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Movie Stars

Sneaky Tools Of Manipulation

When I was a kid a read a lot of comic books.

And in the back then they had all kinds of goofy ads for goofy products.

Even though that most of them were clearly fake, part of me wondered.

This is, by the way, one of the reasons copywriters write these MASSIVE claims on their sales page.

So long as they get at least part of you thinking, “Hmm, probably fake, but what if it IS true?”

And then that creates curiosity, which is a powerful buying trigger. Then you buy it just to see, and when you find out it IS fake, you say “Well, I just wanted to see, at least I know…” which means you won’t likely get a refund.

Anyhow, some of the things were “fake” but part of me (especially as a kid) wanted to see, just to see.

(Sea Monkeys come to mind…)

But one of the things I KNEW was fake was “X-Ray Glasses.” Even as a kid, I knew if those really DID exist, they’d be illegal.

As cool as they would be to have.

(Of course, nowadays if you want to see through people’s clothes just go get a job at the TSA…)

But there is kind of a way to see what people are thinking.

In Covert Hypnosis, there are these things called “Linguistic presuppositions.” These when you take an “idea” and hide it within a sentence. To kind of “sneak it” past other person’s conscious mind.

These, of course, are used naturally. By everybody. But they are usually used defensively, and without any thought.

Most people use them to HIDE THINGS they don’t want other people to question.

It allows people to say things without really needing to be responsible for them.

Kind of like when people say, “I’m just going to throw this out there.” It’s kind of a “weak” way to introduce and idea, and take credit for it if everybody likes it, but be able to distance yourself from it if people don’t.

Once you start to study these patterns, you’ll see these EVERYWHERE.

Usually by politicians or news media. Who’d like to make inflammatory comments, but make it sound like they are coming from “somewhere else” so they don’t have to defend saying them.

But these “linguistic presuppositions” are tools. You can use them to covertly slam people and come off as a creepy manipulator.

Or you can use them to covertly uplift people, highlighting their best points, but in a way that doesn’t make them feel “on the spot.”

And come off as a genuine, charismatic person that people LIKE being around, and actively seek out.

To learn how, check this out:

Covert Hypnosis

See Through The Noise

See Through The Haze

Adjust Your Vision

If you’ve ever seen those hidden 3D pictures, you know how frustrating they can be.

Now, some people can see them right away. But not me.

The first few times, it felt like I just couldn’t “get it” while everybody else was saying how cool it was.

But when it finally clicked, it WAS pretty cool.

Even after that, it still took me a while, but once I got it, it was easy to get.

It’s kind of a focus thing, you need to look beyond what’s right in front of you. Pretend to look deeper than what’s really there.

Once I was out hiking with my buddies. I was up a couple hundred meters ahead. I came across this one hill, and saw this bear. I wanted to reach up and grab my camera, which was hanging over my pack.

But I was so close, that I was worried just the camera-grabbing motion would startle the bear, and either chase him away, or make him angry.

So I just stood there, as motionless as I could, and enjoyed being so close a to a VERY powerful force of nature.

He even looked right at me, and then quickly dismissed me. I imagined he thought something like, “I could kill you, but I’m too lazy.”

After a few minutes, I went up the slope, and over the rise.

When I came down on the other side, I saw something that TERRIFIED ME.

Two bear cubs!

Suddenly this powerful force of nature became WAY more dangerous. You NEVER get between a mama and her cubs!

So I FROZE. Only when my friends started showing up, and the bear and her cubs started walking down the hill away from me, did I grab my camera.

I thought I would have an AWESOME picture, one that would certainly amaze my friends.

Only when the pictures came out (this was before digital cameras were popular) you could barely see the bear.

Since I knew what to look for, I could see it. But none of my friends could, unless I pointed it out to them.

Even then they didn’t believe me.

Imagine if those people who made those 3D pictures never explained how to see them!

This is the danger of living with your eyes closed.

One the one hand, there are TONS of stuff out there that we simply can’t see. 

However, there’s nobody really there to point things out.

Which means it’s up to us. To change our filters, to have faith in ourselves to see deeper than most.

To look through the noise and see the treasures hidden right out in the open.

They’re there.


Can you see them?