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How To Maximize Your Risk

Look Silly For Maximum Success

Isaac Newton once made the remark that he could only do what he’d done because he was standing on the shoulders of giants.

Meaning his scientific discoveries were only as good as those that came before him.

And those that came before him were just as largely based on those that came before them.

The study of human advancement over the centuries is pretty amazing.

Sure, there are plenty of dark spots, but the long trend is generally upward.

Collectively, we seem to have this drive to keep advancing.

I saw a pretty cool video the other day of the first rocket that blasted off, flew around in the upper atmosphere, and then landed, but in the reverse of how took off.

Right back down on the launch pad. Like watching a lift-off in reverse.

For a long time, a few people have been trying to create a business of tourist space flight.

Yeah, it would only be for rich people, but it’s always that way at first.

Long, long time ago, travel by rail was only for rich people.

Now regular folks can fly all over the world.

It’s possible to live your own life like this, but it’s not guaranteed.

It’s all based on the habits you cultivate.

If you have some really big, really specific goals, way out there, and you make it a habit to do SOMETHING on a daily basis, you can build a pretty impressive life.

On the other hand, if you just hope you get there “somehow,” you might get lucky, but then again you might not.

Most people are terrified of risk. Which is why they are afraid to take action.

Many people want some kind of guarantee that what they are trying will eventually pan out.

Unless they are SURE, they don’t budge.

But in reality, they are ignoring the biggest risk of all.

And that is to get to the end of your life, look back, and say, “Wow, what happened?”

The great paradox is that the more consistently you take small risks, they less likely you’ll end up with nothing.

Meaning the most effective way to make sure the BIGGEST risk of all doesn’t happen is to take a bunch of small risks.

Imagine if you were on a golf course. And you could wait and take one HUGE swing, or you could take a lot of little swings.

But you were so embarrassed to look goofy taking a bunch of little swings, you waited until the last moment to take that one big swing.

If the ball goes in the hole, you’d look pretty good. But if your ball flies off into the lake, well, game over.

But if you take small shots, ten or fifteen yards apiece, you’d almost be guaranteed to get into the hole eventually.

Of course, in golf, the number of strokes is important.

But not in life.

In life, it’s the final result that counts.

And all the intermediary results in between.

Small actions daily build up.

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Whatever You Want, You Must Build

Who Are You Waiting For?

When I was a kid my friends and I saw this cool picture in a magazine.

It was of this woman who’d stacked up three golf balls on top of each other.

Now, the article was about something completely different, and the stacked up golf balls were only there to make it look interesting.

But for the next several days, that’s all my friends and I did.

Try and see how many golf balls we could stack up.

Most I ever got was three. My friend did four.

You need a very steady hand and as surface that won’t move.

I was also big into building card houses. Seeing how many stories we could get them.

Things like this are hard to build, and they collapse pretty easily.

Clearly, if you want to build something that will last, you need to make sure you’ve got a lot of things in place.

Solid ground. Sturdy construction equipment. A legitimate reason for doing it, since it’s going to take a while.

The most important thing, of course, is your life.

Yet most people spend zero time considering how to build it.

Imagine if you had a plot of land, and a pile of lumber. And you sat there waiting for somebody to come along and tell you what to do.

Or worse, you sat their waiting for somebody else to come and build your house for you!

Most people use this as their main strategy for building their lives, without even realizing it.

This used to work out fine, maybe fifty years or so ago. You just did what you were told, maybe figured out what you were good at, and showed up to work every day.

That was enough.

Not any more.

Now every single day can be seen as a balancing act. Unless you take your time to choose the building blocks wisely, who knows when it will come tumbling down.

Luckily, it’s not as difficult as it seems. But there is ONE crucial ingredient that most people don’t even want to talk about.

And THAT is self-responsibility. Sure, it’s not YOUR fault the world is messed up and everything is rigged.

But it is.

How YOU respond, though, is up to you. And ONLY you.

Since every single person has the same problem, namely, how to get their needs met in a world that is increasingly chaotic and rigged, few people are going to have spare time to lend you a hand.

So if you wait for somebody to come knocking on your door, take you by the hand and show you some secret step by step system that only a “few” people know about, you’ll be waiting a while.

But here’s the good news.

If you ARE willing to shoulder the responsibility for your life, you really can build it as big as you want.

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The Virtue Of Profits

Coming Out Ahead Is The Prime Directive of Life

Always Come Out Ahead

One way to control people is by changing the meaning of the words they use.

This was one of the central ideas in “1984” by Orwell. Slavery is freedom, war is peace, etc.

Governments have even tried to do this in recent times. Taxes are really membership fees. Political parties are families.

There’s a common metaphor of a bunch of crabs in a box. Most of them are too lazy to do anything about it, even though they know they’re probably going to be eaten at some point.

One crab decides to escape, but instead of helping him, or copying him, they all climb on and pull him back down.

Now, they’re probably not trying to pull him down. Rather, they’re too scared to try on their own, but they don’t to get left behind, so they just grab on and hope he pulls them ALL to safety.

As you can imagine, this happens in society ALL the time. If you’ve ever tried to break out of your financial rut for example, you’ve realized you need to do things differently.

Maybe save your money instead of blowing it every weekend with your buddies. Maybe you’ve made the “mistake” of telling them your plans. 

And instead of supporting you, like you’d hoped, they may have said things like, “What? Are you crazy? It’ll never work! Just come hang out with us and forget about starting your own business!”

Just like the crabs, they’re not hoping you’ll fail. But they’re terrified of being left behind.

After all, if you try, and succeed, what does it say about them?

They’d rather pretend it’s impossible, rather than try, take a risk, and succeed.

One of the most “changed” words is “profit.” Governments tell us it’s evil. People tell us companies are evil because they “chase profits.”

But consider this. Every single living organism MUST live profitably.

Consider a “biological balance sheet.” If any organism “spends” 1000 calories a day, but only consumes 800 calories, they are running at a net loss of 200 calories per day.

Which means they’ll be dead soon.

On the other hand, any organism that spends only 500 calories, but eats 1000 calories has a surplus. One that allows it to lounge around and relax in the sun. Find some other sexy organisms and use that surplus to make baby organisms.

Organisms, people, societies, all work the same way.

Profits are simply essential to survival. You can’t eat more than you produce. It’s mathematically impossible.

But the idea that “chasing profits” is bad is also impossible.

That’s basically the same as saying “staying alive and building a surplus” is bad.

Who says nonsense like this?

Those crabs who are too scared to be left behind, and power hungry types that want to keep you stuck.

If you’re ready to give those guys the finger, check this out:

Metaphysical Life Force

The Ancient Power Of Life

The Ancient Power Within

Bees and ants are pretty interesting. They both are colonies, made up of individuals, but can also be treated as a standalone entity.

A brain center, flow of energy, waste disposal. When they get big enough, they split off and form two separate colonies.

Almost like a cell dividing and dividing until a whole new organism is formed.

All our DNA is the same. Meaning a DNA in one area will turn into an eye, while the same DNA in another area will turn into a finger.

The DNA somehow knows what to become, based on a myriad of environmental factors.

Many believe that human life on Earth is like one big organism. Certainly looked at on a meta level, it sure can look like one.

Many believe the “super conscious” is the collective unconscious of all “individual” entities on Earth past, present and future.

One really mind bender is if you consider the very first organism that crawled out of the sludge many, many eons ago.

It replicated, again and again and again, until we have the massive diversity of life that exists today.

All life seems to be imprinted with the same “prime directive,” which is to make more copies of itself.

In order to do that, it has to interact with its environment, interact with other like elements, and just keep on building.

Richard Dawkins wrote an interesting book called “The Extended Phenotype.” A genotype is the biological outcome of our genes. Brown eyes, black hair, etc. A phenotype is a non-biological outcome of our genes. Like a snail’s shell or a beaver’s dam.

He postulated that everything we have on Earth can be thought of as the “human phenotype.” All of our artwork, medicine, music, jars of peanut butter and sofas.

Which means making things is part of our DNA.

But not just making them, but making whatever we can, and then trading them for what we want.

The energy that connects all this, of course, is money.

Without money, that free flowing river of creative inventions simply wouldn’t exist.

It’s that metaphysical energy that connects people of different languages, different cultures, and different beliefs.

As soon as ancient cultures came in contact with each other, they started trading what they had, for what they wanted.

Luckily, it’s easier than every to participate. There’s an explosion in human need, as well as an explosion of ways to satisfy those needs.

All you’ve got to do is get in the game, and start playing.

How Will The World Remember You?

Get Going On Your Mission

Make Your Mark

It’s pretty good when you have one of those days where all kinds of cool and unexpected things happen.

You leave the house maybe on a Friday night, thinking you’ll hang out with your friends.

Then you meet some interesting people who invite you to a party.

Then at the party you meet other people and go somewhere else.

Kind of like being in some kind of magical “activity stream” where things just keep happening.

Other times it can be pretty boring. Once I was dating this girl, and we had fallen into a rut when we’d go out. She started to accurately predict all the places I’d take her.

Part of the human experience is to let your “explorer” out once in a while. Sure, playing it safe is just as valuable. 

Too much of either can get you into trouble.

Play it too safe, and life passes you buy without you really noticing. Become too much of an explorer, and you might get stuck on an island or end up at the bottom of the ocean.

A good way to change things up is to plan spontaneity.

Meaning at least once a week, schedule a few hours to yourself, and specifically NOT make any plans.

Just go out, and go to places you’ve never been before. Talk to people you wouldn’t normally talk to.

The secret of living a fulfilling life is a combination of having a solid plan, AND being able to change gears when an opportunity shows up.

Those that start their own businesses, for example, (and do well) are the folks who have a general idea of what they want, but don’t hesitate when the market goes in a different direction.

Work is another example. You might start out with one type of job, and end up doing something completely different. Something that gets you far more money, and far more recognition of your true skills.

But this WON’T  happen if you are too “risk averse.” You’ve got to take SOME chances. You’ll never make your mark on the world by playing it safe.

Think of it this way. For every inventor, or artist, or musician or explorer that did something amazing, there’s millions, even billions of people who are glad they did.

Which means when YOU fully express your true calling, you’ll actually be helping millions, if not billions of people.

By playing it safe, you’re letting them down.

The world is waiting.