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Looking For A Long Term Relationship?

Measure Twice Cut Once

Measure Twice Cut Once

Most guys have problems with women. Not that they’d admit it, but they do.

This is perfectly normal. Life is filled with problems. Otherwise it would be easy, and nothing would be exciting.

Once I was at this investment seminar, and the guy said that no matter how your investment works out, you’ll be kicking yourself.

If you lose money, you’ll tell yourself you never should have made the investment.

If you make money, you’ll tell yourself you should have bought more.

This is similar to that statement that there are two tragedies in life. One is not getting what you want. The other is getting what you want.

Why do they say this?

Because all the action is in the pursuit. If you’ve ever had a really big, important, out there goal, that you ACHIEVED, you will likely have experienced “let down.” Once you get it, and the excitement wears off, you can feel pretty depressed. After all, if every waking minute has been spent over the last few years pursuing the biggest goal of your dreams, and suddenly that motivating energy is gone, it can feel pretty terrible.

What’s this got to do with women?

Let’s say you see that girl over there. You’d love to talk to her. So long as you really believe you’ve got a chance, you feel pretty good. Maybe you get her number and you’re trading texts and calls for a couple weeks.

All the while imagining how awesome it’s going to be once you get together.

Then you start seeing each other, and getting physical. Then you start to feel awesome when you imagine if you were to become exclusive, and you wouldn’t have to worry any more.

Then you become exclusive, and that’s when the problems start for some folks.

You’ve finally got what you want, but that wonderful energy of imagining a better future starts to slip.

Pretty soon you’re going through the motions, and your eyes start to wander.

Trouble starts, and before you know it, it’s all over.

How can you avoid this?

It takes some work at the beginning, but it’s possible. It requires you set it up so that you ALWAYS have something better to look forward to in the future.

This requires you KNOW what you want in the future, other than a relationship. It also requires you take the additional time and effort to find a girl that ALSO wants that same thing.

So you can pursue it together.

This is the real glue that binds people together for decades.

Doesn’t matter what that “thing” is. Hobby, sport, financial goals, artistic goals, your own business, whatever.

All it takes is you plan what you want, and choose wisely.

How To Get A Girlfriend

Everything's Easier When You Follow A Blueprint

Anything’s Easy With Proper Planning

No matter what you want in life, you’ll never get there if you don’t know what you want.

I know, sounds like one of those catch-22’s. But consider this. All humans come preprogrammed with certain desires, that drive our instincts. Most of these instincts are shut off unless they are in the presence of our corresponding desires.

Once something is present that can satisfy one of these desires, we feel an almost uncontrollable urge to take certain action, based on our environment, in order to satisfy that particular desire.

Consider food. I’m sure you’ve had the experience if not being hungry, and then suddenly you smell something really good. Then all you can think about is food. If you are near the food, and it’s available, it’s nearly impossible to not eat it.

Like maybe you’re going to a party, and you don’t really feel like eating anything. But when you get there, there’s a MASSIVE spread of good stuff. Then you simply can’t help yourself.

Sure, you may tell yourself some stories like, “I don’t want to be rude,” or “Well, since they went to the trouble,” or, “I just felt like eating.”

But in reality, your inner caveman saw and opportunity to eat, and took over.

Same goes with seeing attractive girls or any other “trigger” that jump starts out caveman brain.

If you ONLY go by your caveman brain, you may get lucky, you may not.

Only if you take the time to decide what you want, and plan your life accordingly, do you have any hope of escaping the “I hope I get lucky” trap.

For example, let’s say you wanted to lose weight. So you bought a couple diet books. You decided to ditch all your food at home that didn’t fit your new diet plan. Then you carefully went shopping for only the foods that would support your new diet. And you avoided restaurants and fast food places as much as you could.

This, of course, would make it a lot easier to lose weight, or get in shape.

Most people realize this. And they realize it would take time. Plenty of time.

But for some reason, when we think of relationships, we expect it to “just happen.”

We don’t plan what kind of relationship we want, or the type of person we want it with, or where we might meet them.

We just show up and hope for the best.

That would be like going to McDonalds, ordering a couple of super size Big Mac packs, and hoping you might get lucky and get that six pack.

Take some time. Choose the kind of girl you’d like. Figure out how you’ll know her when you see her.

And go talk to her. Keep this up, and pretty soon you’ll have a nice relationship.

Who Is Low Quality? Them Or You?

The Global Marketplace

The Solution Is In The Mirror

There’s many qualities you’ve got to have to get a girl interested in you. Many guys are looking for what to say, or how to approach. And there’s no shortage of guys who complain they can’t find a “quality woman.” That the market sucks, or whatever.

But here’s a harsh truth most guys don’t want to hear: The quality of the woman you can get (however you define “quality”) is directly proportional to YOUR quality, as perceived by HER subjective criteria.

The real truth is that most guys have trouble finding “quality women” because they themselves are low quality males. 

Like it or not, male female interactions are just as tied to the laws of economics, namely the laws of supply and demand, as with any commodity.

If she looks at you, and figures she can get guys of your quality without much hassle, then she’s simply NOT going to think YOU are high quality. Which means when she interacts with you, she’s not going to be THAT interested.

Guys of course, perceive this lack of interest as a “low quality woman.” Meaning their eyes aren’t glued to him the entire conversation. She doesn’t call him back as soon as he thinks she should. She shows up late for dates, etc.

If you don’t believe me, here’s an exercise you can do that will force you to understand this painful truth.

On a sheet of paper, or on a word processor, or in excel or whatever, make two columns.

One column is the characteristics of a “low quality woman.”

The other column is the characteristics of a girl that has low interest in YOU.

You’ll find they are identical.

The bottom line is this: If you want higher quality women, you need to be a higher quality man. And high quality not on paper, but in person.

A man who’s ONLY high quality on paper has things like a good job, low credit card debt, his own place, his own car. Anything that she SAYS she wants.

If you REALLY want a girl to BEHAVE in a way that shows deep levels of REAL attraction, you’ve got to be a high quality male IN PERSON.

You’ve got to be self confident, easy to talk to, engage everybody in the group, have an ultra strong frame, ALWAYS be in a good mood. Never butt-hurt because she’s not treating you the way you think you deserve to be treated.

These qualities are very, very rare.

Which means when you take the time to develop them, you’ll have ZERO competition for all those “high quality women” that suddenly start popping up everywhere.

Short Term Or Long Term?

Choose Wisely

The Virtue Of Dating Patience

It can be a lot of fun to figure out how to “cheat the system.” I remember long, long ago when Pac Man was pretty popular (Yep, I’m THAT old!) Once one of my buddies got a hold of some “cheats” we could easily get through the first few levels without getting eaten.

When NLP was first unleashed, it didn’t take long for it to move from therapy to the world of sales. And it didn’t take long after that to move into the world of seduction.

Before long, guys with just a little bit of skill were taking unsuspecting ladies and firing up their desires. Take something like fractionation for example.

This is a purely hypnotic phenomenon that was later applied to seduction. In a hypnosis setting, it basically means speaking hypnotically, and then speaking normally. Every time you go back to speaking hypnotically, the person goes deeper and deeper into trance. Put them in, take them out, and then when you put the in again, they go deeper.

This can work in dating as well. You can use the same technique. Speak hypnotically, then speak normally, or what they call “fluff talk.”

Or you can be a bit more sneaky. Talk to her in one part of the bar. Then take her to another part of the bar. Then take her to a little diner that only you know about. Then take her to the park next to the diner. Or wherever. The idea is that in a few hours, it will feel as though she’s been on several “dates” with you. 

If she’s the kind of girl who will only sleep with a guy after a few dates, you can accelerate the process.

But then you run into problems.

One of the reasons people take their time dating is to feel each other out. To get to know each other. Even if you have hard core criteria, it’s easy to forget about them.

Traditionally, the whole process of dating is so you can “feel each other out’ on an unconscious basis. So after a few dates, you sort of know if you’re each other’s type or not.

You’ll also be building up some powerful “glue” that will keep you together should you decide that you are each other’s type.

This “glue” simply won’t exist if you accelerate the process using technology. Nor will you have gone through the sorting process.

Sure, it’s pretty straightforward to use technology to get laid. But you’ll be missing out on the subconscious sorting process, AND the “glue building” that comes with creating a lot of shared experiences together BEFORE you get intimate.

The problem with many guys today is they are SO desperate to get laid, they’ll do anything. But once they get laid, they suddenly want that girl to become their girlfriend.

That tends to happen after sex, unless you’re especially jaded.

This, of course, can present a lot of problems.

Just something to consider next time you’re out and about. Ask yourself what you’re after. A short term fling or a long term relationship. Because often times, you cannot have both.

Are You A Bully?

Is This Your Best Strategy For Gaining Compliance?

Stop Pushing People Around!

Many people are easy to persuade to do something. The truth about the best salesperson on any kind of sales force is that they are usually pretty high energy. You’ll see this in many different industries.

They may not be “in your face” type of high energy, but they are pretty relentless. In most sales, one technique (certainly not the best) is to simply keep closing until the client just gives up and buys.

There’s a famous book called “When I Say No I Feel Guilty” which is about being assertive. There’s a technique in there called “The Broken Record.” This is exactly like it sounds. You just keep repeating your point until the other side gives up.

It works great if your dealing with a fussy customer service person, or trying to get a refund without a receipt.  

What about sales, or even seduction?

First, lets consider sales. You’ve got a product, and your client may or may not want it. Ideally, they’d buy it for their own reasons. But if you sit around and wait for them to come up with their own reasons, you may be waiting a while.

So you start to push them, slightly. You say buy, they say no. You say buy, they say maybe. You say buy, they say give me a better deal. You say buy, they say OK.

Now, this may seem like some masterful sales technique that only advanced persuaders know, but it’s really only a hair above bullying.

You’re not really building up value in the product. Your just making it more uncomfortable for them to say no. So maybe by comparison, buying is looking like a better option. If only to get you out of their face.

The only problem comes when they get home, use the product, and find out it sucks. Then they feel conned. Angry. Cheated. By you.

Lots of guys do this with girls. Lots of girls have low self esteem. Lots of guys have low self esteem.

So what happens when you keep pressuring somebody that has low self esteem? They give in, that’s what.

But then they get buyers remorse. This is why you may be getting laid a lot, but then they vanish.

They are getting buyers remorse.

How do you avoid that? Don’t bully them. Don’t overwhelm them with what you want until they give in.

Take your time. Talk to them about things they like. Things they dream about. Their ideal future. Their ideal job. Their favorite movies, etc.

Of course, you’ve got to go back and forth a bit, ask and share, etc.

But if you spend some time opening them up, talking about what they like, they’ll start seeing you through the filter and frame of their own desires.

Which means they’ll start liking you for THEIR reasons, rather than yours.

Make It Easy:

Only If You Want A Quality Relationship

The Myth Of The Quality Woman

Is The Market Terrible?

Where you can find a “quality woman”?

I hate to break it do you, but they don’t exist. No, I don’t mean like that. I don’t mean in the bitter, “poor me” sense that you’ll find bleeding all over the “manosphere” (whatever THAT means.)

I mean that you simply can’t put labels like “quality” on people without having a specific set of parameters.

One thing that Maltz taught in Psycho-Cybernetics is to NEVER compare yourself to others.

Take the next random dude you meet on the street, for example.  You’re going to be better at a bunch of stuff than he is. He’s going to be better at a bunch of stuff that you. At least today. Tomorrow? Maybe a different story completely.

Does this mean it’s hopeless finding what you might subjectively describe as a “quality woman?” Not at all. But first, you’ve got to ditch that label, because it’s pretty meaningless.

Reminds me of this movie called “Punching The Clown.” There was this guy who was a singer/comedian. He had this weird style of playing his guitar while spitting out ridiculous jokes, that “sort of” sounded like a song.

One day, a big Hollywood Exec came to see him in a studio.

“Show me your FUNNIEST gag!” The exec said. So the guy starts singing one of his deadpan, slow boiling type humor.

The exec interrupts him. “No, no. Show me one that’s FUNNY right off the bat!”

This went on for a while, until the exec gave up.

Of course, the meaning of the scene is that “funny” is not some objective thing like a law of mathematics. Even something that’s funny to one person may not be funny to somebody else.

So stop looking for some kind of magical “quality woman” to jump out of the shadows and magically solve all your girl problems.

Change the word “quality” for “a girl that satisfies most of my criteria, and for whom I satisfy most of hers.”

Now, this leaves most guys at a loss, because they don’t really HAVE any criteria, other than she’s got to be hot and not throw a drink in his face when he talks to her.

So the first step is to actually determine your own criteria. What do you want in a woman? Naturally, the more women you interact with, the more you’ll find tune your criteria.

And guess what? You’ll find plenty of women that satisfy YOUR criteria, but you don’t satisfy THEIRS.

Most guys don’t like to hear this.

Most guys think all they need to do is shave, shower, put on some expensive cologne and the “quality women” are supposed to beat a path to their door.

Doesn’t work like that.

Is it easy? Not in the least. 

Will you get rejected a lot? Absolutely. 

Will it take time? Yes. 

Will it happen like in the movies? Probably not.

But it is possible. Just not easy. But finding a woman that matches your criteria, and for whom you match hers, is something that you should aspire to as one of your life goals. (If building a relationship is indeed one of your plans in life).

Not something that just “happens” when you’re out with your buddies.

Now, let’s be honest. A lot of guys aren’t willing to put in the work. That’s fine. They’d rather spend their entire lives without a woman, or short term relationships, which for many guys is perfectly fine. 

Ultimately it’s up to you.

What do you want?

What will it take to get it?

Are you willing to put in the effort?

Understanding The Fluidity Of Females

People Are Always Changing, Like Flowing Rivers

Can’t Step In The Same River Twice

One common mistake that men make about women is that they are somehow “fixed” in time.

The truth is that NO human is every the same, even two days in a row. You are always learning new things, discovering new skills, getting new memories in your brain.

They say the biggest problem in marriages is that women hope that men will change, and they don’t. Men hope women won’t change, and they do.

Truth is we both change, a lot.

Some guys buy into this theory that once they “get to know” a woman, that she’s not “supposed to” change.

Meaning they date her for a couple months, and expect everything to stay the same. Women do the same thing.

But when a girl likes a guy she’s NOT in a committed relationship to, she’s going to UNCONSCIUSLY be on her “best behavior.”

With guys, it’s the same thing. Only the UNCONSCIOUSLY driven “best behavior” is before the guy gets laid.

That’s why many guys have super tight game BEFORE they hit the sheets, but after it’s all over, his game crumbles.

Now, he doesn’t realize this, but she sure does. The night before he was a confident, sexy, smooth talking alpha that made her want to lose her panties.

But the next morning, he’s a big puddle of neediness. WTF just happened?

Bottom line of human nature is that when we want something, but don’t have it, we will act MUCH differently than when we have it.

Does this mean we’re doomed?


It just means you’ve got to create more attraction than the bare minimum to get into her panties.

If you TRULY want to seduce her, in a way that she’ll want you EVEN MORE after you do the nasty, you’ve got to think long term.

Now, this be incredibly hard to fake.

Sure, most guys can get away with faking short term game. But longer than a week, your true character starts to show. And so does hers.

So not only do you need to measure her during ALL PHASES of the relationship, but you’ve got to have solid game yourself.

The easiest way to do this is to make solid game who you are. Take it out of the “game” category in your mind, and simply make it the way you live life.

Always confident. Always friendly and outgoing. Always sure of where you’re headed in life. Always ready to bail if things go south.

Never needy, never dependent on the good graces of others. Always in charge of your own life.

Do this, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Mythical Traits Of Women

Got Girl Problems? Look Right Here!

She’s Right In Front Of You!

Many guys see women as objects, rather than people.

This is pretty obvious. But it manifests itself in a way that is very damaging to the men, rather than the women.

Men tend to assume them women fall into different “categories.” To an extent this is true. Of women as well as men. Physical appearances, religious beliefs, cooking skills, family background, etc.

One thing that all men claim to be “looking for” is a “high quality women.”

The act as if her overall “quality” is something like her height or her political affiliation.

If only it were that simple!

(You want republicans, go to a republican fund raiser!)

But you ask guys what they mean by “quality woman” they’ll usually say things like loyalty, integrity, won’t cheat on you, etc.

Now, this may not be something you enjoy reading about, but consider this “model” of the female population available to you.

ALL WOMEN can potentially become high quality women.


If a woman feels DEEP ATTRACTION to you, she’ll be loyal. She won’t cheat on you. She’ll eagerly follow you if you get transferred across the country.

The problem is most guys couldn’t create attraction to save their lives. They go out, talk to a few girls, get laid, and suddenly think they’ve got mad seduction skills.

But consider this. There’s a whole RANGE of attraction that you can create. And the simple truth about society today is that many girls and guys will jump into the sack without needing much convincing.

Absolutely nothing wrong with.

But what is troublesome is when a guy assumes that because a girl slept with him, it means she’s attracted to him as much as she can be.

But consider this.

On the scale of female attraction, getting her to sleep with you is maybe a 4 or 5 out of ten.

But getting her to feel ENOUGH attraction to behave like a “quality woman” she’s going to need to feel attraction at least 8 or higher, out of ten.

And sadly, most guys just aren’t capable of creating that kind of attraction in the girls they are interested in.

So what you have is all these girls interacting with all these guys. Sure, everybody’s banging each other, but nobody’s feeling levels of attraction more than luke-warm.

This leaves guys thinking there are no quality women, and this leaves girls thinking that this level of attraction is all they’re going to get.

Which makes them start coming up with these ridiculous lists you hear guys complaining about.

Certain income, certain height, job prospects, car, home, etc.

That’s natural.

Think of it this way. Imagine going out and picking up girls. Imagine ALL the girls you found were only 4’s and 5’s according to your scale.

How would you respond?

You’d probably start demanding that they have a LOT more going for them than their looks.

So if you want a quality woman, you’re going to have to take a good, long look in the mirror.

Accept responsibility, and start to work on your skills.

How To Find High Quality Women

Searching For High Quality Women?

Criteria Are Essential

It’s easy to feel angry and frustrated if you aren’t having much success with the ladies.

Even if you are “hooking up” from time to time, it can be frustrating if they turn out to be “low quality” women.

The thing about sex is it’s not nearly as meaningless as many people like to believe. Humans have been around for a long, long time, and we wouldn’t have been as successful, compared to other animals, if we didn’t have a lot of advantages.

One of those advantages is that humans are one of the few animals that form long term pair-bonds.

To make it even more powerful, humans are the ONLY animal that employ sexually specific labor.

Meaning that back in the caveman days, both men and women looked for food. But men looked for different food (meat or protein) than women (roots, nuts, berries, etc). 

Basically men hunted, while women gathered.

This became a HUGE advantage because humans could live in a LOT more environments than all other animals.

If the men OR the women came up empty, we were still OK for a while.

So it became even MORE IMPORTANT to our deep programming to look for relationships, rather than anonymous sex, like many other primates.

One way this plays out is guys think they are looking for a one-nighter, only to find they’re having feelings for the girl after a couple rolls in the hay.

Since women are MUCH BETTER at compartmentalizing this kind of thing, if they’re going into it with ONLY a one-night-stand mindset, they’re much more likely to hold that one-night-stand mindset.

The end result is a guy who thinks he’s looking for a one-nighter ends up having feelings, when she doesn’t.

This leads to many guys thinking that all women are sluts, or low quality, or feeling “cheated” or lied to.

Now, I’m not saying that sex within hours of meeting is wrong or immoral, but it CAN make it complicated to build a solid relationship, if that’s what you’re after.

Another reason for a lot of confusion is many guys don’t have much criteria. Meaning they aren’t sure what kind of girl they’re looking for, other than a girl that likes them.

Then when they have sex, they assume all THEIR criteria is fulfilled, but the girl might think otherwise.

She might ONLY see you as some “guy she hooked up with” rather than boyfriend material.

One way to avoid this is to have some solid criteria BESIDES her physical appearance.

Then take some time to sort for this FIRST, before sleeping with her.

I know this is against what most gurus preach, which is to bang her as soon as possible, but if you consider a long term strategy of building a healthy relationship, rather than a string of heartbreaks, it may be something to consider.

Build Your Inner Game: