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How To Practice Spontaneity 

Statistical Randomness

Program In Flexibility

​When I was in high school I was a wrestler.

One thing the coach drilled into us was having three or four moves drilled deep into our brains.

So when the match started, we’d do those three or four moves, in quick order.

And then we’d have to have a backup plan if we ever met the same opponent. Otherwise, they’d know what we were going to do.

Once I sat in a baseball dugout with a friend who was a high school coach. I was amazed amount of stats they had on every single player on the opposing team. For each batter, for example, they knew which percentage of the time he’d swing at the first pitch, regardless. 

So if they had a guy that ALWAYS swung at the first pitch, for example, they’d throw a sinker or something that looked like a fastball but wasn’t.

In sports, when the rules are clearly defined, it’s pretty easy to develop a specific step by step strategy.

In life, on the other hand, having some general rules is about is close as you’re going to get.

When you talk to somebody new, for example, it would be great if there were a set of memorized lines that would get you the right response. But for every person you talk to, you’ll need to come up with a slightly different combination of words and ideas.

And since most of the things we want in life involve other people (relationships, incomes, etc.) we have to have a lot of flexibility and creativity.

But how do you practice flexibility and creativity? Sure, you can practice something simple and repeatable like free throws and piano scales.

Is it possible to practice being in the moment and being spontaneous based on the situation?

Sure it is.

Just try something, and see what happens. Daily journaling is a great way. Every night, write down whatever opportunities came up, and what you did. 

Then think of a couple of things you might have done differently, and write those down.

This means every single opportunity is worth twice as much. It’s worth something simply because it’s an opportunity. But it’s also worth something because it can help you figure out what to do better next time.

Keep this up, and whatever you want in life will get easier and easier.

It  is up to you, however, to get out there and get in the mix!

These tools will help: