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Your Ancient Ally 

Listen To Your Friend

Listen To Your Friend

​Deep within you is a desire.

Many desires, to be more accurate.

Most people never spend a lot of time thinking about them, why they are there, how they got there, and whether or not they will ever go away.

On a deep and ancient level, they were put there to keep you motivated. So you would have to consciously choose to do things.

Eat. Breathe. Sleep. 

And for most people, getting these basic desires fulfilled never requires much conscious thought.

Just kind of go along with the flow. Follow the crowd. Societies are kind of built to serve that purpose.

People just keep doing whatever they’re good at, and things tend to work out.

People get their needs met, and if they’re lucky, a little bit extra. So you can not only get what you need, but you can get what you want as well.

And if you’re REALLY lucky, getting what you want will spur you to do something to get MORE of what you want.

After all, deep within you is a program that says, “If doing something gives you a reward, do MORE of that thing!”

And if you’re REALLY REALLY lucky, whatever that “thing” is will come natural.

That’s why MANY people with MASSIVE wealth don’t really know or even understand how they got it.

They just kept “doing things” that came natural to them. They just happened to be born at a time and place in history where whatever they liked, and whatever they were good at, whatever came “natural” to them got them more and more of what they wanted.

We should all be so lucky!

The truth is that EVERYBODY has something like that. A certain “thing” that just comes naturally, that will keep you getting more and more of what you want.

You may say finding that “thing” is the whole purpose of your life.

I know, you’re saying, “Why should I have to keep looking, when everybody else is finding theirs right off the bat!”

Well, consider what happens to people that find success REALLY early in life.

They kind of fall apart. They go nuts. Child actors, for example. Sure, money, fame, all that stuff we THINK we want, they get it without much effort, and it usually RUINS them.

You might say there’s a “magic middle.” You don’t want to discover your own “secret” too early in life, but on the other hand, you don’t want to suddenly realize what it is just as you take your last breath!

How do you FIND that magic middle?

Relax. Release. Look within. Listen to your friend. The ancient one.

He’ll tell you.

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