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How To Exceed Expectations

Master Persuader – Easily Move Minds To Your Way Of Thinking


Become Irresistible

: Natural Influence Ebook
Instructions: Visualize being able to easily convince anybody to do anything. Listen with eyes closed while visualizing ideal outcome. Best used with techniques in Natural Influence. Use ethically and legally. Do not listen while driving.


I easily hypnotize people

I easily mesmerize people

I easily influence people

I easily seduce people

I easily spellbind people

I easily charm people

I easily persuade people

I easily enrapture people

I subconsciously hypnotize people

I subconsciously mesmerize people

I subconsciously influence people

I subconsciously seduce people

I subconsciously spellbind people

I subconsciously charm people

I subconsciously persuade people

I subconsciously enrapture people

I easily hypnotize men

I easily mesmerize men

I easily influence men

I easily seduce men

I easily spellbind men

I easily charm men

I easily persuade men

I easily enrapture men

I subconsciously hypnotize men

I subconsciously mesmerize men

I subconsciously influence men

I subconsciously seduce men

I subconsciously spellbind men

I subconsciously charm men

I subconsciously persuade men

I subconsciously enrapture men

I easily hypnotize women

I easily mesmerize women

I easily influence women

I easily seduce women

I easily spellbind women

I easily charm women

I easily persuade women

I easily enrapture women

I subconsciously hypnotize women

I subconsciously mesmerize women

I subconsciously influence women

I subconsciously seduce women

I subconsciously spellbind women

I subconsciously charm women

I subconsciously persuade women

I subconsciously enrapture women

You easily hypnotize people

You easily mesmerize people

You easily influence people

You easily seduce people

You easily spellbind people

You easily charm people

You easily persuade people

You easily enrapture people

You subconsciously hypnotize people

You subconsciously mesmerize people

You subconsciously influence people

You subconsciously seduce people

You subconsciously spellbind people

You subconsciously charm people

You subconsciously persuade people

You subconsciously enrapture people

You easily hypnotize men

You easily mesmerize men

You easily influence men

You easily seduce men

You easily spellbind men

You easily charm men

You easily persuade men

You easily enrapture men

You subconsciously hypnotize men

You subconsciously mesmerize men

You subconsciously influence men

You subconsciously seduce men

You subconsciously spellbind men

You subconsciously charm men

You subconsciously persuade men

You subconsciously enrapture men

You easily hypnotize women

You easily mesmerize women

You easily influence women

You easily seduce women

You easily spellbind women

You easily charm women

You easily persuade women

You easily enrapture women

You subconsciously hypnotize women

You subconsciously mesmerize women

You subconsciously influence women

You subconsciously seduce women

You subconsciously spellbind women

You subconsciously charm women

You subconsciously persuade women

You subconsciously enrapture women

How To Program Successful Habits

How To Program Successful Behaviors

They say that our lives are the sum total of our behaviors.

And our behaviors are the result of the thoughts we think, most of the time.

One of thing that you find when you study successful people is that often times it was not on purpose.

But an accident.

The book about how Facebook was “invented” and all the drama that went on behind the scenes is called “The Accidental Billionaires.”

I did some studying about the character in “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Turns out this guy was a natural salesman, and he was in the right place at the right time.

When he was doing all his “cold calling,” he had a lot of help.

It was when the stock market was soaring, and every night there was something on the news about how well the stock market was doing.

So the people he was calling were ALREADY worried about “missing out” on one of the greatest bull runs in history.

In fact, the guy was so driven to make money, he enrolled in dental school. But on the first day, his professor said, “you’ll never get rich being a dentist.” So he quit.

The reason most people are successful is that they just do what’s natural. For them, that’s good.

They just show up, do what they are driven to do, and they’ll get rich.

Some are “luckier” than others. For example, Zuckerberg, the facebook guy, probably wouldn’t have made so much if he’d been born in the thirties.

On the other hand, take a guy like Bill Gates. I saw his mugshot on this website that had “celebrities that were arrested.”

Gates was REALLY young. He almost looked like a kid. But he didn’t look worried. Because WAY BACK THEN he’d already made millions.

In fact, he started hustling when he was still a teenager. Just like the Wolf of Wall street guy.

They already had the THINKING that led to the DAILY HABITS that would make them rich.

So no matter what the markets did, or the economy did, they still figured out a way to get paid.

The good news is that changing your habitual thinking patterns, that lead to your habitual behavioral patterns is EASY.

It takes time, sure. But you don’t have to discover the secrets of alchemy or nuclear fusion.

You just need to PRACTICE the right thinking patterns. Until they become AUTOMATIC.

And when they become AUTOMATIC, your behaviors will naturally change.

They’ll change into a lifetime of behaviors that add up to MASSIVE success.

All it takes is a few minutes a day, and you’re on your way.

Get Started:

Subliminal Programming

Go Out On A Limb

Do You Have The Right Tools

Use The Right Tools

​Once I had to take apart this small mechanical thing on my bicycle.

I’d lost the key to the lock, which was part of the bike, so I needed to disassemble the lock mechanism.

I didn’t have the right size screwdriver, so instead of walking to the hardware store, (since I couldn’t use my bicycle) I used a butter knife.

Kind of clumsy, but it worked.

Another time, WAY back in 3rd grade, I was giving a demonstration on how to make peanut butter. The Grand Finale was to give everybody a cracker with some homemade peanut butter on it, but I’d forgotten a knife.

So I used a spoon instead. My teacher was impressed with my on-the-spot thinking.

Clearly, it’s important to have the right tools. However, having something that’s “good enough” is usually just as effective. Sure it may look silly, and you may FEEL silly, but so long as you’re focused on getting your outcome, it’s usually all good.

Sometimes, though, the “wrong” tools are the things we’re carrying around in our heads.

For example, we’ve still got a lot of instincts left over from our hunter-gatherer days that don’t serve us so well today.

Back then, it was a REALLY good idea to eat as much as you could any time you had a chance.

Today, not so much.

Back then, it was a good idea to follow the crowd without thinking, and be VERY risk averse.

However, in today’s fast changing world and economy, if you wait around for enough “social proof” so you’ll feel comfortable making a move, you’ll miss out.

Obviously, this isn’t easy. Not any easier than sitting in front of a delicious pile of nachos (or your favorite fast food) and NOT eating.

But guess what? Those that create huge empires and fortunes and world changing inventions learn to ignore their primitive urges. They know that part of genius is doing something completely DIFFERENT than everybody else, especially while others are talking smack behind their back.

Nobody every created greatness by playing it safe!

Often times, great ideas that moved the Earth got people killed!

Now, I’m saying you need to go out and be persecuted to death for your great ideas, but you’ve GOT to be willing to experience just a LITTLE bit of discomfort.

Think of whatever you’d like to have, right now. The biggest, most amazing thing you can conjure up.

If getting THAT was easy and comfortable, then EVERYBODY would have it, RIGHT NOW.

But you KNOW it’s not. You KNOW it will take some effort.

Some of THESE may help you get going: