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Measure Twice Cut Once

Measure Twice Cut Once

Most guys have problems with women. Not that they’d admit it, but they do.

This is perfectly normal. Life is filled with problems. Otherwise it would be easy, and nothing would be exciting.

Once I was at this investment seminar, and the guy said that no matter how your investment works out, you’ll be kicking yourself.

If you lose money, you’ll tell yourself you never should have made the investment.

If you make money, you’ll tell yourself you should have bought more.

This is similar to that statement that there are two tragedies in life. One is not getting what you want. The other is getting what you want.

Why do they say this?

Because all the action is in the pursuit. If you’ve ever had a really big, important, out there goal, that you ACHIEVED, you will likely have experienced “let down.” Once you get it, and the excitement wears off, you can feel pretty depressed. After all, if every waking minute has been spent over the last few years pursuing the biggest goal of your dreams, and suddenly that motivating energy is gone, it can feel pretty terrible.

What’s this got to do with women?

Let’s say you see that girl over there. You’d love to talk to her. So long as you really believe you’ve got a chance, you feel pretty good. Maybe you get her number and you’re trading texts and calls for a couple weeks.

All the while imagining how awesome it’s going to be once you get together.

Then you start seeing each other, and getting physical. Then you start to feel awesome when you imagine if you were to become exclusive, and you wouldn’t have to worry any more.

Then you become exclusive, and that’s when the problems start for some folks.

You’ve finally got what you want, but that wonderful energy of imagining a better future starts to slip.

Pretty soon you’re going through the motions, and your eyes start to wander.

Trouble starts, and before you know it, it’s all over.

How can you avoid this?

It takes some work at the beginning, but it’s possible. It requires you set it up so that you ALWAYS have something better to look forward to in the future.

This requires you KNOW what you want in the future, other than a relationship. It also requires you take the additional time and effort to find a girl that ALSO wants that same thing.

So you can pursue it together.

This is the real glue that binds people together for decades.

Doesn’t matter what that “thing” is. Hobby, sport, financial goals, artistic goals, your own business, whatever.

All it takes is you plan what you want, and choose wisely.

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