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Making Sense of Life’s Variables

Get In The Game

Get In The Game

​In mathematics there’s an idea of a “local maximum.”

If you’ve got this crazy one dimensional curve that goes all over the place, a “local maximum” is the high point of the curve between to numbers. Since many math functions theoretically hold for ALL numbers, you’ve got first define the range (say between 8 and 12) and then find the maximum between those points.

The more variables you introduce, the more difficult it becomes. Even in two dimensions, the “local maximum” becomes hard to “see.”

Imagine a bunch of low hills over a huge area.  You might choose one or two square miles, and have to find the highest point. It’s kind of hard to do this by eye-balling, so you’d have to use some equipment, climb a bunch of different peaks and measure to find out.

Of course, mountains are just  metaphors for variables. If you’ve got an equation with TONS of variables, it’s really impossible to fit that to any three dimensional metaphor.

How many variables are there in human life? Billions. Trillions.

And they are not static. They are all interdependent.

You make eye contact with somebody on the street, and it affects their mood, which affects all the people THEY interact with, which in turn affects all THOSE people, and on and on.

Clearly, this is WAY to complicated to even APPROXIMATE with your conscious mind.

This is why expecting some kind of step by step method to ANY success that you can CONSCIOUSLY understand is kind of missing the point.

Imagine a basketball coach telling his players EXACTLY where to dribble the ball, exactly when to pass it (down to the second) and exactly WHEN to shoot.

It would be ridiculous because nobody would have ANY IDEA what to do until they interact with the other team.

Same in life. It is IMPOSSIBLE to tell anybody how to get anything, unless they get out and interact with life, and respond based on what they see, moment to moment.

If you try to do this consciously, you’ll be frozen.

But if you just relax, and TRUST you instinct, your subconscious, you’ll do a LOT better.

Of course, you need to have two things for this to work.

One is you need to have a clear idea of what you want.

Two is you need a strong solid belief that you can and will get it.

You don’t need to know how. You don’t need to know when.

You just need to know.

If you have these two things, and a willingness to take action, you’ll get what you want.

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