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Are You Wasting Your Genius?

Build A Better Mousetrap

Build A Better Mousetrap

​I was watching a movie the other night about some guy who invented a new device.

It was to help nurses who need to take blood from patients who may have HIV.

The device made it much safer, and all the nurses and blood techs the inventor talked to LOVED the idea.

The problem came with getting it past hospital administrators, who it turned out had secret deals with insurance companies.

The inventor himself was infected, as he was an intravenous drug user.

There was one scene where he was talking to one of the lawyers for the hospital, and he was trying to explain to the lawyer that he felt compelled to see this project through.

It was his personal vision. His life’s purpose. He said he had a great plan for his life.

The lawyer, trying to dissuade him, said “Feeling you have a great purpose is the most common feelings there is.”

Meaning his point was that EVERYBODY feels like they have some kind of “great idea” that they NEED to get out there.

And he’s right.

The problem is that most people do nothing about it.

Most people sit around and wait for the super important people to come knocking at their door and ask them what their great idea is, and then come back a couple months later with a sack of money.

You’ve likely heard the old saying, “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.”

Meaning if you come up with a great invention, people will recognize you for it. 

But many people misunderstand this to mean “think of a great idea and people will beat a path to your door.”

However, you need to BUILD a better mousetrap. You need to take your idea, and turn it into something tangible.

Like the hero of the movie did before he died.

He didn’t sit around and wait to be discovered. He built his idea and went out into the world and FOUGHT against great adversaries to get it accepted.

He didn’t complain that “the system” was against him.

He didn’t wish it was easier.

He just got it done.

Having a great idea is just the start. You need to take that idea and turn it into something. Then you need to take that “something” (skills, products, whatever) and get it out there. Get it in front of people.

Sure, this isn’t easy. Often times it’s VERY difficult, and will take a LIFETIME.

But if you get started, and never stop, you WILL change the world.

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Have You Come Full Circle Yet?

Full Circle

Go Out There To Come In Here

Long time ago I used to work in this Research and Development lab.

We used a lot of very specific vendors for a life of very specific materials.

One day, we had this “problem” with one of these materials that we used almost every day.

Since it was a “biological” there could be any number of reasons. So I called the vendor, and asked him if he knew why this particular biological was behaving in a strange way.

He said he didn’t know, but some of his other customers had also complained about the same thing.

He told me not to worry, as he had his best expert working on the problem.

About an hour later, this “expert” called me to ask my opinion on why this particular biological would be behaving in this particularly strange way.

Apparently, he didn’t know I’d called the vendor, who called him, who then called me to find the answer the question that I’d originally asked.

Now, this is a funny story, but it happens quite a bit.

Not necessarily in a lab or work setting, but going on some long journey only to find out you’ve come back to the starting point.

Many movies and stories have this as their central theme.

One underlying “meaning” of this is that you’ve always had within you what you were looking for all along.

The solution isn’t “out there,” the solution is “in here.”

But many of these solutions can’t be found “in here” unless we make a point to go and look for them first, “out there.”

It’s as if we can’t see what’s inside us unless we force ourselves to go out into the world and face what we THINK are our demons.

But they’re really just a projection of what we have “in here.”

We all come into this world literally LOADED with genius. 

But then through the process of growing up, that genius is dulled, covered up, shrunken, and hidden away.

For most of our lives, we don’t know we still have it.

But it’s there.

And our real power comes from understanding why it was hidden, and more specifically WHO hid it.

Maybe our higher selves knew what they were doing when WE hid our power. Maybe they knew that life would be too boring if we weren’t forced to go “out there” looking for it, only to discover that it’s been “in here” all along.

Are you ready to discover yours?

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Emotional Freedom

Rediscover Your Inner Hero

Become A Hero

Awaken Your Genius

A long time ago, you were an absolute genius.

You looked out into the world, with nothing but excitement and curiosity.

You had no idea what was out there, only that you wanted to find out.

And the more you found out, the more you wanted to find out.

A perfect balance between means and ends. The means of getting out there was an end in and of itself, but not so much that you forgot about the ends.

You enjoyed the process, but not so much you were content to run around in circles.

You wanted to get somewhere. Then that end, that thing you were going after, was merely a small step to a larger goal. Something you sort of knew about, but not really.

The more you achieved, the more you wanted to achieve, and the more you needed to learn.

A perfect balance of learning, achieving, appreciating, and wanting more, and having the confidence, curiosity, drive and pure love for the whole process to keep you moving forward.

Then something happened. Learning stopped being so easy and natural, and started becoming frustrating, and sometimes scary.

The results were good, but not nearly as good as before.


Instead of YOU choosing them, these “results” were chosen for you.

Not only that, if you didn’t go after them the way THEY they told you to, it made you less and less excited, and more and more anxious, nervous, and frustrated.

Why does this happen?

Why do we come into this world, filled with so much love, appreciation and desire only to have it slowly and meticulously pounded out of us?

Is the world evil?

Were we put here to suffer?

I think you know the answer.

In those quite moments of inner peace, those fleeting moments of clarity, you KNOW why you are here.

You might not give it name, or words. But you know. Deep down, you know.

Your purpose is to remember who you are.

To find that inner explorer, the fearless discover of the world around you.

Perhaps you knew this before you came here.

That only that small, brief taste of your true potential would be enough.

Enough to launch you into your life’s mission to discover your true purpose.

To not only rediscover who you are, but to maximize your ability to share your gifts with the world.

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Do You Know What You’re Creating?

Maximize Your Learning

Four Quadrants Of Learning

If you want to learn something, you can find plenty of helpful tutorials online.

For example, I’ve got a friend who into knitting. She wanted to learn this new stitch or weave (or whatever they call them) so she just looked it up on YouTube.

If you want to learn Photoshop, there’s no shortage of tutorials, free and paid.

Most skills are like this. Figure out what out you want, find the best way to learn it, and get started.

Generally speaking, with skills (that aren’t part of our jobs) we have an outcome in mind. If you wanted to learn how to reproduce a certain photo effect, you’d know when you were finished.

Of course, you can still learn skills without knowing why you want to learn them. I’ve studied all kinds of different software, and software techniques just for the fun of learning them.  Sometimes I’ll figure out a way to use them, sometimes I won’t.

The process of learning, however, is enough to be an end in and of itself.

You might say there’s four quadrants of learning. You know what you want, and you know how to get there. 

You know what you want, and you don’t know how to get there.

You know how to get somewhere, but you aren’t sure want to go.

You don’t know where to go, and you wouldn’t know how to get there if you did!

Of course, this last one is kind of funny, especially when we consider that’s how plenty of us live our lives.

Sure, we somehow muddle through day by day. Sure we know we want something more. More money, more friends, more time off, more sex, etc.

But what specifically do we want, and how specifically we’ll get there is something we’d rather not think about.

At least today.

Maybe tomorrow. Or when we finally finish cleaning out our closet. Or maybe after…..

The problem is that by doing this, we run the risk of being near the end of our lives and thinking, “What happened?”

Imagine, now, if you can, you are now at the closing chapter of your life. And you are looking back at all your accomplishments.

What are you most proud of? What things were the most difficult to achieve, but the most rewarding when you achieved them?

What things do you wish you did more of? What things do you wish you did less of?

Now come back to the here and now, and imagine your life ahead of you.

What do you want to build? What would you like to accomplish?

Whatever quadrant you’re in now, you can easily shift to a more useful one.

As soon as you choose a specific desire, out there in the future, all you’ve got to do is get started in that direction.

You’ll figure out everything you need along the way.

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Mind Persuasion

Are You Running From Pain?

How To Change Your Filters

How To Flip Your Internal Script

There’s a theory in NLP called “meta programs.”

It basically describes a collection of filters that we carry around with us, to make it easier, quicker and less tiresome on our poor brains to make sense of the world.

Scientists have known for a while that our brains take many shortcuts in thinking to save on energy.

Most people are surprised to find out that up to 25% of the calories you burn in any single day are from your brain.

Which is why you feel so tired after studying or thinking or worrying. 

So long ago, Mother Nature decided that shortcuts in thinking would be a good thing, all else considered.

Which is the theory behind these “meta programs.”

They’re not quite set in stone, meaning you can change them, but they do take a while to change on their own.

One of the most well know is whether a person is motivated by pain, or pleasure.

If you’re motivated by pain, then you only get motivated when there’s a clear and present danger. If the danger goes away, so does the motivation.

This is what leads plenty of us to look in the mirror, get disgusted with our bodies, and then vow to change our physical shape. Only when the pain of looking at our flabby belly passes by, we lose the motivation.

Same goes with making money. When you’re close to the end of you’re rope, you’ll do anything for a buck.

But once you’ve got enough to pay the rent, the bills, and a little extra in the bank, that motivation fades.

On other hand, you could be motivated by pleasure, rather than pain. Meaning if you’ve got a goal, and the closer you get to it, the more motivation you feel.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find that most people are motivated by pain, and not pleasure.

This is why almost all advertisements rely on building up pain, then promising to take it away, so long as you buy the product.

Then as soon as you buy the product, the pain is gone. Until you see another advertisement. Then the whole process repeats itself.

I don’t know about you, but making pain avoidance your main strategy doesn’t seem like a great way to live life.

If you are totally successful, all you’ll do is avoid pain. If you’re in pain, getting rid of it IS the most important thing.

But once the pain goes away, there’s not much else.

Like I said, this can be changed. It takes time, and effort, but it is worth it.

Instead of running away from things, you can train your mind-body system to run toward things. Things you want. Things that inspire you. Things that empower you.

Your higher self.

You may say that becoming a fully enlightened human is learning to stop focusing on what you’re moving away from, and start focusing on where you’re going.

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Kundalini Activator

Get Your Ego On Your Side

Embrace Your Inner Monkey

Trust Your Inner Caveman

There’s a lot of ways our ego can get in the way.

Even coming to an agreement on what the ego is can be difficult.

From a purely biological standpoint, it can be considered a leftover set of instincts from our days as hunters/gatherers.

Back in those days, we lived with the same group of people our entire lives, so their opinions of us were VERY important.

If they were talking trash about us behind our back, we could be in serious trouble. Life threatening, kicked out of the tribe trouble.

On the other hand, if everybody thought you were the bees knees, then you got a better looking mate, first dibs on all the big kills, and all the best spots to live whenever the tribe found a living spot.

So it became advantageous for those primitive humans to be super-hyper-sensitive to the opinions of others.

But like most other instincts, what worked well back then can only get in the way today.

For example, you could make a LOT of money in sales. It’s not that complicated, you’d just have to memorize a “pitch,” and call enough people, and you’d be making some serious cash.

Only problem is after getting yelled at by people who don’t like being called at home, you’d quit in a hurry.

Most sales that are based on commissions have a HUGE turnover rate. People are lured in by the potential big money, then run away in terror after getting their ego’s beat up.

Unfortunately, those instincts are pretty hard to ignore. For example, another instinct is to stuff our pie holes with food whenever it’s available. Worked back then, but not so much now.

But just understanding it doesn’t really help much. (Those burgers fries and ice cream sure do taste good!)

The trick isn’t to ignore or suppress your ego. 

The trick is to accept it, appreciate it, and manage it.

Think of it as your ally, rather than your enemy.

The easiest way is to have an overarching goal that is MORE IMPORTANT than the short term gratification of your ego.

One of the most important skills to develop, regardless of what you’d like to create in life, is to step back and see the big picture.

See your current situation in the context of your entire life.

Many people think of what they’d like to create, but then get stuck when their fear-driven ego (and all that other baggage) shows up.

But when you train your ego think long term, rather than short term, it’s a lot easier.

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Prosperity Generator

Have You Begun Your Masterpiece Yet?

Your Life Is Waiting

Fully Adult and Responsible

There are two main phases of life, with one crappy one in between.

When we’re younger, we don’t really have to do much. We ask, and it is given.


Then when we get older, we need to participate. We need to give in order to get.

For example, if you celebrate X-mas, there comes a time when you need to start giving gifts as well as receiving them (or for birthdays or whatever).

However, there are many people that get “stuck” in this lower level.

It’s certainly easy to do. Politicians, advertisers, religions, are all heavily invested in keeping us in this “childhood” model of the world.

So long as we are “dependent” on them, it works. 

For them. But not for us.

If you take a good hard look at all the people in history who have created wonderful things, inventions, devices, pieces of artwork, they didn’t do it by simply being a “receiver.”

They did by acting upon their world. And they certainly didn’t do it alone. Even inventors who DID largely create things on their own were the first to say they were standing on the shoulders of giants.

In order to REALLY get the good stuff in life, you’ve got to get out there and participate in the world. You’ve got build relationships, and practice the ever present “give and take” that is life.

Sounds easy, but it can (and usually is) THE most difficult thing to do in life.

It’s hard to give up that feeling of getting or expecting something for nothing.

To make things worse, in between the childhood model of the world, and this fully functioning, adult CONSCIOUS CREATOR model of the world is part that feels like crap.

It’s when you’re starting to leave the childhood part behind, yet you haven’t quite arrived at the adult part.

This is where the “red pill” theory comes in.

You feel as if you’ve been lied to, you feel as if the world has “deceived you” somehow.

Believe it or not, these are just mental growing pains.

The butterfly fighting his way out of the cocoon.

When you finally cast those false beliefs of limitation, lack and victim based thinking behind, a whole new world will open up.

 A world waiting for you to participate. To learn and express you true skills.

Skills that will deliver your true gifts to the world, and in exchange receive the wealth and prosperity that is your birthright.

Make no mistake, it’s out there. Waiting for you.

But in order to bring it to you, you’ve got to create something magnificent.

What will be YOUR masterpiece?

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How To Rediscover Your Inner Genius

It's Still Inside You

Re-Discover Your Abilities

When you were very young, you knew the secret of success.

You knew how to put your mind on a target and then do whatever it took to get there.

For most of us, that built in strategy is “programmed out” of us as we grow older.

Nothing sinister, nothing intentional. It’s just the way things kind of happen.

Generally speaking, people that become super rich have less of that genius strategy programmed out. They retain enough to keep setting their sites on bigger and better goals as they go through life.

There comes a point in most people’s lives where our biggest dreams turn into things that we wish would happen on the one hand, but are too scared to try to get on the other hand.

We kid ourselves with all kinds of self delusions about why we can’t. We come up with all kinds of creative excuses that keep us “stuck.”

But the truth is that genius strategy still exists within you. Which means that if you start to consciously ask “as if” it will come out, it will.

Now, I’m not talking about any big huge behaviors. Not the standard “fake it until you make it” lip service gurus love to spit out.

I’m talking about making teeny tiny micro changes in your day to day behavior.

Simply because they will be congruent with your deeply programmed strategies, they will come out.

Just like being a little kid, and swinging your legs at the right frequency on the swing will get you some pretty big movements, so with your inner strategy.

You’ll slowly be building up a powerful self-sustaining cycle of success, where the energy you get out is much more than you put in.

This is the secret of all prosperity. People, nations, planets.

There comes a seemingly magical “tipping point” when the “system” is kind of humming along on its own, and just takes a wee bit of input juice for a MASSIVE output stream.

And because that strategy IS deep within you, even the smallest and easiest changes in your behavior that are congruent with this deep strategy will seem familiar, natural, and simple.

Because anytime you HAVE achieved any success, of any measure, you’ve proven that you HAVE that very strategy within you.

All it takes is to bring it up to the conscious level, see how it works, plug in what you want out of life, and then drop it back down into your subconscious.

And you’ll be on your way.

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