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How To Get Better Each Time

Secrets Of Continuous Improvement

Leverage Every Experience

One of the worst feelings is getting taken advantage of.

That’s why people really don’t like salespeople.

Even if you negotiate for something, there’s always a suspicion in the back of your mind that you could have gotten a better deal.

Even in a job interview, you may get the job, accept whatever they were offering, but in the back of your mind you’re thinking that maybe if you would have held out, you could have gotten more money.

Some people are good at sniffing out people that are easy to take advantage of.

I recently read a book about these people, written by a psychologists who worked in the prison system.

They had some kind of “sixth sense” for needy and desperate people. Then they’d swoop in, manipulate the crap out of them, take what they wanted, and then leave.

Even if you’ve never been outright manipulated, it can still feel pretty terrible if you think you could have done better had you only asked, but you were afraid to or not assertive enough.

However, consider how powerful that feeling is.

That feeling of, “I could have done better.”

What happens when you think of that as a resource, rather than a burden, or a shortcoming.

Then simply “reframe” that feeling to “I will use this experience to do better next time.”

Sure, it helps to learn from the past, but if you ONLY dwell in the past,  you can’t see what’s coming.

Think of each job interview as practice for the next one.

Think of each job as practice for the next one.

Each project, each goal, each success.

After all, no matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished, unless you’ve only got a couple minutes to live, there’s still plenty more you can do.

You can either use the past to “prove” that you’re a failure, or use it to “prove” that you’re always getting better.

It’s completely up to you.

Now, for some people, admitting failure, and then blaming the world, is a lot easier and safer than actually getting out there and trying to better each time.

Because let’s be honest, not a lot of people accomplish much in their lives, other than becoming incredibly creative in justifying their limitations.

What about you?

If you look back into your past, up to now, and then way up into your future, where does it lead?

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Blasting Off Is Only The Beginning

​If you take a piece of ice out of the freezer, it will melt.

It undergoes what scientists call a “phase transition,” meaning it changes from solid to liquid.

I once had this freezer that, for some reason, was the PERFECT temperature for some weird science.

If I put an unopened plastic bottle of water in the freezer, it wouldn’t freeze.

But if I took it out, and opened the lid, the whole bottle would freeze in a few seconds.

It was the COOLEST thing to watch.

Usually phase transitions take a while, like water turning into gas as it boils, but when it happens quickly it’s pretty cool.

Like in those super far north areas where it gets really cold in winter. People make YouTube videos of taking a cup of hot water, throwing it into the air, and before it lands it’s frozen.

It goes from the border of one phase transition (the water is steaming, so it’s going from liquid to gas) and then slams it into another phase transition (liquid to solid).

The idea of an “escape velocity” is kind of similar. Like if you happened to be on a space ship, trying to get out of orbit. It would take  HUGE amount of energy to blast off. Then it would take another HUGE amount of energy to leave orbit, and get out into space, where you’d avoid the pull of gravity from Earth.

Human struggles can be seen as the same way. You can be pushing along, not seeming to make any progress and then BAM! 

You’re up on the next level.

Most people are terrified to start ANYTHING unless they have some kind of guarantee it will work. And those that DO start something usually quit, because they don’t seem to be making any progress.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight you know how frustrating this seems. At the beginning, you’re losing a pound or two a day. But then for a couple weeks, you’re flat lining.

This is when it’s EASIEST to give up, but at the same time, it’s the most CRUCIAL time to keep going.

Because it’s all that work on the plateau that is building up, which will eventually SPRINGBOARD you to the next level.

Next time you’re stuck, look up some old NASA launches on YouTube. See how much energy, and force is requires just to move a couple inches off the Earth.

Then imagine that same spaceship floating through space, effortless, not requiring any energy. Just momentum.

The energy is within you. When you tap it, you need to tap it consistently. Let it build up.

THEN you’ll go through your own “phase transition.”

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Resistance Is Futile

Resistance is Futile


​I have a friend who is holds an advanced black belt in Aikido.

This is not really a “hard” martial art, but it’s not exactly soft either.

He described it to me as managing energy flow, rather than throwing or blocking punches.

Which means you need to understand energy flow in the first place.

He told me that people who study other traditional “fighting” martial arts like Karate, learn how to avoid a fight. 

By always being confident and assure of your ability to defend yourself, you’ll never really reach that “fight or flight” point, therefore, you’ll avoid fights.

But he said that Aikido will allow you to leave a location BEFORE even the idea of a fight pops up.

Like if you were in a bar and the “energy level” started to disintegrate, you’d sense it and leave.

Then maybe twenty or thirty minutes later a fight would break out.

It was also interesting how he described the first full YEAR of training.

Nothing esoteric like in the movies where they blind fold you and throw ping pong balls at you, or have you sit and try and hit you in the head with a broom stick and you grab it from behind. 

These are great party tricks, and if you’re attending some kind of seminar, their good ways to make you feel you’ve got your money’s worth.

But in real life, they’re not so useful.

Anyhow, my friend said the first year of training was spent rolling.

Rolling around on the mats.

Rolling away from punches, and then rolling on the mats.

Not plopping down and springing back up like Jason Bourne.

Accepting whatever energy comes at you, and simply rolling with it.

Not fighting it, or changing it.

Rolling with it.

Only AFTER mastering the art of rolling with the energy that reality is ALWAYS throwing your way, do you learn to work WITH it. Never against it.

What does this mean to you?

Well, within the Borg collective, there is wisdom:

Resistance is Futile.

Meaning if you resist what the world throws at you, you’ll get slammed.

If you ignore what the world throws at you, you’ll get slammed.

But when you first ACCEPT everything that happens, and learn to ROLL with what happens, then you can move on to the next step.

Using the energy of the world, channeling it. Bending it like a prism bends light rays.

Never stopping it, or ignoring it, or wishing somebody else would take it away.

Of course, the strongest energy is ALWAYS coming from within.

Most people don’t realize this, let alone accept it, or even begin to think about using it.

But when you do, magnificent things will occur.

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Do You Appreciate Your Gifts?

Your Gifts are Versatile

Versatility of Emotions

​Once I got an unexpected present from a woman I barely knew.

A coffee cup.

One of those cheap, safe gifts that’s pretty easy.

However, it’s been a while since I drank coffee.

Now I use that same mug to scramble eggs. It’s the perfect size.

Now, when she bought it for me, she probably didn’t think I’d use it as my go-to egg scrambling tool.

But as an egg tool, it’s perfect.

Most gifts are pretty narrow in how you can use them.

Like if somebody gave you a watch, you wouldn’t use it as a door stop or a piece of decoration on your wall.

On the other hand, some gifts are pretty versatile. You can use them however you feel like it.

Sometimes you can go too far, though. Like that old joke about the person who thought the DVD drive in their computer was a coffee cup holder.

All of your emotions and drives are the same way.

Sure, your sexual drive makes you want to have sex. Which makes more people. Which is kind of the reason Mother Nature made it hard to ignore. Same with eating. Or running away from tigers and flying things that want to eat us.

Of course, you don’t HAVE to use them like that.

Napoleon Hill speaks about “Sex Transmutation,” where you take that ever present powerful drive and TRANSFORM it into something else.

Art. Music. An invention that will save the world.

This takes a little thinking, and some mental practice.

Another raw emotion that’s hard to ignore is fear. But since you know fear is usually false anyway, why not train yourself to be afraid of something useful?

Like being afraid of procrastination.

Or being afraid of not getting enough sleep, or not eating healthy.

After all, the whole purpose of fear is to keep you from doing things that are bad for you.

NOT things that are GOOD for you, like talking to strangers, or starting a business, or beginning an exercise program.

After all, your emotions, feelings, thoughts and instincts belong to you. Why not use them to help you get what you want, instead of allowing them to be obstacles?

Accept ALL your feelings. All your energy. All your gifts.

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Are Your Fears Worth Fearing?

​If ever decide to become a world class tightrope walker, you should know the most important rule.

Don’t look down!

Here’s an interesting mind experiment. Think of a long, very sturdy, two by four going across two hundred story buildings. Ten meters across. No wind. 

Just a bunch of people down below watching. Some hoping you do OK, some with their smartphones ready in case you plunge to your death, so they can film it and become YouTube famous.

Would you do it?

Probably not.

How about for ten million dollars? Maybe, maybe not.

Now think about the SAME board going across some grass. With NOBODY watching.

Would you do it?

Why not?

How about for ten grand?

Hell yea!

Obviously, the two SEEM very different, but only based on what happens if you fail.

On the grass, if you fail, you just step onto the grass.

But how likely is it to fail? Walking on a board that’s four inches wide is pretty easy. You’d have to walk across while texting your friends or something in order to fall. 

In fact, if it were on grass, you could probably do it blindfolded.

Now, if it really were across a hundred story drop, it would be kind of a stupid thing to do, even if you COULD get a big stack of cash. After all, if you fall, you die. Even if the odds of falling are REALLY tiny, those really tiny odds could kill you.

But how many times do you imagine doing something, only to stop yourself because of what you IMAGINE the “fail” would be like?

Like talking to a stranger, or starting up your own business, or asking your raise for a boss.

Not only is failure not likely, but even if you DO fail, it’s no big deal.

So why does it seem so scary?

Inside all of us is a very ancient, and very scared caveman (or cave girl).

One that hasn’t learned that some “fails” are worse than others.

One that hasn’t learned that MOST “fails” are actually necessary, because they teach you some valuable lessons.

Your inner caveman thinks every fail means DEATH. Or exclusion from the tribe, (kicked out of the social circle) which also means DEATH. Cavemen and women didn’t do a good job surviving on their own. So we developed this HUGE FEAR of social rejection.

But just like our HUGE DESIRE to eat everything in front of us whenever we see food, sometimes our instincts are CONTARY to living a conscious, awake, rationally chosen life.

How can you quiet that cave dude down?

Like this:

Your Ancient Ally 

Listen To Your Friend

Listen To Your Friend

​Deep within you is a desire.

Many desires, to be more accurate.

Most people never spend a lot of time thinking about them, why they are there, how they got there, and whether or not they will ever go away.

On a deep and ancient level, they were put there to keep you motivated. So you would have to consciously choose to do things.

Eat. Breathe. Sleep. 

And for most people, getting these basic desires fulfilled never requires much conscious thought.

Just kind of go along with the flow. Follow the crowd. Societies are kind of built to serve that purpose.

People just keep doing whatever they’re good at, and things tend to work out.

People get their needs met, and if they’re lucky, a little bit extra. So you can not only get what you need, but you can get what you want as well.

And if you’re REALLY lucky, getting what you want will spur you to do something to get MORE of what you want.

After all, deep within you is a program that says, “If doing something gives you a reward, do MORE of that thing!”

And if you’re REALLY REALLY lucky, whatever that “thing” is will come natural.

That’s why MANY people with MASSIVE wealth don’t really know or even understand how they got it.

They just kept “doing things” that came natural to them. They just happened to be born at a time and place in history where whatever they liked, and whatever they were good at, whatever came “natural” to them got them more and more of what they wanted.

We should all be so lucky!

The truth is that EVERYBODY has something like that. A certain “thing” that just comes naturally, that will keep you getting more and more of what you want.

You may say finding that “thing” is the whole purpose of your life.

I know, you’re saying, “Why should I have to keep looking, when everybody else is finding theirs right off the bat!”

Well, consider what happens to people that find success REALLY early in life.

They kind of fall apart. They go nuts. Child actors, for example. Sure, money, fame, all that stuff we THINK we want, they get it without much effort, and it usually RUINS them.

You might say there’s a “magic middle.” You don’t want to discover your own “secret” too early in life, but on the other hand, you don’t want to suddenly realize what it is just as you take your last breath!

How do you FIND that magic middle?

Relax. Release. Look within. Listen to your friend. The ancient one.

He’ll tell you.

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How To See The Big Picture

Develop Perspective

The Power of Perspective

​When I think of all the toilets I’ve been to, there are two that stand out in my mind.

One is in the Strathisla distillery, where they make Scotch. Strathisla is not the best known brand, but it’s the main Scotch in Chivas, which is a blend, rather than a single malt.

The reason the toilet stands out is that it was fantastic. The walls on the inside were real wood. The door went all the way to the ground.  The toilet seat was the most comfortable I’d ever sat on. It was for tourists, as they have regular tours.

The other toilet that stands out in my mind is the one on top of Mr. Whitney. A buddy and I had hiked to the top, but we didn’t take the most popular route, at least that time. The most popular route is super crowded. You can’t go more than ten or twenty minutes without running into people.

On that particular trip, we went the back way. We started about 50 miles north, and hiked our way down. We also slept on top, which is not exactly allowed. 

Why was that toilet so memorable? Well, a week before, a huge storm came through. Tearing off the roof and the front door. So it was really an outhouse (they have to build them up there because there are so many people).

Three walls. And as I sat there, doing my business, I looked out over the vast mountain range that we’d just spent four days hiking through.

It’s one thing to look at a beautiful mountain range. It’s something else to look at one you’ve hiked through, slept in, caught and ate fish in. It’s something else entirely to be looking out over said mountain while sitting on the highest toilet in the continental United States!

This is what happens with perspective. Seeing the same thing from different angles, different sizes, and different time frames.

You can look at any event like this. That one public speech may be terrifying. But it could also be one small part of an education that may earn you millions of dollars.

That one walk across the room to talk to that attractive person may be the scariest you’ve done in your life.

But it could also be the start of a wonderful relationship that could lead to NEW life.

Your mind, your body, your ideas, all can be seen as forests, or trees, or both.

The more perspective you have, the more you’ll see.

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How To Maximize Psychic Profits

Pay Attention To The Bottom Line

Keep An Eye On Your Bottom Line

Many people tend to think of “profits” as a bad word.

The other day I was reading some blog post about some new show on Netflix. A commenter didn’t quite like Netflix’s strategy, so they complained about “profit chasing.”

What are “profits” anyhow?
In a very basic sense, it’s any time you get more out of a system than you put in.

If you grow corn, for example, and it costs you $1000 to grow the corn, and you can sell them for $1200, that means you’ve made a profit of $200.

If this particular corn farmer wanted more profits, he’d figure out a way to grow more corn. And so long as people weren’t FORCED to buy his corn, the more he sold, the happier people would be, since they were buying them based on their own choice.

In this simple case, more profits is good for everybody. More people that want corn get it, the farmer has a job he knows is benefiting people, AND the farmer’s making some decent money.

Of course, whenever there are all kinds of complicated laws and hidden agreements it can spoil the system.

But on a basic, fundamental level, profits are a good thing.

Even on a personal level, we seek profits.

For example, any time you think about doing something, you imagine yourself in the future, with your new “state” better than your current “state.”

Then you imagine the action and the risks involved in going from your current “state” to your imagined better “state.”

If you are successful, you could say that the difference between the two states (the better future state minus or current state) is your own personal “profit.”

In fact, many economists have called this “psychic revenue.” Meaning you get a benefit, but since it’s not money, it’s based on your own feelings, emotions, and subjective values.

And unless we think we’ll be better off, we won’t take action.

Now, this pretty easy when we don’t perceive any risks.  Then it’s simple, and often times pretty boring. Like some routine process.

Baking a cake. Buying something from a vending machine. Driving across town to buy something you want.

But when perceived “risk” comes into play, that’s when things get tricky.

If we perceive a huge risk, then we won’t take action. We imagine the outcome as better, but we don’t want the costs associated with it (going through those scary risks).

This is why it’s so crucial to get a handle on your fears.

Since most fears are imaginary and NEVER happen, there’s plenty of things that are easily within our reach, but we simply talk ourselves out of it.

Get rid of those imaginary fears, and life becomes a LOT more fun, and a LOT easier.

Ready to blast YOUR fears away?

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Remove The Enemy To Success

Expand Your Comfort Zone

How To Grow Your Comfort Zone

All of us want things that we don’t go after.

Most of us make up stories that we tell ourselves, in order to protect our egos.

Very few of us are honest enough with ourselves to admit the real reasons to ourselves.

When I was a kid me and my friends would always dare each other to do things.

Go ring the doorbell of some crazy ladies house.

Touch some gross looking bug.

Go say something goofy to some other kid we barely knew, usually a girl.

Many times, we’d actually kind of seek out our buddies and get them to dare us to do stuff.

Stuff we wanted to do, but couldn’t really do on our own.

Many times having a group of supporters can help you do things you want to do, but can’t on your own.

But some things in life, the really good things in life, you really do have to do them on your own.

Everything that is worth getting, is going to require some kind of risk. Some kind of action where you aren’t really sure what’s going to happen.

Many people simply aren’t comfortable with this. 

But those who achieve greatness, do so because they are comfortable with risk. Comfortable with uncertainty.

Now, this doesn’t meant that you need to go out and become a super hero or anything.

It means just expanding your comfort zone a bit. Just enough to feel like you’ve accomplished something worthwhile at the end of the day.

You’ve moved beyond merely handling what the world gives you (which is plenty most of the time!)

When you go above and beyond what’s required, when you push out just a little bit more, it feels pretty good.

Most people imagine that confronting fear is only when they pick up their sword and face that huge, fire breathing dragon.

But in reality, it’s those small behaviors you do on a daily basis. When you take a risk and smile at somebody.

Or be the person to approach the other person. Or be the person who speaks up on behalf of somebody else when something goes wrong.

You don’t need to wait for a monster to kill or a dragon to slay.

You’ve got opportunities every single day to conquer your fears. One by one. Little by little.

Napoleon Hill wrote decades ago that our most basic fears can hold us back from greatness.

From the wealth and relationships we deserve.

Many of these “base fears” live in our root Chakra. And left alone, they tend to fester and grow.

Taking daily action is a sure way to slowly eliminate them from your life.

Here’s another way:

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Are You Happy With What You See?

Look Below The Surface

Peer Beneath The Surface

Very often we humans use metaphors to describe things. Usually to make it easier on the brain.

I read this fascinating book a while back called “Metaphors We Live By.” by George Lakoff, one of Chomsky’s original students.

It wasn’t quite what I expected. I was thinking it would be about some kind of mystical metaphysics or something. Maybe the deep meaning of life.

But it was something far more profound, and illustrates how pretty much ALL of our thinking is based on metaphors for what lies beneath the seemingly normal surface of reality.

Basically, whenever we use a noun that’s not a real object, (sometimes in NLP these are called nominalizations), we have to use them AS IF they are a real object.

And the preposition (the word that comes before them in the sentence) we use WITH THEM describes what kind of noun our subconscious minds think they are.

I know, this sounds kind of confusing.

But think of the noun, “meeting.” It’s not a physical thing. Sure, there’s the meeting room, the table, the chairs, the people. But the meeting itself is an abstract concept.

What KIND of noun do our brains think it is?

A container. How do we know this? Because we say “I’m IN a meeting.” We don’t say “on” a meeting, or “under” a meeting. We say “in” a meeting. And we are “in” containers.

How about a train, plane, or boat? We say “on.” Like it’s a vehicle.

How about a team? We also say “on.” Because we travel with a team, to meet other teams. Also like a vehicle. Compared to a club, which is more like a container. “In” the club.

There’s basically five or six different basic categories we put these abstract nouns in (containers, barriers, passages, buildings, companions, etc).

Which means in our most basic, fundamental every day language, we’re describing these abstract concepts in a way that we can pretend to make sense of them.

Most people imagine that reality is pretty simple. That what you see is what you get.

But you know there’s much more. The surface is just what’s on top.

What if all you thought about the ocean was what it looked like on top?

You know that there’s MUCH MORE to this “reality” than meets the eye. Much more underneath the surface. 

Stuff most people don’t even know exists, let alone go looking for.

How about you?

Are you willing to dig through the false surface, to see what’s REALLY inside?

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