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Are You Waiting For Free Stuff?

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What Are You Willing To Trade?

​When I was a kid I would love to go trick or treating.

I’d spend at least a week on a costume, and make sure I hit all the good houses.

The BEST houses were the ones with all kinds of decorations, and lights.

It was pretty cool to go door to door, say the magic words, and get free stuff.

Of course, it wasn’t free, but it felt like it. The people giving away the “free stuff” were also getting something as well. They got to see all the neighborhood kids dressed up. They got to get recognition from the kids if their house was particularly well decorated.

A lot of people, even as adults, seem to have the same strategy. We believe that all we need to do is say the “magic words” and we’ll get “free stuff.”

If you’re saying affirmations (magic words) and you’re not getting “free stuff” then all you’ve got to do is change your affirmations, right?

Not quite.

The whole purpose of saying affirmations is to change your beliefs. Then with different beliefs, you will change your behavior. Your behavior, of course, is how you interact with other people. 

And when you get “stuff” it’s NEVER going to be free.

Why not?

Because everybody who will “give” you “stuff” will ONLY give you stuff if THEY think they are getting something MORE in return.

All those adults who passed out candy on Halloween didn’t do it as an obligation. They did it because they got MORE out of the night than they put in. They emotional pleasure they got seeing all those cute kids dressed up was MORE than the effort they put on their decorations and the few bucks they spent on candy.

The only time you will ever get any kind of “stuff” is when you are giving the other person kind of “stuff” in exchange.

This can be actual stuff, this can be an experience, this can be good feelings. But it has to be SOMETHING. Otherwise, why would they give you anything?

This sounds harsh, and contrary to what many “Law of Attraction” gurus are preaching these days.

But if you ARE expecting “free stuff,” ask yourself these hard questions.

Where does this “stuff” come from? Who is giving it to you? Why are they giving it to you? Why aren’t they giving it to any one of the other SEVEN BILLION people on Earth?

The flip side of these harsh questions is that you really CAN get anything you want. Provided you find out what other people want FIRST, and then figure out a way to give it to them.

How do you do that?

Here’s How:

The Happy Popcorn Seller

Easy Money

People Want To Give You Money

When I was in high school I had a lot of retail jobs, usually related to some kind of food.

Selling popcorn at the movies, selling pizzas at a pizza shop, working the counter in various fast food places.

I always liked the fast pace, but what I enjoyed most was interacting with people.

Everybody’s happy when they’re about to eat something. They’re happy to be paying for something that’s going make them feel good.

Especially when I worked at the movies. People buying popcorn on a Friday or Saturday night before seeing the latest blockbuster were always in a good mood.

The conversation was just long enough to exchange smiles, a couple of “thank you’s” and then on to the next person.

This is the kind of transaction people overlook when they say “money is evil.”

Money is just energy. It’s how you use it that can be evil. It certainly doesn’t have to be.

Nor does wanting more money, regardless of how  much you’ve got.

Storing up potential energy for the future is a good thing. It’s even programmed into animals who hibernate.

When they are in “collection mode,” they don’t get angry at each other.

“Hey! Look at that greedy squirrel! Doesn’t he have ENOUGH nuts already? Sheesh! The nerve of some rodents!”

They are too busy getting as much as they can, to survive the long cold winter.

Humans are the same way. We have ZERO idea what future will be like. Yet we have this unique capacity to look out into the future and plan for what we think might happen.

So we store up as much “energy” as we can, which is our case, is money.

The more we have, the better we feel about being able to handle ANYTHING that comes our way.

There’s nothing wrong with this. Nothing evil about it. It’s only evil if you do evil things to get money.

So long as you get it “correctly,” there’s nothing to worry about.

How do you do that?

By providing value, real value to others. Just like selling popcorn at the movies.

Provide value that they’ll be happy to pay for.

The more you can do that, the more you’ll get paid.

Right now, you have an incredible amount of learning capacity. There are literally endless amounts of skills and methods you can discover that will help you deliver MORE value to others, and get paid MORE in the process.

The world is huge, and people’s needs are endless.

No matter WHAT you are capable of now, there’s people out there that need it. And are willing to pay for it.

And the more you increase what you’re capable of delivering, the more you’ll receive.

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