How To Plant Love Bombs

Leave Her Thinking About You

Make Love Not War, Baby!

When does love happen?

Most people don’t really think about this, and when they do, most of us get it wrong.

It doesn’t help when we hear things like, “Love at First Sight.”

Humans have a terrible habit of “mis-remembering” things.

Meaning we’ll see somebody, and not be too sure about them. Then we’ll be thinking about them, imagining them, and wondering how it would be like to be together.

Then when we see them again, we see them through that filter that we’ve created ourselves, based on our own imagination.

To matters more confusing, we’ll add on all those extra feelings to our memory of the first meeting.

Which means we’ll remember that first meeting as if we INSTANTLY had all those feelings that we later conjured up all on our own.

Now, this DOES happen to guys. But girls do this with MUCH MORE INTENSITY. Girls literally LIVE for this stuff.

Twilight Anyone?

That’s why romance novels are the biggest best sellers. Always.

The whole point is that realize that her attraction for you will usually not happen during that first meeting.

But it’s actually pretty easy to get it to happen after a two or three meetings.

Now, if you’re the kind of “love ’em and leave ’em” type, this will still work, you just need time to build up your “sales funnel” so you’ve always got honeys ready to rock.

But if you’re trying to game one special lady, this will work INCREDIBLY well.

Leave Seeds To Grow In Her Heart

All you’ve got to do is give her SUBCONSCIOUS a reason to think about you when you’re gone.

NOT HER CONSCIOUS MIND, but her subconscious.

This means DON’T say goofy things like, “think about me, ok?”

This DOES mean leaving a bunch of open loops. Star thoughts but don’t finish them. Be present, be energetic, let her know that you’re into her, but be sure to leave open loops.

That’s Just Like When…

Start stories and don’t finish them completely.

You know that funny feeling you get when you leave your house, and you felt as if you’ve forgotten something?

That’s the feeling you’re going for. Not something ultra strong, and definitely not anything specific.

Just a vague feeling that there’s something she forgot to say, or ask or finish.

If you’ve done this, combined with being clear that YOU are attracted to HER, the result is pretty amazing.

There’s a whole set of language patterns and techniques that will help you master this ultra powerful conversation strategy.

Girls Money and Love

And when you realize that it’s not only good for getting girls, but also getting money, getting jobs, and significantly increase the pleasure of your existing relationships, then you’ll understand the true power of your language.

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