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The Power of Perspective

​When I think of all the toilets I’ve been to, there are two that stand out in my mind.

One is in the Strathisla distillery, where they make Scotch. Strathisla is not the best known brand, but it’s the main Scotch in Chivas, which is a blend, rather than a single malt.

The reason the toilet stands out is that it was fantastic. The walls on the inside were real wood. The door went all the way to the ground.  The toilet seat was the most comfortable I’d ever sat on. It was for tourists, as they have regular tours.

The other toilet that stands out in my mind is the one on top of Mr. Whitney. A buddy and I had hiked to the top, but we didn’t take the most popular route, at least that time. The most popular route is super crowded. You can’t go more than ten or twenty minutes without running into people.

On that particular trip, we went the back way. We started about 50 miles north, and hiked our way down. We also slept on top, which is not exactly allowed. 

Why was that toilet so memorable? Well, a week before, a huge storm came through. Tearing off the roof and the front door. So it was really an outhouse (they have to build them up there because there are so many people).

Three walls. And as I sat there, doing my business, I looked out over the vast mountain range that we’d just spent four days hiking through.

It’s one thing to look at a beautiful mountain range. It’s something else to look at one you’ve hiked through, slept in, caught and ate fish in. It’s something else entirely to be looking out over said mountain while sitting on the highest toilet in the continental United States!

This is what happens with perspective. Seeing the same thing from different angles, different sizes, and different time frames.

You can look at any event like this. That one public speech may be terrifying. But it could also be one small part of an education that may earn you millions of dollars.

That one walk across the room to talk to that attractive person may be the scariest you’ve done in your life.

But it could also be the start of a wonderful relationship that could lead to NEW life.

Your mind, your body, your ideas, all can be seen as forests, or trees, or both.

The more perspective you have, the more you’ll see.

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