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Who's Doing Your Thinking?

Whose Thoughts Are You Thinking?

Once I went to a bar with a friend.

As soon as I walked in, I noticed that the walls were covered with Corona flags.

We sat at our table, I ordered my drink, and he studied the menu.

After a little bit of thought, he ordered a Corona.

He acted like he’d decided on Corona ONLY after reading the menu.

I laughed, and he asked why.

I pointed out all the Corona signs and he looked stunned.

When I was a kid I saw this stage show at an amusement park.

The trick was that I was supposed to whisper something to a dog, and the dog would go and retrieve it.

I did, and the dog retrieved it.

Since I was a kid, I really thought the dog could understand me.

But my brother explained that the trainer had carefully slipped that idea into my mind, so I thought it was mine.

Every show, the dog would always get the same thing.

And every time, the kid thought it was HIS choice that he told the dog.

Just like my Corona ordering friend, the thought had been carefully implanted in there.

Had my brother not explained the trick to me, or had I not shown my friend all the Corona signs, we would have thought it really WAS our thought.

So here’s the uncomfortable question:

How do you know your thoughts are really yours?

Grocery stores are laid out to alter our buying choices.

TV ads are carefully designed to alter our thinking choices.

And since most people think the same thoughts every day, what does it mean if those same thoughts (that people think every day) are really put there by others?

Whose thoughts are we REALLY thinking all day long?

Our lives are built from our behaviors.

Our behaviors are a result of our thinking.

But if our thinking is secretly controlled by others, WHOSE lives are we living?

On a big scale, this sounds terrifying.

But on a much smaller scale, it’s not so bad.

If you’ve got a massive garden that is overrun by weeds, it’s not a very happy thought.

But if you just took out ONE weed per day, and replaced with a seed for a flower, pretty soon you’d transform your garden.

Your thoughts, and the behaviors that create, are the same way.

Even if ALL of your thoughts are really somebody else’s, you can start small.

And slowly replace them with YOUR thoughts that will build the life that YOU want.

Not anybody else.

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Seven Disciplines

Unlimited Desire

The Bikini Girl Strategy

Plenty of products come with “add-ons.”

Things they try to sell you after you agree to buy something.

A lot of times, these “add-ons” are the main source of profit.

They even take a loss on the first item.

Like this one time I bought a kitchen gadget from a TV commercial.

It was something like a hundred bucks.

And judging by how it worked, and how it was built, it was probably pretty close to it’s real cost.

But I ended up buying nearly $300 worth of “extras.”

Stuff that was cheap and stuff that I NEVER ended up using.

But at the time, it sounded like the logical thing to do.

In for a penny, in for a pound, right?

The lady on the phone was really slick. I placed the order, and the way she phrased the questions made buying something for $50 (that I didn’t even know existed a minute ago) seem so natural.

Why are we like this?

It’s kind of the same reason they stick gorgeous bikini girls next to cars.

It’s not that you think she comes with the car, or even that you’ll get girls if you buy the car.

It’s that the desire for the girl is subconsciously attached to the car.

So when you’ve already decided to buy something, your DESIRE to buy is easily leveraged.

Like they can reach into your brain, take that desire to buy and attach it to anything.

This is the thing about human desires.

We have an unlimited amount.

But most of the time nobody wants to hear about them.

Most people are busy telling us what we SHOULD want, and WHY we should want them.

Even if we get in a couple of words about what we DO want, they may say, “Yeah, yeah, that’s cool, but check THIS out!”

So when you sit back, and just ASK them about what they WANT, you can attach their desires to pretty much anything.

And if you don’t have anything in particular you want to attach their desires to?

They’ll attach them (subconsciously) to YOU!

They’ve got to go somewhere, right?

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Secret Persuasion

Deep Persuasion

Recently they discovered that orangutans make certain noises when there are predators around.

They ONLY make those sounds (a series of clicks) when those predators around.

It’s an insight into the development of human language.

Nobody is really sure when language was invented.

They only know when written language was invented, which came perhaps tens of thousands of years after spoken language.

Whenever evolutionary scientists look at all of our human characteristics, some things make sense, while others don’t.

Clearly being able to talk has tons of benefits over not being able to talk.

Many people believer that the purpose of human language is to exchange information.

But there’s a deeper issue. Even when those orangutans make those clicks, the are hoping (instinctively) that whoever hears those clicks will DO something.

Something specific, like not get eaten.

Sometimes it seems that when humans talk, there isn’t really a reason.

It can be an interesting mental experiment to do next time you’re hanging with your friends.

Sit back and listen, and try and guess the “intention” beneath the words.

What behavior are they trying to elicit? Often it’s a simple as trying to elicit a smile or any kind of agreement.

But the intention is always there.

Many times people will say something, NOT get the intended result, and then kind of retreat.

They’ll say, “Just saying…”

Most of the time, even when we HAVE a clear intention (get somebody to laugh, give out their phone number or agree to an idea) we don’t have much of a plan.

We just kind of spit out a bunch of words and hope for the best.

Even the most skilled speakers and persuaders don’t really have a concrete plan on how to specifically get their intended outcome.

Most of the time, they’re just naturally “good at it” which means they really don’t know HOW they do what they do.

But there IS a set of strategies that work, and work very well.

They are contrary to how most “persuaders” operate. Kind of the opposite.

And for some, getting into the right frame of mind is difficult.

But when you do, it’s VERY EASY.

So easy, that if those highly skilled “persuaders” would see you do it, they would wonder why in the heck it’s working so well.

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Grocery Store Manipulation

Auto Pilot Grocery Stores

There’s a common question when you start learning things like covert hypnosis and all the powerful language patterns of NLP.

And that is, “Is it possible to persuade somebody against their will?”

This is common question from both sides, the user and receiver of the language patterns.

There are those that would very much like to take advantage of others.

So when they come across something like “Covert Hypnosis,” the first they do is start rubbing their hands together like a cartoon super villain. The world belongs to me!

Then there are those who are terrified of salespeople, because they imagine salespeople use some super powerful NLP they won’t be able to resist.

Like they’ll walk into some store only to kill some time, and then suddenly find themselves at home two hours later with a $200 blender wondering what happened.

The truth is that neither of these are very likely.

BUT, there is something that is almost worse.

It is absolutely true that you CANNOT persuade somebody against their will.

But the SAD truth is that most people DON’T HAVE a will.

They don’t have a plan. They don’t have any idea of what they want. They just bounce around hoping something “good” happens to them.

Most of us are like this at least some of the time.

If you’ve ever been grocery shopping, and bought WAY more stuff than you intended, that’s EXACTLY what happened.

You walked in their WITHOUT a plan, and the GROCERY STORE (not some salesperson or anything) took advantage of you.

Think about that. It’s SO EASY to take advantage of people that “they” just need to set up the displays in the grocery store correctly, and they’ll run on their own AUTOPILOT INFLUENCE.

Pretty scary!

Of course, if you don’t want this to happen, you simply make a list.

(Just yesterday I saw some old guy in the store trying to read a list, while talking to his wife on the phone asking her WTF she’d written!)

This is true of EVERY SITUATION.

The problem is when you have a “wishy-washy” set of intentions.

AND you have an AUTOMATIC way of responding to certain situations.

Not only is THE WORLD going to pull your emotions all over the place, but sometimes you’ll feel pretty LOUSY!

Sure, it’s feels pretty good to get a smile from an attractive stranger, but if you are depending on chance, it’s going to be a two-way street.

Luckily, there are some POWERFUL exercises to help you plan for ANY contingency, AND be to handle ANYTHING the world throws at you like a tenth degree black belt ninja.

And you’ll NEVER feel “taken advantage of” again.

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Emotional Freedom

Are You Asking For The Right Things?


Time To Grow Up

​There’s a lot of watershed moments in a person’s life.

The time before your first kiss, and the time after.

The time before you started working, and the time after.

The time before you had kids, and the time after.

One of the most important is also the hardest to identify, as it manifests itself in many ways.

The childhood portion, and the adult portion.

When we are children, all we need do is ask, and we receive.

But this doesn’t work so well when we’re adults. On the other hand, there are plenty of books, strategies, political beliefs, and even religions that promise simply asking is all we need do.

This begs the question, if ALL of us ONLY ask, then who’s doing the giving?

What if all the guys and gals who ran the electricity and water plants decided they didn’t need to go to work, and all they needed to do was sit home and “ask”?

What if the people around the world that grew the food we all depend on every day decided that they just needed to sit home and “ask” instead of going to work every day?

I know, these are tough questions we don’t like asking. We LOVE the idea of getting something for nothing.

But as mentioned above, that really only works for kids. Who have parents who are genetically programmed to take care of them.

As adults, we have to always look for not only what we want, but what we can give in order to get it.

And the easiest way to do this is to simply ask others what THEY want.

When we get into the habit of doing this, then things can go pretty smoothly.

Most people walk around talking about themselves. What they’ve done. What they want to do. What they think they deserve.

Sure, if you happen to have EXACTLY what they want, and you KNOW somehow that they’ve got what you want, then that may work pretty well.

But this is pretty rare. 

On the other hand, when you have enough faith in people in general, that just by talking to them in a certain way, you can get a LOT more than you think you can. 

When you start ASKING other people what they want, instead of overwhelming them with your desires, something pretty amazing will happen.

They’ll suddenly become energized. Open. Excited. They’ll wonder who the heck YOU are, and how they can help YOU.

This will open many more doors that most people realize exist.

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The Tipping Point

Create Your Tipping Point

How To Engineer Luck

​I used to go to the gym a lot.

For a while, I was using these stair climbers.

They had a program that looked like you were going up and down hills.

Going up was hard, and when you watched the readout, you could tell when an easy part was coming.

The resistance in the pedals suddenly lessened considerably. You could go a lot faster with a lot less effort.

I remember the first couple times I went rock climbing. Pretty scary to say the least.

But paradoxically, after I slipped a couple of times, it became a lot less scary. I had a buddy who was an expert, and he would always go first. As he climbed up, I’d feed the rope out. He would put the rope through pieces of “protection” so that if he fell, he’d fall until the rope was tight, from his waist, through the “protection” and then back down to me.

But when I climbed up after, slipping was only a couple inches. As the rope was straight from me to him.

So when I did slip a couple of times, I IMMEDIATELY felt the rope holding me. 

Once I had experience that the rope was there to protect me, the fear vanished, and I climbed a lot faster, and more confidently.

If you’ve seen romantic movies, there’s often a time when a couple has a lot of sexual tension. He feels it, she feels it, but both are kind of scared to act on it.

Then when they both act on it at the same time, that’s when the fireworks start. That fear is IMMEDIATELY replaced by a pleasure that has no equal.

If you’ve experienced this, you KNOW what an awesome feeling that is.

Most of the time, resistance, either internal or external, takes a while to get over. It slowly gets smaller, as our courage and fortitude slowly gets bigger, until we get to that tipping point.

But sometimes, it can happen in an instant. Like on the stair climber, or rock climbing or kissing your partner for the first time.

Most people think that these things “just happen.” That when they do happen we are “lucky.”

But in reality, these “tipping points” can be engineered.

Not only engineered, but reproduced at will. Which means you can walk up to anybody, and talk to them in a way that will almost GUARANTEE that tipping point will happen.

When THEIR internal fear vanishes, and the floodgates open.

Now, GETTING to that point takes some time. Some practice. Some mental exercises.

But it IS worth it.

Learn How:

How The Light Bulb Went Off In My Head

Use Their Reasons, Not Yours

Speak Their Language

​I remember when I got my first job right out of college.

Pretty broke, didn’t have much furniture. First apartment was pretty bare.

I needed a lamp, so I went to a local lamp shop (that I walked to).

The guy working there was really helpful. Asked a bunch of questions not only about what kind of lamp I wanted, but a little bit about me as well.

He didn’t try and sell me the biggest and most expensive lamp. Rather, he helped me find one that was inexpensive, and would do the job. He was also understood that I’d just started working, and didn’t have much cash.

He said something like, “Every other paycheck or so, you can come back and slowly build up your lamp collection.”

And guess what?

For the next couple years, every time I needed a lamp, that’s where I went.

On the other hand, I’ve bought (or tried to buy) things and the salesperson had the opposite effect. I said I wanted to spend 20 bucks, and they’s show me something for 30 bucks. 

Once I was taking a piano class, and I wanted to buy a cheap keyboard. Since I was just beginning, I wanted the cheapest one I could find.

So I went to my local Guitar Center, and the guy noticed me looking at keyboards. He didn’t ask me many questions, only noticed I was looking at the more cheaper models.

“You don’t want those, man! That’s kid stuff! You need this one over here!” And he showed me this $500 model that had too many buttons in to count.

Needless to say, not only did I NOT buy a keyboard from this guy, but I don’t think I EVER shopped at that particular Guitar Center again.

Even if you’re not selling anything, or not overtly persuading anybody, I’m sure you can see the difference in communication styles.

Talking to somebody based on THEIR needs, vs. talking to somebody based on YOUR needs.

The funny thing is, if you take some time to get to know them, find out not only what you want, but what their limitations are (real or imagined) you’ll be MUCH MORE LIKELY to get YOUR needs met.

That lamp guy went out of his way to help me find the cheapest lamp. But over the next two years or so, I probably bought 5 or 6 lamps from him.

When you first find out about others, you can create a much, much stronger relationship. And they’ll remember you for a lot longer. Even know, I can picture that lamp guy in my mind.

This type of communication will help you create much, much more.

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Pull Yourself Together

All Together Now...


​Sometimes in the movies, they’ll have these rowing races.

Usually they involve some guys or gals in some expensive ivy league school.

If you’ve seen that movie about Facebook (The Social Network) then you know what I mean.

Two long rowboats, with six or seven guys. All rowing.

At first glance, it would seem to be a competition of strength, and endurance.

While that’s part of the equation, it’s not the main part.

They’ve got this guy at the front, with a bullhorn.

He’s shouting, “Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!”

The MAIN contest is who can work together the best.

If you’ve got team A, for example, that are really strong but aren’t quite “together” when they take each stroke, they’ll be easily beaten by team B, who might be weaker, but are VERY “tight” when they row.

Like one entity, instead of a bunch of different guys.

I had a buddy once I worked with. He saw this band. He said they were AWESOME. But he didn’t say anything about the kind of music, whether it was original or cover stuff.

He only said they were “as tight as a mosquito’s butthole.” Meaning they played together VERY well.

That was more important than the music they played, or even the instruments they used.

You know how when those ultra professional singers can break a glass or a mirror with their voice?

It’s not because their voice is ultra powerful. It’s because they can hold a note that is the EXACT same frequency as the vibrational frequency of the glass or the mirror. It’s their ability to hold a note ultra steady, not sing really, really powerfully, that allows them to do that.

This is the power of congruence.

When you’ve got ALL your internal parts working together. Just like that band, it won’t matter WHAT you are talking about. People will only find it amazing and won’t be able to stop listening to you.

What’s even more, when you can elicit the frequency of even the shyest person, so the TWO of you can resonate together, that will be a connection like no other.

How do you do that?

First, get congruent yourself. This takes time. This takes plenty of mental practice. This takes some uncomfortable digging through those emotions most people would rather not face.

But the rewards are ENORMOUS.

Once you get congruent yourself, your mere presence will awaken a desire in others. One they’ll share with you like they’ve never shared before.

What can you DO with such power?

A lot.

Learn More:

The Magic Alchemy Machine

Leverage Your Imagination

Imagination Is Everything

Most people have zero idea how powerful their imagination is.

Many believe that at best, it’s something to use to kill time when you’re bored. Fantasize about your future, that guy or girl you like, or that you’re the star in the TV show you’re watching.

Others see it as some horrible enemy that screws things up. Just when they get ready to try something new, their imagination takes over and shows them all the awful things that will happen if things go wrong.

Let’s say you had some kind of mystery tool. Maybe one day you were cleaning out your garage and you found this cool shiny thing with a bunch of buttons.

You started hammering on the buttons, in random order, and it made some cool noises and flashing lights. But some buttons made it spit out some stinky gas. So you figured it’d be some kind of fun thing to play with if you ever got bored.

Maybe when you and your buddies were sitting around, you’d take turns pushing the buttons in random order just to see what would happen.

Maybe cool, maybe not.

But what if you found this cool machine, as well as a detailed owners manual?

And there were TONS of “recipes” in there, to push the buttons in a specific order, and instead of sounds or smells, you got actual things out of this magic machine. Actual physical objects like books, computers, food, or stacks of money.

There was even a detailed section on how to program this machine, not only to make more complicated things, but to make more machines.

What would you think then?

The truth is we’ve all got a machine just like that.

Your imagination.

Only most of us think it’s something to play around with when we’re bored, and even then it may backfire on us.

The select few of you who take the time to learn how to use this “machine” can create magnificent things.

All you need is an instruction manual, some time, and an idea of what you’d like to create.

Can it really be that simple?

Check it out, and see:

Mind Persuasion

How To Generate Momentum

Start Slow And Keep Pushing

Start Slow And Keep Moving

A lot of people feel lost these days.

Meaning they’re working some of job they don’t really like, earning income that’s just barely enough, and not sure of the future.

No question, this is a crappy situation.

A few decades ago, all you had to do was show up, do a good job, and you’d get paid.

Not so much any more.

More than ever, it’s up to you to make your own way. This ain’t fair, but it’s the way it is.

Luckily, there’s plenty of opportunities. All kinds of ways to freelance, start your own business from scratch, and get something going on the side.

The secret of creating your own thing is that the process is the exciting part.

Once you make that first dollar, you’re hooked. That feeling of creating something with only your thoughts and the physical tools you have right now is a pretty fantastic one.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they’ve got to hit it big right out of the gate, but few people EVER find success this way.

Even the greats from history took time.

But once you get started, something else will happen.

That job that sucks so much won’t suck so bad any more. Because it won’t be the ONLY thing you’ve got going. 

Instead of thinking about it as your ONLY hope for survival, you’ll suddenly see it as a temporary “crutch” to help pay the bills until you get your own thing going.

Even if you just spend a few minutes a day on your “project,” your mind will shift.

Your spare time will be spent not with worry, but with hope and expectation for a better future.

You’ll actually wake up in the middle of the night with ideas. Ideas you can put into action.

All it takes is that first step. Then another. Then another.

Then you’ll have something few people ever experience.

Self generated momentum. Created by you and sustained by you. To create your future.

Once you get a taste of your independence, you’ll never look back.

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Prosperity Generator