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Are You Waiting For Magic?

Soul Mate Fallacy

Where My Money?

​We humans are very good at self-deception.

We do this to protect our ego, and it’s easy to see in others.

But in ourselves, it takes a lot of courage to admit we’ve been conning ourselves.

Take the idea of a “soul mate.”

On the one hand, it sounds incredibly romantic. Like we’ve all got this “perfect person” out there somewhere, who is a perfect opposite piece of our emotional jigsaw puzzle. The person that will “complete us.”

And when we meet this person, all the fireworks go off, and we finally feel like we are getting what we “deserve.”

Now, if there really IS some soul mate, how do you know when you find them? Consider this simple mathematical mind experiment. It’s not very fun, but it’s pretty instructive.

If you did have some kind of “soul mate” that was 1 in a million, how in the heck do you find them?

Think of it this way. Let’s say one person out there had a million dollars to give you. But they only knew you were the person if the FIRST words you said to them were, “Where’s my money, honey-bunny?” to them.

If you were in a room of ten people, and you KNEW one of them was “The One” with the million, this would be easy. Saying that silly line to ten people (or less) would not be a problem for most of us.

But what about in a city of 1,000,000 people? Would you walk up to EVERY stranger on the street and say that?

Maybe, maybe not.

The problem with the “soul mate” theory is not only that we ASSUME there’s only ONE person, but also we are somehow going to MAGICALLY be in the right place, at the right time, and somehow come up with the confidence to talk to them.

On the other hand, what if the “soul mate” theory is bunk? What if there are MANY MORE people that COULD be our soul mate? But we have to talk to them for a little bit and find out?

Of course, this doesn’t just work for soul mates. This works for friends, business partners, potential bosses, clients, etc.

The TRUTH about us humans is we are MUCH MORE COMPATIBLE with a much larger percentage of the population than we lead ourselves to believe.

Because believing in the “soul mate” theory removes the RISK and FEAR of needing to talk to so many people.

We can pretend to wait for the “magic” to somehow happen.

But what happens when you realize that YOU can MAKE that magic happen?

That you can learn that talking to people is easy, fun, and usually pretty rewarding.

And that you can also learn to talk to them in a way that you can make that magic happen a LOT more often?

How would you see the world then?

Learn how, and find out: