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Tap Into The Global Brain


The Meaning Of Super Conscious

A few years ago I took an improv acting class. It was nothing like I’d expected.

We did all kinds of “in the moment” exercises, where we had to come up with something, on the spot, up on stage.

There were about 20 people in class. One of the exercises was the professor would shout out a shape, and all 20 of us would have to form that shape as quickly as possible, WITHOUT talking.

It was amazing how quickly we made some pretty complicated, 3D shapes. (Doghouses, planes, rose bushes, etc.)

It seems that humans are hard wired on a very deep level to communicate without words MUCH more effectively than we believe.

Studies show this is true as well. Up to 93% of the meaning of your communication is NON-VERBAL.

Facial expressions, voice tone, body language, subtle energy that they haven’t figured out how to measure yet.

All of this is so humans can communicate effectively. Clearly, we are VERY social creatures.

But we aren’t social just so we can hang out and pass the time.

We are social so we can do stuff. Build stuff. Create stuff.

There’s an idea in economics called “spontaneous order,” where you’ve got a bunch of diverse people, with diverse backgrounds.

You drop a problem into this group of people and they’ll figure out how to solve it. Pretty quickly and pretty effectively.

All WITHOUT some self important “leader” telling everybody what to do every step of the way.

The opposite of this is one of the main reasons why the space shuttle blew up back in the 80’s. A bunch of self-important NASA scientists who refused to share their power. Consequently, they ignored plenty of potential problems. One which ended up killing people.

All of the great inventions of human life haven’t been because some goof in charge decided to invent something.

They were invented because problems came up, and individuals working together figured out how to solve them.

Now, this is a hard concept to swallow for many, but none of these inventions (pretty much everything that exists today) would have happened without money.

Nobody sits around inventing things or solving problems just because it feels good.

All humans deeply want to be recognized for our accomplishments.

And the BEST WAY to do that, is to get paid what you are worth.

And when you overlap the deep powers of communication, your natural creativity, and seven BILLION people all with unlimited needs and wants, and you’ve got a MASSIVE and continuous growth of wealth.

Right here, right now, it’s never been easier to get in the game, and get some.