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Should You Learn Fractionation?

There Are No Magic Bullets

Do Magic Bullets Even Exist?

There’s a lot of confusion about certain techniques in covert hypnosis as it applies to seduction. One of those is something called “fractionation.” This is a proven technique that shows up pretty much everywhere, and has been used very effectively in traditional hypnosis.

However, because it’s kind of confusing, and vague, some marketers have treated it like some magic bullet that can instantly get a girl ready to go. This is not really true. Not even close.

The truth about fractionation is that is one technique, among many, that can accelerate a process. But in order to use fractionation to accelerate the process, you’ve got to first be able to do the process. Fractionation is NOT a replacement for the process.

So, what IS the process? Talking to a girl, and getting her feeling those special feelings when she thinks about you. If you can do this during the first meeting, you’re doing pretty good.

Now, this is pretty vague. How do you talk to her and get her thinking those special feelings? There’s a million ways to do that. It depends on the girl. It depends on you. It depends on the location. It depends how you compare in her mind to the last five or ten goofs that have tried to pick her up.

In fact, there are so many variables that are always changing, there is simply NO WAY to come up with a memorized set of behavior patterns that will work. The ONLY way to develop the skills to get her feeling those good feelings is to simply talk to as many girls as you can, and try to get as many of them feeling those feelings as you can.

Naturally, you’ll fail most of the time.

But think of what human life on Earth would be like if any goof could memorize a bunch of techniques and then go out and get any girl dreaming of sex? The entire planet would be populated by single guys and single mothers who have no clue who the father is!

Luckily, this is not the case. Luckily, girls DO have certain criteria, conscious or not, for the guy they want to hook up with. And unless you meet this criteria, you aren’t going to get far.

Luckily, one of these criteria that’s VERY important is a guy who’s got really good social skills. And the only way to GET really good social skills is to get out there and be social.

You CANNOT learn social skills by studying techniques or memorizing patterns.

But the more you get out there and practice, the more fun you’ll have, and the more attractive you’ll become.

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Beware Of Seduction Patterns

Does Paint By Numbers Seduction Really Exist?

Paint By Numbers Pick Up?

There’s a lot of patterns out there that allegedly will help you get laid.

You memorize them, say them in the right order, and suddenly she’ll turn into your willing sex slave.

Now, just for a minute, imagine what the world would be like if this were actually true. First of all, everybody would be getting laid all the time.

It would be like in the movie, “Bruce Almighty,” when Bruce became God, and started answering “Yes!” to everybody’s prayers.

Good news? Everybody won the lottery.

Bad news? Their winnings were only about $1, since everybody won.

If there WAS some kind of magic string of words that would turn girls into raving sex maniacs, no girl would ever leave her house.

She’d be too terrified.

What if you knew that there was a magic set of words that would transfer ALL the money in your bank account into the person who said these magic words?

AND that anybody could learn these magic words on the internet, for free?

You’d keep all your cash in your house, that’s what. 

Simply because girls go out and talk to random guys is proof that magic words simply don’t exist.

Nor do convoluted language patterns and pick up techniques.

Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but if any “paint by numbers” technique existed, it wouldn’t last very long.

So stop looking for what to say, or what to do, and how exactly to use kino.

The secret of success, in ANY AREA, including getting girls, is simple.

Try something.

See what happens.

Did it work? Good. Do more.

No? No sweat. Try something different.

So, why don’t more guys understand this, and use this simple step by step “procedure” to getting laid (or getting whatever?)

It’s in the “try something” phase.

This part requires doing something WITHOUT KNOWING how it will turn out. Most people (let alone guys who want to pick up girls) are absolutely and utterly TERRIFIED of doing this.

So we “pretend” that we just  need to “learn more” or “study more” or whatever other lie we tell ourselves to keep us from getting rejected. Usually this involves us sitting around waiting for somebody to “tell us” what to do.

Milton Erickson, one of the most famous Hypnotherapists of all time (and upon whom most of NLP is based) had this genius “homework session” for one of his clients.

Guy comes in, and says he’s terrified of rejection. He’d like a girlfriend, but he’s terrified of talking to girls. 

What should I do, doc? 

Does Erickson talk about his childhood? His deep feelings about his mom? Does he make him memorize a bunch of language patterns?


Erickson (who had a HUGE success rate only after one or two sessions) merely said this:

“OK, Mr. Client. I promise I can cure you. Do what I say, and you’ll have a girlfriend in no time.”

“Great doc! Thanks! I’ll do anything. What do I do?”

Doc says, “Go out and get rejected ten times, and then come see me next week.”

Client swallows and says OK. He comes back the next week.

“Well,” Doc says, “Did you get rejected ten times?”

“Nope.” Client says, smiling.

“Well, what happened?”

“Well, I got rejected six times, but girl number seven is now my girlfriend.”

See how that works?

Get in the game.

Have You Discovered Your True Purpose?

Overcome Fear With Easy Mind Control

How To Embrace and Overcome Fear

Your history is one of incredibly accomplishment.

Despite how we humans try and take away risk and uncertainty, there’s still plenty to go around.

I read this very interesting history book a while back that said the story of man is a story of a timid, fearful, and lazy people trying to invent new things to make life easier, safer and less scary.

Regardless of who you are and where you come from, you’ve demonstrated countless times that you are fully capable of facing risk in the face, taking action, and getting what you want.

The fact that you are reading this now is proof of this.

So why do we still feel timid, afraid and on the fence whenever an opportunity presents itself?

One of the reasons is our brains are hard wired to be more aware of potential danger than potential opportunities.

This is a biological, chemical and physical aspect of our brains. The neural pathways that carry fear based impulses are physically thicker than the pathways that carry potential pleasure.

We all like to eat, right? Imagine you’re sitting there in your favorite restaurant, about to dig into your favorite food. Just as you’re about to bite into it, a huge tiger appears to your right.

What happens to your hunger? It vanishes quicker than a sliver of ice in a volcano!

On a very basic, primitive level, moving toward pleasure is great, so long as our lives aren’t in danger.

But as I’m sure you know, living in the modern world is rarely a life or death decision. Far far from it.

But our primitive brains sometimes can’t tell the difference.

Sure, you might logically conclude that there’s no danger walking over and talking to that interesting looking stranger, but  your subconscious might have something to say about it.

But as I mentioned above, you’ve got a HUGE collection of experiences where you looked fear in the eye, laughed at it, and took action anyhow.

Once you learn how to access THOSE memories, automatically, instead of those other ones, it will be easy.

Instead of seeming like some scary event after scary event, life will become an adventure. Trying and “failing” won’t feel bad, it will feel good. Because every step, no matter what happens, is a step closer to what you want.

No matter what it is.

That’s what the Frame Control program is all about. To shift your automatic thinking from recalling times when you felt like a “victim” to those times when you were a champion.

When that happens, you’ll walk the Earth with a purpose.

And many people will follow.

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The Paradox Of Becoming A Natural Seducer

How To Turn On Your Magic Love Juice

How To Boost Your Game

Most guys would love to become a natural. The guy who can just walk up to any girl, any time and just say whatever’s on his mind. Then just sit back and watch the girl transform from passive observer to drooling desirer of love.

How do you become that guy?

The answer’s pretty simple, but HOW to do it is kind of a paradox.

The answer, of course, is to practice. Picking up gorgeous girls is a skill, just like any other. To get better at ANYTHING, all you’ve got to do is practice.

HOW to practice is something that most guys never consider. Most guys see a girl, go up and get blown out, and then later convince themselves it was “practice.”

Or maybe they start to practice, but end up talking to some super cutie that feels like a life or death conversation.

Sure, if the game’s on the line and you’re making a do or die free-throw, you’ll feel like crap if you miss.

But if you’re just practicing free throws, missing won’t hurt for squat.

That’s the paradox of practicing game. In most guys’ minds, there’s no difference between practice game and real game.

Imagine this:

You’re practicing free throws, just messing around with your boys. You make one. Then another, then another. You’re about to take your fourth shot, when suddenly and magically your transformed to the championship  playoff game. You check the scoreboard, you’re down by one point, and there’s one second left.

Now how do you feel?

This is what happens if you blur the line between “real game” and “practice game.”

Practice Makes Perfect

How Can You Practice Game?

Choose an outcome. One that’s consistent with your level. Eye contact, smiles, whatever. Then go out and ONLY practice that aspect. 


For example, if you’re having trouble flirting, simply practice smiling at girls while holding eye contact.

Tell yourself you’ll go out and do that fifty times. Only smile while holding eye contact.

Nothing else.

As soon as you lock eyes and smile, eject, and move on to the next practice target.

This goes with all other levels. Opening. Number closing, kiss closing. Everything.

You’ll find this is the HARDEST thing you’ll ever do.


Because once you lock eyes and smile, she may smile back. And EVERYTHING in your brain will want you to keep going. Keep smiling, go and talk to her, etc.

Don’t do this. This is practice.

If you can resist your natural tendency to keep charging forward until you get rejected, your game will quickly shoot to natural levels of easy seduction.

The ONLY thing you need to remember is whether or not is real game, or practice game.

Define that BEFORE you leave your house, and you’ll be good.

This will also help:

Frame Control

Fractionation Seduction Secrets

How To Go Faster Deeper Than Ever Before

Accelerate Your Progress

Much has been spoken about the idea of “fractionation.” This is a technique from traditional hypnosis, but once you understand it,  you’ll see it in a lot of places.

It’s a vague “concept” rather than a step by step procedure. Which means that once you get what it means, you’ll be able to apply it to a lot of different areas.

So, what is it?

It all started when a hypnotist noticed that every time an old client would come to visit, he would go into trance a lot easier. The first time they were always nervous, and reluctant to release conscious control.

But with each successive visit, it got easier and easier to put them under.

So the next natural step was to try this within one single session. Meaning the hypnotist would put them under, bring them back up, then put them under again, then back up, etc., etc.

Each time they’d go deeper.

It’s called “fractionation” simply because he’s taking one single trance, and breaking it up into smaller pieces.

This happens all the time.

When you read a book from your favorite author, each time you start a new novel, it’s easier to “lose yourself” in the story. Same goes for other artists. Every new thing they “produce,” it’s easier to slip into that special “enjoying-art” trance we all love so much when we watch TV, movies, read books, listen to music, etc.

It’s also why, traditionally, it usually takes a few “dates” to get to first, second or third base.

Same with sales. Selling a customer cold is pretty hard. But when you see the same customer a week later, fractionation kicks in and it’s MUCH easier to close them.

Get Her Dreaming About You

Fractionation – Perfect For Seduction

So, how does this work in seduction?

Many ways!

The first is when you vary your language. First you use hypnotic language, then you use regular language. Keep going back and forth, and pretty soon she’ll be so deep she won’t get her mind off you.

However, this can require a lot of knowledge of covert hypnosis, which takes a lot of practice. So you can simply think of talking about things like “her future” and then regular stuff.

Any time you get a girl talking about her ideal future, while she’s looking at you, this is going to have a really good result.

But it can be hard for her to talk about her future if she’s just met you.

So talk about something easy in her future. Then talk about normal stuff. Then talk about something else in her future (NOT the same thing.) Then normal stuff. Every time she goes back to talking about her future, it will get easier and easier.

This also works with building rapport. Consciously build rapport, then pull back. Go back and forth, and every time you build rapport, by mirroring body language and speech rates, she’ll go much deeper.

You can also do this by getting her to follow you. (This is another trick savvy salespeople have known for years.)

First, get her to move a couple feet. Then get her to move to a different area in the building. Then take her outside (or inside). Then take her to a nearby location (waffle house, coffee shop, whatever).

Each time, she’ll go deeper into the idea of “following you.” And I’m sure you can figure out what comes next!

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