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Purely Expressed Desires

The Euphoria Factor

Release Inhibitions

The best run of luck I ever had in Vegas was when I was under the influence.

Not of alcohol, but painkillers.

I had really bad tendonitis, so bad I was on crutches.

I also had a nice bottle of drugs to ease the pain. But they also significantly improved my mood.

I sat at the roulette table with a buddy for almost an hour. Because of my crutches, I could only “toss” the chips onto the table, instead of lean over.

The dealer didn’t seem to have a problem with it. She just put them on the closest number they landed on.

And I kept winning. For an hour.

Statistically, this was nearly impossible.

Once or twice? Sure. But for an hour? No way. At least not mathematically.

(But then again, scientists tell us that bumblebees aren’t supposed to be able to fly!)

Now, I’m not advocating taking drugs or purposely going under the influence of ANY substance. I fully believe it wasn’t the pain killing effects of the drugs, but the secondary feeling of “euphoria.”

I had zero fears. I didn’t care if I won or lost. I just enjoyed playing.

And I kept winning.

A year or so later, my buddies and I tried to “reverse engineer” that same effect.

We discussed on the way out that we would ONLY “think positive.”

Meaning we wouldn’t rip on each other, or laugh at each other when we lost, like we normally do.

Only mutual support. Only positive statements to each other.

I know, sounds pretty lame. Pretty new-agey.

But guess what?

On that trip, we ALL won. Consistently. The ONLY TIME the three of us (who’d been to Vegas before and since MANY times) came back with pockets stuffed with MORE CASH than on the way out.

Even AFTER paying for expenses (including, ahem, “entertainment.”)

Something else pretty cool happened on that first trip.

We were playing blackjack, and our cocktail waitress was GORGEOUS.

Once when she was walking away, on the spur of the moment, I shouted out, “I love you!”

My friends, (and the dealer) were shocked.

Maybe they were waiting for her to call the cops or at least give me a dirty look.

She just turned around, no big deal, big smile on her face.

“I love you too!”

Now, sure she was a cocktail waitress looking to get tips. Yea, she was hit on all the time.

But the flow of the moment was so incredibly natural. No hesitation on my part. No hesitation on her part.

Now, I didn’t “fall in love with her,” as I was just being playful, and so was she.

But this is what’s possible if you simply release inhibitions and not just live in the moment, but fully ENJOY the moment.

The risks you take will succeed. The expressions of your desires will be reciprocated. Normally closed doors will be open.

It’s incredibly simple, and at the same time magically complicated.

Are You Letting Your Subconscious Down?

Use More Tools

Hammers Nails Wishes and Choices

When all you have is a hammer, all you see are nails.

It’s funny how our brains work.

They are extremely flexible, but very, very limited.

There’s literally millions of bits of information hitting our senses every second, but if we were to consciously recognize all of them, we’d be a pool of blubbering nonsense.

So our subconscious minds have the task of sorting through all the noise and presenting us with what’s important. 

Now, some things that are essential to our survival will ALWAYS be important. Danger, money, our names. These will always get our attention.

The rest is fully programmable. However, most of us only haphazardly “program” our subconscious minds to present us with stuff to help us get what we want.

If we make a wish, for example, our subconscious won’t take it seriously, so it will only grab our attention when the magic whatever-fairy shows up to deliver out wish.

On the other hand, when we make a choice, our subconscious knows we’re serious, and will get busy presenting us with opportunities.

But here comes another problem. We may make a choice in the beginning, convincing our subconscious that we’re indeed serious.

But when we never take action on any of the opportunities presented to us, our subconscious will assume we didn’t mean “choice,” we really meant “wish.”

Only when we combine choice with action does our subconscious get REALLY fired up.

This is when that magic momentum starts, and every action seems to lead to many more opportunity, and pretty soon we notice we’re in a world of abundance with roads to prosperity at every turn.

All those things are out there, right now, as you read this.

All you’ve got to do is tune your mind to the right frequency, and you’ll see them.

Make a strong choice, and combine it with some follow through action, and you’ll be good as gold.

Now when most people read something like this, they get a bit nervous. They see the “take action” part and imagine they’re going to have to start doing things WAY outside their comfort zones.

Not a chance!

The secret is to simply take any action in the direction of the opportunity. This is all your subconscious needs to know you’re serious. Any small step in the right direction will do.

For example, let’s say you tell your subconscious you want ten grand. You make a choice, and your subconscious has your back.

Then you see a newspaper in a coffee shop. You pick it up, and glance in the business section. You have no idea why, just that your intuition lead you there.

Something simple like this is ALL you need to get the ball rolling.

Choice. Action.

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Einstein’s Secret Weapon

Leverage This Double Edged Sword

Revealed Mysteries Of Mathematics

According to Einstein, what’s the most powerful force in the world?

Compound interest.

There’s a story of a clever scientist who did a job for a foolish yet rich king.

The king asked him how much he wanted in payment, and the scientist proposed this:

Day one you place one grain of rice on a chessboard square. The next day you place two grains on the next chess board square. Then double the rice grains each day until the board is filled.

No problem, said the king, thinking the scientist was an idiot.

64 Days later, the scientist owned the entire kingdom.

Why? If you double each grain of rice, each day, after 64 days, you’d have more rice than exists in the world.

Of course, compound interest can work the other way as well.

If you’ve got credit cards, for example, it doesn’t take long to get into trouble.

Plenty of people get so far in the hole they can barely pay the minimum payment, which amounts to ONLY the interest.

Which means their balance never decreases.

I know these aren’t fun ideas to think about.

Imagine if you were buying a pair of pants, and they didn’t show you the actual price, they showed you the total price after putting in on your credit card and letting the interest going up for a few years!

Why don’t they do this?

Why don’t they teach us about interest rates in school? 

Maybe they don’t want us to know. Maybe they want us to be debt slaves our entire lives.

Here’s something else to consider.

Suppose you increased your skills by a certain percent each year.

This works the same way as numbers, rice grains and money.

Let’s say your level of skill (in any area) was X.

And let’s say you increased your skill by 50% each year.

After the first year, your skill would be 1.5X.

After the second year, your skill would be 2.25X. 

Three years: 3.4X

Four years: 5X

In just four years (I know that seems like a long time) your skills in ANY AREA would be FIVE TIMES what they are now.

Money making skills, relationship building skills, business starting skills.

Maybe THIS is why they don’t want us to learn about compound interest.

Just imagine if you focused on ONE skill for the next five years or so.

What would be able to do then? What would your life look like?

Where would you live? Who would you spend your time with?

What skills do YOU want to learn?

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How To Define Your Life

Choose Your Destiny Of Your Life

Become Master Of Your Destiny

What is the secret of life?

That all depends.

In order to understand the secret of anything, we’ve got to first understand what that “thing” is, and what it means.

For example, what’s the secret of cake?

It all depends on what you’re doing with the cake. Are you making it? Eating it? Baking it? Decorating it? Smashing it into somebody’s face?

All actions regarding cake would have different secrets. If you’re eating it, the secret might be to use a spoon, and not let it touch the ice cream.

But different cake eaters would have different secrets. Some folks might like to mix it with the ice cream in a bowl, and eat it with their fingers.

Obviously, since we can’t really come to a widespread agreement of the secret of eating cake, how the heck are we supposed to uncover the secret of life?

While there’s certainly no secret that will apply to everybody, there IS a secret that will apply to you.

Again, this requires that you come up with what “life” means to you.

What do you want out of it?

How will you know when you get it?

What are the constraints? (e.g. “I want to make a lot of money without cheating or stealing or deceiving anybody”).

The better you define “your life” the more likely you’ll find the secret to making it happen.

Unfortunately, most people don’t even know they have this power.

They are content to let others do their thinking for them. To tell them what’s important, and what’s not. To tell them when they’re doing a good job, and when they aren’t. To tell them when they’re successful, and when they aren’t.

How about you?

Are you content to take what you’ve been given? Or do you want something more?

Do you want to not only define life on your terms, but also define when you’re successful?

Are you willing to take ownership of your life, and everything in it?

Most people are too terrified to even contemplate this.

The truth is that the world will respond to your own definition of our own life.

If you are content to let others handle it for you, the world will comply.

If you demand you create your own life, on your terms, the world will comply.

This is the one secret most people will never know.

It all starts with your inner mind.

How you see yourself, how you see the world, and how you define your place in it.

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Belief Change

How To Get Science On Your Side

Science Can Solve Anything

Back Off Man, I’m A Scientist!

There’s a lot of new-agey type stuff that sounds pretty good, but also can be pretty useless.

I used to love the TV show, “X-Files,” primarily because in almost every episode, there was always both a scientific explanation, and a parapsychology explanation for what had happened.

One guy was chasing UFO’s and was always explaining things in terms of alien conspiracies.

His partner was an M.D. and was always explaining everything in terms of medical science.

Whenever it comes to things like law of attraction, personal achievement, or anything  similar, we MUST hold these ideas to the same standards.

Of course, EVERYTHING must be explained by science. Not necessarily science we can understand, but some kind of repeatable, scientific principles.

If we don’t believe in science, then we’re pretty much at the mercy of the gods of randomness.

And since the laws of physics, chemistry and biology appear to be pretty consistent, relying on randomness might not be a good idea.

On the other hand, sometimes science is so confusing that the best we can do is rely on over simplified metaphors to help us understand the underlying structure.

Unfortunately, if we get the metaphor “wrong” we may end up looking in the wrong place.

Sometimes we get stuck with a metaphor not because we think it will work, but because it sounds good, makes us feel special, and makes it seem like we don’t have to take any risks, or face any potential failure.

But as Dale Carnegie famously said, “The sure thing boat never gets too far from shore.”

This, of course, is a metaphor that describes life. If you insist in any proof or guarantee, you aren’t going to accomplish much.

Another famous “Carnegie-ism” is that “If you want the sweet fruit, you’ve got to go out on a limb.” Meaning if you are safely hugging the trunk of the tree, you won’t be able to reach very far.

Since most people are too terrified to go out on the thin branches, there’s not much within an arms reach of safety.

One of these metaphysical type statements is “When You Believe It, You’ll See It.”

What does this mean?

Now, most people think the opposite. They wait for proof, or a guarantee, and won’t believe anything unless they see it written up in the latest scientific journals.

But humans are very, very good at conning ourselves.

We see things that aren’t there, and we don’t see things that are right in front of us.

Cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias are just a couple of scientific examples that show this is true.

But think of what this means.

All those things you WISH were true CAN be true. All you’ve got to do is believe they are, THEN you will see the evidence.

Allowing YOU to get whatever you want.

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How To Sort For Your Dream Girl

You're Number One!

Why Settle For Second Best?

It’s easy to miss the forest for the trees, when it comes to meeting girls and looking for Miss Right.

(Or Miss Right Now if that’s your thing.)

Long time ago I went skydiving. It was the kind that required only about five minutes of instruction before jumping out of the plane.

We had an experienced jumper strapped to our backs, which would kind of hold our hand. We got to pull the chute, but in case we blacked out or puked, he’d be there to make sure we didn’t die.

One thing the guy told me right before we jumped has stuck in my mind, as it’s very useful in many different areas.

“Don’t look at a point on the ground. You’ll fixate on it and miss everything.”

What he meant was that we were only free falling for about a minute. And if we looked way down below, and saw a house or a car or something, we’d tend to stare at it. If that happened, our ride would be over and we would have missed it.

I followed his advice and didn’t look down at all. Just out onto the horizon.

(One of the most amazing experiences of my life.)

When you’re talking to girls (or prospecting as they say in sales) it’s easy to “fixate” on one girl.

There’s a whole world of girls out there, but once you start talking to one, and she seems to like you a bit, it’s very easy to lose the big picture.

Then suddenly she’s turned from a “prospect” into the only game in town. Sink or swim. Win or lose. Live or die.

If this happens, it’s almost guaranteed you WON’T get her, unless she’s TOTALLY into you.

One thing that turns both girls AND guys off is desperation.

Texting too much, calling too much, hanging onto conversations too much.

If she’s got a medium level of attraction, this will kill it in a hurry.

Sure, there’s certain “rules,” like only text three times a week, or only call every other day, or whatever.

But if she’s your ONLY option, these rules are impossible to follow. You’ll drive yourself nuts.

The EASIEST way to make sure you don’t switch in to desperation mode is to ALWAYS BE PROSPECTING.

Meaning you should always be talking to girls, making them laugh, seeing if they’re personalities are as attractive as their faces.

And always dating them if you’re into each other enough.

AND always being open about it.

One criteria that you MUST have is that she should be into you AT LEAST as much as you are into her.

And when you’re going out with several girls, and one of them starts pressuring you for exclusivity, then it’s time to consider her.

But never before that.

This will make you more attractive, and give you much more choice, which will keep you out of the desperation mind set.

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How To Leverage The Paradox Of Success

Step By Step To Riches

Believe It To Achieve It

There’s a startling discovery you’ll notice when you start to achieve significant success.

I mean success that’s bigger and better than anything you’ve already accomplished.

One thing that is common to all humans is how we “overestimate” our future.

They say this is only common in Americans, but it’s present in ALL people. This “entrepreneurial” mindset.

The kind where you look out into the future, and see things much brighter than they really are.

The reason for this is to simply keep us moving forward. Sure, it feels great to achieve stuff, but that feeling doesn’t very long. Pretty soon we’ve got our sights set on something else.

Even world championship teams know that can’t bask in glory forever. It’s only a matter of time before the next season starts and they’ve got to defend their title.

This plays out in any kind of forward movement. Take jogging, for example.

At the beginning, the goal is to run for a mile without stopping. Once that happens, then it’s two miles, then three.

When you get up to three or four per day, then the focus shifts to decreasing times for the same distance.

I’m sure you’ll notice the same thing, in any of your previous accomplishments.

Which means you’ve already noticed that “startling discovery” that I alluded to earlier.

Before we achieve something, we kind of put it up on a pedestal. But when we achieve, it comes back down to Earth. It seems normal. Sometimes you may even have wondered what the big deal was.

The secret is that ANYTHING you can think of, no matter how BIG and FAR OUT it may seem, can one day seem as normal as tying your shoes.

All you’ve got to do is get from where you are now, to where you want to be.

It may take a while, and it SHOULD take a while if you’ve got big goals that are worth pursuing.

But it shouldn’t be scary, or difficult, or frustrating.

All you’ve got to do is shift your mind, so that you believe you can achieve it, and you will.

But be warned, though. When you DO achieve it, the heavens won’t open, you won’t be invited for a ticker tape parade, you won’t feel like a super hero.

Because you will have learned a very under appreciated secret of life.

That you can get ANYTHING you want in life, so long as you believe you can. 

Because when you do, getting THAT (whatever THAT is) will be as normal as baking a cake.

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Belief Change

Unleash Your Inner Hero

This Is You

Your Life Is A Hero’s Journey

I love watching movies.

Anybody that knows me well knows I spent a good deal of time in movie theaters.

Being somebody who loves hypnosis, movies are the perfect trance generator.

The conscious critic is knocked out, and you’re taken for a nice ride.

Stories have been part of human life since we learned to talk. Maybe even before, as some of those ancient cave paintings may have been around before humans developed any kind of recognizable grammar.

It seems out  minds are hard wired to relax into a good story. Evolutionary psychologists tell us this folded in neatly with our huge learning ability. 

Listening to some old, experience member of the tribe tell a fascinating story was a much better vehicle to deliver essential truths about life than to simply pass dry information.

By following along to stories, rather than some dry lecture, early humans could “own” the knowledge. By paying close attention to the story, they would “see themselves” in the roles of the main characters, and appreciate the deeper meanings.

Get In The Game Of Life And Conquer Your Fears!

All Blockbusters Tell Your Tale

Many stories and movies today have the same structure. Most blockbusters, despite being filled with zillion dollar special effects, generally tell what’s known as the “Hero’s Journey.”

Meaning they’re about some normal guy or girl put into an “un-normal” situation, generally without much choice. Then this normal guy or girl has to dig deep and respond to the situation. Usually there’s some bad guy, and usually the hero has to develop skills, relationships, and sometimes use a “magical” tool.

Why are these stories so compelling?

Because all of us experience the same thing. We all feel we are living lives without really living life.

We are kind of going through the motions, without feeling we are living up to our potential.

We KNOW we are missing something. That common theme, the “Hero’s Journey” is a welcome reminder that we are MUCH MORE than we think we are.

YOU, are much more than you think you are.

You were meant for greatness. Not to get by. Not to make enough to pay the bills and save a little. Not to spend your free time wasting away in front of the TV.

You were put here to set your sights on something HUGE. You were put here to ACHIEVE something huge.

In your life, YOU are the hero.

Are you ready to begin your journey?

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Mind Persuasion

The Sweet Spot Of Mind Magic

Conscious and Unconscious Interface

Align Conscious and Unconscious

Some people love to “wing it.”

Others, not so much. Some of us need to be consciously aware of every step, measure twice, cut once, and be sure have a good idea of what we’re going to get.

Naturally, there’s a place for both.

When I was a kid, I used to “try” to cook using the “wing it” method. I’d throw a bunch of stuff in a bowl, mix it up, and then fry it. It usually came out pretty terrible.

Imagine if you were having a dinner party and you’d never cooked anything in your life, and you’d figured you’d just grab stuff out of the fridge and throw it together based on your mood!

On the other hand, some things simply lend themselves to just letting go and “winging it.”

If you were on a first date, for example, imagine if you pulled out a check list of questions to ask, and wrote down the answers!

Generally speaking, any time there’s spontaneous human to human contact or interaction, there’s going to be a LARGE amount of winging it.

Knowing When To Need Blueprints Is Essential

Step by Step Strategies

And when there’s you operating on the physical world to build something, taking a bunch of stuff and putting it together to make something bigger, more complicated, and more valuable (like making dinner from scratch, for example) you need some kind of specific step by step strategy.

Of course, there’s a HUGE amount of overlap.

The true MAGIC in life comes when you’re “winging” something that USED TO BE step by step difficult.

Musicians, athletes, performers, all do this. Once upon a time, they had to learn every single note on the piano. It was frustrating, boring, and difficult. But they got to a level where they could translate vague emotional feelings DIRECTLY into beautiful music, ON THE SPOT, and generate those same vague emotional feelings in others.

The secret of life is to learn to wing it AND use step by step procedure to keep pushing forward. Keep increasing your skills. Keep creating better and more valuable things for you and others to enjoy.

When you’re in the ZONE of life, when you are operating at full capacity, buoyed by the ever present feedback loop.

THAT is when magic happens.

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Mind Persuasion

Are You Deceiving Yourself?

The Easiest Person To Lie to Is Yourself

Why Self Deception Is Hard To See

What’s the difference between real effort and pretend effort?

Most of us engage ourselves in pretend effort, not real effort.

I know, sounds harsh, but it’s very common, and very hard to see in yourself.

If you can, you’ll be miles ahead of everybody else.

One reason it’s hard is because it “feels” the same.

For example, let’s say you just joined some business group. And you’ve got to find ten live customers in order to meet your income objectives for the month. (Just an example, feel free to fill in your own information based on your own life).

Now, actually walking outside in the harsh unforgiving world, walking up and talking to strangers, giving a quick pitch about your business, and then handing them your business card and asking them for their contact information can be pretty darn terrifying.

So instead of doing that, you go to the bookstore. You buy a couple books on marketing and communication. You buy yourself a large cup of coffee and plant yourself in your favorite coffee shop.

Sure, it takes effort to read that material, take notes, and work through it.

But is it REAL effort? Not really.

How can you tell the difference?

Taking Risks Is The Only Way To Achieve Mad Success

No Risk Means Fake Action

Because REAL effort involves risk. Real effort will ALWAYS involve risk.


Because NOBODY can predict the future. NOBODY can predict how other people will behave.

So whenever you take ANY action (especially action that involves other people) there’s really no telling what’s going to happen. Something good may happen, something bad may happen.

Since most of us are terrified of something bad happening, we minimize risk.

Buying a bunch of books and studying them certainly reduces risks. But will it get you what you want?

Not likely. At least not on their own. 

The ONLY thing that will get you closer to what you want, is doing something when you DON’T KNOW what’s going to happen.

At least the first time. The beauty of this is when you get into the habit of taking risks, you WILL find some things that don’t work.

And believe me, nothing sucks more than thinking something is going to work fantastically, only to have it fizzle and burn.

But guess what?

Sure, some things will suck. But many things won’t. In fact, many things will work MUCH BETTER than you’d hoped.

But you’ll never know until you get into the habit of taking action. Risky action. Scary action.

When you accept both the good AND the bad, which means you FULLY EMBRACE all feedback, you simply cannot fail. The more action you take, the more successes you’ll create.

Like a law of nature.

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