious level.

It’s as if the circuitry in our brains is incapable of coming to the conclusion that our world is purely random.

Even when we say, “Just because,” we REALLY don’t mean “just because.”

When we say that, it’s usually equivalent to “there’s some reason, but I don’t know what it is, and I’m not really interested in taking the time to find out.”

Because think of what it might mean if there really WERE something that really WERE purely random.

Since our entire universe is based on laws of science that are not only ALWAYS true, but ALWAYS true in the same way, we can’t fathom the idea of “randomness.”

It’s like in our brain we have a “divide by zero” alert. We HAVE to come up with a reason for EVERYTHING.

The problem comes when the REAL REASON truly is beyond our comprehension.

But unless we’re shrugging it off as “just because” we NEED to find a reason.

Something else comes into play as well.

Since our brains are organs that need energy, they’re always trying to economize.

So when it has a choice of spending a LOT of brainpower, or coming up with a simple answer, the simple answer, even if it doesn’t feel good, might be “better” than spending a bunch of energy trying to come up with a complicated answer.

Here’s a quick example.

We’re walking down the street, we smile at somebody, and they don’t smile back.

Our brain can spend a LOT of energy trying to calculate the REASON they didn’t smile back.

Remember, it can’t come back with a “no reason” answer, on a subconscious level that’s like a “divide by zero” error in Excel.

So what’s the EASIEST answer?

Usually it has to do with US not being good enough for THEM.

Problem is that on one hand, this SEEMS like the correct answer.

So it satisfies the “easy and quick logical answer” our brains crave.

But on the other hand, it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to be correct.

There are just TOO MANY variables to calculate.

Or at least that’s what we think.

In reality, most people are VERY SIMPLE.

We run by simple triggers that spur us to action, and we are blinded by simple biases that keep us from seeing things.

And when you understand what these are, you’ll have a SIGNIFICANT understanding of human nature.

Which means your brain will start coming up with MUCH BETTER answers when it comes to deciphering other people’s behaviors.

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Sheeple Are Everywhere - Lead Them

Leave Average Ideas Behind

Life is filled with tons of complex ideas.

But in order to make sense of these, we have to use approximations.

Metaphors, models, etc.

If you have the correct model for any system, it’s pretty easy to predict what’s going to happen.

But if you have the WRONG model, nothing makes sense.

Whenever we are trying to figure out what any group of people are going to do, we need to know their intentions.

This can be difficult, especially when most of the time WE ourselves don’t really know WHY we do certain things.

In fact, the “go-to” response for ANY kid when he gets into trouble is to say, “I don’t know,” when asked WHY he did that.

Even grownups use this handy excuse!

But here’s a useful model to use whenever thinking in terms of groups.

All groups of humans (and even all mammals) organize in a hierarchy.

This happens automatically.

Which means something that is ALWAYS on EVERYBODY’S mind is wondering WHO is in charge.

The truth is that most people are just not that comfortable thinking on their own.

Few people will EVER take responsibility when something goes wrong.

Which is why MOST PEOPLE you will meet in your life will be content to follow others.

It’s safe, it’s easy, it’s comfortable.

That’s good enough for most folks.

It’s also pretty boring, and VERY average.

If you want to BE above average, you’ve got to ACT above average.

Instead of being content to follow, you’ve got to LEAD.

Even if you ONLY want to LEAD your own life, this requires NOT sitting around and waiting for somebody to tell you what to do.

This requires you figure out what’s what, and start making moves.

Own all the results, good and bad, and keep learning and moving.

Funny thing is, once you start to LEAD your own life, people will naturally start to follow you.

Once that happens, you’ll have a lot more options.

All it takes you develop the inner “energy” of a natural leader.

Whether you’re building an empire, or a weekend hobby club, it’s a lot easier with “leader energy” and loyal followers.

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