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Are You Anti-Resonating?

Change Your Frequency

What’s Your Frequency

​When I was a student, resonance was my favorite topic.

I had this ultra hard physics lab with this ultra strict teacher (who barely talked), and the experiment we did on resonance was by far my favorite.

The reason the sky is blue is because of resonance. The reason kids love swings so much is resonance.

Resonance occurs when you apply an external frequency in congruence with the natural frequency of any system.

When you rub your fingertip around the top of a wine goblet, for example, the small bumps in friction as your finger moves across the rim is the same as the resonance frequency of the glass. 

Some systems are very simple, like a kid on a swing, and have only one resonance frequency.

Others, like a wine glass, have different frequencies based on different configurations. Different amounts of wine in the glass will produce different pitches, or different resonating frequencies.

Other things are WAY more complicated.

Like when two people are talking. If you and somebody else just “click” then you are pretty much in resonance with each other.

If you’re lucky, you can find a partner with whom you can resonate with for most of your life.

On the other hand, it can feel that you are “out of sync” which is kind of the opposite of resonance. Your “frequency” and the “frequency” of the other person (or people) are as opposite as can be.

Needless to say, this is frustrating and lonely.

How can you bust out of this trap?

Take a step back, relax, release some stress and “feel out” the other person, as if you’re are just meeting them.

This is EXACTLY what kids do the first time they get on a swing. They have NO IDEA which frequency to pump their legs. They just keep trying until they get it right.

If you are OUT of resonance with anybody, or with life in general, just apply the same principle.

Imagine if a kid got on a swing and had a pre-set idea of how fast he should pump his legs. And no matter what, he ONLY pumped them at THAT precise frequency.

And when it didn’t work, he blamed the swing for not cooperating.

Sounds silly. But this is EXACTLY what most people do.

They don’t feel it’s up to THEM to resonate with the world, it’s the WORLD that is supposed to resonate with THEM.

This usually doesn’t work so well. (Unless you have super secret magic ninja powers or something.)

So, how do you bust out?

Relax, open your mind, feel the energy around you. Through you. Let IT move YOU.

Doing some daily mental practice will help.

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Shock And Awe Relationship Opener

Don't Dance Around The Issue

Stop Dancing Around!

When it comes to picking up girls, guys tend to beat around the bush, so to speak. (NO pun intended, you sick freak!)

Meaning guys rarely come out and say what’s on their minds. But consider a few statistics, mental or otherwise.

Imagine how much time, money and energy you spend trying to “meet girls.” Now, I know that plenty of guys go out to meet girls, don’t meet any girls, and then tell themselves they REALLY were just going out to hang with their boys.

Yea, right!

But just play along. Think of the percent of time you actually get some, vs. the time you spend TRYING to get some. Probably a pretty slim percentage.

Now, consider the famous “Shock and Awe” opener. You walk up, introduce yourself, and calmly and plainly, (not offensively) ask if she wants to go somewhere and get busy.

IF (and I know this is a huge IF) someone had the balls to do this, how do you think those numbers (shock and awe) would compare to somebody who simply approaches when he’s confident, flails around, and finally asks for the number?

Sure, the shock and awe guy would get rejected a lot. But you’d be surprised how often you wouldn’t be. Now, not every girl would go somewhere right away with you, but a lot would definitely be impressed with your confidence.

And you would be INCREDIBLY confident just after a few times.

Now, I’m not recommending that you do this. And you’re likely thinking, “Yea, but I don’t WANT short 
term sex, I want a relationship!”

So why not try the “shock and awe” relationship opener?

“Hey, I think you’re cute, and I’m wondering if you have an equally interesting personality. Maybe we might have enough in common to at least be friends, or maybe even fall in love, after we get to know each other. Why don’t you give me your phone number, and I’ll call you later on so we can get together?”

How do you think THIS would work? If you tried it only ONCE a night on any cute enough girl that was giving you some IOI’s?

Now, this certainly WOULDN’T guarantee your success, but it would certainly short cut all the dancing around the topic most people do in the club! (See what I did there?)

Now, you don’t have to necessarily say this, but if you keep this IDEA in the forefront of you mind while you approach, and while you’re talking to her, it would certainly make things at lot clearer.

Try it, and see:

Girlfriend Generator

How To Avoid Relationship Pain

How To Meet Your Dream Girl

Looking For A Long Term Relationship?

They say hindsight is 20-20. That’s kind of true, but sometimes it’s pretty dangerous. Looking back into history can be helpful, but only when you take in the ENTIRE history.

There’s all kinds of movies where people go back in time and change one simple thing with disastrous results in the present.

When people reminisce about the past, it’s common to wish one or two elements were different, and everything else was the same. This is pretty impossible when you really think about it. Every incident in human life is the culmination of billions of random variables all operating according to different principles.

Since the human brain is limited in its understanding, we often perceive things that are much simpler than they really are.

For example, a lot of guys would like things to be the way like they were in the “old days.” Maybe they imagine their grandparents hooking up, dating a few times, and then having a relationship without much issue.

They compare that to their experiences today, and see a huge difference. The conclusion is usually that women today are much different than women of yesteryear.

There’s a couple things going on here that makes that seem correct, when it’s not true at all.

One thing is something called “survivorship bias.” This means we focus only on the few people that were successful, even when they are the exception to the rule. If you only focus on your happily married grandparents, for example, you’re ignoring all the people on planet Earth their same age who aren’t so happy.

Another problem comes when guys hook up with girls and have sex. Then there emotions get involved, and they try to turn a short term fling (based on how it was created) into a long term relationship.

Unfortunately, long term relationships only really work out when people genuinely like each other beyond those feelings of lust.

Anybody you meet under the cover of lust  may or may not fit that description. Sure it can happen, but when you consider how diverse people are, it’s unlikely you’d meet your soul mate the same way you’d meet a short term fling.

So, what’s the answer?

All this can easily be take care of with criteria. Find out what kind of relationship you’d like. Find out what kind of person you’d like it with. Find out a way to determine if they are a close enough match BEFORE you get too physical and your emotions get involved.

Sure, in the short term, it’s not a lot of fun. But in the long term, you’ll be much, much better off.

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Girlfriend Generator

Do You Really Want To Chase That One Girl?

Is She Really Worth Your Time, Money and Effort?

Is It Really Worth It?

How do you get a girl to like you?

I get that question a lot. Especially by guys who’ve got this one special girl in mind. Sometimes the one that got away. Sometimes one they’ve never really had a conversation with. 

The truth is there IS no fool proof way to make “a girl” like you. Sure, there are ways you can increase the results you get with girls in general. But a particular girl? There’s really not much. This is despite the endless programs being sold about how to “get your ex back.” 

Now, if your life depended on it, (and often times it certainly feels like it does), then there certainly ARE some things you can try. Things that MAY improve your chances with your “ex.” However, there ARE a lot of factors.

How much the relationship is broken. How long you were together. Whether or not that last time was the very “last straw.” And also, crucially missing from many of these programs, the person you’re trying to “get back.”

Do they have a lot of other options? Are they currently dating somebody else? Do they think of you as the biggest mistake of their lives?

Then there’s the ONE question that most people simply don’t want to ask. That questions those economists (the dismal science) tell us we always need to ask.

At what cost?

Now, most guys will say, “At ANY cost!” Which doesn’t really mean much. Are they willing to give up their life’s savings? Are they willing to get fired from their jobs, become homeless for two years? Are they willing to be in the doghouse for the rest of their lives?

Most guys don’t want to think about this. They want a magic fix. They want to read an ebook and say some magic words over the phone that will fix everything.

Here’s the most important thing. When you think about the REAL costs involved, both short term AND long term, of not only “getting your ex back,” but “getting her to like me,” there’s ANOTHER question to ask.

Once you figure out the TRUE COSTS of getting that to happen, ask yourself this:

What ELSE could I get with those SAME costs?

In economics, they call these “opportunity costs.” Meaning those two years you spend making it up to your ex, you could be meeting and dating TEN WOMEN, all who could end up being BETTER than your ex.

Or you could be focused on your job, so that in those same two years you could be making TEN TIMES as much money, which would allow you a lifestyle that will let you meet HUNDREDS of women you’d never otherwise meet.

So if you’re wondering about that “one special girl,” or “getting your ex back,” ask yourself this:

After considering ALL the costs, and the opportunity costs, is it REALLY worth it?

Something to think about.

Should You Go Your Own Way?

Do You Really Want To Give Up A Chance of Intimacy?

Be Careful Of Rash Decisions

Many men these days have voluntarily taken themselves out of the game.

And that’s a shame. Because getting together with a girl who’s into you as much as you are into her is a feeling matched by no other.

Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to create that “special relationship.”

Or is it?

The human mind is incredibly complex and has all kinds of programmed thinking routines, most of them subconscious, to protect the ego.

One of those is the “sour grapes” mindset. You see something you want, but you can’t get it, so you convince yourself that you don’t want it.

This is easy to do, and it’s essential.  Since by very nature, (and economic law) humans are hard wired to have unlimited wants, yet we live in a world where things are scarce.

Which means we’ll necessarily want things that we can’t get. That is simply baked into the cake of life on Earth.

Now, throughout the long course of evolution, Mother Nature has made it easy on us.

Think of it this way. If we had to spend our lives chasing things that we wanted, but mostly couldn’t get, that would suck. Really suck.

In fact, there was probably a race of cavemen way back in the day that went after animals, couldn’t get them, and then moped around for days, or even weeks.

Since those guys never got laid, and didn’t get a chance to pass on those “we suck” genes, those dudes were eliminated from the gene pool.

So here we are, a couple hundred thousand years later, easily able to con ourselves.

“Did you get that girls number?”

“No, but she smokes, and she seems like a bitch.”

“Wow man, you really dodged a bullet!”

That way, we can make an easy recovery, and quickly set our sites on the next target.

Unless we give up completely.

It’s one thing to convince ourselves that any particular woman is undesirable (in order to protect our ego from the pain of rejection) but it’s something else completely to convince ourselves that ALL WOMEN are undesirable.

Now, aside from any economic arguments (divorce, child support, etc), you still can find some women that fit your criteria, so long you don’t give up.

To be sure, meeting girls shouldn’t be the number one priority in your life. But the idea of meeting women shouldn’t be off the table completely.

So long as you’ve got some solid criteria, as well as some decent sorting and qualifying skills, you won’t run into too much trouble.

After all, having options is much better than not having options.

And if you remove yourself from the dating pool completely, you are pretty much cutting off the option of meeting a nice lady to keep you happy for any span of time.

Just something to consider.

Are You Searching For A TV Wife?

You Know Stuff On TV is Fake, Right?

Back To Reality

One of the most common features of humans is we always long for the “good old days.”

Meaning that no matter when any particular society shows up in history, there’s always a large percentage of folks (from ALL levels of society) that moan about how hard it is, compared to those glorious days of yore, when gold rained from the skies.

Well, hindsight, as they say, is 20-20. (Don’t worry, I know I’m mangling metaphors!)

Meaning whenever humans recall the past, we recall it not as it really was, but only the good parts.

Some believe this has an evolutionary component. Since humans are naturally wired to learn from experience, we tend to remember the good stuff, the stuff that worked, rather than the crappy stuff.

It’s also a handy way to complain without sounding like we’re complaining.

After all, if it’s the times that are keeping you down, rather than your skills, then it’s not really your fault, is it?

Unfortunately, this is an ego-protecting con.

The good old days were NEVER as good as we imagine they were.

Guys complain about them all the time. Back in the good old days, women were loyal, and all you had to do was get yourself a nice wife, and you were set.

That’s the way it worked on those 50’s TV shows, right?

Well, from statistics, divorces were a lot lower back then. But what does that mean?

Does that mean married couples were super happy, and it was one gigantic love fest?

Not really.

Think of it this way. If  you had a pretty good job, that started at 7 AM, you’d show up on time. Especially if there was a zero tolerance policy on being late. You’d have NO PROBLEM jumping out of bed at 6 AM every morning, AND going to sleep pretty early every night.

But what if you had a bunch of money that didn’t require you to get up at any particular time? Would you leap out of bed every morning at 6? 

No way.

That’s what happens when we live with constraints and incentives.

It’s easy to keep our noses clean. But when those constraints and incentives are gone, so do our good habits.

So, it not that women today are any different than the mythical women of yore, there’re just a lot less restrictions. Women aren’t FORCED to stay in a crappy marriage like they were 60 years ago.

But here’s the thing.

Back then, since women (and men) were stuck, men didn’t have to have ANY kind of game, whatsoever.

And most men today have crappy game as well.

Only because it’s so “normal” to have many sexual partners, and getting laid is pretty easy, most men convince themselves their game is tight just because they can get laid.

But nowadays, if you want a loyal woman, you’ve got to create REAL attraction.

And here’s something else.

Back in the “good old days” you may have had a lower divorce rate, but guys living with girls who secretly despised them wasn’t the love-fest it’s made out to be on TV.

Back then, if you wanted a “TV wife” you had to have some pretty good game, just like today.

So guys complaining today about the lack of quality women are the same guys that were TRAPPED in horrible marriages back in the “good old days.”

Just as it was back then, it is today.

If you want a woman to be loyal, have your back, and support you in your life, you’ve got to generate some DEEP LEVEL attraction.

And THAT only comes with some top notch game.

Game most guys don’t have.

Get Some:

Are You Trying To Save The World?

Are You Trying This?

How To Save Your World

The world is a mysterious place.

The second you think you’ve got it figured out, suddenly you don’t.

I remember a long time ago, when I was a kid. I was interested in science, and I figured if I read a few science books, I’d have the world figured out.

I took this mindset all through college, where I got a degree in physics. But the more I knew, the less I knew.

All along I figured physicists would be able to definitively say what was what. But in reality, they really don’t know. Sure, sometimes they’ve got a theory that can be proven in a laboratory, or in the skies, but often times this isn’t the case.

Most people have an idea that they’d like to “change the world.” But if you can barely grasp how the world operates, how in the heck are you going to “save it?”

The answer is “one step at a time.”

OK, but which steps?

Who decides what they are?

The Invisible Hand Always Rules Supreme

The Invisible Hand

There’s this fantastic theory in economics called “Spontaneous Order.” It basically means that when you put a bunch of humans together, even if they don’t know each other, they’ll start or organize themselves, from the bottom up.

This happens without any goof in charge telling people what to do. This is just people, on their own, figuring out what they need, and what they can contribute. 

There’s plenty of examples of this in prisons, especially POW camps. This is a place where the guards definitely DON’T want people to organize themselves, but they do anyhow.

In WWII for example, where they had POW camps filled with soldiers for years at a time, entire economies sprung up out of nothing. Some guys became barbers, some guys grew vegetables, some guys became laundry cleaners.

Now, this can only happen if it’s programmed into us. Deep into our DNA. Part of the human mind is hard wired to get in the game, and interact with others.

Helping others get what they want, so you can get what you want. WHATEVER that is.

And since we’re living in a GLOBAL economy, with BILLIONS of people, there’s really no limit.


All you’ve got to do is get in the game.

How To Get Her To Open To You

Girls are easy to talk to when you know the secret.

Most guys see girls as the holders of some kind of magical power, which they and they alone decide who to give it to.

Now, this is an easy mindset to get into, especially if it’s been a while since you got some genuine affection from a lady.

When operating from the “scarcity mindset,” everything is more difficult, no matter WHAT you’re trying to get.

But when you look at girls through the right frame, it’s actually pretty easy.

There’s a certain way to talk to them, and a certain way to measure how well you’re doing.

Both are pretty easy and straightforward to learn. 

Next time you’re out and about, just check out all the “guy-girl” interactions you see. Forget about listening in the conversation, and you’ll be able to tell just by the body language who’s into whom.

Meaning if the girl is facing the guy, has her arms and legs uncrossed, is looking at him more than half the time, and has an open expression on her face, AND she’s smiling easy, she’s literally imagining him taking her somewhere private to do the grownup.

However, if she’s closed off, not really looking at him, and her face doesn’t have that “glow,” then she’s either getting ready to bolt (if they’ve just met) or they’re having a huge fight and the poor guy isn’t going to be getting any from her any time soon (if they’re a couple).

This is EASY to see if you’re an objective observer, but most guys completely miss out when their in the mix.

But simply paying attention to her, as if you were a third party observer, while talking to her, is one of the most crucial skills to have.

In reality, if this were the ONLY skill you knew, you’d be much better than most guys,

See, when you’ve got an accurate feedback mechanism, you really can’t fail. All you’ve got to do is just literally TRY ANYTHING, and see how it works. If it DOES work, just do more. If it DOESN’T work, just do less.

But when you combine some basic observational skills with some powerful language technology, you’ll have the BEST of both worlds.

You can read her body language, AND talk to her in a way so her mind, body and spirit will literally AND figuratively open up.


How To Leverage Her Desires For Incredible Attraction

One of the easiest ways to get a girl interested in you is to use her own naturally occurring desires.

Every human has a huge collection of unmet wants and needs. As soon a we achieve something, it’s not long before we want something else.

Nothing wrong with this, it’s just human nature.

Some of these things are simple, like getting something to eat or drink.

Some of these are much deeper and more powerful, like expressing your true self, and getting that deep feeling of accomplishment.

Whenever we look out into the world, we do so through a set of filters. How we see the world, and interpret it will be HUGELY influenced by these filters.

Most people don’t even know they exist, let alone understand how we can not only adjust our own, but how to covertly adjust the filters of others.

Advertisers have known this for centuries. You put an attractive girl next to a product, any product, and she’s going to evoke feelings, sometimes unconscious, of sexual desire.

We then see that product through that filter of sexual desire, making it much more attractive, no matter what it is.

If you can get a girl looking at you through similar filters (not necessarily sexual desire), she’ll have a hard time NOT being attracted to you.

What kind of filters?

Anything that has to do with those deep desires that we all have. Feelings of excitement, hope, wonder, joy, deep emotional pleasure, dreams for the future.

The secret is that these are pretty easy to elicit. All you’ve got to do is establish a base level of rapport (which is pretty easy and automatic, since humans are “pack animals”), and you’re good to go.

Just ask the right questions, follow up questions, and leverage those things that she wants.

Truth is, when you talk about HER deep desires, wants and dreams, you really won’t have to talk about yourself at all.

Learn to do this, and you can literally create attraction in pretty much any girl you meet.

Increase Attraction With Word Power

Today we’ll look at a couple of famous quotes on the incredible power of language.

The first comes from Voltaire, who was quoted as saying a lot of things. Dude definitely lived in interesting times.

Anyhow, here’s one of his more famous quotes:

“Give me ten minutes to talk away my ugly face, and I’ll bed the queen of France.”

This is pretty self-explanatory. I’m sure you know that even fat and ugly guys can pull some pretty hot girls if they’ve got some decent game.

Short guys, bald guys, all kinds of guys, need only learn how to develop massive self confidence, and talk a good game, and they can literally pull any girl in the club.

Now, this WILL sound harsh, but guys got it a LOT easier than girls.

I know a lot of guys HATE the fact that even average girls can show up, not do much work, and get laid, if that’s what they want.

The harsh truth is that for women, they have a VERY SHORT window on when this is possible.

In their twenties, yea. In their early thirties, yea, they can still get away with that.

But after that, it starts getting harder and harder. They’ve got to do more than just “show up.” And they’ve got to be careful so they don’t come across as a desperate cougar.

Now, I know that most women don’t want to just “get laid” like most guys do. This is just a helpful description to show you that when it comes to improving your game, guys have a much better advantage over girls.

Meaning no matter how old you are, you can still improve your attractiveness by improving your self confidence and language skills.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating that all guys aspire to be like Hugh Hefner, and pull twenty year old hotties well into their eighties.

I’m just saying that it’s much more likely for a guy to pull girls BASED ON LANGUAGE ALONE than it is for girls to pull guys BASED ON LANGUAGE ALONE.

Moral of the story? If you’re a guy, and you want to become more attractive to girls, you can do so by improving your language skills.

This will do MORE than any other strategy.