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How To Tap The Hive Mind


The Collective Unconscious

​Words can often be misunderstood.

For example, Chomsky is famous for coming up with the theory of “Transformational Grammar.”

In which he described things called “surface structure” and “deep structure.”

People who liked to think of themselves as intelligent and insightful started to use those terms for many non-scientific things. Like the “surface structure” vs the “deep structure” of an artists painting. Or an interpretation of a book or movie.

But in reality, Chomsky only meant to describe a very specific linguistic detail of our common grammatical structure.

In fact, he was so upset that people “misused” his theory that he changed the name to s-structure and d-structure.

Another word that gets thrown around is Jung’s “collective unconscious.” Now, this could either mean ONE big brain that we are all hooked into.

OR it could mean (and likely does) the SAME structure that we all share in our brains.

He noticed that many of his patients had the same dreams, and those dreams had the same “characters” which he later described as “archetypes.”

It’s kind of like saying we have a “collective thumb.” Meaning we all have the same thumb that does the same thing. Not that there’s some HUGE universal thumb we’re all hooked into.

On the other hand, we can never really understand the structure of reality. We can only guess. And the bottom line is not whether or not we’re “right” in our description, it’s whether or not we can get what we’re after.

Consider the “hole” theory from solid state physics. A bunch of physicists were standing around, trying to comprehend the mathematics of a body of matter with super-concentrated atoms. So concentrated that there was very little space between them.

The math was MASSIVELY difficult. Then once scientist had an idea. Instead of treating that object as a collection of atoms (which there were billions and billions) why not treat it as a collection of holes?

There were a lot less, so the math would be easy. And guess what? It worked PERFECTLY. Even though it was clearly false (or was it?)

So, what really IS the super conscious, or collective unconscious?

More importantly, how can you interact with “it” in order to get what you want?

Well, try this theory on for size, and see if it works.

The collective unconscious is other people. Every single time you interact with another human, you are “tapping” in to the collective unconscious. Or the super conscious if you prefer.

One node in the VAST storehouse of human knowledge and experience.

One node in the network of creation, responsible for producing EVERYTHING.

One small neuron in the HIVE MIND of humanity.

How can you interact most effectively?

Here’s How: