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Rear Window Theory

How To Obliterate Inhibitions

I used to watch a lot of “The Simpsons.”

There was one episode where Bart had a broken leg. He was stuck in his bedroom.

It was a riff on “Rear Window” by Hitchcock.

One scene, he had to race downstairs to save somebody from being murdered. But he had a cast.

So he had to limp. And every step he took, his cast got caught up on something.

Trash can. Electrical cord. Cat.

So each time he went slower and slower.

Most people are like that.

When you’re young, you’re a fearless genius with nothing but potential.

But as you move through life, you pick up all kinds of junk.

Most of them in them in the form of beliefs that just aren’t true.

Despite KNOWING they aren’t true, they still hold us back.

Sure, you KNOW there’s nothing rational to be worried about when you think about starting a conversation with strangers.

(Or asking somebody out or speaking more spontaneously or expressing your insight).

But it just “feels” like something is holding you back.

Or like there’s some kind of thick invisible sludge between where you are and where you want to be.

This is how beliefs work.

They make it HARD to take action, even though the action itself is simple.

Somewhere in your brain there’s an electrical signal KEEPING YOU from doing what you want.

Because a long time ago, you “learned” that it was dangerous.

However, in reality, it was only THAT SITUATION that was dangerous.

And it wasn’t dangerous, it was only perceived as dangerous.

By your young and inexperienced mind.

Because your brain is a super-genius generalizer, your young brain came to the decision that not only was that ORIGINAL situation dangerous, but ALL SIMILAR situations are dangerous as well.

Kind of like when you learn to drive one car, you can pretty much drive all cars.

But here’s the good news.

All you’ve got to do is go back in time, (mentally) and RE-WRITE that original event.

Just change how you perceived it.

That will have a cascading effect on ALL SIMILAR EVENTS.

So doing that “thing” will suddenly become easy and natural.

Whatever you want will become easy and natural.

Making money, talking to attractive people, expressing yourself with confidence and charisma.

Since all those beliefs exist only in your head, YOU are the one most capable of doing that.

There are many ways to do that.

Mental visualization drills, journaling exercises, hypnosis sessions.

All designed to go back into your past, and REMOVE your inhibitions at the root.

Giving YOU the freedom to live your life the way you want.

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