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Maximum Social Confidence

Easily Develop Rare Conversational and Social Skills

Mark Twain is famous for a lot of things.

One of them is witty sayings. One my favorite’s is “the difference between somebody who can’t read and somebody who doesn’t is nothing.”

Meaning if you CAN read, but you never do, your not utilizing a GREAT WAY to gain more information and perspective.

Of course, since you’re reading this now, you’re not one of the “non-readers” (who seem to be more and more today.)

A lot of things can be thought of like this. You may have a FANTASTIC personality, but if you never let it out, nobody will know.

Many people think of themselves as shy and reserved. Quiet, laid back, it takes a while to get to know them.

In fact most people are very different around strangers than they are around friends.

Funny thing is that everybody is thinking the same thing.

Everybody would LIKE to be more outgoing, but they would also like somebody else to be the one that “goes first.”

Sure, if you’re going to be around the same people for a while (work, school, new neighbors etc) then that’s not a big deal.

Just relax, and let it happen.

Sometimes though, being able to make a STRONG first impression is crucial.

Maybe you only see them once. Maybe you’ve got fifty other people trying to make a STRONG first impression, like in a job interview.

Having the skill to do this will help. You don’t need to ALWAYS be super outgoing and charismatic, but it’s good to know that you’ve got that secret weapon in your back pocket in case you need it.

It can be the ONE THING that keeps YOU in their mind instead of every other person.

Of course, most people don’t take any effort to learn how to do this. They tell themselves they’ll simply “step up to the plate” when the time comes.

Only the time never comes.

If you make a decision to learn as many skills as you can, you’ll NEVER regret.

There will never be a time in life when you think, “Gee, I’ve got too many skills.”

Especially communication skills.

The more you’ve got, the better you’ll do.

Luckily, conversation skills are like getting better at pushups. Why is this luckily?

Because anybody, if they would only do a few minutes of pushups every morning, can work up their way to quite a few.

Conversational skills work the same way.

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How To Exceed Expectations

Master Persuader – Easily Move Minds To Your Way Of Thinking


Become Irresistible

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Step by Step Instructions are Dangerous

A Most Debilitating Mindset

Long time ago, I took a couple of cooking classes.

Actually, I took the same class twice.

Two different teachers, two different sets of recipes, same type of food.

The first teacher was super specific. Put in exact amounts, cook for an exact time.

Second teacher was really flexible. Put in some of this, cook it for a while, until it’s done.

The first one let everybody get the exact same result.

The second one allowed people to experiment. To get their own result.

Of course, some people (ahem) in the second group had some pretty, uh, interesting outcomes.

But later when I got home, I had a lot more flexibility when I decided to try to “wing it.”

Which let me take one recipe, and play around with it until I got a lot of variations.

Many people like the idea of having a step by step, rock solid plan.

Making money, meeting people, learning how to speak in public while feeling confident.

Unfortunately, anytime you are doing anything other than cooking, or building a birdhouse that involves YOU operating ON a bunch of “stuff,” you are going to have TONS of unknown variables.

Namely, all those other people you will be interacting with.

Every single one of those people come filled with their own desires, fears, strengths and limitations.

Expecting some kind of surefire, step by step system is pretty ridiculous.

Kind of like a football coach telling his team EXACTLY what plays to execute in the EXACT order, before the game started, and regardless of what the other team did.

Even in sports, where the rules are clearly defined, AND there are people who are watching everybody make sure they follow the rules, you need TONS of flexibility in order to succeed.

Which is why you HAVE to expect to “fail” on a regular basis.

If you think you can NOT fail, that means you think you can predict how OTHER PEOPLE will behave.

You can ONLY put your best foot forward, regardless of what you’re doing.

You will rarely have ANY IDEA how the other person is going to respond, EVEN IF you know them well.

So it’s better to get over the idea of some kind of “step by step” process or some kind of memorized line you say in any situation.

A much better idea is to simply TRY SOMETHING, and see what happens.

Then based on what happens, try something else.

It’s only “failure” if you convince yourself that you can predict the future and you EXPECT a certain result.

If you shift from “I hope this works” to “let’s see what happens,” it’s not only a lot more fun, but you’ll make progress a lot more quickly.

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Generate Overlapping Interests Between Conversational Partners

Overlap Their Desires With Yours

Pretty much everything can be thought of as a mix of two extremes.

Like sweet or salty. I like salty food more often than not.

But once in while I like to eat something sweet. Too much and it’s not good any more.

In NLP there are all kinds of “Meta Programs” that are these filters through which we see the world.

And like everything else, they can be thought of in “extremes” but most of us have a mix.

Like you can be motivated to move away from fear, or toward pleasure.

If you are too much of one, it will cause trouble.

Most of us are maybe 1/3 of the way from either end.

Another thing is how people make decisions.

One the hand, there are people that simply cannot decide unless somebody tells them exactly what to do.

On the other hand, there are people that absolutely NEED to be the decision maker in every single situation.

Clearly, both are kind of lame.

But most of us are a mix of both, usually more one than the other.

If you are interested in self development, taking an active role in improving your life, or have even thought about doing things differently, then chances are you are more “internally motivated” than “externally motivated.”

Meaning you’re likely more of a self starter than somebody who needs to have somebody tell you what to do 24-7.

It’s good to know what these filters are if you ever need to persuade anybody.

Andy whenever you talk to anybody about anything, there’s usually some persuasion going on.

Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little.

Now, you could spend a lot of time reverse engineering somebody’s “meta models” until you have them wired down completely.

Then you could present your ideas to them to fit into their “model of the world.”

There are consulting companies that make lots of money doing this for clients and employees.

But there is a MUCH easier way.

Just ask.

I know, simple, right?

But if you ask people what they want, (which most people NEVER do), they’ll usually be happy to tell you.

Then just figure out a way to present your idea so that it matches what they want.

This is MUCH easier than most people think.


Because most people think in very vague terms. Few are walking around with a specific idea of what they want.

Then you take THEIR vague desires, and match them with yours (vague or specific, it really doesn’t matter) by using the SPECFICALLY VAGUE language patterns of covert hypnosis.

This is ESPECIALLY easy when you’re using these patterns on people you already know. Even just casually.

Because you already sort of “know” what makes them tick. What they want. What makes them happy.

So when you talk to them using these patterns, YOUR ideas will seem like THEIR ideas.

Which means no matter WHAT they reference (internal or external) it will make perfect sense.

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Acres of Cornfields

The Essential Skill That Nobody Knows

Why do people talk?

I mean why do us humans use words?

Sure, communication is nice, but why is it necessary?

How did it happen, and why were those who used it able to succeed better than those who weren’t?

I know, silly question.

Giving instructions, listening to stories, all this helped primitive humans a lot more than grunts and sounds.

But here’s an interesting experiment.

Next time you’re in a conversation with your buddies, and you’re just sitting around, go into “observer” mode.

Not for very long. And certainly NOT as an excuse to not participate.

But just to get out of the conversation a bit. Study the structure of the words and sentences that people are using.

See how well people describe their ideas.

It won’t take long to realize that most casual conversations are not really much more than grunts.

Not a lot of well thought out ideas.

This is even more eye opening if you position yourself next to a cute girl in a social setting.

And listen to how the guys hit on her.

Listen to how well (or how poorly) their language is structured.

Again, you’ll be surprised (or maybe not so surprised) how “thrown together” people’s approach at a clear attempt at persuasion.

If you wanted to take this experiment even further, take a walk into some high end retail shops. Car lots. Even a real estate office if you’re brave.

Reverse engineer the structure of their sales presentation.

See how well thought out it is (or isn’t). Most of the time, you’ll find that even the HIGHEST PAID sales people don’t do much more than tell you how AWESOME their product is. Over and over and over. Until you give up and buy.

Most people start a conversation, they have a very VAGUE idea of what they want.

Salespeople want a sale. Pickup artists want to get laid.

But other than that, most people have a half baked idea, they spit out a randomly chosen jumble of words, and hope for the best.

If it doesn’t work, they usually repeat themselves. Maybe swap out a word or two. And hope it works.

The truth about language is that BECAUSE it is hard wired into our brains, that we do it without thinking, we assume we can’t improve on it.

We can’t make it better. We can’t practice like we’d practice the piano or martial arts.

But we can.

You can.

And when you do, when you start to do the daily drills (just like you would for the piano or martial arts) there are few people you will meet throughout your lifetime that will be able to match your skills.

Isn’t that worth a few minutes a day of language practice?

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