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Maximize Your DNA

Maximize Your DNA

Once I went on this backpacking trip with a couple buddies.

We went from one end of Scotland to the other, and went to a bunch of distilleries along the way.

Most of the time we stayed in pretty rural areas, but every once in a while we’d walk through a city.

We each had HUGE backpacks filled with all kinds of junk.

Once we were walking down the sidewalk of a relatively large city, and some guy hanging out said:

“There goes the snail, carrying his house on his back.”

Which I thought was pretty funny. Because when you carry so much junk around, you tend to walk pretty slow.

The funny thing about snails is they always tend to look for the same type of shells.

Scientists call this an “Extended Phenotype.” A phenotype is your physical appearance, compared to your genotype which is the makeup of your genes.

An extended phenotype is the idea that some creatures build up their “bodies” by transforming the world around them.

Beavers building damns, for example.

A lot of things we think of as “choice” are really genetically programmed into us.

At first, this sounds like bad news. Meaning if all we are is a collection of genes, our choice and free will don’t have much say in the matter.

The thing about us humans thought is ON TOP of our all genetically programmed instincts is MASSIVE FLEXIBILITY.

Think of it this way. Say you were walking down the street, and you saw a dollar (or whatever money they use in your country). You’d AUTOMATICALLY pick it up, right?

Now, how long do you think it would take to LEARN a new money, say if you were on vacation or something.

Meaning how long would it take before you had the same reaction upon seeing the DIFFERENT type of money?

Not long!

Another thing that you have PRE-PROGRAMMED into you (which almost nobody takes advantage of) is your goal seeking ability.

Every single action you take is to achieve an outcome. Even if you are flipping channels on TV, each time you push the button, you are HOPING to increase your level of pleasure. Humans are ALWAYS looking out into the future and trying to ACHIEVE a better state.

You CANNOT NOT do this.

But when it comes to CONSCIOUSLY choosing that better state, most people don’t know how.

They make wishes, they hope for magic, they wait until tomorrow, or whatever other excuse pops in their brains.

But when you make efforts to take your GENETICALLY PROGRAMMED goal seeking behavior, and layer some consciously chosen goals on top of it, THAT is what a fully engaged life feels like.

That’s when you start to fully realize your potential as a human.

Choose what you want, and get started:

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The Ancient Power Of Life

The Ancient Power Within

Bees and ants are pretty interesting. They both are colonies, made up of individuals, but can also be treated as a standalone entity.

A brain center, flow of energy, waste disposal. When they get big enough, they split off and form two separate colonies.

Almost like a cell dividing and dividing until a whole new organism is formed.

All our DNA is the same. Meaning a DNA in one area will turn into an eye, while the same DNA in another area will turn into a finger.

The DNA somehow knows what to become, based on a myriad of environmental factors.

Many believe that human life on Earth is like one big organism. Certainly looked at on a meta level, it sure can look like one.

Many believe the “super conscious” is the collective unconscious of all “individual” entities on Earth past, present and future.

One really mind bender is if you consider the very first organism that crawled out of the sludge many, many eons ago.

It replicated, again and again and again, until we have the massive diversity of life that exists today.

All life seems to be imprinted with the same “prime directive,” which is to make more copies of itself.

In order to do that, it has to interact with its environment, interact with other like elements, and just keep on building.

Richard Dawkins wrote an interesting book called “The Extended Phenotype.” A genotype is the biological outcome of our genes. Brown eyes, black hair, etc. A phenotype is a non-biological outcome of our genes. Like a snail’s shell or a beaver’s dam.

He postulated that everything we have on Earth can be thought of as the “human phenotype.” All of our artwork, medicine, music, jars of peanut butter and sofas.

Which means making things is part of our DNA.

But not just making them, but making whatever we can, and then trading them for what we want.

The energy that connects all this, of course, is money.

Without money, that free flowing river of creative inventions simply wouldn’t exist.

It’s that metaphysical energy that connects people of different languages, different cultures, and different beliefs.

As soon as ancient cultures came in contact with each other, they started trading what they had, for what they wanted.

Luckily, it’s easier than every to participate. There’s an explosion in human need, as well as an explosion of ways to satisfy those needs.

All you’ve got to do is get in the game, and start playing.