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How To Plant Love Bombs

Leave Her Thinking About You

Make Love Not War, Baby!

When does love happen?

Most people don’t really think about this, and when they do, most of us get it wrong.

It doesn’t help when we hear things like, “Love at First Sight.”

Humans have a terrible habit of “mis-remembering” things.

Meaning we’ll see somebody, and not be too sure about them. Then we’ll be thinking about them, imagining them, and wondering how it would be like to be together.

Then when we see them again, we see them through that filter that we’ve created ourselves, based on our own imagination.

To matters more confusing, we’ll add on all those extra feelings to our memory of the first meeting.

Which means we’ll remember that first meeting as if we INSTANTLY had all those feelings that we later conjured up all on our own.

Now, this DOES happen to guys. But girls do this with MUCH MORE INTENSITY. Girls literally LIVE for this stuff.

Twilight Anyone?

That’s why romance novels are the biggest best sellers. Always.

The whole point is that realize that her attraction for you will usually not happen during that first meeting.

But it’s actually pretty easy to get it to happen after a two or three meetings.

Now, if you’re the kind of “love ’em and leave ’em” type, this will still work, you just need time to build up your “sales funnel” so you’ve always got honeys ready to rock.

But if you’re trying to game one special lady, this will work INCREDIBLY well.

Leave Seeds To Grow In Her Heart

All you’ve got to do is give her SUBCONSCIOUS a reason to think about you when you’re gone.

NOT HER CONSCIOUS MIND, but her subconscious.

This means DON’T say goofy things like, “think about me, ok?”

This DOES mean leaving a bunch of open loops. Star thoughts but don’t finish them. Be present, be energetic, let her know that you’re into her, but be sure to leave open loops.

That’s Just Like When…

Start stories and don’t finish them completely.

You know that funny feeling you get when you leave your house, and you felt as if you’ve forgotten something?

That’s the feeling you’re going for. Not something ultra strong, and definitely not anything specific.

Just a vague feeling that there’s something she forgot to say, or ask or finish.

If you’ve done this, combined with being clear that YOU are attracted to HER, the result is pretty amazing.

There’s a whole set of language patterns and techniques that will help you master this ultra powerful conversation strategy.

Girls Money and Love

And when you realize that it’s not only good for getting girls, but also getting money, getting jobs, and significantly increase the pleasure of your existing relationships, then you’ll understand the true power of your language.

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The Often Missed Secret Of Manifesting


Is Your Law of Attraction Not Working Yet?

One of the most crucial, and the most overlooked qualities is congruence.

It’s one of those words that is hard to define, yet everybody seems to have an idea of what it means.

However you define it, the more congruent you are, the easier it will be to get whatever you want. What’s even better is that congruence is often times more important that actual skill.

Long time ago, I used to live in Taiwan. I was at a friends house watching this really weird high school competition.

It was in this big stadium, filled with people. But the only event was a race from one end of the end zone to the other. 100 meters.

Perfect Congruence

They raced with all the kids lined up, standing next to each other. Except each person’s legs were tied to the person on either side of them.

Meaning when they ran across the field, they had to run in perfect synchronicity. If one guy fell, they all fell. If one guy tried to run faster than everybody else, they all fell.

So the team that won wasn’t the fastest team, but the team that was the most congruent. The team that ran across the field in perfect lock step with each other.

Individual humans are exactly the same way. We’ve got all these parts that are usually trying to go in all kinds of different directions. If those kids tried that, they’d be in a huge pile of arm and legs flailing about.

Is it any wonder that things that seem so easy turn out to be much harder?

Congruence Is Key To Everything

But if you’re internally congruent, and you’ve got ALL your parts on board, you can really achieve pretty much anything.

This is the part of manifesting that trips many of us up. Part of us is trying to attract something, but another part is actually pushing it away.

Which is why when you get all your parts on board, it suddenly seems so easy (both to you and everybody watching you) that it really DOES seem like magic.

To achieve more congruence and manifest your desires, check this out:

The Myth Of Male Beauty

Looks Don't Matter

Looks Really Don’t Matter

There’s is always going to be the never ending debate of looks vs. game.

If you’re a guy, you’ve likely heard that looks are very important. That if you don’t have a six pack, or you don’t have perfect teeth, or you aren’t perfectly symmetrical in the face, you don’t have a chance.

This is common for a reason. Because it takes the pressure off you. Think about it, if it WERE true (don’t worry, it’s not) that girls go primarily for looks, then getting shot down wouldn’t be much of a problem.

See, if looks WERE so important to girls, she either likes you or she doesn’t. You can’t change much.

Since the dawn of time, the easiest excuses humans have EVER MADE is “it’s not my fault!”

Forget The GQ Persona

So if you believe women go for looks, you can even stay home. You don’t have to go out and try. Sure it sucks, but it’s not your fault, right? You don’t have those super model looks so you don’t have a chance, right? Sure, if you were good looking, you’d be banging hotties right and left, right? But since you’re not, it’s back to the video games.

Luckily, this is all absolute bunk. Sure, all things being equal (meaning same wealth, same game, same personality, same sense of humor, same college degree, etc) a girl will choose a better looking guy over a not so good looking guy.

But things are NEVER equal. Most guys have TERRIBLE game.

Think about this:

Which do you think a girl would dream about at night, some super hot super model that has a beta little boy clingy personality, or some short fat bald guy that can easily talk her into having wonderful emotions that NOBODY else can make her feel?

Voltaire knew the answer to this. He said, “Give me give minutes to talk away my ugly face and I’ll bed the queen of France.”

Language Is The Secret

When talking to, and creating massive attraction in girls, language is your absolute best weapon.

Ever wonder such horribly butt-ugly politicians get such massive power? Because they can talk a good game.

Any halfway decent politician gets pinned down during an interview, and they can out-frame like nobody’s business.

If you can do that with a girls, she’ll be looking at you with throbbing hearts in her eyes.

Luckily, no matter who you are, what you’ve done, or what your experience is, you can learn.

And when you DO learn, you’ll have skills that most guys don’t know exist.

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The Building Blocks Of Your Desire

How To Trust Your Instincts

LOA Myths Are Abundant

There’s a lot of misconceptions about the Law of Attraction.

As it goes, you vibrate a certain frequency, and you will resonate along with that which you desire.

Now, some people interpret this (since it’s called the law of “Attraction”) that things will suddenly start showing up in your life.

Often times, the example is given of red cars (if you’re focusing on red cars) or something similar.

However, in order to this to happen, that which you are visualizing must already exist, in it’s finished form, out there in the world.

In this case, what you’re doing is changing the filters in your mind so you see what’s already there.

A Flying Car?

But what if you are visualizing something that hasn’t been created yet? Something complicated like a new job, or a relationship, or a specific house?

In this case, it WILL require your effort.

Most people have NO IDEA how incredibly brilliant their subconscious minds are. Sure, if think about a red car, you’re going to start seeing red cars.

But if you are visualizing something much more complicated, your subconscious won’t be able to point out the finished product, because it doesn’t exist yet.

But what it WILL point out to you are the building blocks TO that finished product (or relationship or whatever).

Open To Potential

But since you don’t really know HOW those building blocks will fit to together, you might miss them.

Your conscious mind can only play checkers. But your subconscious is ALWAYS playing chess. Always thinking a billion moves head. Always looking way out in the future, rather than right in front of you.

And when your subconscious points out those “building blocks” they’ll come across as a feeling, or an intuition.

Trust Your Feelings

Which means in order to manifest those big, complicated things, you HAVE to trust your intuition and feelings. Which means you HAVE to take action when ALL YOU HAVE is your gut instinct.

Most people are terrified of doing this. Which is why most people are stuck manifesting red cars, that they don’t own. Or sometimes parking spaces (which are already there).

What about you?

Are you satisfied with short term, “proof” that the Law of Attraction exists, or are you serious about actually creating something BIG?

If you are, get started:

How To Get Her Begging For You

Secrets Of Powerful Seduction

Your Greatest Weapon

Your mind is a very, very powerful tool.

There’s been a lot of experiments that pretty much PROVE that in some cases, mental practice is just as good as real world practice.

Of course, when talking to pretty girls, every single situation is going to be different. Even if you’re in a happy relationship, every single conversation is going to be different. Pretty much any time you open your mouth, you really have NO idea how she is going to respond.

For those of you who’ve been in relationships for a long while, you know that after a period of time you can pretty much guess HOW they’ll respond in certain situations.

But what about girls you’ve never met before?

First Impressions Are Crucial

One of the biggest problems guys have is knowing what to say in those first few minutes. After the ice is broken, and there’s plenty of rapport, it does get easier, for some at least. There’s also guys that can start conversations like nobody’s business, but when it comes time to close, they trip over their own feet.

This is a way that will significantly improve your progress in ANY stage of the game.

The first step is to go out and get some kind of result. Doesn’t matter what. Just do what’s comfortable for you. Smile and say “hi,” introduce yourself, ask her to marry you, whatever.

Only For Practice

The purpose of this exercise is NOT to succeed. It’s to simply get ANY RESULT.

Then later than day, you take that result you got, whatever it was, and think about it. Think about one small thing you COULD have done better. Then imagine what would have likely happened, if you DID that small thing.

Then imagine the situation, rewritten with your NEW BEHAVIOR, and her NEW RESPONSE. Spend about five minutes playing this new movie over again and again in your mind.

Build On Experience

THIS is the kind of mental exercise that will literally SKYROCKET your improvement. You’ll be mixing real world events with imagined outcomes, giving you the best of both worlds.

Here’s another cool thing. If you do this for a week or two, pretty soon you’ll see every opportunity as a chance to IMPROVE your game, rather than a life or death seduction situation.

And when you start to FEEL yourself getting better, there will be no stopping you.

To make it even better, when you learn the powerful language patterns of covert hypnosis and influence, and incorporate these into your daily mental practice, you will become a natural in no time.

You’ll be quickly talking to girls in a way that will have them BEGGING you to take them.

Real world experience, mental practice, and language technology.

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She Burst Her Own Appendix

Be Careful What You Ask For

Danger Danger Danger

This is a warning of how powerful your subconscious is.

When you tell your subconscious you want something, it will figure out a way to get it.

Naturally, there’s about a billion factors involved. The laws of physics and biology for one. If you want to manifest something that’s going to take some real physical effort and energy, it may take a while.

For example, if you were a few hundred pounds overweight, and wanted to manifest a six pack, it may take a while. There IS a limit on how fast the body can metabolize body fat.

Be Careful What You Ask For

But sometimes, things happen a lot quicker than we imagine. Because the constraints are really in our head. Many times some of the “magical” results people get when manifesting is simply because all the obstacles were in their head. Once they did some visualizations, meditations, etc., and those “imaginary obstacles” vanished, what they wanted was right in front of them. Or pretty easy to get.

Anyhow, here’s the story. Once I had this roommate who had a job she hated. She really, really wanted to take a month off work. So she planned for about a month (all the time worrying and stressing and losing sleep) about how she was going to ask her boss for a month off.

She concocted some story about having to visit some relatives in another country. She finally got up the nerve to ask, and he said no.

Then about a week later, me, her and some other friends were at a party. Suddenly she started feeling ill. Pretty soon she had a sharp pain in her stomach. We took her to the emergency room, and they said her appendix had burst. After the surgery, they told her she’d need to recover at home for one month.

Yep. She wanted a month off from work, and she got it. How did this happen?

She had a specific goal. She thought about if often when plenty of energy. And then her subconscious made it happen as quickly as it could.

Your subconscious is VERY powerful. But it can’t control other people. It can’t change the laws of physics.

Focus On Good Things

But instead of getting yourself sick or injured, why not program your subconscious to be able to interact with others so they WANT to help you get what you want. Or just GIVE it to you, for THEIR reasons.

This is the magic of manifesting when done right. Right thinking, right acting will ALWAYS yield the results you want.

Learn More:

Easy 4 Step Pickup Process

Get Lucky

Ancient Seduction Secrets

Some of the most POWERFUL persuasion skills have been around a long, long time.

Take pacing and leading, for example.

This is pretty well understood concept.

When you start a conversation with somebody, you want to create rapport. The easiest way to create rapport is to simply pace their environment. Move like they move. Talk like they talk. Breath like they breath.

The idea is to get them thinking, on a deep subconscious level, “Hey, this guy is just like me.”

Not consciously, mind you, but unconsciously. When their unconscious notices that you two are very similar, it will come across to them as a feeling of comfort, of trust, and decrease any worry or anxiety.

Once they are sufficiently in rapport (there’s plenty of easy and sneaky ways to check) you start leading.

They’re On Board

Meaning you change your behavior, and watch them follow. Again, there’s some pretty sneaky and easy ways to do this.

Now, some people think this is some kind of new idea that’s only come up in the last couple decades.

But if you read some of the letters of St. Paul (in the Christian New Testament) these are some VERY persuasive SALES LETTERS. Many of which are FILLED with pacing-leading language.

Those Old Dudes Knew What Was Up

The fact that these simple concepts have been around for so long are a testament to how well they work.

Doesn’t matter if you’re talking to kids, your wife, your girlfriend, or some girl you’ve just met.

If you take the time to pace, and the slowly start to lead, and the VERIFY that they are following, EVERYTHING will go much smoother.

Even if that’s ALL YOU DID, and then walked away without even number closing, she wouldn’t be able to get her mind off you.

She’d think of YOU as that really interesting guy she had a DEEP CONNECTION with.

Of course, you don’t HAVE to walk away, you can keep talking to her.

Because once you’ve got her attention, so to speak. You can move on to the next two levels.

What are they?

Feelings Baby

Simply put, all you’ve got to do is elicit all those wonderful feelings that she already has, for her own reasons, and then attach them to you.

If you take your time to create rapport, and slowly lead, and then VERIFY she’s following before you move on to the next level, you’ll be AMAZED how easy it is, and how well it works.

In fact, you’ve got to be careful. Because you CAN create some pretty powerful feelings of deep emotional and sexual attraction in a very short amount of time.

Which is why you NEED to be sure that’s what you really want.

To learn how, check this out:

Understand The Structure Of Life

Thoughts Into Things

Brain Bending Magic

In NLP there’s a crucial distinction between “structure” and “content.”

For example, consider the following sentence:

“Yesterday, I walked to 7-11 and bought a peanut butter burrito.”

The content is the actual stuff (yesterday, 7-11, peanut butter, burrito). v The structure, however, is the basic “category” of the particular stuff. The following sentence has the SAME STRUCTURE, but no content:

“Two days ago I rode my bicycle to the grocery store and bought an apple.”

The next sentence has the same structure, but NO content:

“Previously, I traveled to a building and purchased some food.”

Pay Attention?

Why is this important? (The structure vs. content thing, not me filling my pie hole!)

Because our brains are hard wired to see ONLY content, and NOT structure.

For example, consider these two sentences:

1) He threw a baseball.

2) He made a million dollars.

Now, are these different or the same? At first glance, they seem to be totally different, both in structure AND in content. (Unless we’re talking about a major league pitcher.)

But sometimes the structure is not grammatical, as in the food buying example.

Sometimes it’s actually biological. Or even metaphysical.


Go Meta Baby

Both of the two sentences are really describing the same process.

What process?

This one:

He pictured his outcome in mind, and then he made it happen in the real world.


He started with a thought, and then turned that thought into a thing.

A guy standing there with a baseball in his hand imagines a completely different situation. He imagines the ball somewhere else, and he imagines how it’s going to get there. Then he makes it happen.

Now, because we’ve all thrown balls, this seems so simple it’s almost nonsensical.

But is it?

Pure Magic

Because that’s EXACTLY what the second guy did.

He had a picture in his mind, and he made it happen in the real world.

Sure, the second situation probably took longer, and involved a lot more people, and he had to hold that idea in mind a lot longer, but the STRUCTURE is the same.

Thought leads to action, and action leads to outcome.

Understanding the structure of creation will make it much, much easier to create. Because you’ve been creating ALL YOUR LIFE.

All you’ve got to do is take a conscious look at the process, improve it, drop it back down into your subconscious, and then sit back and wait for the magic.

Learn More:

How To Conjure Female Desire

Get Her Interested In You

Magical Attraction

The filters you carry in your mind will shape the world you see.

Most people have an idea of “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

But in reality, it’s the opposite. You’ll see it when you believe it.

Naturally, this isn’t magic. This is based on biology, and physical reality. However, there are, according to neural scientists, about 200,000 TIMES as many things going on around us at all times than our conscious minds can pick out.

It’s All Science

Now, these aren’t things like alien lizards hanging out behind us. These are things like girls checking us out. All of the micro body language, eye contact, breathing patterns, facial expressions and eye dilations are there. We just don’t notice them.

In fact, if you had some super human brain that actually COULD see everything, you’d be able to see the attraction level of every single girl within 50 feet.

Because attraction isn’t a choice, the natural physiological response to attraction aren’t a choice either.

Rude Language Ahead

Here’s a VERY CRUDE example. If a super hot porn star showed up to where you are RIGHT NOW and started rubbing your crotch, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to NOT get an erection.

Similarly, when girls are out and about, it is IMPOSSIBLE for their bodies not to respond to guys they find interesting.

I’m talking about body language, facial expressions, and all those micro IOI’s that most people don’t even know exist.

But What About Metaphysics?

So back to that metaphysical statement. If you believe you suck with women, and women aren’t into you, you’re basically telling your subconscious to IGNORE all the signs that women ARE into you.

However, if you TRULY BELIEVE that all girls want to jump on your johnson, you WILL start seeing signs of attraction.

Now, here’s the BEST PART. Simply believing that girls are into you will change YOUR body language, facial expressions, how long you hold eye contact, and the very way you move through the world.

And THIS will actually INCREASE the amount of attraction for you out there.

Get In The Mix

The truth about human nature, human interaction and especially SEXUAL interaction is that it’s all based on feedback loops and endless interdependent variables.

But if you try to get a handle on all of that stuff consciously, you’ll go crazy.

A better way is to simply trust your unconscious. Go with the glow. Merge with reality around you to create and take what you want.

Learn More:

What Is The Collective Unconscious?

Leverage The Collective Unconscious

To Be Or Not To Be

A few years ago, I was in the habit of taking acting classes.

They’re a great way to meet interesting and outgoing people. You get to practice all kinds of “expression games” that blow public speaking out of the water when it comes to getting rid of fears and anxiety.

You get to stretch your limits of imagination, and what you think is possible.

One of the classes I took was an improv class. It was recommended by one of my teachers. At the time, the only thing I knew about improv was stand up comedy. Boy was I wrong.

Making Stuff Up

Improv was really all about coming up with ideas and behaviors “on the spot.” Regular acting class is geared toward learning lines from plays, and then practicing them and getting into character.

Improve is all about just getting up on stage with a bunch of people you don’t know, and basically just making stuff up as you go along, and making it seem like it’s all some kind of a congruent story.

In a sense, it’s very much like life.

I remember when we did this one exercise, with about twenty people, and the synergy was absolutely amazing. We used our bodies and motions to create all these shapes. The teacher took the opportunity to throw out various structure names, and then all twenty of us would automatically get into position.

All without speaking, and all very quickly.

And the structures were complicated things like buildings, ships, bicycles, etc.


Being part of a large group of people, with zero conscious communication, yet acting together quickly and effectively to create things was a wonderful experience.

So is life. Because life is the same.

There really is no rules. Sure, there are people who try their hardest to be “in charge” and tell everybody else what to do, but those types are much less important than we realize.

When you can juts let go, trust your unconscious, and more importantly trust the unconscious of others, you really can create some absolutely amazing things with your life.

Relationships, situations, families, huge piles of wealth. Anything you want.

Only instead of waiting for some professor telling you what shape to make, you get to choose on your own.

Are you ready?

Get Started: