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You're The Cool Boy

Learn Secret Skills Nobody Knows

Many people believe that NLP is a myth.

A “pseudo-science.”

Some kind of snake oil scam.

And for most people, it is.

That is actually GOOD NEWS.

This is how it’s generally taught.

Somewhere along the line, the idea popped up that NLP could be “unconsciously installed” into people.

That all you had to do was sit in a seminar and sort of “soak” up the ideas and techniques.

When you finished, you took a VERY EASY test, and received your NLP certificate.

The VAST MAJORITY of NLP “Practitioners” and “Trainers” have gone through this kind of “training.”

This is how people “experience” NLP.

They hear somebody talk about it.

They do a few exercises in the seminar room, and BAM!

Everybody’s a “practitioner.”

But consider learning something else like that.

Say, a martial art.

Suppose you took a two week course in martial arts.

And they actually gave you a black belt, after giving you a VERY EASY test.

How confident would you be in your “fighting” abilities?

Or how about playing a musical instrument?

Suppose you took a two week intensive course on songwriting.

And before this “music practitioner course” you didn’t know ANYTHING about music.

What would your musical skills be AFTER this two week seminar?

Clearly, when learning skills like music or martial arts, we instinctively know it will take a LONG TIME to learn them.

But something that is MORE COMPLICATED (human communication) we somehow think we can become “master practitioners” after a couple of weeks.

Is it any wonder that most folks think that NLP is a pseudo science?

But here’s the good news.

Not only is NLP EXTREMELY POWERFUL, but you don’t need to learn it from a seminar.

The actual techniques are very simple.

But they take PRACTICE.

And just like anything else, the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Now, if it’s important to have a “certificate” that says you’ve got some kind of cool skills, that’s one thing.

But if you WANT the actual SKILLS, then you can get started today.

Because if you take just a few minutes a day of mental practice, pretty soon you will have MORE skills than even the most famous NLP Trainers.

So instead of running around talking about NLP, you can USE NLP to create a magnificent life.

And you don’t need to tell anybody.

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Circular Loops of Passion

The Best Loop of All

Feedback loops can be pretty cool.

They can also suck.

If you’re in a “good” feedback loop, life seems awesome.

Whatever you do works, which boosts your confidence, which makes it easier to take risks, which work (because you’re confident and operating more efficiently), which boost your confidence, etc.

On the other hand, it can be horrible to be trapped in a negative loop.

Whatever you try doesn’t work, which KILLS your confidence, which makes you less likely to succeed next time, which makes your confidence drop even lower.

How do you move from a negative loop to a positive loop?

Take a break, clear your head, do something different.

Even professional athletes need to be taken out of the game from time to time to kill a slump.

The best feedback loops happen when every success makes MORE success MORE likely.

This tend to stay intact for a while.

But they can also take the longest to get going.

An exercise program is an example.

If you haven’t exercised in a while, getting started can be tough.

But if you stick to it, you’ll reach a “tipping point” where the IMMEDIATE benefit (rather than the expected long term benefit) is greater than the amount of willpower you need.

This is when you get to the point where you can’t NOT exercise.

It’s become part of who you are.

You can think of your brain the same way.

If you’re stuck in a “lazy” rut, where all you do with your gray matter is pass the time (TV, video games, social media, etc) then it be tough to break out of.

But when you reach a “mental” tipping point where learning things, reading non-fiction, etc., give you MORE pleasure than what you USED to do (TV, video games, etc) then you’ve found the BEST positive loop there is.

If you’re getting in shape, there’s really only so much you can do.

If you were a runner, for example, once you got down to 4-5 minute miles that would be it.

But with your brain, the are NO limits.

Which means if you become somebody who has a HOBBY or even a PASTTIME of learning, you’ll NEVER run out of interesting things to do.
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Become A Natural Heartbreaker

She’ll Want You To Stay

Here’s wicked mind trick to play on a girl.

It’s not really mean, but it can be if you deliver it the wrong way.

If you do it playfully, it will make her VERY INTERESTED in you.

You see a girl you’re interested in. Then you find something about her (not her looks or anything based on her genetics) that you’d like to talk about.

Something that she CHOSE, like an article of clothing or something.

Understand this is NOT a neg hit or anything like that. You are just looking for something you’re generally interested in asking her about.

You walk up, and ask her the question.

“Excuse me, I noticed you had an interesting pair of shoes, I was wondering what the story was behind them.”

You’ve got to say this as even as possible. Not slyly, like you’re waiting to deliver a witty punch line or anything. It helps if you really ARE genuinely curious. It won’t work if she’s wearing a plain pair of shoes.

She’ll tell you, and then you ask a couple follow up questions. Then when you’re satisfied, say something like this:

“Thanks. I thought you were pretty cute and then I saw your shoes and just had to know. Take care,” and then SPLIT.

This is NOT a trick to get her number.

This is NOT a trick to make her like you.

This is a MASSIVE confidence building exercise.

It ONLY WORKS if you walk away BEFORE it gets uncomfortable.

Because as you walk away, you’ll FEEL HER watching you and wondering why the heck you didn’t number close her.

Do this enough times and it will build up MASSIVE CONFIDENCE in your ability to talk to and create attraction in women.

Which means any girl you talk to will be begging for more.

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Always Be Chasing Your Dreams

Make Women Hungry For You

There are a lot of ways you can increase your luck with the ladies.

Fortunately, creating attraction in females is a skill.

Or at the very least, it can be.

Most people don’t know how it works so they just keep trying with different ladies until they find somebody they naturally “click” with.

This does work, but it’s pretty haphazard.

A much better method is to understand what she wants, or more accurately, what kind of things she’ll respond to.

It’s helpful to think of female attraction like an instinct.

Much like hunger.

You can’t really talk somebody into being hungry.

But if you describe a meal you had, or get them near a restaurant where they can smell the food cooking, they’ll get hungry.

Similarly, you can create attraction the same way. Simply provide the right stimuli that naturally creates attraction in women.

Luckily, this has very little to do with how you look, and much more to do with how you behave.

And what behavior drives her crazy?

A guy that makes her feel certain emotions, AND that she can’t control.

And when you add social proof on top of this, she’ll go crazy.

The only drawback is if you’re trying to create this in a specific girl, it’s pretty difficult.

It’s much easier to start to create these feelings in women in general.

Then simply choose from all the girls that are naturally attracted to your behaviors.

What kind of behaviors?

Somebody who is comfortable around people. Somebody that is NOT needy. Somebody that doesn’t hang around “hoping” for something good to happen.

The best way to practice this is to simply try to get a positive response from ANY GIRL, and keep moving.

This will subtly change your behavior in a very powerful way.

You’ll be building in a strong belief, based on real evidence, that girls simply cannot get enough of you.

This will change your “energy” which is the sum total of all your non-verbal signals that you’re always sending out.

This is the confident “energy” that women go crazy for.

It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but if you start practicing, pretty soon you’ll be seeing girls in a much different light.

Because they’ll be looking at YOU a lot differently.

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Social Confidence

Help Save The World

There’s a cool concept in economics called the “invisible hand.”

It’s not a reference to God or anything metaphysical. It’s a metaphor for the amazingly powerful intellect of the “hive mind.”

For example, when the space shuttle blew up in the late 80’s, there were three possible causes.

Three companies that made three different components.

It took NASA six months of full investigations to find out exactly what happened.

But the “hive mind” knew within a few hours.

The three companies (we’ll call them, A, B, and C) all went down immediately on the stock market right after the explosion.

But by the end of the day, A and B recovered. C never did.

Six months of experiments later, NASA did indeed prove that the product made by company C was the culprit.

Keep in mind this way back in the 1980’s. WAY before the Internet.

This works equally well in prices.

Nobody needs to know how or why the price of cheeseburgers is suddenly twice as high.

But if anybody’s on the fence, and thinking about opening up a cheeseburger shop, the rising price is a clear signal that people WANT cheeseburgers.

So people open up more shops to satisfy the need.

The “hive mind” demanded more cheeseburgers, and the “hive mind” provided cheeseburgers.

Inventions work the same way. Nobody can EVER predict what will be invented.

But when you’ve got millions of people all independently thinking of how to make stuff better, you’re BOUND to get some awesome creativity.

If there’s one main ingredient in all of these examples, inter-human connectivity and communication is essential.

People need to interact, to communicate, to share and pass along ideas.

Kind of like the old “telephone” game from elementary school. One kid starts with a message, and whispers it into the next kid’s ear. By the time it goes around the whole class, the message is completely different.

For simple messages, this is a goofy exercise.

But when it comes to ideas, it can be magical.

One idea passed through a million minds can transform into a life saving medicine, or a breakthrough in manufacturing, or a much faster way to travel.

Again, all requiring human communication.

The better you can interact with others, share your ideas, take their ideas and make them better, the more you’ll help change the world.

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Maximum Social Confidence

Easily Develop Rare Conversational and Social Skills

Mark Twain is famous for a lot of things.

One of them is witty sayings. One my favorite’s is “the difference between somebody who can’t read and somebody who doesn’t is nothing.”

Meaning if you CAN read, but you never do, your not utilizing a GREAT WAY to gain more information and perspective.

Of course, since you’re reading this now, you’re not one of the “non-readers” (who seem to be more and more today.)

A lot of things can be thought of like this. You may have a FANTASTIC personality, but if you never let it out, nobody will know.

Many people think of themselves as shy and reserved. Quiet, laid back, it takes a while to get to know them.

In fact most people are very different around strangers than they are around friends.

Funny thing is that everybody is thinking the same thing.

Everybody would LIKE to be more outgoing, but they would also like somebody else to be the one that “goes first.”

Sure, if you’re going to be around the same people for a while (work, school, new neighbors etc) then that’s not a big deal.

Just relax, and let it happen.

Sometimes though, being able to make a STRONG first impression is crucial.

Maybe you only see them once. Maybe you’ve got fifty other people trying to make a STRONG first impression, like in a job interview.

Having the skill to do this will help. You don’t need to ALWAYS be super outgoing and charismatic, but it’s good to know that you’ve got that secret weapon in your back pocket in case you need it.

It can be the ONE THING that keeps YOU in their mind instead of every other person.

Of course, most people don’t take any effort to learn how to do this. They tell themselves they’ll simply “step up to the plate” when the time comes.

Only the time never comes.

If you make a decision to learn as many skills as you can, you’ll NEVER regret.

There will never be a time in life when you think, “Gee, I’ve got too many skills.”

Especially communication skills.

The more you’ve got, the better you’ll do.

Luckily, conversation skills are like getting better at pushups. Why is this luckily?

Because anybody, if they would only do a few minutes of pushups every morning, can work up their way to quite a few.

Conversational skills work the same way.

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Mercy Of The Gods?

Are You At The Mercy of the Gods?

Cycles are everywhere.

On a huge galactic scale, all the way down to molecules.

Even the idea of Pi is pretty amazing.

There’s a theory that human history is not really linear, but circular.

Sure, we keep getting better inventions, both scientific and types of government.

But if you look back far enough, you’ll see there are always times of peace, growth, war, collapse, and rebirth.

Individually, we have “good days” and “bad days.”

In statistics, one of the “tests” for randomness is the presence of “runs.”

Like if you toss a coin a hundred times in a row, it would be EXTREMELY unlikely to get one each of heads and tails.

Instead, it’s HIGHLY LIKELY to a get a bunch of heads in a row, and then later on a bunch of tails in a row.

In fact, this is the heart of most Las Vegas style betting systems. When you’re hot, (lots of wins in a row) bet a lot. When you’re on a losing streak (lots of losses in a row) bet the minimum.

But for some reason, when we’re trying to improve ourselves, it’s VERY EASY to get discouraged when we have a few losses in a row.

Sales that don’t convert, people that aren’t interested in talking to us socially, business ideas that crash and burn.

One of two common responses is easy, but not very helpful.

One is to give up. That’s probably the most common.

The other is to just shrug your shoulders and figure “the world” is broken, and there’s not much you can do.

This certainly makes us feel better. Nobody likes to feel like a failure. It’s much easier to blame things outside of our control.

But if you do this, then you’re missing out on very VALUABLE information.

Because every time you do ANYTHING, you get feedback.

Information that you can use to do better next time.

This is easy when you practice daily journaling.

Just write down what you did.

Write down what happened.

Then write down what ELSE you could have done differently.

Something in YOUR control.

Then imagine what would have happened if you did THAT instead.

Like maybe approaching that person sooner, or trying to close the deal in a slightly different way, or maybe say something a little bit differently.

Then take some time imagining THAT, as if it actually happened.

This way, ever single thing you do, whether you got the result you wanted or not, will help you learn.

Help you improve.

Which will make you feel a lot more in control, instead of at the mercy of the gods.

Try this strategy with whatever you want to learn, do, or become, and see what happens.

What skills would you like?

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Daily Practice Is Necessary

What Do You Practice?

Who are the best athletes in the world?

I mean not their names, or what they do, but what kind of ways could we characterize them?

One could be they are genetically gifted.

Another could be they had a certain upbringing which put an emphasis on sports.

Yet another could be they were very lucky.

But one characteristic is absolutely certain across all athletes and all sports.


Nobody gets to the top without daily practice. Hours of practice.

The same goes for the top musicians, programmers, and all other skills.

Even doctors call their business a “practice.”

Because every patient they see is different, which means they have treat each one uniquely. And since this gives them a new learning experience each and every time, it’s their “practice.”

And when they retire, they even use the verb. “I’m a doctor but I no longer practice.”

However, when it comes to the world of self development, we somehow don’t think we need to “practice.”

Like all we need to do is read a book, understand some new ideas, and POOF! We start living the good life.

Even something as simple as losing weight, or getting a six pack. We’ve been conned into thinking we really CAN get “five second abs” or “lose ten pounds a week while we sleep.”

I once saw this very interesting documentary on state lotteries.

The marketing director said that when they create their ads, they don’t promote a one dollar lottery ticket as a chance to win a million dollars.

They promote it (covertly) as a couple days to DREAM about a good life. For only a dollar.

Unfortunately, a lot of people treat self development the same way.

Whether it be prosperity, relationships, pick up, business, sales, what have you, it seems a lot of people only buy those books because while they are reading them, they are dreaming of that magical time in the future when everything is better.

And they keep that feeling for a couple weeks. And when it wears off, they buy another book, or go to another seminar, or order another DVD set.

But if you don’t start to practice, your life will never change.

The GOOD NEWS is that practicing is easy. It’s simple. So long as you start slow, and do the same little bit every day, you’ll get better and better.

Sure, there won’t be a magic switch that makes all your problems vanish while you sleep, but you’ll slowly be building a fantastic life for yourself.

And the more you practice, the easier it will be to practice. Mental exercises, journaling exercise, and when you’re ready, out in the real world talking to other people exercises.

That’s why ALL of these have TONS of exercises.

Things you can start doing TODAY, on a daily basis, to build whatever life you want.

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Imaginary Friends

How To Hallucinate Your Own Coach

Having a coach is a good idea for many reasons.

Sports, music, seduction, self-development, pretty much anything.

If anything to keep you honest. If you know you’re going to having somebody checking your work, on a regular basis, you’ll be much more likely to do it than if you’re on your own.

Even before traditional education was invented, you had to be an apprentice for a while before you were trusted.

Essentially, you had to work under a “coach” who would watch you, guide you, encourage you, and make sure you knew your stuff.

Your success was just as important to him or her, as is to you.

Even today doctors have to go through the same process.

But what happens if you don’t have the time or money for a coach?

You can make up your own.

It’s pretty cool trick that’s been used by a lot of people.

But since it’s pretty “weird” most people don’t really advertise it.

First thing is to figure out what you want to do.

Speak in public, be more outgoing, be more persuasive, play an instrument, anything.

Then choose a REAL PERSON who is a EXPERT in that field.

They can be living or dead, somebody you’ve met or somebody you’ve only read about.

Then you start to develop a “relationship” with this imaginary person.

Get to know their “personality.”

Then when you practice whatever it is you want to practice, imagine they are there helping you.

This will take a while before it feels real.

It’s a skill to imagine somebody’s there when they’re not, so give it some time.

But you’ll find it’s a lot easier than going alone.

If you REALLY want to kick your progress into high gear, you can “channel” them when you do daily journaling.

At the end of the day, just write down a few things you did to get closer to your goal or whatever skill you’re practicing.

Then give yourself an honest “evaluation” with good points and bad points. Only when you write the “evaluation” part, imagine that you’ve given THEM (your imaginary coach) control of your mind and hands as you journal.

Then allow “them” to give you homework assignments for the next day.

A short, easy to stick to, “to do” list.

This is DEFINITLY weird, so be careful who you share this with.

But is very useful. It’s really “you” talking to “you” anyway. Or your “higher self” talking to your “normal self.’

That way, you’ll never feel alone, and you’ll always feel encouraged.

A great way to learn some new skills.

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