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Blast Away Fear With Pots and Pans

Blast Your Way To Wealth

Take A Leap Of Faith

I remember the first time I went bungee jumping.

It was on this tall structure, about 20 stories high. Just a stairwell, and a platform on top. 

Walking up the stairs was horrible. I remember a sinking feeling in my stomach, the closer I got to the top. My friend who was watching (we’d decided that I’d go first) was laughing his ass off.

As soon as I leaned forward, the fear suddenly vanished, and turned into the one of most powerful feelings exhilaration I’d felt.

Biologists tell us that when we are gearing up for something scary, our fight or flight system starts to prime up. But once the event kicks off, all that conscious thinking goes out the window and that’s when instinct takes over.

If you’ve ever given a speech, the best way to get over your jitters is to start off strong. A loud voice, a strange comment, anything other than a shaky introduction to a boring topic.

It’s kind of like taking all the nervous energy you imagine coming at you from the crowd, sucking it up and throwing it right back at them. This gives you an enormous amount of power.

Common advice given to kids being bullied is as soon as you stand up to them, they vanish. If you realize that a bully is just aggressive behavior covering up fear, it HAS TO vanish when it’s presented with an assertive defense of your boundaries.

When I used to go backpacking, a few places would have bears. Before we’d go off into the woods, the rangers would give us a checklist of how to deal with the bears. Always keep some pots and pans next to you when you slept. If any bears came close to your camp, just start banging and yelling away and the bears would split.

Unless you are about to getting eaten by a bear (and in many cases, even if you are!) your fears are false.

All you’ve got to do is blast through them, and see what’s on the other side.

Exhilaration. Admiration. Respect.

No matter what you want, it’s out there. 

Money, love, health.

The only thing keeping you from getting it is in your imagination.

And that is EXACTLY where your strengths lie as well.

Use one to vanquish the other, and you’re good to go.