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Turn Fear Into Power

Let Loose Your Juice

Tap Your Hidden Reservoirs

There’s a theory of human energy that we always have a hidden reservoir.

This is that energy mothers get when they move cars to save their kids.

It’s also the energy we have when it comes time to flee an escaped tiger.

The theory goes that if we were ever consciously aware of this energy, we’d use it.

And if all of a sudden, there was an avalanche, or some sort of catastrophe happened, we’d be screwed.

So nature kept his reserve hidden from us, so when we REALLY needed it, it would always be there.

Kind of like our greatest powers. They say our greatest powers are right behind our greatest fears.

Kind of like an axe that’s stuck behind a big plate of glass. If there’s a fire, we HAVE to break the glass to get the axe.

If we are in desperate NEED of our greatest powers, that need to push us through our greatest fears.

And BAM, we have a sudden burst of power.

But this power goes beyond strength, or speed, or resilience.

It also includes creativity, genius level problem solving, massive persuasion skills.

Now, this is how we are programmed.

Which means if we understand it, we can tweak it in our favor.

For example, we don’t have to wait around for some horrific situation to force us through our deepest fears, so we can dig deep and come up with our biggest powers.

Nor do we have to force ourselves through our biggest fears, just to get to the good stuff we KNOW is on the other side.

(As an aside, that IS a pretty good strategy to achieve maximum and IMMEDIATE greatness: ALWYAS look for chances to DO THINGS YOU FEAR.)

We CAN approach this hidden power slowly.

If our maximum fear has maximum power hidden behind it, then small fear will have small power hidden behind it.

And just any good entrepreneur, you can use your “profits” (in this case the powers behind your fears) and plow them back into your business.

Meaning you can take small steps to expand your comfort zone. Get the power that yields. Then USE THAT POWER to help you expand your comfort zone even more.

Giving you even more power, creativity, interpersonal skills and genius level thinking.

You’ll find that pretty much everything you want in life follows this “entrepreneurial model.”