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Which Hero Are You?

Dragon Slayer

Kill Your Inner Demons

​It’s been said that there are only seven different stories.

Meaning that of all the movies, books, plays ever written, they all fall under seven broad categories.

Seeing as how stories go back since before recorded history, they are likely the way they are because they mirror our human lives.

Consider three common ones, we’ve all seen and read a million times.

The first is the good guy vs. bad guy story. A hero, who goes out to defeat some evil monster. Luke vs. Darth, Dorothy vs. The Witch, Harry vs. Voldemort, and on and on.

Who is the evil monster in your life? Perhaps it’s those demons that live inside your head. The ones that keep telling you it won’t work, or you’d better not express yourself. Or it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What happens when you kill YOUR evil monster?

Another story is the rags to riches to rags to riches again. Somebody gets rich, but loses themselves in the process. Then they lose all their money, only to find themselves. Usually they get rich again, but they realize it’s not so important.

Have you lost your true self? What happens when you rediscover him or her? Do you think creating riches will make that much easier, and create much less inner conflict?

Another story is the quest. A guy girl or group has to go somewhere to find something. This is often combined with the first type of story, where you kill some evil monster.

What is your great quest? What is the purpose of your life?

As you can guess, these same stores are told over and over again, in many different forms, to help us remind us of our purpose.

To kill those inner demons. To find ourselves. To continue the quest of our lives.

No matter what part of your story you’re currently involved in, one thing is crucial.

Other people.

In all the stories, the hero (that’s YOU by the way) always needs a crew. A group of supporters to helps him or her.

Rarely is the hero a lone wolf.

When you can learn to not only YOUR truth, but carefully and respectfully elicit the truth of others, you will gather a team that will follow you to the ends of the Earth.

You can slay any beast, achieve any quest, all the while being true to yourself.

Learn How: