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How To Exceed Expectations

Master Persuader – Easily Move Minds To Your Way Of Thinking


Become Irresistible

: Natural Influence Ebook
Instructions: Visualize being able to easily convince anybody to do anything. Listen with eyes closed while visualizing ideal outcome. Best used with techniques in Natural Influence. Use ethically and legally. Do not listen while driving.


I easily hypnotize people

I easily mesmerize people

I easily influence people

I easily seduce people

I easily spellbind people

I easily charm people

I easily persuade people

I easily enrapture people

I subconsciously hypnotize people

I subconsciously mesmerize people

I subconsciously influence people

I subconsciously seduce people

I subconsciously spellbind people

I subconsciously charm people

I subconsciously persuade people

I subconsciously enrapture people

I easily hypnotize men

I easily mesmerize men

I easily influence men

I easily seduce men

I easily spellbind men

I easily charm men

I easily persuade men

I easily enrapture men

I subconsciously hypnotize men

I subconsciously mesmerize men

I subconsciously influence men

I subconsciously seduce men

I subconsciously spellbind men

I subconsciously charm men

I subconsciously persuade men

I subconsciously enrapture men

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I easily mesmerize women

I easily influence women

I easily seduce women

I easily spellbind women

I easily charm women

I easily persuade women

I easily enrapture women

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I subconsciously mesmerize women

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I subconsciously seduce women

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I subconsciously charm women

I subconsciously persuade women

I subconsciously enrapture women

You easily hypnotize people

You easily mesmerize people

You easily influence people

You easily seduce people

You easily spellbind people

You easily charm people

You easily persuade people

You easily enrapture people

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You subconsciously mesmerize people

You subconsciously influence people

You subconsciously seduce people

You subconsciously spellbind people

You subconsciously charm people

You subconsciously persuade people

You subconsciously enrapture people

You easily hypnotize men

You easily mesmerize men

You easily influence men

You easily seduce men

You easily spellbind men

You easily charm men

You easily persuade men

You easily enrapture men

You subconsciously hypnotize men

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You subconsciously seduce men

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You subconsciously charm men

You subconsciously persuade men

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You easily hypnotize women

You easily mesmerize women

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You easily seduce women

You easily spellbind women

You easily charm women

You easily persuade women

You easily enrapture women

You subconsciously hypnotize women

You subconsciously mesmerize women

You subconsciously influence women

You subconsciously seduce women

You subconsciously spellbind women

You subconsciously charm women

You subconsciously persuade women

You subconsciously enrapture women

Powerful Communication Skills

Increase Your People Skills

The other night I watched “Castaway” on Netflix.

It had been a while since I’d seen it.

Partly a study of how a normal guy keeps from going nuts all alone.

If you haven’t seen it, he gets stuck on an island, and forms a relationship with a volleyball.

Then when he builds a raft to escape, he brings the volleyball (Wilson) with him. But then it gets swept out to sea, and the hero breaks down.

Even though it’s “just” a volleyball, it was his best friend the past few years.

The worst thing they do to prisoners is put them in solitary confinement. Separate from other prisoners. Nobody to talk to.

Clearly, one absolutely VITAL ingredient for human happiness, WHATEVER plans you’ve got for your life, is other people.

Business relationships, personal relationships, family relationships, romantic relationships.

We humans are pretty pathetic on our own. But if we get hooked in with the right crowd of people and there’s no stopping us.

This is the meaning behind Napoleon Hill’s “Mastermind Group.”

A grew of experts, diverse backgrounds, to collectively come up with a genius idea to solve the problems at hand.

To the extent that you can easily build relationships with anybody, anywhere, any time, you’ll be able to accomplish ANYTHING.

To the extent that you are inhibited, due to erroneous beliefs, internal limitations, or even social anxiety, you’ll be held back from living to your fullest.

Luckily, getting “better” at people-skills is pretty simple.

All humans are hard wired to be social super stars. It’s in our DNA. We are social animals.

So it’s not really a matter of learning “how,” it’s more a matter of unlearning all those false beliefs you may have picked up along the way.

What’s even better is as soon as you start working on those false beliefs, you’ll notice that EVERYBODY has the same ones, to an extent.

Everybody is afraid of rejection. Everybody feels nervous when they are suddenly the center of attention.

So when you come to others with the experience of OVERCOMING those common limiting beliefs, they’ll notice something about you.

They’ll feel “better” when you’re around. Happier. More enthusiastic about life in general.

If you’re just out to have a good time, you’ll have a better time.

If you’re looking to make friends, you’ll make good friends.

If you’re looking to start a business relationship, you’ll be on your way.

Tons of exercises, practice routines, and journaling techniques, this guide will show you how.

Learn More:

Interpersonal Resonance

Two Types of People In The World - Those With Loaded Guns, and Those Who Dig. You Dig.

Are You Digging Or Shooting?

One of my favorite movie quotes is from the Clint Eastwood movie, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”

It’s where Eastwood’s character (the famous man with no name) and his buddy are about to dig for the gold they’ve been searching for.

It’s hidden in some graveyard.

Clint says, “There are two types of people in this world. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig.”

Naturally, this is easy to apply to pretty much any society. Those who own all the means of production (and control all the cops and the military) and those who do all the work.

However, if ALL you have is some extremely simple “two types of people” argument, it’s pretty limiting.

Since humans are so complex, no matter WHAT kind of distinction you make, we all fall under both categories at one time or another, sometimes at the same time.

On the one hand, you could be the guy with the gun (or the guy in charge). But in another situation, you could be the guy digging (or the one doing the work).

Most of the time, these types of “distinctions” are two sides of the same coin.

Like in economics, they talk about “supply and demand” as if they are two separate things.

But if you are at your job, while consuming ANY kind of product (using your smartphone, drinking a pepsi, whatever) you are simultaneous both supply AND demand.

One of the biggest “arguments” on forums that talk about any type of persuasion (sales, relationships, etc.,) is the difference between “inner game” and “outer game.”

But you simply cannot have one without the other.

It’s long been known that “form follows function” as well as “function follows form.”

Meaning if you’re happy, you’ll smile.

But if you FORCE yourself to smile, you’ll start to feel happy.

Maybe holding that muscle pattern in your face REQUIRES certain memories in your brain to start being triggered.

Who knows.

Even if you FORCED yourself to believe that inner game and outer game are TOTALLY separate, it would be impossible to work on both.

For example, if you had a sales job, and you ignored all the “inner game” stuff like self confidence, assertiveness, etc., and ONLY focused on the words you were saying, something pretty cool would happen.

You’d start to change the words you said, and how you said, based on your feedback (sales, appointments, whatever).

Pretty soon you’d start getting more success. Which would automatically BOOST your confidence.

By practicing ONLY outer game, you naturally increase your inner game.

And by ONLY practicing inner game (doing mental drills, journaling, etc.) you’ll naturally increase your outer game.

Now matter HOW you intend to communicate with others, by focusing on inner OR outer game, you will DRAMATICALLY improve your results.

The good news is it’s easier than most people think.

Learn How:

Interpersonal Resonance

Beat The Numbers Game

How To Beat The Numbers Game

I’ve had a lot of sales jobs.

Some were pretty fun, most were pretty boring.

A lot of what my friend called “junk jobs.”

Meaning they have some kind of gimmick, and they go through hundreds of applicants a week.

They convince you it’s easy to make a killing, but the downside is they’ll ONLY pay based on commissions.

I’ve seen a lot of well thought out scams. Products that aren’t really products, but the guys who came up with these are doing pretty good.

They figure if they “hire” a hundred people a week, they might get a couple to do pretty well.

So from the pure “number theory” angle, they’re getting a couple of “natural salespeople” on a weekly basis.

This means they don’t have to spend any time of training, since they’re not really “training” they are “sorting.”

This “numbers theory” works from a lot of angles. If you’re selling door to door, or picking up girls at the mall, or sending out resumes. So long as you keep your “numbers” high enough on the front end, you’ll eventually get success on the back end.

This requires no skills. No development. Just taking the person you are, right here, right now, and spending a lot of time and effort to find the PERFECT match.

Send out enough resumes, and eventually you’ll find the PERFECT job. Perfect partner. Perfect house, apartment.

Problem comes with the “enough” gets way up into the thousands. Or the tens of thousands.

It also requires taking a good hard look at what you define by “perfect.”

And what you are willing to do to get it.

For example, let’s say you were offered the PERFECT job. But it required you move 3,000 miles away.

In reality, there is no such thing as “perfect.” It’s more like gradients between “really good” and “really lousy.”

So when people are playing the numbers game, they’re looking for something (job, partner, sales, etc.) that’s not perfect, but “good enough.”

It’s hard to admit this to yourself.

But you don’t HAVE to play the numbers game. Or ONLY the numbers game.

To be sure, if you want a decent romantic partner, you ARE going to have to talk to a few people.

But instead of seeing each person as a simple “good enough” or “not good enough,” you can see them (or it or whatever) as a LEARNING OPPORTUNITY.

Every job interviewer that DOESN’T hire you can STILL be fantastic way to improve yourself for the next one.

Every girl or guy that rejects you can be a GREAT WAY to improve your approach next time.

So instead of sorting through as many statistical “numbers” as possible. You can have an unlimited amount of experiences from which you can improve yourself.


Every day, take something that DIDN’T go how you wanted it to.

Then reevaluate what you said. Look at some of the language patterns in Covert Hypnosis.

Then figure out how you COULD HAVE done better.

And then do THAT next time.

Do this, and every single “number” will be YOU increasing your skills.

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Covert Hypnosis

Gold, Bitches!

Find The Gold That’s Always Around You

I’ve had a lot of crappy jobs in my life.

And some pretty awesome ones.

One of my favorites was when I worked at a movie theater in high school.

Lots of people my age, fast paced, got to meet people when they were in a good mood.

The best part was when I’d load up a car with popcorn, drinks and candy and push it into a packed theater a few minutes before the movie started.

I would push the cart up and down the aisles and holler out like an old school pitchman.

And I almost ALWAYS sold out.

Other jobs were horrible. The worse was when I was a telemarketer. They had us memorize a script. And hooked us up to an automatic dialing computer. We would see the person’s name a split second after they answered.

And spit out the memorized pitch. If they hung up, the computer would automatically dial another line.

It was incredibly BORING.

The only fun part was when somebody got ultra pissed and went off into a well spoken tirade against telemarketers. THAT part was pretty entertaining!

Funny thing was, if I agreed with everything they said, while they were yelling at me, they actually thanked me when they were done.

It’s easy to fall into a rut, and hear the same things and say the same things day in and day out.

So when we finally unleash how we REALLY feel, even if it’s anger, it feels pretty good to get some sympathy and understanding.

Every single person you run across has all kinds of things they’d LOVE to express.

But most are too shy, and nobody ever asks.

So they never do.

Which is why there is a GOLD MINE inside pretty much every person you come across.

Even if you’re just looking to kill time while waiting for the bus, people can provide enormous value.

Everybody’s got a story. Everybody’s got a different perspective.

All you’ve got to do is practice “opening them up.”

Because inside, there is TREASURE.

And the more people you talk to, the more stories you’ll have.

The EASIEST way to use Covert Hypnosis to slip ideas into people’s minds is through stories.

“Hey, that’s pretty cool, that reminds me of this girl I was talking to the other day at the bus stop…”

And then launch into several nested loops, within which you can layer all kinds of language technology.

Most people go through life hoping to AVOID interacting with others. But once you realize that OTHER PEOPLE are your greatest resource, you’ll realize the HUGE gold mine that’s around you.

All the time!

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Peel Back The Onion Layers

Interpersonal Glue

A long time ago I used to sell cars.

It was an eye opening experience, from a lot of perspectives.

One is I was amazed how happy people were once they’d decided to buy a car.

When they came in, they were fearful, anxious and weren’t sure.

But after an hour or so of going back and forth, when they finally made the decision, they transformed.

I mean literally, before my very eyes.

Before they signed a contract, they were defensive. Closed off. Crossed arms. Unhappy faces.

But after they signed the contract, they looked like little kids on their birthdays.

Before the contract, they acted like I was their arch-nemesis.

After the contract, I was their best friend, and they couldn’t thank me enough.

Most people see sales, seduction, or any kind of persuasion through the lens of trickery.

Like you’ve got to come in “under the radar.” Many people believe the only way they can convince somebody to do what they want is to use some kind of Jedi ninja patterns.

But in reality, but BEST salespeople, and the most NATURAL seducers don’t see it that way.

They see persuasion as HELPING people get what they want.

Nobody is unhappy when they go home with a new purchase. Quite the opposite.

Nobody is unhappy at the beginnings of a new relationship. In fact, that is one of the best feelings we humans can feel.

So why do so many people approach sales and dating as if they were a confrontation?

One reason is people fear rejection. We’re so nervous we’ll get rejected we start to treat the other person as the enemy.

But one thing that will most certainly AVOID rejection is simply taking the time to find out what they want.

That’s why it’s best to start with small talk. Create rapport. Give each other time to get comfortable.

Then slowly peel back the onion layers.

Find out what they want.

THEN you’ll realize how easy it is.

Why is it so easy?

Because on a deep level, all of our wants and needs are very similar.

Sure, if you’re buying a car, you’ve got certain criteria. Make, model, color.

But you also want good value, safety, comfort, security, and validation.

When you’re talking to people socially, or even in a business situation, those vague desires are incredibly easy to leverage.

What does this mean?

It means that you simply talk to them about the things they want, then talk to them about what you’ve got.

If you do this in the right way, meaning relaxed and conversationally, you’ll almost never get rejected.

And when you use these language patterns, it’s pretty simple.

These are the “interpersonal glue” that connects what THEY want, with what YOU’VE got.

Which makes doing what you suggest the most natural thing in the world.

Learn How:

Covert Hypnosis