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The Chicken Burger Strategy

Chicken Burgers

Release Your Inner Entrepreneur

Many people shy away from the idea of being an entrepreneur.

Maybe they imagine sinking a bunch of money into a business, only to have it fail. Maybe they imagine going into a bank to get a loan, only to get laughed out of the building.

Maybe they’ve expressed an interest to their friends, who replied with something a little less than kind or supportive.

But in reality, everybody is an entrepreneur, all the time. It would be impossible to be alive if you weren’t.

How so?

First, think about what an entrepreneur does. They build a business. How? They take some kind of material, either real material or information, mix it around, and then turn around and sell it.

Whether they are turning chickens into chicken burgers, or taking researched information and turning it into Kindle books, it’s the same process.

They look out in the future. They compare an imagined better future than the present. They calculate what it would take to make that future happen. If they believe in themselves and their skills, they take action.

If they are persistent, they keep taking action. The more action they take, the more success they realize.

Sound familiar?

This strategy is hard wired into every single human.

It’s how you learned to walk. It’s how you learned to talk. It’s how you learned to do anything you can do now, including reading these very words.

Present state. Imagined future state. Action. Feedback. Action.

This is who you are. This is what you do.

Why not use this built in success mechanism to make some money?

Chances are, you already have. Even if you’ve gotten a regular “job” in the past, that’s how.

Only the person who had faith in you was your employer. They figured they spend the money and time to train you, believing you’d start bringing them MORE money than they were paying you.

If they didn’t believe this was possible, they wouldn’t have hired you.

If you’ve learned to walk and talk, and if you’ve ever made an honest nickel in your life, this is PROOF that you ARE, right now, a successful entrepreneur.

If you want to increase abundance, prosperity, and wealth, all you’ve got to do is KEEP DOING what you’ve been doing your entire life.

Just keep expanding your comfort zone. Keep looking for more opportunities. Keep getting more feedback that will make you even better.

And NEVER, ever stop.