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The Island Of Uncertainty

Conquer The Vast Unknown

When I was a kid I loved science.

Still do.

However, once I started to study science for real, it quickly became clear that the more we humans know, the more we realize we don’t know.

Human understanding has been described as a shoreline around an island. The more we expand the shoreline, the more of a huge ocean we see that we can’t fathom.

As big as our island of knowledge gets, it’s still an island that will always be surrounded by uncharted waters.

Now, there are a lot of ways to respond to this.

One is to shrug your shoulders and figure “well, since we’ll never know, I’ll just leave it up to the gods.”

Another way is to make up scientific “laws” that can’t be disproved, and make us feel really good.

If we’re not careful, this can lead to a trap. Where we don’t really DO anything except try and find some “secret” law of manifesting or creation. Some epic “short cut” that will get us the goods without needing to take a risk.

However, if you’re honest, the ONLY way to measure your progress is through your results.

And this is only possible if you have a well-defined outcome that you’re going after.

That way, you’ll have something to measure your progress against.

Because us humans are SO GOOD at deceiving ourselves, it’s pretty easy to convince ourselves we’re doing better when we’re really just spinning our wheels.

So, ask yourself. What do you want?

How will you know when you get it?

Once you get this out of the way, you can start trying things.

If it gets you closer, do more.

If if doesn’t get you closer, do something different.

There IS one thing that can get in your way.

And that is when you KNOW what you need to do, but you simply can’t bring yourself to do it.

Like presenting your idea in a meeting at work, or taking what feels like a HUGE risk and starting your own business, or anything else that’s REQUIRED but certainly not EASY.

That’s ok.

So long as you break it down into small chunks, you’ll do fine.

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