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Is Your DNA Holding You Back?

DNA Is Only The Beginning

Kick Darwin To The Curb

​One of the most interesting conversations is nurture vs. nature.

When we behave a certain way, is that our nature, or is it because that’s how we were raised?

Since they’ve only just begun decoding DNA, that question is still very unanswered.

It’s easy to see both sides of the argument.

It’s kind of like Einstein’s famous unsolvable mind experiment.

Imagine you’re in a room. No windows. You are either on a spaceship that is accelerating slowly, or you are on some planet that has gravity.

If you drop something, it will fall to the floor. The question is what experiment can you do, that will measure whether or not that thing drops to the floor because of gravity, or because you are accelerating?

So far, nobody’s been able to come up with an answer.

Kind of like obesity. Is it in your genes, or is it because of your childhood?

Most people don’t like the idea of things being in our genes. That means we can’t change it, unless we rewrite our DNA.

(BTW, did you know that diarrhea is hereditary? It runs in your jeans…)

One thing that is certainly NOT hereditary is your ability to make money.

There are plenty of examples of people with super poor parents becoming super rich.

Sure, it’s easy if you are brought up to believe that making money is easy, overcoming obstacles is easy, but it’s certainly not required.

A recent study has shown that rich people have more of a mindset than anything else.

A mindset that they tell themselves, “I can become rich, and I will become rich.”

A mindset that says their wealth comes from their consistent efforts, and not some magic money fairy that comes during the night.

A mindset that says no matter what obstacle they come up against, they’ll find a way around it, AND learn something in the process, so long as they don’t give up.

On the other hand, if you subscribe to some theory that if you ONLY say the right affirmations twice a day, and the money will somehow poof itself into existence, even a small obstacle will give you problems.

But here’s the thing. The feeling of “getting something” in the form of a gift is much, much different than “achieving something” due to your efforts.

The first one feels great, but it’s kind of like a sugar rush. Lasts for a little bit, but then you want more.

The second one, achievement, is in a class in and of itself. Getting something you worked for is a drug like no other. Because it’s totally under your control, it feels so much better than getting free stuff.

It actually gives you a deep knowing that your life is under your control. Not anybody else’s.

Getting to this point requires that you ditch those old beliefs about money once and for all.

This will do that:

One Trick To His Wealth

Word Power

Only Your Words

​I like to watch apocalyptic type movies.

Zombies, end of the world, stuff like that.

Sometimes, though, I get a bit curious (especially if the movie is a bit slow) and start looking stuff up just to see “What if…”

For example, I watched one movie where they were these two neighbors up in the hills. One group was some ultra yuppie type that liked drinking wine and talking about the world’s social problems.

The other group was a bunch of hippies that were cooking meth.

They were both in their respective cabins when the end came. The movie was about how they had to work together to survive. It ended with them happily planting some vegetables in their garden.

Which got me a bit curious. How big of a garden would you need?

As it turns out, in a modern economy, each person requires about an acre per year for enough food.

And in the movie, there were about ten people all working on something MUCH smaller than that.

But then again, movies aren’t known for their scientific accuracy!

I saw an interview with this ultra rich guy. A guy that was born poor, and clawed his way up to wealth. It took most of his life, so he wasn’t some kind of Law of Attraction guy that was promoting any kind of metaphysical magic.

Rather, his was a story of hard work, measured risk, self-belief, and perseverance.

The interviewer asked him what skills he would need if he was dropped into a strange city with only a few dollars to his name.

The MOST IMPORTANT skill, according to him, was the ability to communicate effectively AND persuasively to others.

Even if you had the best idea, it wouldn’t be worth squat unless you could not only communicate your idea to others, but do so in a way where they could see how THEY would benefit if they helped you.

After all, no matter HOW good your ideas are, few people will work with you unless you not only have a strong belief that your ideas will pan out, but that EVERYBODY INVOLVED will benefit in some way.

Which means you have to have an idea, (or several) and you have to have the ability to talk other people into helping you.

If you can do that, you can build anything. 

Get Started:

Hidden Wealth On The Moon

Hidden Wealth On The Moon

The Byproducts of Wealth

Many people are put off by an objective of “making money.”

Perhaps you’ve mentioned to your friends or family about wanting to earn more, and they gave you some flack.

After all, money can’t buy happiness, money can’t buy love, money can’t buy health.

These are all absolutely true. But it misses the point.

Money is a RESULT. 

How do you get money? You’ve got to interact with the world. You’ve got to listen to the unending needs of others, and figure out a way to help them fulfill them.

You can do this alone, or with others. You can make something, or help make something.

The bottom line is you simply cannot get money without helping people FIRST.

When President Kennedy made the decision to go to the moon, it was a matter of national pride.

There weren’t any resources on the moon. No oil, no water, no gold, no coal. Not even any aliens (allegedly, lol).

Just a big rock. Swirling around the Earth.

So why did we go? (We humans, not we Americans…)

Because it was there. Because it was a worthy goal. (And to get there before the Russians!)

AND because along the way, there were MASSIVE amounts of inventions nobody could expect.

All kinds of new technology. (Even if you believe it was faked, there was still plenty of stuff invented along the way).

Making money is the same way. Sure, when you make your millions, you won’t be any healthier. You won’t necessarily be happy. You might not have any better relationships.

Or will you?

If you DO get better at all those things, it won’t be BECAUSE of the money sitting happily in your bank account.

It will be because of the skills you learned along the way. The interpersonal skills. The communication skills. The skills of delayed gratification. The skills of taking risks, learning from the results, and charging on ahead with better skills the next time around.

When we focus on rich people, we tend to focus on those in the news. Celebrities, inventors, artists, athletes.

Not the “millionaire next door” type. The type who has a SOLID relationship with his or her family.

The type who has a deep appreciation for life, and all the wondrous things still yet to discover.

The type who know that ANYTHING is possible, so long as you never give up.

Making money is not about making money. It’s about all the things you’ll do along the way.

The personal growth, the inner demons you’ll obliterate, one by one. The fantastic people you’ll meet and the lifelong relationships you’ll build.

If you’re ready, check this out: