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Have You Made The Second Switch?

Switch On Your Life

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Efficiency is an interesting concept.

Basically, the more output you get per input, the more efficient your system is.

The more efficient your car is, the more output (miles) you get per input (gas).

The other day I was talking to a friend about language learning.

When you have to translate the language in your head, you’re pretty inefficient.

Foreign language in, internal translation (twice) and then foreign language out.

The magic “switch” comes when you get rid of the internal translation part, and start thinking in your target language.

Chomsky’s great contribution to linguistics was the idea of a “grammar organ” in our brain.

Between the ages of 0 and 2, we are busily trying to decipher the “structure” of our “native language.”

Once we get the structure worked out, it’s just a matter of filling in the parts to the empty machine, or the words onto the grammar structure.

His genius insight was that there is a “meta-structure” that all “native structures” are part of.

Which is why you can take any baby from any household on Earth, stick them in any other household on Earth, and they’ll learn the “new” “native language” like a champ.

This is also why when kids learn foreign languages when they are very young, they speak them fluently, without any discernable accents.

However, this is often misunderstood.

Many people assume that since that “language learning center” of our brains is most “open” when we are young, that all other learning ONLY happens when we are young.

Luckily, this is absolutely FALSE.

There is one very powerful “switch” that people NEVER turn on.

And just like when the “language structure switch” is turned on, when THIS switch is turned, like magic the world around us suddenly changes.

Obviously, none of us can remember what it was like to not know how to put words together and describe the world around us. However the switch from babbling nonsense to suddenly running around and describing people, events, and interactions with extremely accuracy is nothing short of miraculous.

That SAME shift can still happen.

All you’ve got to do is flip another switch.

A “meta switch” that will give you a whole new understanding of the world around you.

The people that have made this switch see things differently, and operate in their reality (which is the SAME as your reality) with much more efficiency.

The get more, do more, and enjoy more.

Which switch is this?